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  1. Megumi glanced at Abigail with the most incredulous look on her face after hearing the prisoner's response. "The next time you see Apotheosis, please smack the plating off of one of them for me," she said, making a backhand gesture. Couldn't they come up with a better treatment than this with all of their hyper advanced technology? Were they all warfare and no medicare? Maybe that's why she got dumped with the ANF, so she could get better treatment before she started developing even more problems. Either way, the Riese's doctor was not amused. "Bennet do you read me? Our guest has been on a very high dose of a ... Triexanth substitute. I need an inventory check on both and a breakdown of the ingredients and their effects." All Megumi could recall in that moment of frustration was that it was a medication for some kind of mental disorder. Epilepsy possibly, given the cyber TK's explanation of her situation upstairs. Still, assumptions were dangerous. "We're moving the patient into the infirmary in case her condition worsens. Also see if you can find anything in the ANF's database about cyber TKs. If there isn't already a treatment plan in place, we're going to make one, ourselves." Megumi gave Abby a look, one that reluctantly asked for her help getting the patient to a bed, whatever that entailed. At least once they were back, they could also treat her, too. Megumi wasn't exactly thrilled to see her friend walking around like that, and doing work no less. What's Up Sasha
  2. As it turned out, Gabriella had been on a tour of the capital with Connor. She didn't arrive back at the Rusoyev estate until the early evening. By that point, the group was a bit too spread out for another meeting. Veronika took the opportunity to fill them both in on what was happening, and after some brief deliberation, Gabriella determined that she ought to be able to track down Bosconovitch, even if he was in some far off part of the country. There was just one detail they needed to figure out, though ... the group itself. Who was staying and who was going with her? Whether the group needed to stop by Kursk in search of Bosconovitch didn't matter so much. The issue was making sure the search party wasn't too small to defend itself, or too large to move around quickly. Gabriella was quite keen on just tracking the man down herself, but her chances of convincing him to help on her own were slim. In the end, Veronika decided that she would accompany Gabriella. They were still short on magic, both offensively and defensively, but there was an unspoken hope that the Disciples of Thanatos would help their own in an emergency. With that matter more or less settled, Gabriella found someplace quiet to get ready for the big search. The Rusoyev sisters meanwhile, took some time to inform their mother of the situation. She wasn't happy to know her daughter would be flying off with so little protection, and likely to a battlefield of all places, but that seemed fairly close to the norm, these days. All the assurances in the world only earned them reluctant acceptance from the older woman. A little later in the evening, an hour or two after sunset, Tatiana got the news she'd been hoping for ... sort of. Prince Deniska was willing to speak with her, but from the look of his reply, he wasn't inviting her or any representatives to the palace. Instead, he was coming to Rusoyev Manor. That was ... good, but also potentially bad. Politically speaking, exposing the Prince, the sole legitimate heir to the throne, to any danger, or even having them endure comparatively subpar security, was a very bad idea. It was Deniska's idea, but the blame would still rest with the Rusoyevs if anything bad happened. On the bright side, Deniska seemed to know about the debate with the Conclave, and took a special interest in it. The subject of his visit was clear, and there likely wouldn't be much deviation from there. All Tatiana had left to do was make sure they were ready to receive the Prince into their home, though her mother was really heading up that operation. She had to make sure Veronika's group knew what to expect and how to act. At worst, some might want to just disappear for a while and not have to run any risks. Jethro was certainly tempted to do so, being a former Ursian army officer. And a somewhat reputed one at that. When the Prince's carriage pulled up just outside the mansion, Tatiana was waiting there with a small group of maids. This was her request, albeit flipped around, so it was her responsibility to see to their extremely high profile guest. The Prince's carriage wasn't the only thing that came to the mansion. The entourage consisted of over a dozen royal guards, mounted up and ready to intercept any threat. Another group of royal guards, mounted on wyverns, was patrolling overhead. The corp was taking no chances in times like these. Thankfully, Prince Deniska was still a very easygoing and very enthusiastic young man; he knew just how to ease the tension. <"Good evening, Representative Rusoyev,"> he bellowed, bursting out of his carriage. Coming out behind him were a blonde woman dressed almost like a woodsman, and an ice dragon child. <"Good evening, your Highness ... Princess Zima ... and Ms. Ivanovna,"> Tatiana gave a respectful bow. Her maids all followed suit, creating a wave that rushed out from Tatiana. She couldn't hide the fact that she was a little nervous. Even if the visit had been expected, there was a lot riding on this meeting, and a lot that could potentially go wrong ...
