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  1. Run Warrior Princess, Death Blow, and Def Ploy, and put her on a team with Hone Fliers or Goad Fliers support. Fury and Desperation are also an option.
  2. New Tempest Trials: Thunder’s Fist!

    Even with Berkut's Lance+ [Res], Finn has less Res than Peri. In order to actually make Berkut's Lance useful, you also need Distant Counter. Berkut's Lance just looked at you funny. Oscar could give him a run for his money. Access to non-neutral natures means Oscar has his choice of better Atk or Spd than Finn. Access to more merges means he makes up for the 3-point stat deficit in only 2 merges. Peri can actually Ploy things, giving her similar offenses, but better support options.
  3. Jokes and Memes about Heroes

    They should do the Pokérap instead.
  4. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    @Hilda Half of me wants to think this is true, but the other half just thinks they're idiots.
  5. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    Actually, I should probably just replace Fury on Minerva and Camilla with Life and Death or Swift Sparrow. Healing can actually be really annoying to deal with. Actually, I should probably replace Wrathful Staff with Live to Serve, which reduces the chances that Priscilla and Elise will stand around healing each other, at least. Maybe also replace Camilla with New Year Azura for more middle fingers, though I only have her at +0 merge. God, the amount of cancer one can pack into one team.
  6. Magical Girl Ore Xander. Floating flying staff user to complete Xander Emblem with one Xander of every color (unfortunately not one Xander of every movement type, though).
  7. Voice actors [Wings of Fate complete]

    People who don't understand Japanese are probably just as indifferent to listening to the Japanese voices as I would be watching a movie with only German audio and German subtitles. There's also just the fact that people who don't like something are more likely to talk about their not liking it than people who do like something.
  8. I'm half-expecting them to pull another Bramimond and Ninian situation out their ass with Nifl.
  9. People going around saying so-and-so got cheated out of a place on the banner speak as if any specific character (that isn't an unimplemented main character) ever deserves a spot on a banner. The only characters so far that have "deserved" their spot on their release banner have been Sigurd, Leaf, Ike, Micaiah, and Sothe. Knoll has no rightful claim to Gleipnir in the same way that Duessel has no rightful claim to Garm. I wouldn't be surprised in the least if an alt Lyon with Gleipnir and a Vigarde with Garm were added first, even if I don't expect that to ever happen. Reina has no rightful claim to being the first bow flier in the game. You can't be cheated out of a spot that wasn't yours to begin with. If anything, Lucina was cheated out of a spot in the Branded King banner. I hate muscle memory. I can't type "Reina" without it turning into "Reinhardt" unless I actually think about my typing.
  10. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    That's what Dazzling Staff is for. Based on what I know about the AI, the staff users will attack first due to being able to attack without retaliation, leaving the fliers on Reposition duty if they are in range. Looks like I have 2 wins now since switching my team up. I might experiment a bit later (I'll give it 48 hours before I change my team) and see if Gravity+ on Elise gives better results.
  11. @Zeo I'm thinking you have options like Steady Breath on Lukas with one of Fierce Stance, Death Blow, Atk/Def Bond, Atk/Res Bond, etc. on Chrom or vice versa. As for redundancy, I don't see how that is a problem in the Arena. Being doubly prepared for something is best way to make sure you don't get brute forced through by a team using all of the same thing. As for ranged units, how much of a problem is it for your team if only Matthew and Nino are able to bait? I'm still leaning towards giving Chrom Distant Counter and Lukas Steady Breath, but saying that the only options are to give one to one of them them and the other to the other with no other choices is limiting your options. Winter Tharja and Valentine Lyn appear occasionally. I used to see Halloween Jakob a bit, but not really anymore, though I don't really know why. There's that one team with Mist in it for whatever reason. Gunnthra appears occasionally during wind season.
  12. Bound Hero Battle: You of the Light (Takumi and Hinoka)

    All 5 quests in one run on Infernal. Took a few tries to figure out where enemies would end up so that I could get all of my units in position to attack, but overall it went well. Never mind the broken-ass unit choices. Omitting blessings in my write-up because it's not water season. +10 Ayra [+Spd, -Res] (Ayra's Blade, Reposition, Regnal Astra, Life and Death 3, Desperation 3, Hone Spd 3, Speed +3) +10 Fjorm [+Atk, -Def] (Leiptr, Reposition, Ice Mirror, Atk/Def Bond 3, Shield Pulse 3, Drive Atk 2, Quick Riposte 3) +0 Anna [=] (Noatun, Astra, Vantage, Spur Res 3, Close Def 3) +10 Bride Lyn [+Spd, -Def] (Candlelight+ [Dazzling Staff], Recover+, Swift-Wind Balm, Speed +3, Wrathful Staff 3, Drive Def 2) Lyn's Swift-Wind Balm and everything on Ayra was necessary to have Ayra double the sword pegasus on enemy phase for the kill. That feel when your 55-Spd Ayra can't double a unit because it has 51 Spd after Hone Fliers and Darting Blow. The usual imgur gallery with annotations:
  13. Why would I read the bulletin board?
  14. There are always too many pages to read through, so I generally only read the last page or two when that happens.
  15. @Korath88 That post made me realize there was an option to turn off the difficulty suggestion in Tempest Trials. Hallelujah.