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  1. Honestly so true... of course they haven't done a bit of sending heroes home for feathers... they've done SI but not forcing people out
  2. Now I get Laguz/Taguels/Kitsunes/Wolfsengers are wanted picks to be in heroes... I highly doubt it for many reasons... so lets start.. 1. they would need to figure out how to make Beast units work... Sure it doesn't sound right... but these aren't dragons... they don't use "Breath" skills.. they would need to figure out how to get them to be usuable by using a certain type... Laguz are even tougher as they don't transform back and forth like Taguels and the other units do... Which means they would have to add a gauge system... or keep them fully transformed at all times.... 2. Weaknesses- the one thing that also works against them is they would need to update EVERY FIRE, THUNDER and WIND Spell for the laguz… and keep the others out of it (As fire doesn't hurt Wolfsengers/etc) Now for Dragons they can just make them dragon "Type" and hawks they can make "Flying" units... I guess beast units would be Calvary? This is as a note because Wolfsengers and Taguels are weak to Beast killers (which in Fates effects horses too) Now I think they can put in White/Black/Red dragons in the game... but that's only what... Ena, Dhegensea, Kurth, Nasir, and Gareth.... so 5... maybe 6 units? (because Rajijon) Dragon laguz is probally least likely... Beast laguz is the most likely as there is a good 15 units that are beast laguz.. (or more?) with Bird laguz being second... The main problem is Laguz and beast units are SUPER obscure... only 30 to 40 units of the few thousand Fire emblem characters (That's counting playable/Unplayable/NPC/story characters) I don't think they would add a new type for just such a niche group... its a headache to implement them and to create them as a whole! theres also the likeliness people would actually BUY said units (Remember only two laguz were top 10... Ranulf and TIbarn…) Honestly I get why people are upset over alts and want "New" things like Laguz units... but I think your just out their preaching to the empty stadium... Theres a reason Genealogy, Thracia, Radiant Dawn, and Path of radiance have been avoided a lot... Genealogy isn't brought up as much in the modern era (Compared to Shadow dragon and its remakes... FE 7 is beloved, FE 6 is beloved... etc.) Thracia was one of the worst selling fire emblem titles... and Path of radiance/ Radiant Dawn didn't sell like hotcakes either... It makes sense for them to lure people in with the popular crowd... aka the familiar faces for newcomers (Awakening/Fates/SOV crew...) and faces for veterans who probally started with the GBA series (Which a lot of people probally did after Marth and Roy were in smash drawing peoples attention so yeah...) Shadow dragon is there as its the companies beginning in the series as a whole.... For them to avoid beast units makes sense... like 100% sense... yet I know no one will really care and just pester them while shouting "WE DONT WANT ALTS WE WANT NEW UNITS" The fact is.. IS is probally running out of units they can easily profit from... that's probally why we get updates every month now which feature a lot more options.. and certain units getting your attention for their weapon (or new weapon) being able to get refined... its they have a character they think they can get more profit from so they add something new to make the character more desirable... Anyways this is was my thoughts.... for a long while after I heard how much people wanted Ranulf and Tibarn…
  3. Ideas For Book 3

    For Book 3... Honestly its story mode in a gacha game... no one really cares ._. Now with that out of the way... Loki just being an ass (A sexy ass) is very funny... but it seems she might be either one of two things... the "Ephidel" or the "Gharnef" of this game... Ephidel is whats considered as an "archetype" is essentially someone who works for the "Gharnef" of the game and creates minor nuiances and plot points in the game (With Ephidel basically tricking Darin and creating a good... 3rd of the plot? half of the chapters?) So she might be working under someone else besides Surtr… or she is the Gharnef and is using Surtr like Gharnef did to well... a lot of people (Hardin, Michalis, Grust's king, and Jiol) Anyways people (Most noteable Sages who pointed it out) that Yglr (Yglir? idk norse mythos is tough as balls...) is actually Loki in disguise... mainly because she knew the summoners name... despite not meeting the summoner before... Of course Im not sure if Book 2 has ended yet... but I feel Book 3 might bring back Veronica and Bruno into the fray... as something is up as we haven't seen Bruno since chapter 12... and Veronica since Book 2 chapter 2... Now for Book 3 they will probally sprinkle hints in through the next few paralogues and Tempest trials.. (similar to how they did it in Book 1... hell that's where we learned Loki's name...)
  4. How Would Heroes Handle Three Houses?