  3. Abigail's question wasn't a bad one. Knowing the time frame for all of this was important, even if it wouldn't cause the doctor to rush things along. Even knowing that wouldn't lead to an easy solution by itself, though. "In addition to that," Megumi continued where Abby had left off, "Does the medication you need have a name?" If they got a name, Megumi could just look up the ingredients in the ANF's database ... or rather have Bennet do it. "If you know how to spell it, try to do so." Because a medicine mix up was a horrible way to wind up on life support. The Missing Link
  4. Loads of friends? Mmm ... "If the friends I had when I left Nicholas' company didn't bail on him at some point, then they're probably all dead by now." It stung a little to think about, but that was just the way things worked around that man. "Instead of introducing you to my other friends I might just put you in front of a mirror and call it a day." Maybe a little too dark, but she wasn't aiming for any particular response. Megumi supposed making a TK was more complicated than making a relatively effective child soldier, or at least more involved. "I'm sure plenty of cases are involuntary," Megumi noted as they approached the cells. "... I'm also sure it's going to become more prevalent soon." And there she was, the visually unimpressive cyber TK Astin had told them about. This didn't really look like an emergency. That was always subject to change at lightning speed in the medical world, but just the same, cyber TKs couldn't be that pathetic, could they? Time to find out ... "Excuse me. You're the 'cyber TK' I was informed about, aren't you? My name is Doctor Megumi Amparo. Can you tell me what's going on with you?" No reason to highlight the fact that she didn't have a lot of intel going in. Best to just handle this one question at a time. "I've been in such a hurry to get back here," Firmia folded her arms in mild frustration, "I didn't do any detailed scheduling. Give me a minute. Oh, and Brant ..." "Hmm?" "Tonya's learning to pilot the ship, so you need to get Chris familiar with the Regalia. The sooner, the better." "Alright, sure thing."
  5. It was difficult to say whether any bridges had been burnt. Cooked a little, definitely ... but this was just a string of misunderstandings and hurt feelings. As long as things didn't get any worse in the meantime, Megumi could see both sides eventually working their way back to being on good terms. Having to watch each other's backs on the battlefield might even speed up the whole process. Again ... as long as things didn't get any worse in the meantime ... "Just give peace a chance if it shows up," Megumi advised, "Remember, make the problems you have with people easy to correct, give them a good reputation to want to live up to, and praise every improvement you see." That may have been a tall order right now, but Megumi was just pulling directly from the book she'd loaned her friend. Real life was messy. And so the prisoner was another female, was she? Not as relevant since she was literally handed over, but it was a little amusing to the doctor. It was also odd to be handing over a prisoner to the very people you planned to cut down in the near future; it was like Vera thought the ANF was well above using human shields or something. Maybe they were, but Megumi was doubtful. Even she'd consider it under the right circumstances, and more importantly, this wasn't just a prisoner they had gotten a hold of, she was prime research material if Apotheosis or the Sacarians had messed with her mind or body somehow. Doctor Amparo was going to be whipping out all the scanners once the patient was stable and they had all the notes they needed. "It would be nice to not have to press her too hard for information," Megumi sighed. "What's that woman thinking, though ... giving us one of her own ...? ... well, as long as our guest doesn't turn out to be an IED or something," the doctor winced as they closed in on the brig. "I never bothered to do any research on it, but when I heard the term 'cyber TK', I immediately thought of someone that reads emotions over the internet ... but a twelve year old can do that, and they can do it without a T-Link. It's probably just a man made TK. She might have special implants similar to Nikolai." Hopefully not third rate ones if that was the case.
  6. Megumi was too confused at first to even shrug at Astin's passive aggressive exit. How did they get this prisoner in this first place? What made them so important, and to Vera in particular? Furthermore, if the prisoner was really 'dying'--a Vera-worthy event, apparently, why leave anything to chance here? Why not treat this like an emergency if it was one and chip in? Either way Megumi needed more information. "It must be that cyborg, Vera. Still, if all I'm going to get here is, 'she's in pain,' well ... we have Advil." That just left heading toward the brig and listening to Abigail's account. Her story wasn't far removed from Megumi's own theory, that she'd done or said something with just enough 'umf' behind it to get herself attacked. The actual attack was motivated by some physical aggression on Abigail's part, though. The situation definitely warranted a heavy sigh. There was little reason to expect a good outcome there. "I'd say be more careful going forward, but with Alkaev, Abrams, and Troy's clone all over on the Avalon, you don't have nearly as many TKs to worry about ... aside from the one we're going to see now. Lieutenant Kim and Troy will probably keep their distance for the time being. "... I guess we're both going to be having TK troubles, today. I don't know the first thing about this 'cyber' variety, or what kind of medicine this prisoner needs. If they can't give me a name or some key ingredients to work with, I'm going to have to find someone who knows." First impressions hadn't been ruined, but it had been inevitable that Hannah's sisters would realize the trouble Jessica's current designation was causing. Naturally, she offered to change it. Hannah seemed to be deferring to Firmia on this, but the Alkaev clearly wasn't okay with the idea. "This is our problem; you didn't do anything wrong." She looked at Brant, almost glaring. "We're not going to be petty about this, right?" "Right," Brant sighed. "That settles it, then," Firmia forced a smile, "You're Jessica. The one on the Riese is Captain Betaware. You can go ahead and lock those designations in, now." "I thought we weren't being petty ..." "It's less confusing this way," Firmia said, literally hand waving the issue.
