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  1. hhh

    hmmmmmmmm i'll think about it
  2. hhh

    what level do they
  3. >_> in the image isn't that for sen iii
  4. hhh

    they sucked too. and options? looping?
  5. hhh

    o oops yeah but but but but.... villagers suck
  6. hhh

    i succumbed and got sov but why is everyone a freaking villager
  7. i don't see dumb olivier
  8. hhh

    lmao for watermelon. but okay :D that works too. You know your stuff. Whoa. Wait, is there actually such a thing? .... Well it would probably be less painful to take off...
  9. Interviews

    puff balls... first time i heard that describing suku, which is the name of the cute walking bovines I posted.
  10. Interviews

    opinions of the following: a. b.
  11. this thread exploded from the falcom news idk i wonder if sen iii can go up to the sky trilogy standards also olivier smells funny >:(
  12. because tangerine won you over
  13. hhh

    that's gonna be a very loooooooooooooooong time. ...LOL maybe... uh... or maybe if you apply enough force. liquid bandage sounds kinda freaky. but so do I. well I think it should be closed up enough to not start bleeding out again like earlier