    Very true, Faye was debuted in Heroes... Ironically as a unit she can class change into (maybe to keep people from thinking you can have female archers? Idk) Also to go off the smash stuff technically Ryoma and Xander were debuted in smash too... as trophies~ but all those characters were initially revealed long ago... Roy is much more different... as I don't know how many people were in the know in japan about Binding blade... or if Roy was the lord... that might be something interesting to look up :P Also Corrin is different from Roy as she debuted in Fates first technically (Fates came out in japan before she was released, but came out in America/everywhere else after she was in Smash) I feel like they might wait until they show us the beginning prf weapons (like Rapier stuff etc.) and maybe give those kind of weapons to us... then have Legendary hero units with their "Final" weapons... that or just give the S rank weapon of their kind to the lord (for example would be Basilikos to Raven, Audhulma to Joshua... etc) that way it only spoils the final weapons.... but yeah its obvious we will probally get them a few days or so before (or after) Japanese release as a way to hype up the game (And remind people the game came/is coming out)
  5. Is "Teacher" the avatar?

    I feel if the Avatar is the teacher... it almost feels like a "Mark" role...that or something like "Anna" from PoR/RD where she essentially explained things to you (In a similar vein to the "Tatics" room of Advanced Wars Day of ruin... minus the jokes and actually teaches you how to do it (instead of implying)
  6. Jokes and Memes about Heroes

    My god.. IS... they're learning...
  7. Are Firesweeps overrated?

    On the topic of Ayra... I thought she was perhaps the best red sword unit now... or tied with Mia (due to her Resolute blade and Wo Dao++ and having similar statlines) Back to firesweep+ I personally don't use them but they could be incredibly useful on a bait team that has a bulky armor like Hector or Arden, having them take a hit, and such.. but I feel firesweep is often over hyped... when I look up builds that use the lance online it would be for units like Tana, Cordelia, etc. so I'm guessing they believe firesweep is perfect for units that fear bonus damage or something similar... which I can understand to a degree.... Honestly I would use the Firesweep Bow out of them all because its more useful and you can have better blockers (like Armors) take the check and wall before your hit.. Otherwise you might need a good swap/Repo/dance unit nearby to get the Firesweep unit out of the way.
  8. Took a last try on latest banner (Mia I’m sorry..) I at least got Dorcas and Leo within my first pulls (F2P sucks lol) I’m sitting at 12 orbs going into the TT... I have two 40% bonus units and one 20% (Dorcas, Bike and Blyn) So I’m fairly stacked... when book 2 comes out I will get a lot of orbs... considering the TT will get it’s own log in bonus... The new heroes log in bonus stops.. and the New book log in starts the 28th.. (giving you a few orbs before the maps related to book 2) basically if if I save now it expecting to get somewhere between 130 ish orbs in time for this banner... which I plan on focusing on Red (Missed Ayra.. and My Celica is less than optimal.. my Ike is attack plus defense minus like my Bike...) Green (no downsides like Red where I can pull Hector, and the Deirdre/Camilla spring I missed) and Colorless (Blyn is handy to help my summoner supported freebie... and Cordelia means I get a great 2ndary bow user) Blue is a tease... Caeda is a good B tome user... I suppose? But Xander is the full tease... Fjorm copies would be nice I suppose... so basically you’d want to do it like this.. Red/Green, Then colorless then blue... because for Red/Green you have no bad focus units... While Colorless has one bad egg (Genny is more meh.. but could be a good user to Passover wrathful staff) and Blue (Two bad eggs... but copies to feed Fjorm.. which might never happen again..)
  9. I like how everyone is bitching about Fjorm wearing little clothing for living in the Ice Kingdom.... YOU DO REALIZE FLORA AND FELICIA DO THE SAME THING RIGHT??? Those two wear thin maid outfits... they will not stay warm there.. Plus I want to point out she has Ice based powers (shown in trailer and in her special Ice mirror) meaning Fjorm has similar abilities compared to the two meaning she could be immune (or highly resistant) to the cold. Anyways personally I feel like i’ll like or hate the characters after I’ve heard them speak and such... i do agree with one post where it seems Sharena and Loki are polar opposites... which might be the reference as to why the two are fighting in the trailer... My biggest question is what happened to Anna and Bruno... I feel something might happen to them in the intro to book 2... when the chapter will be posted (in what I assume will be the 27th)
  10. Holy war banner

