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  1. Little problem with name changing

    FEditor auto-applies anti-huffman are you using a US rom?
  2. Duma Palace - freeeee i somehow kept mycen/mathilda/zeke out of combat, im a genoos i more or less just walked alm up the midle of berkut 3 and double lion'd rinea, then berkut. Duma - 8/257 turns Probably could have done this a bit faster, but meh. The swamp is super annoying and I was actually really scared I wouldn't have enough damage to kill Duma on the last turn, but it ended up fine. If I were doing this again and had as buff an Alm as this time, it might be faster to just have Alm duel Duma. STATS Cls Lv HP ATK SKL SPD LCK DEF RES Alm Hero 20 52 31 28 27 22 22 7 Faye Saint 11.36 34 21 13 9 16 13 6 Gray Dread 12.63 42 21 22 22 9 13 2 Silque Saint 8.10 32 20 7 9 17 7 12 Forsyth Baron 6.80 42 26 13 14 10 21 5 Delthea Priestess 7.85 35 27 14 27 22 7 16 Tatiana Saint 9.56 30 16 16 14 6 5 18 Celica Princess 12.24 42 20 23 26 18 14 10 Saber Dread 14.17 45 20 20 27 12 18 8 Kliff Bow Knight 8.79 42 19 18 22 15 14 8 ATLAS Gold Knight 4.80 49 29 20 20 13 16 4 Deen Dread 10.60 41 20 25 24 9 15 4 I didn't catch kills (i was in the car and didn't bother writing them down) ALM By far my best combatant. Was responsible for basically all of the bosskills. FAYE rescue is definitely not a substitute for warp. trying to get her to anew was also probably a Mistake GRAY was good, but not as good as alm SILQUE Maybe if I'd remembered that she existed before the end of part 1... FORSYTH He Gradivus'd Duma, continuously burnt my turnwheels by dying to witches and did approximately nothing else DOOT It was kind of ass to train her early, but otherwise was a reasonable pick TATIANA I think, if I'd trained Silque earlier, this would have been a better pick. Having two warps is fantastic, but I didn't get the ability to use them until way later. Also Fortify is bae CELICA did her job, i suppose. Rag Omega'd Jedah for a dracoshield and then Rag Omega'd Duma SABER Worth the firstpick? Probably not; lost way too many turns earlygame to him being unable to kill things. THat being said, he was probably one of my strongest combatants and basically solo'd Grieth's fortress, so there's taht. KLIFF Sending him to Celica's route over Faye was probably the Wrong Choice, but that would have required me to remember that Silque was free. Hunter's Volley-ing Duma was super satisfying tho ATLAS!!!! i regret nothing DEEN slayer of mogalls
  3. Strange malformation in portrait sprite?

    click on the eye/mouth frames and drag them to where they need to be
  4. Randomizer

    that is presumably a problem with your emulator
  5. Revival of Mafia Mafia- Day 3

    "i will post postgame sometime today" -- marth, on august 3rd
  6. arch is actually just secretly salty that he fell out of relevance when he missed the EN release deadline for the fifth time in a row
  7. Eventiel download

    you'll either need to enable local resources on chrome (the relevant flag is --allow-file-access-from-files) or host them yourself. when I view that folder on the dropbox website i have an option to "share" the file, which will generate an image direct link, but i'm not sure that's available to everybody (i'm one of the owners of that dropbox). if it isn't, you can save the images into your own dropbox and generate the links for yourself
  8. Eventiel download

    http error 403 is forbidden, which means that you probably need some sort of authentication. However, that doesn't look like the right link at all -- It looks like you just copied the content hash (the gibberish) and used it as part of the path in the URL. You'll want to use the dropbox site itself to retrieve the links
  9. Event Assembler Questions Thread

    as far as used event ids go -- 0x1 -- Boss quote 0x2 -- Triggered on Defeat Boss? 0x3 -- Triggered on Seize 0x4 -- Switches map music to "alt" theme (used in Lyn 9) 0x5 -- Triggered on Rout? 0x6 -- Used for something, unknown
  10. You can try this; I'm currently pestering the relevant people to write a section on it for the UT2.
  11. Eventiel download

    Based on a cursory glance at the source and google chrome's dev console, it looks like the app is pulling the sprites from a dead dropbox link. You'll either have to deal with it, bug circles to fix it or fix it yourself and run it locally (if you do that, make sure to issue a pull request!)
  12. Fire Emblem: Destiny's Shadow

    title is "Fire Emblem Destiny's Shadow" :thinking:
  13. Basic questions for starting modder

    show me your entire buildfile. my gut tells me you're either misunderstanding the point of using EA (note that, if you're #include'ing that file from a bigger buildfile, you don't need to ORG the #include'd file, as outlined here) or the patch itself is not correct
  14. Can sidequestsbe added to FE8?

    There's nothing actually special about gaiden chapters as far as the engine is concerned, they're just chapters with "x" numbers in the chapter name (the entire text is "Chapter A: some title" so you can jsut as easily make it "Chapter Ax: title gaiden") that you only advance to conditionally (check out an event tutorial for how that works, it's pretty easy). The world map is, as far as I know, still a work in progress. Searching FEU (probably the best place for "bleeding edge" information) gives several results, but I can't speak to how effective they are.
  15. Basic questions for starting modder

    that's not the problem #define PassiveBooster 0xDDDDDD remember this line? That's not 4-aligned, so you're trying to write the BYTE data to a non-four aligned address. The reason it doesn't complain until the POIN is that BYTE (along with SHORT) are special-cased to allow being misaligned (because they're for writing raw data, which may or may not need to be aligned) In fact, you don't need another ORG directive in your #include'd file -- the whole point of buildfiles is that EA will organize it for you. Removing the "ORG PassiveBooster" line should fix the problem