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  1. One could be use experience and one could be the "teacher points" or whatever they are, but that sounds a bit confusing for the same progress bar.
  2. Exactly what I'm thinking. Something about a bonus with "+". Possibly to add investment cost to reclassing? Take Echoes weapon skill learning and push it into weapon ranks instead.
  3. Looks like it's own rank. Nice screenshot. Progression seems to go from 40 xp to 60 xp required to rank up. D has 80, which follows the idea each rank (including "+" ranks) adds 20 xp. Perhaps it adds +hit or +dmg when using those weapons. A separation of unlocking and gaining rank bonuses for a weapon of a certain rank? Edit: Could combat arts be unlocked at certain "+" ranks? This would make a unit with "curved shot" for bows make sense. They unlocked "E+" bows, which would enable "curves shot" use when a bow is equipped.
  4. February 2019 Direct Analysis

    Seems like there's a possibility any "villager" unit can learn anything. Characters definitely have preferences/cheaper investment options, but not seeing the whole scroll list of possibilities leaves me wondering. This might replace character specific growth rates? Was there a section showing actual stats on the students, such as agility and strength? Combat arts could possibly be something you can carry over to other classes? The whole skill leveling thing to take a test seems similar to jobs in final fantasy tactics. Level up mounted, D bows, and xp to unlock bow knight? I'm hoping this game won't have the issue RD has. Lots of viable units get ruined by availability from "acts". House selection might boil down to a cosmetic decision. The story could go the same way but you experience it with a different main Noble (voice lines/cinematics etc) and having different faces on student villager units who are customizable. Perhaps it's pessimism, but who is in what army in the trailers could have no meaning for what the released game has. "Show some characters fighting" might explain some of the house discrepancies. Maybe I should've put this in a different thread....
  5. "+" might be the ability to use forged weapons of the listed rank. It could also simply be showing you've mastered that rank (ready to "promote" in rank or take a test for something).
  6. Conquest tiering discussion

    Proven to be utterly false by videos previously posted. Odin takes near no investment besides nos tome. Clinging to these arguments, which are demonstrated to be MASSIVELY false, is reaching a level I can't comprehend. I can't tell if some of the users on this forum are really really bad and sad trolls or actually this dense. Step 1: Have online available. Step 2: visit castles for 8min. Step 3: You're done with resource gathering for that play file. Step 4: Double check you have the planning skills to accomplish this daring feat of intellectual prowess. Step 5: Confirm to yourself this isn't a hoax and this really was THIS FUCKING EASY. Step 6: Play the game without online. Phew, what a rough ride. I had to rub 3 brain cells together. Can't have a fun discussion without the brain drain gang showing up. inb4 the reports etc. I don't care anymore. This is too stupid to just let slide. Get some fucking help.
  7. The Lunatic Club [Fates]

    Depends on what you'll be spending gold on. Unless you're going to use nos odin, there isnt much to spend gold on.
  8. Conquest tiering discussion

    Lol, there's a reason I've stopped going to Reddit for anything. All the normies are on it now :/ The Artifact subreddit is actually disgusting.
  9. The Lunatic Club [Fates]

    Unless you're going to to grind (dlc, online, very slow pace, etc), lots of these S supports will be difficult to get all at the same time on lunatic. Also depends what units you want to use for support, combat, backpacks, and/or just breeding lol.
  10. The Lunatic Club [Fates]