    Umm... Arvis gave Sigurd a Silver sword yes... but that's because Sigurd's father, Byron, was THE current wielder and user of Tyfing, and gave Tying to Sigurd with his dying breath. In fact at that point in the game... Arvis acutally gives Sigurd and UPGRADE because Sigurd originally only had a Steel sword and Iron lance (unless you sold one or two and gave them to a different unit) and the silver sword is much stronger than both weapons mentioned. and also Arvis only reluctantly gave the silver weapon to Sigurd.... or mainly because he was told to because he was an aide to the king, and was essentially a messenger. Now they may or may not have had their weapons during the barbeque... is completely unknown... because the children gets all weapons from their parents... perhaps they stored their weapons away due to the fact that they were attending what they thought was a "Royal Ceremony" that would exonerate them of the supposed "treason" charges. Arvis's weapon Valflame will grant him attack + 3 (or so) and I believe he might get a skill that is a reverse of Sigurds where he takes 50% less damage from the first close range melee attack (Sword, Axe, lance). and that is what I believe...
  11. How many 5 star units do you have?

    Lets see... lol In the early days of the game I got a 5 star on each banner (due to doing F2P.. cause I'm a cheap son of a bitch) 1- Roy (Was the first everything else I don't remember in order so I'm just gonna list them) 2- Alfonse 3- Karel 4- Julia 5- Olwen 6- Ike (plus Attack - defense... and its ironic because) 7- Brave Ike- (Plus attack - defense... umm XD) 8- Alm 9- Lucina 10 Ryoma 11 Ryoma (haven't combined them yet..) 12- Cain (used SI for Wings of Mercy on my Olivia) 13- Ogma 14- Lachesis 15- Boey (will be used for his Renewal... he was a big F U pull when trying to get a dancer unit from the latest banner...) 16- Celica 17- Leon (Same as Boey.. except he is pretty useless... haven't bothered to train) 18- Hector 19 Klein- (got through pure luck after spending 4 orbs on death blow 3 as he was the second unit I got on the banner... Used to SI enhance Cherche) 20 Robin Summer 21- Azura 22- Elincia 23 Masked Marth X2 (got him both original and reboot...) 24 Takumi 25 Black Knight 26- Clive 27 Takumi -aka useless and free 1000 feathers 28 Cecilia 29- Brave Lyn 30 Jaffar- Gave Land D 3 to Nino The next are the ones I used feathers to promote them to 5 star 31- Alfonse 32- Sharena 33 Anna 34 Nino 35 Nino again (to feed to Cecilia) 36 Kagero 37 Masked marth (only used one as a 4 star and promoted to get to +3... still working on the other one.. 38- Black knight- same as above 39- Cecilia- used feathers to make her great 40Eliwood 41 Camus 42 Michialis 43 Camilla 44 Gordin -gave Brave bow plus to Setsuna 45- Barst (gave Brave Axe + and Reposition to Cherche) And that's it currently I'm hoping to pull some new units... and get enough feathers for my two needy 4 stars units... Cherche and Setsuna.
  12. Welp since two of the characters I thought would get in (literally hours after I posted mine XD) I guess I can add two more! 1- Jill- gets shifted up one due to Sigurd...., Extremely popular unit and one of my favorites from PoR/RD which still has tons of people they can grab... 2- Mia- I can see sets for Mia.. same as Jill she is pretty popular... I can imagine getting Astra as a special, Wo Dao+ as a sword, and Vantage as a B skill 3- Miciah- I would like to see her get something special like Thani... (of course I already have a Reinhardt counter cause my usuall team carries Julia anyways cause she is a fricking nuke) I would hope she gets thani and it is supereffective to horse units, making it a super Wolf tome... and she is one of two lords not in the game... 4- Leif- the other lord not in the game... I believe we should get more Thracia, Genealogy and Por/RD characters soon.... and Leif would not particularly be strong but I would be happy enough... For his weapon he does share a special weapon with some other characters... the Blaggi (or whatever they wish to translate Blaggi into) Sword. 5- Altenna/Quan- Personally I believe the Crusaders should be added in, and since Sigurd and Eldigan got in... why not the last part of the trio? Quan would be pretty decent I suppose... unless they do something similar to Sigurd and try to make him OP... Altenna though is the one I prefer for a Gae Bolg user, mainly because she has a much bigger overall character arc in the story (will not say anything due to spoiling game) she is essentially similar to how I feel about Jill... one of my favorite units from the game she resides in.
