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  1. With only about 5,000 advancing to Tier 18, this is going to be rough until the top tiers finish saturating. The top 2,000 or so will advance to Tier 19 at the end of this coming season, the top 700 or so will advance to Tier 20 after that, and the top 210 will stay in Tier 20 after the first week it was reachable. However, it looks like they're putting in about a 5% or so leeway, so it might be a bit closer to 2,250 going to Tier 19, 900 going to Tier 20, and 315 staying in Tier 20. Regardless, it looks like I'm probably not staying in Tier 20 the first time around. No way in hell I'm placing top 300 without ridiculous luck with the bonus heroes.
  2. I think it usually takes half an hour or so before the rewards are available. I just picked mine up a minute or two ago.
  3. Ahem. Under Speed calculations > Order of combat.
  4. Finally got a decent Celica after four straight -Atk pulls (three of them +Spd) and got around to doing my last-minute arena push. Also finally back from Anime Central so I actually had time to train said Celica. I'll probably replace her with my [+Atk, -Def] one for next season. Tier 17 Score: 4,976 Rank: 475 (not sure if up-to-date since the hour reset happened after my fifth or sixth run) Defense: 304 (10) (gave up on including a bonus hero) Current offense team: +0 Celica [+Spd, -Res] (Ragnarok, Rising Light, Distant Def 2, Renewal 3) +10 Ninian [+Spd, -Res] (Lightning Breath+, Dance, Triangle Adept 3, Escape Route 3, Fortify Dragons, S HP +3) +10 Nowi [+Atk, -Res] (Lightning Breath+, Rally Def, New Moon, Triangle Adept 3, Quick Riposte 3, Fortify Dragons, S Atk +1) +9 Julia [=] (Naga, Dragon Fang, Resistance +3, Breath of Life 3, S Fortify Res 1) Current defense team: +9 Julia [=] (Naga, Dragon Fang, Resistance +3, Breath of Life 3) +0 Cherche [+Atk, -Res] (Brave Axe+, Reposition, Death Blow 3, Hone Fliers) +6 Camilla (Spring) [+Spd, -Res] (Gronnblade+, Reposition, Draconic Aura, Fury 3, G Tomebreaker 3, Hone Fliers) +8 Minerva [+Spd, -Res] (Hauteclere, Reposition, Bonfire, Fury 3, Drag Back, Hone Fliers, S Fortify Res 1)
  5. I believe it was mentioned that they want to do something like seasons (similar to trading card game expansions) in the interview. I assume that means whenever they decide to start the next season, they'd add an entirely new 50+-character roster that's separate from the existing roster, allowing players to either pull from the previous pool or from the new pool. I doubt they'll split an existing pool anytime soon.
  6. Lloyd is the only unit with a special skill. I suppose Drag Back also makes sense since it will pull the unit right into the bow knight's range.
  7. All Grand Hero Battle bosses on Lunatic difficulty have +15-17 to HP and +0-2 to all other stats.
  8. It'll be funny if this one has Blarblade+ and the bow knight has Hone Atk 3 and S Hone Res 1.
  9. That's because most tomes actually use the exact same sprite.
  10. Those look like Silver weapons to me. I'm pretty sure the Twitter previews have been accurate for weapons. The square 3 tiles above Lyn can only be reached by the bow knight.
  11. And I'm thinking it's far too suspicious that the bow knight is so open to being baited with the axe pegasus skulking out in the corner.
  12. If there are things I want from every color, yes. This banner has the unfortunate situation where there is a focus unit in every color meaning I'm stuck doing full pulls until I get at least 1 of each character. (I'll probably drop green after I pull a Boey or two since there's nothing I need extras of him for.) EDIT: You know, game, when you keep giving me duplicates with the exact same goddamn nature, it defeats the entire purpose of pulling for duplicates. Not only are my two Celicas both [+Spd, -Atk], now both of my Maes are are [+HP, -Spd]. Wtf, game.
  13. If you don't bite back, you now have 5 completely healthy units breathing down your back. If you do bite back, you absolutely have to kill the bow knight or risk being teleported on (I wouldn't be surprised if the lance knight also had Wings of Mercy for that matter since there's space for 2 units to teleport in). I'm not sure if we've had an enemy bow knight in a Grand Hero Battle before to predict stats from.
  14. On average, I only get 3 of each focus character before I run out of money. It might even be lower for this banner because they're spread out evenly over all 4 colors. Unless your name is Soren. I don't know why I have so many of him.
  15. The bow knight has 1 more reach than any other unit on the left side of the river (and overlaps the blue mage only on the right-side tile in the choke and on the right side of the river). If you're going up the choke, baiting the archer is forced to be your first action.