    WL Jakob is great. Saves a heart seal and he still gets cav off of Silas. Mmmmm, optimization. Stats end up dope, flight is more dope than just mounted, and you can get it so early. Jakob can get wyvern off Elise, if you have plans for a different playthrough later. You can splash in malig knight for trample, 1-2 range, and aoe chip damage too. It's not that Xander x Charlotte is bad, but Xander doesn't really need the STR. If you're going to use Xander as a main combat unit, he performs very well as a WL through chapters 19-21 (all fliers do). This gives him +2 str and more str growth. There's not really a time Xander doubling doesn't kill the target, even without a STR pairup, so it kinda goes to waste. You want him doubling anyways for guard gauge growth, where one shotting something makes him a bit more vulnerable to EP. My personal favorite is to go pal -> WL -> hero off Selena for Sol -> pal. Ending with Selena Falco backpack. He doubles, can take magic dmg, and if you want even more shenanigans he has access to shurikenbreaker. Xander as a main combat DEMANDS ALL THE TALISMANS! lol. If you're set on Charlotte, go for it. It works. I just want you to know the options and the rationale behind them. +Mag/-luck Corrin is the standard. -def is a possibility for a harder early game with a bit higher offensive growths. Robust is solid for any choice, but imo mag is the way to go for almost any playthrough barring something really specific. E.G. early Dwyer trample!cav. Laslow x Charlotte is dope. Getting access to +5 hp and gamble is solid, while Soliel's bulk reaches the heavens to grab Zeus by the throat yelling "COME AT ME, BRO!". Both Laslow and Soleil perform extremely well as MN with Charlotte. Charlotte gives Laslow everything he needs to get past his less than stellar and late start. This kinda assumes lots of investment. Laslow needs an immediate heart seal, dagger forge, and lots of xp to catch up to the early units. A weakness for this argument is it's the only way I've ever used Laslow as a main combat unit. Otherwise he's a rally bot with a bow in my playthroughs. Bronze bows are great in Conquest.
  11. Conquest tiering discussion

    Imo it's the difference between playing by numbers and playing by tradition/assumption/I like it when the stats grow. The numbers pan out for all the strats people don't want to try because "paladin is good" or "I like x". E.G. "unit x held this point really well while I turtled oh boy chapter 10/17 are impossible". This is compared to "Silas is over xp curve, taking near zero damage, killing everything on EP, and shooting off into late game as a near unkillable monster". I think Est/villager units are a great litmus test. They're nearly always bad but growth rates are blown out of proportion by a seemingly large group of players, when base stats are arguably much more important. This is where prepromote aversion comes from, which is hopefully close to death after people play Fates. I'm hungry and this post sounds salty....
  12. The Lunatic Club [Fates]

    I'll give you initial impressions, but also I'd like to know the rationale behind your picks. If you're going to use the child from the pair or not changes the consideration. I'm assuming no grind. Some paralogues are hell if you don't do then asap. The first that come to mind are Benny and Xander's child paralogues. They become near impossible after a specific point (I don't remember around which chapter since I never want to recruit their kids). Side note: keeping units in guard stance for a long time and using lots of guard stance is a near sure way to lose. Attack stance is amazing. Corrin x Jakob sounds good. You get two early paralogues and depending on how you use Jakbo, Dwyer can be a really strong cavalier. Kana's paralogues is free xp to get skills from odd classes outside of the normal chapters (how I use Kana's chapter). Silas x Azura can be built soon, but Sophie is going to have very little hp. Sophie and Silas will have access to peg, which is a good option for them. Sophie can end up being a good support unit this way (a second Shigure kinda). Shigure will like this pairing. Azura is also one that can be difficult to support with depending on how you play. Having her able to dance anyone you need makes it take a long time to raise support with a specific unit to S. Mozu is rough unless you heart seal to archer. She doesn't really need any of the stats Kaze gives her and Midori isn't a great kid for non-online gameplay. Aptitude is bad in Fates (10% isn't worth it). Mozu is a good mom, but imo Midori is bad and Mozu is bad unless you plan on investing in her. Those bases are difficult to overcome while ending up just as good as other units who don't need babying. Tip: you don't need to give her much if you leave her as lvl1-2 archer. Deployment on chapter 10 gives easy peg kills for lots of xp. Charlotte is overkill for Xander. It isn't very optimal. Xander gains overkill STR and you give the best physical mom in the game to a unit who isn't good (siegbert). It does work and works well, but it's not very efficient. IMO, slapping bow knight Selena or Laslow on him is best. He gets skill, speed, and movement which are all things he wants. Also frees Charlotte for other options (Laslow x Charlotte is nasty and makes a god tier Soliel). Leo x Felicia is great. No comment on Benny x Beruka. I use her on Silas, Kaze, or Arthur generally. I've never used Benny. He has a son with a terrible paralogue. Benny definitely likes the flight Beruka gives. Keaton x Selena is probably ok? I'm not sure how the kid turns out, but it's likely not bad. Selena as a peg can fly Keaton around, since he is foot locked. I don't have experience using Keaton. The rest look good.
  13. Conquest tiering discussion

    Either I'm not considering something abuse or I'm missing out on some tactics treasure. If it's not castle, online, or dlc related I don't know what you mean.
  14. Conquest tiering discussion

    As in separate runs? They can't both S Corrin with my room.