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  1. @Poimagic Blue mage, but with regular light magic. The Aura tome that he uses in-game is not the same as Linde's Aura or Delthea's Aura. The Aura tome in the GBA games is "Argyraurae" in Japanese, which differs from the Aura tomes in other installments that use the name "Aura" in Japanese. Or staff. Because I don't care about him at all. Tana comes with a legendary weapon, the powerful Guidance skill, and comparable stats to Cordelia. Innes comes with a legendary weapon and the best offensive stats of any archer in the regular summoning pool. Amelia comes with Armor March and the highest stat total in the game. I'm going to go out on a limb and say Amelia has the lowest chance of staying 5-star exclusive. Drops have always been half of each banner rounded down, so I don't think it's appropriate to lump the most recent Echoes banners together like that if you aren't going to include the two 6-character banners. Honestly, I see no reason to believe gender balance means anything. What the character brings to the table appears to be more predictive.
  2. The Baron class in Jugdral was an enemy-only promoted armor class with access to all physical weapon types, all three types of elemental magic, and staves. Reptor and Blume are the most notable magic-using Barons, both having access to the legendary Thorhammer tome. Panic Ploy is actually incredibly common at the top end of the Arena because (1) Panic Ploy is tied for the highest SP cost in the C slot, (2) armors have a lot of HP, and (3) people with defense teams at the top have a lot of money to pull a lot of Lukes. Most of these newer C skills are likely not commonly seen in the Arena not because they're gimmicky or situational, but because they are hard to get.
  3. Guidance at best gives an infantry or armor unit 3 movement that ignores terrain when moving in a direction towards the Guidance unit, which isn't all that much considering cavalry units have 3 movement in all directions all the time with only terrain limitations holding them back.
  4. I'm not expecting a unit with 23 base Res to be intending to tank Reinhardt, period. You're either running Sheena for the counter kill or killing Reinhardt on player phase. Surviving a round of combat from Reinhardt is not something you should build for if it takes great lengths to do so and reduces the unit's capabilities elsewhere unless you absolutely have no other answer.
  5. He sounds like some egotistic guy with a cold to me in English. Less personality than Narcian.
  6. Terrain in Fire Emblem has always been treated as a cost to move onto a tile for a particular movement type. If forests had 2 cost for armors, they wouldn't be able to move onto forests at all without having 2 movement since Armor March doesn't change armored units' movement type.
  7. I would personally prefer Reposition on Amelia if keeping Armor March. The main point of using Swap on armor units is because they tend to remain in tight formations that (1) don't have space for Reposition to work and (2) have relatively rigid placement requirements, meaning Reposition is likely to move units out of position to keep buffs active. Armors that are expecting to have 2 movement range most of the time should be treated similarly to regular infantry. You're a tad bit late to the party there.
  8. According to Reddit's datamine (and Gamepedia), his stats are rumored to be Which means I want one. Like now. I want to hear his Japanese voice lines (the English ones are already up on Gamepedia).
  9. Define "armor emblem". Do you mean "4 armored units" or "4 (mostly) optimized armored units"? With Armor March, you'll probably want Reposition instead of Swap. Swap is used due to the tight formations required by aura stacking and the short movement range of the units involved. With 2 movement range, armors can get around a bit more easily, and Amelia would more likely want to use Reposition to perform the typical hit-and-run tactics of melee infantry or throw Effie forward to snipe a target. I'm personally not a fan of Moonbow with a Killer weapon because it's weak and doesn't change its activation time by much. It's only useful if there are match-ups that you need her to win and the extra damage is enough to push a kill. Also note that 43 Spd is not enough to double attack standard Nino (who has 42 Spd when running Fury, 46 when buffed, 45 and 49 respectively with Life and Death), and 53 Atk only kills standard Nino if Nino is -Def (52 physical bulk with Fury and -Def, 55 neutral). I don't know if that's an argument for Moonbow or not because you'd rather not take a hit from Nino at all to charge your special since face-tanking mages without weapon triangle advantage is still of questionable utility.
  10. I cannot be happier about General Amelia's stats. 34/34 offenses means she can now be the literal vanguard of offensive armor. That's high enough to run a Brave Axe+ set with Life and Death (30/18 defenses after Life and Death is absurd) using Goad Armor instead of Hone Armor. You can also try something like offensive Slaying Axe+ with Fortress Def due to her high Spd. Amelia can also do a 2-unit cell with Effie (Hone Armor on Effie, Armor March on Amelia) with Amelia having 40/40 base offenses after buffs. Her Res is pretty average, at the same level as Effie and Zephiel, so she'll be fine running the standard defensive set, though Sheena does it better, obviously. Seth is literally Cain's offenses with Stahl's defenses, with less HP. Seth is 3 points down from Peri's offenses (2 points from Abel and 1 point from Cain), but can run the standard Brave set fine without the need for Escutcheon due to his very high Def. I can see Tana running something like Close Def for +13 Def on enemy phase (38 Def total) as basically Subaki with an actual Atk stat. She also has the offenses for Firesweep Lance+ or Brave Lance+ should you choose to replace Vidofnir since her 34/36 offenses are comparable to Cordelia's 35/35. Innes is now the next best thing to Bride Cordelia for the Brave Bow+ or Firesweep Bow+ build (with Leon having 1 more Atk, but 4 fewer Spd). He can also function as a better Niles, though face-tanking mages without weapon triangle advantage is still of questionable utility. Honestly, I feel like Nidhogg should have gotten weapon triangle advantage against tome weapons on enemy phase as its special effect if they intended Innes to be a magic counter.
  11. "Half of the armors available" is still not even a whole team of four, though. At least, not without repeating units.
  12. Lloyd's was easy because there was this hammer man standing out in the middle of nowhere just waiting to be picked off. Any ranged cavalry could easily walk in, kill him, then get pulled out by a dancer without having anyone left in range for the enemy to attack.
  13. I have a suspicion they're trying to make an Infernal mode for them that doesn't get as easily trivialized as Lloyd's.
  14. Guidance is "guidance from the sky" when translated directly from Japanese, which implies that it will be restricted to being taught to flying units. It basically just gives infantry and armor units a Wings of Mercy-like effect when close by (equivalent to +1 movement range for infantry and +2 movement range for armors that ignores difficult terrain when moving towards the Guidance unit). Armor March makes Brave armors (Death Blow, Wary Fighter) more viable by giving them the ability to actually initiate combat. That said, only Effie, Hector, and Zephiel have the Atk stat to make Brave weapons actually work, though that could be fixed with Goad Armor and Hone Armor. The particular restrictions mean it probably won't be too much of a game-changer, though, since it means you're giving up a buff slot and it only works on the skill holder and armor units in adjacent squares.