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  1. A Supports

    No. Supports are limited in the GBA games. Which is to say, a unit can only get 5 supports.
  2. I hope this comes overseas. As does Granblue Fantasy Relink.
  3. First Time, Advice Posts !

    Two of your units will leave early on. You can get them back later, but it'll take some doing (the first requires you to talk to him with the other unit you can recruit in that same chapter; she's level 1 however, so make it quick - as in turn 1 quick if you can; shoving Ike will help in this regard. On that note, shoving requires a unit's Build to be at most 2 less then the weight of the unit being shoved). The other was already stated (talk to him with Rolf - the unit in question will actually talk to Rolf himself if he can reach him - then defeat him with Ike).
  4. Hello!

    Welcome to Airport 1001. Please remember to wake that slugabed up. This is my way of saying hi:
  5. Who do you Ship with Livy? (Olivia)

    I don't see Donnel's availability advantage as helping him, but rather hurting him because his first chapter after recruitment has you strapped for unit slots, and you have wyverns after that. Basically, while Donnel has more availability, it doesn't do him any good because my team is always worse off with him than without. Unless you grind, but everyone benefits from that. And there's still the matter of the Second Seal he needs - a Second Seal that could go to better units. But that's just me. As for the question, Robin.
  6. Post a fact about the person above!

    I would imagine Baton Pass also had something to do with that. Note that Baton Pass is NOT banned in Doubles OU. Of course, the users would have support in the form of Fake Out, Wide Guard, and Follow Me to prevent the opponent from defeating Eevee before it could Baton Pass the boosts to something else. Is not in Alpoko.
  7. First Time, Advice Posts !

    It's not really something to worry about... at least in PoR. Well, unless you're Boyd or Makalov, who have a skill that doubles biorhythm effects, in which case it can occasionally hinder them. It is a big deal in Radiant Dawn, however. In a word: No.
  8. What is your favorite Fire Emblem era?

    That's not surprising, since they have aged rather poorly. Of course, their both having remakes that are much more accessible doesn't help. I am rather hesitant to agree with the GBA era having good stories when Blazing Blade was the only one with a decent story (Binding Blade's story is literally a retread of the story of another FE game, and the less said about the disaster that is Sacred Stones's story, the better). Anyways, I say Tellius and the 3DS era are close. The Kaga era mostly aged poorly, in addition to going out with a whimper (the Jugdral saga is the low point of the series, far as I'm concerned). The GBA era was better, but two of its games aren't exactly good.
  9. Why everyone hates Rebecca?

    Simply put, archers are limited by their class. They have no enemy phase, which hurts when enemy phase is when most of the action happens. It doesn't help that archers are best used for chip damage. Making matters worse, killing an enemy gives much more exp than just damaging one, and thus archers are likely to fall behind unless you go out of your way for their sake.
  10. Do You Prefer Animations On or Off?

    I leave them on, largely because it's the only way to see how a fight is gonna go on Enemy Phase.
  11. Are you worried about Three Houses?

    Being positive is one thing, but taking it too far is another matter entirely... Those who buy into the hype are the ones most likely to wind up disappointed when it inevitably fails to meet their lofty expectations, and are the ones most likely to be whining nonstop. Once again, I don't mind being positive, but with things being as they are, I find it VERY difficult to agree with a lot of the optimists here...
  12. Are you worried about Three Houses?

    No offense, but all you're accomplishing is giving me even more reason to worry - your blind faith in IS REALLY ain't helping their case.
  13. What makes a unit good in your opinion?

    Erm, imo your point would actually get traction were it not for your using Binding Blade and Thracia - the two FE games whose difficulty stems more from god-effing-awful design choices - as examples.
  14. Are you worried about Three Houses?

    This coming from the user who clammed up after being called out on their last "point"? Really? I think your silence proves YOU are the one who has no points going for you. When were those games you listed earlier first announced? Because I remember Three Houses being first announced (not by name, though) way back near the beginning of last year. And with that in mind, playing the "it's too early to worry" card just ain't gonna cut it.
  15. Are you worried about Three Houses?

    Why are you parroting someone who hasn't made a good argument, as far as I'm concerned??? Need I point out that this has happened before (IS being hush-hush for no good reason), and that when we finally got info (I was complaining back then about the lack of info), it was that the game was delayed?? So as far as I'm concerned, the burden is on IS.