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  1. Aether Raids General Thread

    I was not at all paying attention to Aether Raids this week (I just bought the Valkyria Chronicles PS4 remaster last week because I never finished the game back in college and have just been playing that all week), but it seems things went well. Better than I expected, especially considering I wasn't running any bonus units (a bonus unit that isn't blessed is worth the same number of points as a non-bonus blessed unit when running 2 copies of Eir, so it wasn't worth it to run Yune on all of my teams). Managed 13,120 Lift in Tier 26, which is currently rank 528. My defense team was challenged 15 times with 5 wins and 5 kills on losses, which is a 42% win rate. Not terrible for a Light week, at least, especially one right after level 5 Fortress (O) became available.
  2. Analysis of Armoured Units being added to Heroes

    @Rezzy @Troykv If you include probable armors, Mila is 99th, Anankos is 139th, and Ashera is 212th. Before you finally reach Kellam at 225th with only 1,014 votes. Out of characters that are not yet playable (not counting original characters, counting characters with a seasonal version but no normal version, counting all Annas separately, counting all Camus separately, not counting Grima), Mila is 17th, Anankos is 34th, Ashera is 74th, and Kellam is 84th.
  3. Salt goes with both chocolate and onigiri separately (as long as you use normal amounts of salt). I don't see why you can't use chocolate as onigiri filling. Salt is basically an inferior version of soy sauce, after all.
  4. Analysis of Armoured Units being added to Heroes

    A reminder that Zephiel is not weak to armor-effective weapons in his source game. He is considered armored because he has the same movement range as armored units in his source game, not because he is weak to armor-effective weapons (because he is not). Hardin is in the same situation. As such, Grima, Duma, Idunn, and Tiki all qualify as armors by virtue of having less movement range than an infantry unit (and not flying). Caineghis is the only non-seasonal armor in the game that "doesn't count" in his source game as he shares the same movement range as all other Beast Tribe units.
  5. This. If you have double-tap to end movement turned on, you can just double-tap a unit to get the end turn button to reappear. But it's still stupidly annoying, especially because the reason it was moved was to make room for the Pair Up switch button. Which doesn't exist in most game modes. And is only available on Legendary Roy right now. This game's UI designers are absolutely terrible at their jobs.
  6. Tempest Trials+: Taste of Spring! (SPOILERS!)

    Harsh Command in Japanese is 一喝 (ikkatsu), "scold" or "rebuke" or simply having a sharp tongue. So basically anyone who can tsun should be able to get it lore-wise.
  7. While it's nice to have everything be realistic to some degree, in a game where each individual character is a potential marketing tool, you do need to take some liberties to make sure that you don't let realism get in the way of character viability or gameplay mechanics. And really, the stat difference between infantry and armor is only half as large now as it was at launch. At launch, infantry had stat totals of 156-158, which was 11 points lower than armors at 167-169. With Gen 3 stats, infantry have stat totals of 167-169, which is only 6 points lower than armors at 173-175.
  8. Tempest Trials+: Taste of Spring! (SPOILERS!)

    I probably won't be able to devote any orbs to the banner until after I finish with the Gallia banner, so it looks like I'm probably going to start with Alm as my bonus unit and play it by ear afterwards. Chill Atk looks like a neat addition to the Sacred Seal roster. I'll have to see if I can find space to put it on someone on my Aether Raids teams.
  9. Which seasonal themes are your favourites?

    No, because you are objectively wrong. The fact that the topic poll has these specific 10 different options and not just "spring", "summer", "fall", and "winter" or some other ambiguous categorization indicates very clearly what is being meant by "theme". It doesn't mean "theme" in the general sense, but in a sense specific to Heroes's seasonal banners. The general sense of a word is irrelevant when it has a more well-defined definition in our specific context. This definition of "theme" divides the seasonal banners in the following manner: Spring: Spring Festival, Hares at the Fair, Regal Rabbits Picnic: A Season for Picnics Brides: Bridal Blessings, Bridal Bloom Summer: Ylissean Summer, Nohrian Summer, Summer's Arrival, A Sketchy Summer Dancers: Performing Arts, Festival in Hoshido Halloween: Trick or Defeat!, The Land's Bounty Winter: Winter's Envoy, Gifts of Winter New Year: Happy New Year!, New Year's of Fire and Ice Onsen: Hostile Springs Valentine: Love Abounds, Greil's Devoted This is entirely unambiguous except that Performing Arts and Festival in Hoshido can also be considered separate from each other. However, that still puts Festival in Hoshido in its own separate category rather than lumping it with the other summer banners. You are free to disagree, but that doesn't make you any less wrong. And this is why you are wrong. It is and never was a matter of opinion in the first place. "'Seasonal themes' in Heroes refers to these 10 or 11 categories" is no more opinion than "chlorophyll is green" or "humans normally have 5 digits at the end of each limb".
  10. Which seasonal themes are your favourites?

    Yes. I'm very sure. I do my fact-checking before I post. Which is irrelevant. When we say "spring-seasonal banner", we're referring to the bunny-themed banner and not any other banner that occurs in the spring (brides). When we say "winter-seasonal banner", we're referring to the Christmas-themed banner and not any other banner that occurs in the winter (New Year, onsen, Valentine). This is due partly to how the banners are named as released ("Spring Festival", "Winter's Envoy", etc.) and partly to the internal naming scheme for the banners ("SPRING01", "WINTER02", etc.). "Summer-seasonal banner" refers specifically to the two swimsuit-themed banners. The banner is a direct reference to the Bon Festival of which the Bon dance (bon odori) is the centerpiece, not just something that happens to be involved. Festival in Hoshido is a banner specifically about dancing just as much as Performing Arts is.
  11. Which seasonal themes are your favourites?

    One, the banner is called "Festival in Hoshido", not "Hoshidan Summer". Two, the banner shares the same theme as Performing Arts in that all of the characters have a dancer skill. Three, the banner's timing places it as the only seasonal banner between the second summer banner and the Halloween banner, which is the same position as Performing Arts. Four, the units in the banner do not share the same suffix in their internal name. The summer characters use "SUMMER01" and "SUMMER02". Performing Arts uses "DANCE01". Festival in Hoshido uses "BON01".
  12. Being a quadruped means nothing for movement type. Tigers and Lions are quadrupeds, but are infantry and armored, respectively. Cats and Kitsune are cavalry to convey their mobility, not because they are quadrupeds. Increased stats are obviously there for gameplay in order to balance their low movement. There would be no reason to use armors if they were worse or equal to infantry in every possible way.
  13. Now as for the banner itself... I don't see anything that looks like a must-have for me, so I'm probably going to just leave it at getting one copy of each plus maybe an extra merge for one unit as an Arena bonus unit (maybe one of the maids if I start seeing Caineghis more often) if there are no good alternatives for the next season. Good thing since Anime Central is next month, meaning my gacha budget is lower than usual.
  14. Aether Raids General Thread

    In Japanese, they use "5 or more". It's probably worded that way so that they don't have to bother updating the text string ever again. They've done this previously with quests that require you to kill enemy units that are "level 40 or higher".
  15. Which seasonal themes are your favourites?

    That was a Performing Arts banner, not a summer banner. Summer 2018 was Linde, Tiki, Camilla, Takumi, Innes, Tana, Cordelia, and Noire.