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  1. For singular nouns, it is always correct to add apostrophe-"s". For singular nouns ending in "s", just an apostrophe is also correct if you don't pronounce the "es" sound at the end (e.g. "for goodness' sake"). For plural nouns, it is correct to add apostrophe-"s" if and only if the plural word does not end in "s". If it ends in "s", only add an apostrophe.
  2. "Lachesis's" is correct and is pronounced "lachesises". "Lachesis'" is also correct, but is pronounced "lachesis".
  3. Japanese fan name to not have to do something like write the "(F)" in "Robin (F)". Also it sounds cute. "-Ko" is a common name ending for feminine names in Japanese, so you just slap that on and away you go (male names are a bit more varied, but "-o" is most commonly used as the equivalent for this sort of nickname). It'd be similar to the use of "-o" or "-a" in Romance languages, say "Robino" and "Robina", to differentiate gender in a joking way. I think ルフ子 is actually used as a tag on Pixiv.
  4. No, it was entirely relevant to the argument being presented. You just basically picked a few words out of context and decided to spin it off as if there were some argument to be had there, which basically means you have nothing better to say. Won't stop me from chewing him out. Gotta set examples.
  5. Do you mean this? What exactly are you rebuking? No one said anything about fighting against Hector being anything besides a piece of personal experience.
  6. Perhaps I should give Sophia Quick Riposte instead of G Tomebreaker and have her counter kill the entire left side of the map minus the sword knight.
  7. Her name's Rufuko (ルフ子). Get it right. Removing image assets is trivial in this day and age. Leaving unused assets lying around is generally either negligence, laziness, or we're on a tight deadline and didn't have the time to scour the file system for everything we didn't end up using.
  8. The main problem is that if the comparison is a one-round kill against a one-round kill for 10 more damage, that means against a different opponent, you're turning a not-quite-a-kill into a one-round kill. The biggest problem Hawkeye has in being a tank is the fact that he's extremely slow, meaning he gets double attacked by a huge portion of the game, and that does cost him if he isn't running Triangle Adept in some capacity. It's a similar situation as Sophia, who absolutely requires Triangle Adept to tank green opponents because otherwise she simply gets demolished by double attacks. However, Sophia has the advantage that she has access to Raudhrraven, giving her weapon triangle advantage against two colors, whereas Hawkeye can only have weapon triangle advantage against blue. Nobody has even mentioned fighting against Hector in the past day, so I don't see how this helps your argument at all besides making it look like you've run out of relevant arguments.
  9. Ryoma × Elise is by far the cutest Fates pairing. Anyone who says otherwise is lying. Glad to know my Peri is out there wrecking faces. She can tank some really absurd stuff. I haven't had the time to sit down and draw for over a month now. Hopefully, I'll get some time during the week of Fourth of July since I've taken the entire week off.
  10. Based on previous Voting Gauntlets, a 7.5× multiplier should be capable of swinging a 10% deficit into a 10% lead, but only if players are hoarding their flags. If a team turns a 10% deficit into a 9% lead, it might take 6 or 7 hours for the other team to turn that back into a 10% lead for another shot at a bonus for the smaller team, resulting in fewer swings. If everyone is hoarding flags until the very, very end, we might see some wild swings at the end with both teams capable of turning the tables until flags are exhausted. But if players are spending more flags in the middle, then the result is determined by when the smaller team manages to score their last bonus. If it's within 2 hours of the end, they can probably retain the lead, but any earlier than that and the larger team can regain the lead.
  11. For the next 10 minutes, the team that was down for the first hour is in the lead.
  12. People talk like the scores flipping for the first few hours isn't something that should be expected. First-hour scores have so far been reasonably indicative of the size of each team. You can basically expect the teams that are ahead in the first hour to win as long as they don't let their opponent get the 7.5× bonus in the final two hours or so.
  13. You need someone on your friends list who is on the same team as you. Random allies and enemies are always chosen based on your fielded unit's level, but your friends list ally is whatever level that unit is at. On the official tracker page, a character has their damaged artwork if they are at a disadvantage.
  14. You should keep the banner name out of the thread title until it is actually released before I change it for you.
  15. Elise: 40,719,442 Sakura: 19,002,921