  7. Were they finally back from that meeting? Megumi wanted to tune in and listen but didn't get the chance to set things up. Today was one full of missed opportunities, it seemed. Abigail was usually busy, so when she came into the infirmary, Megumi assumed she was either paying Nikolai a visit or coming to get herself patched up. It didn't sound like the latter, and Megumi hadn't heard anything about a violent exchange between the Riese crew and Apotheosis, today. The woman could downplay quite a bit, though ... "I miss everything, apparently," Megumi replied, playing off of Abby's words and feigning disappointment. She rose up from her desk and started toward the front of the infirmary. That was when Astin arrived and informed her about the cyber TK they had aboard. Megumi didn't have any prior experience with cyber TKs before the Riese assignment, or TKs in general. It was an excuse to go for a brief walk, though. She needed more information before she could do anything. Abigail could just come along if she wanted. "Bennet keep your channel open. I'm going to go see what the prisoner needs and I'll need you to check our inventory to save time. Abigail, you can come along if you're ... hm?" The doctor's feigned disappointment turned real when she noticed Abigail's injured face. A lesser woman would have needed to be carried in. Probably by Abrams. "Okay, wait. Which chapter of the book did you skip and why did you skip it? Actually skip that; what happened?" Apotheosis wouldn't have let Abigail off with a sore snout, so the doctor was positive another crew member had caught her off guard. So, Stephanie and Jessica ... Firmia squinted hard at the second name. "... really?" "Well, that hurt," Brant said, poking around his chest, briefly. "So ..." he glanced at Firmia, "Are you going to make her change her name or ...?" Firmia flinched. "I- ... no! That's ... way too petty. If anything, this Jessica is bound to be far better than the one we normally have to deal with. In fact ... i-in fact, we should call her Jess Plus or 2.0 ... j-just as a nickname, not an actual change. A ... rrreminder." Brant scowled. "2.0? You know Captain Jessica isn't an android, right?" "This is 'Jessica,'" Firmia motioned at GAn3, "and the other one is Jess Minus ... or ... Beta. Betaware. Captain Betaware." And argument forfeited. Firmia was clearly even more shaken up by the name drop than Brant was. She probably had a better grasp on the long term implications than even he did. Then again, she hadn't overreacted until he brought up the name change, so maybe that was what set her off ... Not wanting to look any more inconsiderate than he already did, Brant approached Hannah's sisters, hoping to recoup a little. First impressions on both sides hadn't been ruined just yet, right? "So you're Hannah's sisters? Stephanie, Jessica, It's nice to meet you both." "And I'm Firmia Alkaev," the captain of the Avalon said, stepping closer with a heavy sigh and her head held a little low. She certainly seemed to think so.
  8. "Breathe, Hannah," Brant teased. Not a bad way to remind her that she wasn't just a machine. Truth be told, he was excited, too. With everything going on lately, he hadn't been focusing on either his AIs or Gaertner's. Given his likely duties on the Avalon besides piloting the Regalia, that was likely to change, soon. As for whether or not Hannah's sisters held the same potential she did, Brant wasn't sure. Without knowing her maker's intentions, only time and careful observation would tell. That or a quick and intrusive inspection of their inner workings ... "Let's catch up with Tonya, then," Firmia shrugged. Her excitement was there, but tempered by the brutally tight schedule taking shape in her mind. There wasn't a whole lot of wiggle room for introductions, and even an introductory meeting with the crew was out of the question right now, since they were already hard at work. The trip to the bridge was short, but Tonya still arrived ahead of them, some excitement of her own building up. She 'held the door' by proximity until the group caught up when she noticed them, and then headed past the androids to the ship controls. She gave a cursory wave to the duo as the passed.
  9. Firmia was at the head of the group when they stepped back onto the Avalon. Her insistence. They weren't alone on the ship, though. The crew was here and already at work. Firmia knew it wasn't the right time to hold a meeting and get the major introductions out of the way. Squeezing in said introductions in the evening was the best she could come up with on such a tight schedule. Her first stop would have to be ... the bridg--wait, no! The androids! "We should find Hannah's sisters ... the ones we have, at least." She was still a little miffed about that whole situation, but fair was fair, and at least the ANF had beaten Apotheosis to the prize for a change. "Where would they be, though? The gard--I mean processor suites? The hangar?" "Well I'll be on the bridge," Tonya said, starting off on her own. "I'll let you know if I spot either of them there."
