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  1. Show me Your Beautiful, Beautiful Garbage!

    Atk Ploy with 19 Res.
  2. Cleaning up my Inventory

    If you are not already at 1000/1000, expanding your barracks is rather economical. It costs 1 orb to buy 5 slots and a minimum of 20 orbs to fill those slots (excluding free units).
  3. This is by far the weirdest Training Tower roll I've yet gotten. Someone really wants Abel's lance.
  4. Jokes and Memes about Heroes

    Chances of pulling Ira from a red umbrella are 3.18% (1 in 31). If Ira had been included in the World of Holy War banner as a fourth character with the existing three characters, the chances of pulling her from a red umbrella would have been only 2.43% (1 in 41). If neither of the other two characters in Ira's banner were red, the highest possible rate she could get would have been 3.29% (1 in 30).
  5. Using an Assist skill is prioritized over attacking if the unit being assisted is able to move into range of the player (or is already in range of the player) and has a better match-up than the assisting unit.
  6. The most common reason to want to use a weaker skill is to avoid killing an opponent so that you an feed exp. or SP to a different unit. For missions with fixed enemies, such as Grand Hero Battles, you sometimes also need a weaker weapon to manipulate the opponent into moving differently. Similarly, certain weapons have penalties that you might need to avoid in specific cases (for example, Ruby Sword increases the effect of the weapon triangle, which is disadvantageous on maps with large numbers of blue units). Some skill trees also have final-tier variants that are specific to a particular unit type. For example, Gunter has Hone Atk as his default passive C skill tree, but he has Hone Cavalry as the final skill instead of the usual Hone Atk 3. If there are no other cavalry units on your team, it's better to equip Hone Atk 2 instead of Hone Cavalry. Finally, Skill Inheritance allows you to teach a unit additional skills, so changing skills can become common if you have taught a unit skills for different situations. For example, my Peri has her default Killer Lance+, but also Brave Lance+ and Firesweep Lance+. @Byakuren Hijiri It's probably a bit more accurate to say that most skills (with numeric effects) stack. The only ones that don't are those that result in out-of-combat temporary buffs (the ones that are shown as blue or red numbers on the header ribbon and the stat screen).
  7. No, there's literally nothing in the game that says that base stat totals (I mean "base stats" as in "level 1 stats" as in any other Fire Emblem game) and growth rate totals have to add up to those numbers. @kcirrot However, that doesn't mean that there aren't obvious patterns with how stats are distributed among characters. Every character's base stat total and growth rate total adds up to the same value within a given class. @Koumal8 Level 40 stats are "generated", but not base stats or growth rates. I also don't see how adding a new classification category for Ira is as big of a deal as people are making it. Hell, maybe someone just did the math wrong like they did with the original Mega Alakazam, and no one caught the mistake.
  8. Did you not read my previous post on the topic or are you just trying to be smart alecks? Or both actually. I'm not in the mood to repeat myself. Go read it yourself. It's on the previous page.
  9. For me, being oppressive means that it significantly restricts team-building. What you and other players are currently using on your Arena offense teams don't matter at all in the context of team-building. Lucina and Roy were second place in their respective categories. Last I checked, second place is a "runner-up" and not a winner. Sigurd was first place in his category. I personally like the fact that there are fewer characters on each banner because that statistically means fewer orbs spent for each character. Ira gives up both a default C skill and a unique passive skill for a unique special skill.
  10. Anyone with a Wo Dao and Moonbow that is fast enough to double attack can pull off a 19-damage special skill activation against a +10 neutral Azura. A Killing Edge and Wrath can do the same with a 3-charge special skill. The only real struggle is getting the double attack in the first place and not dying to the counterattack. Literally every relevant blue tome user in the game (basically everyone other than Odin, not counting Shigure since he's primarily a support unit) uses either Blarblade or Triangle Adept Blarraven in their standard build (or a unique weapon that still gets the job done), both of which are capable of one-hit killing Ira (Robin needs a buff to Atk if he is neutral Atk). Lance users are the ones that have trouble because they have to break through 72 physical bulk and 43 base Spd, which basically means you're going to be relying on Firesweep Lance with Swordbreaker or Brave Lance to break through that, assuming Ira isn't running Deflect Melee. Sapphire Lance also works for naturally bulky units running Quick Riposte or Swordbreaker (like Lukas), and Effie has enough firepower to one-hit kill with basic buffs (or Death Blow on player phase). Nowi doesn't care because she takes zero damage from the initial attack and kills on the counterattack (or kills on initiating combat). What I'm basically seeing is that Ira will prompt lance users to run Swordbreaker instead of Lancebreaker, giving up coverage to specifically keep Ira in check. Honestly, I think the percentage of the roster that has weapon triangle advantage that can safely engage in combat is more important than the entire roster. As best as I can tell, every combat-oriented blue unit that targets Res has a standard option that can handle Ira. It's really only lance users that are affected, and that's mostly a shift from the coverage that Lancebreaker provides to the more dedicated counter that Swordbreaker gives.
  11. I think you're looking at it the wrong way. "I have Reinhardt and therefore every red unit not named Sigurd isn't an issue" is irrelevant. "This enemy exists and Reinhardt is the only character that can deal with it" would be relevant. Start with the unit as an enemy and determine what can be used to counter-pick that unit (and under what situations). The length of that list or the situational restrictions would decide if the unit is truly oppressive. Triangle Adept won't save you if your Def/Res stat is only in the low 20's and the opponent has an offensive special skill activation ready (that isn't Moonbow or Glimmer). Being able to kill Triangle Adept opponents when at disadvantage isn't particularly impressive unless the Triangle Adept unit is actually decently bulky.
  12. I see the word "oppressive" as meaning a character that requires specific consideration when team-building. Effectively, this means a case where accounting for the class of units (e.g. "blue tome users") is typically not enough to handle said character. Simply being better than every other member of your class isn't enough to be oppressive if the character doesn't have the presence to require counter-building.
  13. Tempest Trials: Genealogy of Light!