  13. Personally I feel we have too many from the major games... I.e Shadow dragon and new mystery... (Since most of the original cast was in New mystery...) Waifu Emblems and the Fanboy originals (FE 6-7) We have not seen much of if any of the Tellius, Sacred Stones and (for probally good reasons) Thracia 776 and Genealogy.... So I feel these are units they need to focus from... 1. Sigurd (if the Arvis GHB leak is still true... which it might since it predicted Black knight and PoR banner... then we can have a nice recreation of the Sigurdian Barbeque...) Other words I feel he can at least put his son to shame who is sadly rather mediocre in this game... 2. Jill- One of the most popular Tellius characters... yes I could see the Laguz basically being impossible but someone like Jill has versitality in what you can give her. 3. Mia- same with above... Mia has a lot of great things she can do... I can imagine sets for her like B skill being Vantage (due to having it in game) and her main weapon being Wo Dao+ (comes with it in RD) and maybe her special being Astra... 4. Larcei/Ayra/Mareeta- lets be honest... if fe 4/5 ever get more banners these ladies have to be considered... Ayra is probally one of the best 1st generation units in the game and her daughter put her to shame later... Mareeta I put down because she could add a unique weapon to the mix... (Mareeta's sword which could be similar to Amiti) and yes she is from thracia but weve only had two Thracian units from the game so far (Olwen and Reinhardt) and I find it odd that Leaf is the only lord in the series (minus Sigurd) to not be in this game... well minus Miciah as well.. speaking of which 5- Miciah- I feel they can do something special and give her Thani as her main weapon... because that would be instantly op... a Mage unit who has a weapon that effects Armors and Horses (if I was IS focus on horses only though...) also shed probally be the same statline or similar to Lillina... high attack! low Defense and HP... moderate Res. Of course they could give her Rexaura as her special weapon... but for its effect I'm not to sure what it would add... at least Thani is special and unique to Miciah only... err when did Valbar turn into a Grima Fanatic? oh god LEONS GONNA FOLLOW HIM (you mean Validar.... XD Valbar is the Knight who joins Celicas group in FE 2/15
  14. Anna looks wonderful... and if I had to guess.. She might be the first Archer revealed for the game.. To me Anna looks like the FE14 Anna.. with a beret... and she was an archer in 14... Another thing is the beret is almost stereotypical for an archer haha... considering characters like Robin Hood.. and that's what she reminds me of.. a female Robin Hood.. so I predict she will be an Archer.. I figure we might see Gauis and other characters soon...soon.. (and a freaking release date.. considering fall is next month...) Also considering they only have one Shadow dragon character confirmed compared to Awakening's 5 (6 if F robin is separate) and Fates 3.. I wonder when the will release more Shadow dragon characters..
  15. Who do you hate seeing on a map

    Personally my team is typically well rounded enough to handle a situation... BUT ON SOME MAPS ITS HELL >_< like the "Updated" arena maps... I typically run Olivia (4star) Julia/Nino, Lucina and Sharena. Basically a Waifu squad XD... They typically can take some damage or instantly kill whoever they face but sometimes due to map placements like the new lava one can make matchup hell if your opponent has a dancer on their side... mainly because if its dancer plus their ranged unit next to them... then GG. as for normal ones I typically hate Takumi as (I normally Run Julia but shes getting phased slowly by nino who I gave skill inheritance too) is put in a badsituation as with Hone attack and Spur attack sometimes doesn't do enough to OHKO takumi, and instead OHKOs me back. Then that Takumi has Vengance setted up and I'm completely screwed! At least for Tempest trials the teams are much easier in my books... the only map I have trouble with my first team (Horseemblem first with 4 Star Camus, 4 Star Eliwood, 4 Star Cecilla with Gronnblade + and Olwen 5 star.) can have major troubles when dealing in the "Alm Paralogue PT 3 map" due to the wooded areas around them. But other than that map... all the tempest trials this time around is easy to set up and kill (except for final map) with Horseblem team.