  10. Okay So it was going to be another outing, and potentially another encounter with Seraphiel. Raquel could tell without even looking that Jethro wasn't too thrilled about the idea. Aside from his own preference, there didn't seem to be much reason to keep her here. "If whatever he's planning seems too dangerous, just get back here, alright?" Jethro finally spoke up. "Don't forget what Fox was able to do to you, and he's not even a wielder." "Er- ... okay." That was the last thing Raquel wanted to remember, right now. "So, meeting adjourned, then?" Reign asked. Jethro nodded reluctantly, "Until Gabbie gets back. Then we see if she can track down Bosconovitch for us."
  11. Return of the Emblem: Chat

    NOTICE: Curse this amorphous sleep schedule. Also, Team Sanctuary's going to be TSing to morning soon, just a heads up on that. Any other meetings between now and then will either be retro'd or summarized. Team Valcyn's going to get TS'd to evening after their current meeting, so anything happening before then will also have to be retro'd or summarized. Notes: -Team Valcyn's going to be hearing back from the palace, hence the skip to evening instead of morning. -Team Sanctuary doesn't have anything 'important' going on until morning, which is why they're getting moved a lot further. -The both teams will have the option of a stat battle when they leave their respective cities. Keep in mind that until a character participates in a battle, their current stat build isn't locked in.
  12. Direction "She's not the only one that needs a map," Raquel sighed, thinking back to the encounter with Seraphiel. "Maybe I should go with you ... all I can do from here is just point in a direction." She'd know Raquel was coming once she got close enough, though ... at least she might. It was definitely a possibility if she was paying attention. "Just be careful, then," Reign shrugged at Gar, "whether Raquel tags along or not." "I really need to be closer ..." Raquel said apologetically. Hopefully that wouldn't interfere with Gar's plan too much.
  13. Return of the Emblem Chapter Fifteen: Alliance

    Memories Daichi's late wife, Daphne, definitely sounded like an adherent of the order, though probably not a member of the clergy. Oddly enough, that seemed to have its benefits. Perhaps legalism and ingratitude were a bit more innate in the Order of Mercy than Joanna had realized before. It also seemed like one of the consequences of being the new avatar of the Goddess; some matters were just ... clearer to her, now. Problems with all four of the religious orders in Ursium stuck out from her memories like lit street lamps, and rather than disgust or shame, Joanna felt little more than pity at the state of things in the world she came out of. Being around someone like Daichi, who was grateful and reflective was refreshing, and not something she would fail to take note of, anymore. The man's apology struck her somewhat. Daichi's intentions were clear, and the downturn at the thought of his deceased wife was only natural. "It's alright. Really." Fortunately, the man had more good to remember her by than anything. Joanna's posture loosened up after that, when she remembered that there was still much to do. For Daichi, he had his report to write for the local garrison. For Joanna, she had decided to write a letter to the Order of Mercy back in Ursium. She was a little worried it might turn into a slight admonition, now that she was becoming increasingly aware of the problems quietly chipping away at the spirit of the group.
  14. It took Brant a second to realize that Tarquin was criticizing him for making a moral judgment against Louise. The younger pilot didn't see the need to categorize enemy combatants that way, which honestly came as a surprise to Brant. He was hoping Tarquin meant there was no need to categorize Louise in particular, due to the severity of her actions, but that would just be the same judgment he'd made with a different coat of paint. "It makes sense to me, too ... but you don't think we should make any distinctions here?" Bran't expression had completely softened by that point. He was close to an apologetic smile but not quite. "If you're right about that, Tarquin, then we should definitely let her live, just like everyone else we took in. There's no need to fix what isn't broken, even if she is the enemy." Someone he cared deeply for was an enemy pilot not too long ago, so he had to make the distinction, moral or otherwise. There was no other choice. "It's definitely broken," Firmia countered stiffly, standing up and glancing at her people. She was totally against capturing anymore of Apotheosis' pilots, especially such a deranged, high ranking one. It was too risky, and terrible for what little unit cohesion they did have. "Let's just get back to the ship." She stopped just as she was starting for the door. "By the way. Jessica. If for some reason you do decide to capture her, let us know in advance. We have to stay coordinated or there might be friendly fire." Hopefully she wouldn't get it in her head to try another mercy mission this time. If so, things would be more tense than ever in the post mission debrief. At least Firmia and company would only be tuning in from their side.