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  1. And yet I'm still 29 big red badges short of finishing Quick Riposte. Go get yourself some more feathers to spend those.
  2. Template builds

    There are actually three standard Brave weapon builds: Death Blow + Weaponbreaker + Attack +3, designed to squeeze as much damage out as possible in two hits with the Weaponbreaker to guarantee a kill on that weapon type Life and Death / Swift Sparrow + Desperation / Weaponbreaker + Attack +3 / Speed +3, meant for fast units to land four hits Death Blow / Life and Death + Desperation + Brash Assault, designed to drop below 50% HP after one round of combat and then guarantee a follow-up attack against everything plus the armor-specific variant: Death Blow + Bold Fighter I lumped all of the non-armor-specific ones into one section because there was so much skill overlap between them, but they are all represented there.
  3. The developers have come to the full realization that defensive boosts need to be greater than offensive boosts in order for people to actually care enough about them. Joshua was also released right before the release of the weapon refinery, so they were almost certainly aware that a refined Slaying Edge+ would compete too well for Audhulma's slot if Audhulma weren't made to have a boost strong enough. @Interdimensional Observer The Japanese text is "こ、これは! 完璧な私を妬んだ神の試練! 負けぬ…負けませぬぞー!" which translates more or less as "This.. this is...! This must be a test from a god jealous of my perfection! I won't... I won't succumb to this!" There is ambiguity about the number of gods due to the lack of a true plural in Japanese; it's either "a god who is jealous" or "gods who are jealous". From my understanding, Oliver is saying that some god or gods, likely other than Ashera because she is referred to specifically as 女神, "the Goddess", must be jealous of his perfection and are causing him this misfortune as an ordeal for him to overcome. I wouldn't say the localized text is incorrect. It's just weird because the people of Tellius don't really ever mention any gods other than Ashera and Yune, so one normally wouldn't assume others exist.
  4. Tempest Trials Mini: Stepping into the New Year!

    I just realized that due to the existence of the Warriors maps (meaning no Training Tower use) and my recent Tiki and Soleil promoting spree (promoted 11 copies of Tiki and 10 copies of Soleil, so 420 great badges), I'm all out of red badges for my Quick Riposte Sacred Seal. RIP me.
  5. I'm personally heavily biased towards the Triangle Adept build, which prefers Glimmer for damage or Aether for sustain. The Fury build typically uses Moonbow. Steady Breath, of course, uses Iceberg (or Bonfire if your Fae is built with higher Def, which I have seen before). There is never only one viable skill for a passive skill slot. It depends entirely on how you want to use him, what resources you have available to you, and now much of those resources you intend to spend. What do you want Corrin to do for you? I personally run my Mae with Blarowl+ and Life and Death 3 (+10 5-star). I'd give her a Spd refine because the precise reason she still has Blarowl instead of something else is to Spd creep certain faster units with Blarowl buffs (specifically, she could double attack Tempest Trials Lunatic 7 boss Celica even if Celica had Rally Spd on her so long as I had 2 stacks of Blarowl up).
  6. Radiant Dawn Ike is meh because he looks like a musclehead (and Tormod even calls him out on it). I'm not sure that's the word you were looking for. But why wouldn't you want Garcia as a bow Warrior with 38+ Atk?
  7. The General class in Sacred Stones has access to swords, lances, and axes, and across the series also has access to bows (relevant because Sheena, Faye, and Narcian use weapons that they themselves could not use, but are available to their class at some point in the series). Amelia has only used an axe. Not to mention Amelia also has access to infantry, cavalry, and armored classes, but is only has armored movement type here. So if Robin deserves to have a sword version, Amelia also deserves lance infantry, sword cavalry, lance cavalry, axe cavalry, sword armor, and lance armor versions just from her game alone, and bow cavalry and bow armor from the corresponding classes from other games in the series.
  8. They haven't given any of Elibe's legendary weapons the dragon-effective effect yet, though. Maltet's effect should totally be "if special triggers outside of battle, special cooldown count -3" for a guaranteed Growing/Blazing Fire/Thunder/Wind/Light every time you initiate combat. Maltet increases Skill in the original game. No weapon in this game is out-of-character compared to some version of it in the main series.
  9. His 34 base Def is second only to +Def variants of Gordin and Jakob among bow users, and he can reach a huge 55 Def on enemy phase with Guard Bow+ [Def], Distant Def 3, and the Distant Def 3 Sacred Seal as a dedicated bow counter with Bowbreaker (substituting his default Atk/Def 2 for Distant Def 3 drops his Def to 51, which is still really good, additionally substituting Def +3 for his Sacred Seal still puts him at 48 Def).
  10. @C. Turtle In the Japanese in-game bulletin, they use the words "a special version of the hero" (特別versionの英雄, "tokubetsu-version no eiyuu"). The term localized in English as "Special Heroes" on banners is "super heroes" (超英雄, "chou-eiyuu") in Japanese.
  11. Tempest Trials Mini: Stepping into the New Year!

    Henry ties with Winter Tharja for the highest physical bulk of any ranged unit in the game... without even having boosted stats or armored bases (that just means all of his other stats are terrible).
  12. Grand Hero Battle: Lyon

    I don't think "update" is an accurate word for this. I don't consider any of the Heroes (or Cipher) art to be considered canon in terms of character design. The artists are free to take their own liberties to add flourishes and extra detail where they want to make the art more interesting.
  13. New Tempest Trials Mini: Shrouded by the Storm!

    I'll second that "I/I'll trust you" is the name of the Tempest Trials in Japanese. With the significant coincidence that we have Lyon as a Grand Hero Battle and the fact that "I trust you" makes complete sense in reference to Eirika and Lyon, I'd say the chance of a Sacred Stones Tempest Trials is reasonably high.
  14. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    I find Distant Counter too valuable to merge my Hectors. Until we get a more accessible source of Distant Counter, Hector is one of the few 5-star exclusive characters I will not merge.