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    1. Opinions of the following: 2. Do you think you have rigid, porous, or healthy boundaries with people? If you wanna specify between acquaintances, friends, close friends, romantic partners, sure thing. For reference, here are some common traits of each: Rigid boundaries: * Avoid intimacy and close relationships * Unlikely to ask for help * Has few close relationships * Very protective of personal information * May seem detached, even with romantic partners * Keeps others at a distance to avoid the possibility of rejection Porous boundaries: * Overshares personal information * Difficulty saying "no" to the requests of others * Overinvolved with other's problems * Dependent on the opinions of others * Accepting of abuse or disrespect * Fears rejection if they do not comply with others Healthy boundaries: * Values own opinions * Doesn't compromise values for others * Shares personal information in an appropriate way (does not over or under share) * Knows personal wants and needs, and can communicate them * Accepting when others say "no" to them 3. Branching from the above question, which kind of boundary do you have for: * Physical (personal space and physical touch) * Intellectual (thoughts and ideas) * Emotional (personal feelings) * Sexual (emotional, intellectual, and physical aspects of sexuality) * Material (money and possessions) * Time (how someone uses their time)
  2. me neither because i dont wanna see those kinda pictures
  3. uhhhhhhh... that's true too. not sure what i've been doing here tbh
  4. hhh

    yeah, i remember you mentioned that... hopefully when you ask for them next time, it goes through!! :( we should be more strict with the Canadian border
  5. hhh

    oh haha. i wasn't certain awww you gotta let me know when you visit
  6. hhh

  7. im the best 2hu fan
  8. it's nooooot okay don't forsake us!
  9. probably lunch in terms of when/what i eat breakfast if i'm elsewhere but that was a long time ago
  10. hhh

    whaaa? independence day has been long past unless you mean mexico's are you coming to LA cause if so, we should totes meet up
  11. but! you're the old fossil of the thread :< no idea, it was a random whim. let's see if i can unfollow
  12. hhh

    thx u2 i'd just make pride buy it for you and then ship it to you but yeah, what damian and tristie said