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  1. What do you do with your grand heroes?

    You should definitely look into Arvis. He's a great support unit (heals and debuffs) and his offensive potential is good, if not quite as great as Tharja's or Celica's. His fantastic resistance helps in both regards. As for your question, I always keep at least one of each around and fodder off spares, even Berkut and Navarre. Sometimes I like a unit so much that I'll keep their copies around and merge them (Arvis, BK).
  2. What's this in my in- oh. Ooooh. And two of them? You've done pretty great with the material you're given. I especially liked how Zola and Izana were portrayed, compared to their game counterparts. On the other hand, kind of sad that Reina is getting the Orochi treatment (even though I saw that coming for months). On a side note, now that I remember it, the "Valla" plot device was poorly thought-out in Revelations. Was there anything to stop Corrin and Azura from simply using codewords or making up a story to Ryoma and Xander?
  3. How many 5 star units do you have?

    I've been playing since launch. The number is 37; most recently Leo, BLyn and BIke. Exactly 10 of them were promoted with Nino being the first, and 3 have been granted for free, including BIke. (I swear, my heart was pounding on that colorless summon for Lyn) To quote a certain pair of boots, I got nothin' to complain about. I'm just saving orbs for SS and Jugdral (and unique unit types like Reina).
  4. Racial Diversity in FE

    Fair enough. The old portraits and designs do belong in the trash.
  5. Racial Diversity in FE

    I wouldn't mind some racial diversity but I'm not too sure about changing established designs. In any case, this isn't that much of a change. Valentia seems to have Greco-Latin flavor (Celica's music and Greek vase designs, for example) so it's no surprise that there are dark, "Mediterranean-looking" characters. On a similar topic, given how well Hoshidan aesthetics/classes were handled in Fates, I'd love if they'd experiment more with other cultures. Like "Hussar" from a polish-inspired culture or "Eagle Knight" from an Aztec-inspired one.
  6. So glad I stumbled across this. I'm doubly impressed how you managed to integrate the salvaged story with DLC. I look forward to the next update.
  7. Saddest part of the game.

    I thought fighting Mustafa was pretty sad since I liked the guy. The supports of the child characters also count. The Future Past DLC takes it up to eleven.
  8. Need JRPGs

    Since JRPG is a broad genre, Dark Souls. Caution, planning and tenacity are heavily rewarded. It's how difficulty should be handled. The MegaTen/Persona series is a good turned-based line of games with unconventional plots.
  9. Tonight you go to bed with... (Awakening Version)

    Jack Frost needs a new pair of shoes! Inigo. Freakin' classy.
  10. League of Legends

    I want to make him mine... forever.
  11. League of Legends

    I got back from a year hiatus in League. Now I have to work hard to be a moderately-less terrible player again. I'm aiming for Varus with my IP but after trying Akali and getting frustrated, I'm determined.
  12. Tonight you go to bed with... (Awakening Version)

    Roland initiative. IZ GREGOR TIME!
  13. Policy on grinding?

    I think you'd do just fine without grinding if you plan on just beating the game, even on Lunatic. Since I'm playing on Lunatic and plan on using everyone in my team for endgame, I grind to bring my benched units up to speed. Risen hordes on Hard and EXP growth on Lunatic. Just do what you want to do. I'd recommend not grinding for your already-able units.
  14. I kind of wish the MU didn't exist...

    I like that s/he has a fixed personality. It's just that I really wish the Avatar was more fleshed out of a character with actual depth. It felt like the devs were stuck in the middle of a fixed, story character and a blank slate. Basically "One size fits all". But going the self-insert route, it would be pretty sweet if they had pulled a Commander Shepard where you select one line of dialogue and the next few lines of dialogue follow its tone. Well, there's me and my impractical ideas again...
  15. How do you think of your Avatar?

    A self-insert Mary Sue who can plan, kill or bed just about anything. Though, I sometimes see him as a typical grunt in my army.