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  1. The defense mission type and enemy reinforcements mechanic is currently scheduled for the second April update, which is likely to be later this week (at the end of the current banner). There might be a minor update at the start of the Grand Hero Battle like there was for Zephiel's, but it's doubtful it'll contain much content. Whether or not a character is good doesn't depend on the resources of an individual player. Your resources only determine whether or not it is worth the effort to make that character good. I think that's the distinction everyone arguing against you is trying to make.
  2. Robin (F) has the exact same stat spread as Robin (M) meaning she can run literally every one of Robin (M)'s builds that doesn't depend on a non-neutral nature to do its job (which is basically all of them). The staple build would be this: Robin (F) [=] Gronnraven+ Bonfire Triangle Adept 3/Close Counter Lancebreaker 3/B Tomebreaker 3/Axebreaker 3/G Tomebreaker 3/Bowbreaker 3/Quick Riposte 3 I also don't think Gronnblade+ is a bad build for her. She's got 4 Atk over +Atk Odin. That means with boosts from Defiant Atk 3 and Hone Spd 3, Odin only has 4 Atk over Robin with Sieglinde/Siegmund and Hone Spd 3, but Robin isn't restricted to being at half HP to get there.
  3. @ILikeKirbys I suppose I can double-check those calcs then, and see what I can pull from those builds. Now that you've mentioned it, 30 Def really does scream Triangle Adept bulk. I have one nitpick, though, and that's that you should also include calcs with Hone Cavalry up since any cavalry team worth its salt will be running Hone Cavalry.
  4. Full cavalry is probably going to be trouble, but I don't think my team wouldn't be able to handle it as long as it's a balanced cavalry team that isn't all magic. I think the only teams that could possibly break through mine if I play perfectly would need to have one of the following: 3 or more Reinhardts (Cecilia can probably tank 2) 3 or more Litrblade+ cavalry units with Hone Cavalry (probably can't out-maneuver them for favorable match-ups) 3 or more Draconic Aura Brave Axe+ fliers (Sophia can probably tank 2) 3 or more Spring Camilla with Gronnblade+ and Hone Fliers (Sophia can probably tank 2) If any red unit is ever in range of Reinhardt on Reinhardt's turn, you've done something horribly wrong.
  5. As @SatsumaFSoysoy says, this is referring to the special missions that will be running with the Grand Hero Battle, not the Grand Hero Battle itself. Chances are the Grand Hero Battles will not allow you to obtain another copy if you've already cleared them, similar to the regular Hero Battles.
  6. I'm mostly looking for what roles Stahl can perform well at rather than what roles I need him to fill because I'm not so much trying to fit him into a team as much as I am trying to build a viable Stahl (and determine which, if any, of my duplicates I can toss into the woodchipper with no regrets). As far as I can tell based on comments here and my own investigation, he has a lot of available builds: Brave Sword+ with Death Blow or Life and Death and Swordbreaker, uses [+Atk]. Ruby Sword+ or Silver Sword+ with Fury or Life and Death and Swordbreaker, uses [+Atk] or [+Spd]. Killing Edge+ and Bonfire or Wo Dao+ and Moonbow with Swordbreaker or Quick Riposte, uses [+Atk], [+Spd], or [+Def]. I don't really know what roles he's out-classed in or if any particular build does something particularly noteworthy. Balanced characters are such a pain to work with. Indecisiveness sucks.
  7. Literally nothing lost by just saying "Robin and Navarre coming back on Monday".
  8. I'm more in a position of "I have a bunch of Stahls with relevant natures, but I don't know which one to pick" since the role of a character with balanced stats depends a lot more on its nature than the role of characters with more clear-cut specialized stats. I suppose my question can be better phrased as: Assuming I can pick a Stahl of any nature, which ones are good and what are the relevant builds for each good nature?
  9. @DehNutCase @Arcanite @MrSmokestack @ILikeKirbys Continuing on Niles because after reading those comments, I'm now somewhat more determined to find something this guy can do: Running [+Atk, -Def], Killer Bow+, Iceberg, and Quick Riposte 3, comparing the effects of Fury 3, here's Niles's match-ups in terms of Quick Riposte (+10 vanilla skills against +10 Niles unless stated otherwise) (relevant wins or losses gained or lost with Fury 3 in bold): And in terms of damage to the opponent: In particular, the list of enemies that fail to break Quick Riposte 3 without Fury 3 is so small, that Fury 3 isn't noticeably contributing to Quick Riposte 3 being broken. On the other hand, the list of enemies that Niles survives and/or kills with Fury 3 that he fails to survive and/or kill without Fury 3 contains a lot of relevant characters and builds. @MrSmokestack's Firesweep Bow+ build seems interesting, but he'll still end up failing to kill everything that he would like to be killing, which is a huge bummer since the best use of the Firesweep Bow+ seems to be as a free Desperation for landing one-round kills against enemies with a ranged counterattack. I think I'm probably going to have to settle with [+Atk, -Def], Killer Bow+, Iceberg, Fury 3, Quick Riposte 3 as Niles's best build. It basically removes one unboosted magic glass cannon from the map, after which he's relegated to chipping melee enemies with an occasional Iceberg burst. Reciprocal Aid would probably be the best assist so that he can both give his depleted HP to a Desperation user and pull his own HP back up to Quick Riposte range for another round if needed. Also, since only ILikeKirbies had a comment on Stahl, anyone else have any opinions about him?
