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  1. Who’s your favorite “Bad Unit” in FE?

    What? I thought she wasn't that bad, other than lacking a horse? Bold: People actually think Midori's bad? That's news to me - I never saw much of the sort. Anyway, for an answer to the topic, I'd say L'arachel.
  2. War Clerics? Are they effective?

    tbf, I find that Sol fell from grace HARD in this game (and by extension, Fates, except it's even worse there) - imo, a chance to drain only half the damage I deal just ain't good enough to be worth a skill slot, considering that in general, the enemy has to be perfectly healthy for it to do anything. Nosferatu is more viable, but is only usable by specific classes, and barring reclass shenanigans, the units in said classes have issues. To be fair, the same could be said of Sol and Nosferatu, only even more so since everything has Dragonskin, halving damage, and most enemies have either Pavise+ or Aegis+, further blunting attacks from the wrong end of the spectrum. Fair enough.
  3. Hey, everyone!

    Well, fatigue only really makes the problem I have with characters even worse, as I see it - if there are very few characters that I like, and I don't care for or even outright dislike the rest of the cast, I sure ain't going to take a mechanic that forces me to switch my units well.
  4. War Clerics? Are they effective?

    Um, you do know Renewal was buffed to heal 30% of max HP in Awakening, don't you?
  5. Post a fact about the person above!

    Did not read the other day that UU had unanimously kept Zeroara UU, and unanimously banned Latios and Latiosite, in addition to banning Bisharp by a 6-5 margin.
  6. Is Conquest Lunatic Fun?

    That's.... rather gutsy of you, if I say so myself. Anyway, I agree with Centh - you might want to think about playing Hard first. EDIT: Gyaaah!
  7. Hey, everyone!

    While staves missing is the main thing that kills FE5's playability for me, it's not the only thing - fatigue and the characters don't help its case.
  8. Hey, everyone!

    To be frank, I consider Sacred Stones's story one of the weakest overall, largely because Eirika's end of the story is just that bad. Ephraim's side of the story wasn't much better. Characters wise, the small cast meant that the bad really stood out, and the good wasn't good enough to counter that. Exactly - Genealogy would likely become a huge bore to play because of the bloated maps combined with the slowest enemy phases ever. The mechanics don't help its case either. Thracia... well, the fact that healing staves can miss is an automatic dealbreaker for me.
  9. War Clerics? Are they effective?

    I would disagree on Acrobat being better as a skill - sure, the effect is nifty, but very few maps actually have enough terrain to make it worthwhile (the only ones that come to mind off the top of my head are the last two story maps before Grima).
  10. Anything I should know?

    I thought someone would have mentioned this by now, but in the last battle in chapter 3 on Alm's side, there's a mage among the enemy you do NOT want to kill. She's liable to warp over and attack a straggler, so beware. That being said, having Alm use Subdue on her and blocking her from running should prevent her from troubling you for the rest of the map (she leaves once the boss dies).
  11. My first FE7 team. Thoughts?

    Ha. You're pretty much the real life version of Sylvio Sawatari from Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V - aka, all bark, no bite. In other words, you're the living embodiment of this trope: Frankly, when I think of good FE players, people like dondon151, Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi, and MoogleBoss come to mind. You are not even close to worthy of being mentioned in the same breath as them, largely because you think like it's 2003.
  12. Who was your first S support?

    In general: -Good stats in at least one of the important stats (Str/Mag depending on the unit, Speed, Defense) with decent stats most everywhere else -Enough crit evade to not worry about eating random critical hits from rank and file units -Utility (mainly the utility related to survival, like healing or stuff like Elise's personal skill) -Must not actively drag the team down just by being deployed or otherwise be too much trouble to work with Obviously, not everyone has the third one. Also, some utility just doesn't count for much - just ask Niles.
  13. It was on a replay. And I think the ire was mostly directed at Shadow Elimination - Shadow Rush isn't that troublesome imo. Well, other than the one mission with reduced healing on Scion of Legend...
  14. If there was a Blazing Sword remake...

    I'd say Karla and Renault are even worse. The former comes in at level 5 with subpar base stats a couple chapters from the end of the game, and the latter comes in at level 16 with subpar bases right when the game's pretty much over.
  15. Figures. I thought something was up once I saw Linde's musou barely scratch a Shadow Sage that I had killed like 3 times (at least I think that's how many times you can kill them before they respawn with a red aura) in a Shadow Rush stage...