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  1. The Lunatic Club [Fates]

    To keep it as generic as possible, +mag/-luck female corn is generally the best. Silas is amazing, if you keep his level up (he can get a level on his join chapter before Arthur/Effie even appear! He has a huge variety of physical classes he can change into and has the growths for). All the royals are good (Leo, Xander, Camilla!!!, Elise). Niles has great utility with bows/movement/lockpick/capture. Jakob is great as a Butler or class changed (hard hitting dagger user is really really handy early). Azura. Arthur has amazing pair up bonuses, at minimum. Percy/Ophelia/Sophie/Shigure are probably the best kids. Notable couples: Arthur & Effie/Beruka/Camilla, Silas & Camilla/Beruka/Kaze(A+), Corrin & first butler, Niles & Azura, Odin & Elise/Corrin.
  2. Who was your first S support?

    I think Fates could've been a better story if Leo was the main character in Conquest (doubting what he is told and revealing the truth about Garron) and if pinneapple or Sakura was the main character of Birthright. Both add some fun with the "Lord" unit being a darkmage/Archer/staffbot. Azura would likely be the main character of Rev, though I haven't played it past ch.11, so I'm guessing.
  3. Weapon Ranks Staying in Other Classes

    I guess the closest thing would be dlc classes, but that's not that close :/ It would cause a lot of balancing issues. Swordmaster with axes sounds very scary!
  4. I think my castle is really annoying, but was put in as a way to add an incentive to visit other castles, this creating a "multiplayer scene". I'm against that for FE, but I'm not against what happens in My Castle. Just get rid of ore/food and have it be something you select. For example, unlock level 1 forge at ch.x and so on, unlock +2/+2 food at ch.20 or something. Adds balance, saves time, and no internet required for anything. I think cosmetics and multiplayer only skills would be something better suited for the current system.
  5. Kitty/wolf aren't amazing classes, but do whatever you want. If you're not worried about turn count, making certain chapters more difficult, or making shigure the best possible unit/combat unit, DEW IT! I've never taken Azura out of dancer. Dancing might be the strongest mechanic within fire emblem. She does have good offensive growths, but I'd rather have her smack something as a dancer than lose dancing.
  6. The word "love" isn't just for romantic love. I figure it just comes up as odd, since the word is used less and less in a non-romantic way today. I don't see how it's cheating either way.
  7. I've always thought about running "the crit crew" (Arthur, Percy, and Selena), but crits from the first two are generally fatal to the target. I definitely want to give it a go to make sure.
  8. The Lunatic Club [Fates]

    Slap nos on Odin. Force feed him kills and tonics. HS him to samurai for vantage, then back to dm. Start throwing him into the biggest clumps of enemies you can find. Be the mother of a goddess with Corrin!Ophelia. Pass down nobility and vantage. Slap dusts, hard hitting tome, lightning, nos, and calamity gate on Ophelia to watch our savior deliver us from difficulty.
  9. The Worst Part of Fates

    I'm actually a fan of DLC like the one to unlock vanguard or get Ana as a playable character. They don't really break the game (ok, promotion to vanguard early game is insane, but I use them as a 'master seal' for personal balance) and you get a cool chapter to play. I'm not a fan of the split path thing (damn you, Pokemon!). It's not the worst, but I feel BR and Rev could've been scrapped to make CQ the best thing ever (development resource allocation). That being said, I do appreciate the extra content. I replay the titles a lot with each replay having different strategies and units used. Very excited for Three Houses! They likely also used it as a test to see what playstyle is more profitable (awakening route maps, strategy, map gimmicks) and/or to capture all the audiences possible for the game (face rubbing waifu/husbando sim).
  10. The Worst Part of Fates

    You mean Japanese video game companies since forever?
  11. Fates' exp system is broken

    I ran a Subaki with Orochi in pocket and a bolt lance. It turned out really well since he's so bulky and Orochi gives MAG/SPD.
  12. Fates' exp system is broken

    Combat performance is one of many useful things a unit brings to the table. Solution: play a different game.
  13. The Lunatic Club [Fates]

    I've only done lunatic BR twice and I didn't use any kids, so I'm not much use here lol! As far as my knowledge of BR goes, as long as you have at least 2 EP blenders (units with a stat backpack who can fight waves of enemies at 1-2 an live) you're good to go. Good RNG!
  14. The Lunatic Club [Fates]

    I'm glad it was helpful! I also now realize most of my strats are all designed around female Corrin, so the difference in Felicia and Jakob's stats is a big deal. Ch.8 is all about DV management imo. Sometimes you want it, sometimes later, sometimes not at all. Have you decided who you want to use in your run or are you playing birthright for the first time?
  15. Who was your first S support?

    Your posts are straight garbage in any analysis thread. Every single time you start a shit post with multiple users by saying their strats are terrible with either no reasoning or factually incorrect information. It's pointless. It's also hilarious seeing the high esteem and untouchability you pour into each one. I've tried looking to find a way to straight blacklist your content. It's time I can't get back. Please stop.