    I'm pretty sure dataminers can literally just set the rarity of any character in the game to any legal value (1 through 5) and get stats. Assuming the Tempest Trials bonus hero list was set in stone before the banners went live, what we have right now was the only way to set up the banners to actually work. The bonus hero list contains 2 free characters (Alvis and Arden) and 6 other characters. All Tempest Trials bonus characters that are not free have so far been pullable as a focus unit from a concurrently running or recent banner (Alm and Genny on Reunited at Last had the largest gap since Alm was most recently featured in the Resonating Fangs banner and Genny on the Bound Hero Battle Alm and Celica banner, both during the previous month). Since Eldigan and Lachesis have not appeared on a banner recently (Eldigan last appeared on the Cavalry banner in July, and Lachesis last appeared on the War of the Clerics banner in June), all 6 of the non-free characters would need to be featured on a banner somehow, and the only way to split the characters in a logical way would be 3-3, meaning one character would need to be bumped off of the new characters banner and join Eldigan and Lachesis on the Tempest Trials banner.
  14. As far as I can tell right now, having two third-tier skills is still limited to the CYL winners and Sigurd and Ira (Amiti is arguable depending on how you rate being a Brave weapon). The +10 growth rates were clearly meant to be a bonus for the top-placing characters because they are meant to be special. Jugdral has had the unlucky position of being the only "pre-modern" games that have not yet had a remake to a modern system along with a Western localization. Prior to this banner, it was also the least represented continent in Heroes, having had a total of 6 total characters across two games. Until proven otherwise, my assumption is still that Sigurd and Ira, who were the top-placing male and female characters from Jugdral in CYL, are receiving the same treatment as the CYL winners as an "apology" of sorts for Jugdral's current position. We simply don't have enough data points at this point to know if the CYL winner bonus is intended to be a recurring thing. On the subject of Ira being on her own banner, there were really only two possible options the developers could have had. If my memory is correct, all of the Tempest Trials so far have had all of their characters either available as free units or available from a concurrently running banner (and never both). This means that either Ira would need to not be a Tempest Trials bonus unit (which could have been done by making her a Grand Hero Battle character starting after the beginning of the Tempest Trials) or she would need to be on a banner with whichever one or two returning characters are featured as bonus character. Including Ira on the World of Holy War banner would force the Tempest Trials banner to only be two units, which is likely not an option. While I agree that the situation could have been handled better, if the original plan was to set the bonus units first, then fit the banners around that, what we have right now was the only possible option (outside of running Ira as a Grand Hero Battle concurrently with Alvis, which is probably also not an option).
  15. Could PVP be implemented?

    To be just a bit more accurate, every map would either be a staring contest (because neither side can initiate combat with an advantageous outcome) or a curb stomp (because one side can). There's not much in between.