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  1. Female Corrin? Well Corinna is pretty sexy... not that I'd mind Fem Robin as well..
  2. Wow they totally didn't do that with Xander as well! Oh wait
  3. Judging on the silhouettes.. unless the women change their normal hair style.. my two guesses are Lyn and Eirika.. Lyn for the ponytail, and the only other ponytailed women I can think of would be less popular women (Oboro, Titania, are more likely than options like Talitu/Tinny are less likely..) as for the other silhouette it looks like Eirika.. which makes sense since she was the only "default" Bride.. But the banners come at a mininum of 4 units.. makes me speculate it's grooms and brides... In that case they might go with canon/pairings they made for characters.. For example the "Bride" could be Sumia.. (since she also has a ponytail I believe?) with the husband being Chrom.. as that is her more or less canon husband due to Awakenings opening video showing the two holding baby Lucina during the similar scene that happens after chapter 12 (I think that's right) if not the ponytail bride could be Lyn and her love interest of Rath/Eliwood/Hector as for the other Bride.. Eirika with her paired endings as well. (lastly as a forethought They might just make 4 brides and 0 grooms.. or make Grooms a later date one? But I'm making my guesses on the two silhouettes shown today)
  4. Also you get them from forging a Blessed Shield, Two can be obtained normally by Picking the Blessed shield over the Silver shield in Fear mountain shrine (you can only get one of the two items) or by forging a rusted shield..
  5. Hrmm.. I suppose it slightly answers my question.. but they have more spells at level one? Was it a mix of Mage/Cleric spells or just having more Mage spells at a earlier level? I'm just asking before I waste a fork on turning a cleric to a mage (or Sonya to a cleric? She's gotten like 6 speed stat boosts in a row from the levels.. and she's only 30% speed.. and is equal speed wise to Mae)
  6. One question I have.. that NA cant answer yet.. For female Mages/Clerics, with the villager fork if you reclass them to the other job do they keep both jobs learn spell sets, or only the job they just changed to (I.e could Faye start as a Cleric, go to saint then reclass back into a mate and still have Nosferatu and stuff)
  7. I was about to say this as this problem also happened to me as well XD.. but I didn't know about the attempting to revisit the Shrine twice they might go in.. that bit is new
  8. Atlas is in the mountain village (Chapter 3 is the town to the left of the second graveyard in Celica's route.) and is found when going to a area of the village called "house". He is impossible to miss, due to him looking much tougher and rugged compared to other Villager males also quick tip, he can only be class changed at Celica's first seen shrine, The Sea altar (or whatever) as I tried to go up immediatly to class Change him at the new shrine only to lose Atlas, Catria and Palla from my party due to "not pursuing Grieth" luckily I revisited them and they rejoined
  9. I'm curious for skills, are they only on the unit with a weapon equipped, or can you keep the skills without that specific weapon equipped?
  10. I thought Zeke (aka Camus) automatically comes with Gradivius in Echoes
  11. Yeah so far the combo of Gray and Tobin for Alm and Mae/Boey for Celica bring in a feeling of Companions or best friends acting like friends and teasing the other, it's pretty funny Gray certainty has plenty of Funny moments so far, and I'm only done part one, and beginning pt 2
  12. Haha they could possibly do that... I feel they should remake both Binding and Blazing blades and make them a dual package deal, i.e two games in one, that way you get the sequel (and Japan exclusive) Binding and its famed western prequel Blazing, seems win win, by that rate rate you just want them to connect everything back to awakening haha (so far Awakening is connected to Fe1,2,3,4,5,9/10 (Priam being a iffy Ike descendant) and 11, 12. Literally all games are showed lightly in the game except the GBA games except through Owain being Owain.. as as for the topic here, I've played currently through chapter one and starting chapter two, and it is certainty well made voice acting and the story made to it adds on to Gaiden's original bare as hell bones story, which is perhaps why it is more enjoyable than shadow dragon to me. I especially love Mae's voice.. Her voice actress sounds similar and makes Mae's character sound like Nora from RWBY.. or am I the only one who hears it? Lastly ive noticed the word "tricks" appear and assume it's a translation error? Because it's like Oh tricks or something like that... it's supposes to be Thank you?
  13. Haha.. I suppose there are reasons to why Nintendo does what they does... but the price is way too much.... They need to decrease it by like 50% or something just for it to be affordable.... Now I would love if they made another DLC similar to Apothesis.. but that's not likely I suppose this is why Pokémon games only do Downloads/visit locations for codes in order to get new pokes, instead of buying DLC
  14. Dang your like the quickest ive seen at making these.. Kinda ironic that they decided to fix their mistakes... especially one that was shown like that the Alm's army one..
  15. Yeah its a honest fact though... since the Switch is both Mobile and Console built into one... with that premise the 3DS is irrelevant... Now we play the waiting game... I suppose most 3DS's will phase out.. but Switch doesn't have backwards compatibility with 3DS games as far as I know..