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  1. I'm on mobile for a few days but uh would you do opinions on the two gifs in my profile? sorry >_>
  2. guys I just realised I'm tsun for Olivier help also all I can think about today is sc and playing it I'm dying here
  3. it would be! and couldn't find anything of it.... I'm not up there yet to make my own clothes nah oh well
  4. no what?! well... I was stupid enough to spill on the keyboard yeah no me. :( haha just the default one or like the brown dress with a bow. I just got the shoes though they're not exact. I told Ein to go as V so I can blind him lololol
  5. really? cause if so, i'm gonna dieeeeeeeee... oh wait i have that sc LP to do after this run
  6. yeah well when is 3rd coming out ;_;
  7. wait what did you suspect? ...TRUE. I mean I've accepted they took my soul :v though i can only get into the trails games.....
  8. quick, thanks!!
  9. i've been consumed by sc send help
  10. ummmm started chapter 3 not long ago and just finished embassy stuff. i'm using a guide just to get around and stuff easier though so about to go back to the sewers first apparently so!
  11. How is wanting to commit suicide stupid? >_> I take offence to that. I'm not stupid but I've been suicidal so many times that it's not even funny. I also don't remember about Elise wanting to commit suicide but then again it is Elise so I wouldn't remember.