  10. It took me 5 tries on my 4-turn clear Horse Emblem team to figure out how to get the lance armor to not use Swap on the red mage while still having everyone in range of the enemy with Hone Cavalry up. And a few tries to figure out the positioning of my stand-by units so that they'd be in range to attack on the following turn while not being in the way of having Sully use Draw Back.
  11. Okay, so last week's quests had me thinking about Stahl and Niles and if they were salvageable in any way (perhaps not for arena use, but for PvE use at the least). Stahl has pretty decent offenses and defenses, but is not so spectacular in any one area to suggest a particular build pattern. His 31 base Atk is actually high for cavalry and becomes 37 with Hone Cavalry (which is expected to be up at all times), which is the same base Atk as Chrom. His 26 base Spd becomes 32 with Hone Cavalry, which is high enough to prevent double attacks, but not so high as to land his own double attacks against much. It looks like he can pull off a decent dual-color Weaponbreaker build with Swordbreaker and a Ruby Sword+, a Wall on a Horse budget Eldigan build with Killing Edge+, Bonfire, and Quick Riposte, or a player-phase Brave offense build with Brave Sword+ and Death Blow. Does anyone have any other ideas for viable builds or arguments as to why any of these builds are crap? Niles has good Spd, but his Atk is absolutely pitiful. With a Killer Bow+, he's missing one-hit kills on the Life and Death speedy glass cannons, and he basically relies on Iceberg to deal damage. He can run a decent counter killer set with Quick Riposte and Iceberg, but he really needs Fury to keep himself alive against said speedy glass cannons since he'll be taking 2 hits from them before he can land the kill. However, the fatal flaw of his counter killer build is that he can only use it once before Quick Riposte is broken. He is also completely walled by Litrraven, even without the use of Triangle Adept. Despite his low Atk, he might be able to make use of a Brave Bow+ since he's really only going to be attacking weapon-triangle-neutral mages and fliers anyways, though he fails to kill both vanilla Tharja and Life and Death Tharja even with Death Blow or Life and Death, which is rather disappointing. Any ideas for redeeming Niles?
  12. I would like to say that I'm really jealous of the enemy positioning on turn 4 with Zephiel wide open like that. I'm liking the use of AoE skills. They're really underappreciated, but they're so good in situations like this, as a few others here have also demonstrated. I'm really surprised that Frederick could tank Zephiel that easily, especially considering that Priscilla's Spur Def only cancels the effect of Zephiel's Threaten Def. I mean, I really should have known, but it's so different when you see it in practice. Using Jaffar to chip and debuff I find pretty cool. I'm amused by Seliph chilling in the corner on the ending screenshot. Manipulating the enemy movement played a huge part for my clears. Keeping the lance armor from using Swap on the red mage and drawing out the blue mage ended up being rather key to my successful runs. I know, right? I mean, the main point of the challenge wasn't as much to "use units that suck" so much as to prevent the use of units that are blatantly powerful. Active and passive positioning skills, effective damage, and debuffs are disproportionately more common in the lower tiers of the arena tier list because they don't contribute as much to curb stomping the blatantly powerful units that are intended to one-round kill everything they see. In limiting the ability to use those blatantly powerful units, you're essentially restricted to units that cannot kill in one round and need to rely on tactics that would normally be considered gimmicks in the arena to deal damage and stay alive. Problem is I'll be completely unable to do my own challenges with that restriction without having to train up a completely new team from scratch. One thing that is notable is the boost to Atk that you get from promoting to 5-star rarity. Ursula gains a full 7 Atk between 4-star Ursula with Blarwolf and 5-star Ursula with Blarwolf+. The difference is so great that 5-star Ursula with Thunder still has 1 more Atk than 4-star Ursula with Blarwolf. As for no 5-star exclusive characters, I'm down with that, but I don't really see that as necessary. That said, I was specifically picking characters that were available as 3-star units for my runs. Promoting to 5-stars, though, really does help a lot with pulling out enough damage output to break through enemies in a reasonable amount of turns.
  13. One of the other things is that now that the game has been out for over 2 months, players are starting to have fuller rosters to pick from.
  14. I issued a challenge for anyone who wants to give it a shot. People seem to be having fun trying it out:
  15. My personal opinion for a full cavalry team is to put Hone Cavalry on everyone. This way, you can arbitrarily split your army into two teams of two depending on your opponent's composition and have the more useful Hone Cavalry buff on all four members at all times. You never have to worry about positioning your units for maximum buffs because you're always getting maximum buffs so long as you keep each pair together.