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  1. The Lunatic Club [Fates]

    There's a lot of chapters that try to trick you into turtling. My initial struggles in lunatic were mostly due to having too many units paired up, not having certain skills by certaim benchmarks (*cough* shuriken breaker *cough*), and trying to level up too many units. Snagging gold on maps whenever you can also makes things easier. If you get the chest/objective gold from each map you'll have plenty for spamming tonics on your units (generally HP/STR/MAG/SPD, unless you're running wyvern!elise. She needs a skill tonic lol). For ch.10 specifically, you want to essentially have a team/unit for the left/right upper sides, middle for pegknight kills, and lower right/left. Hitting those villages is crucial. Their loot is amazing. Silas is 10/10 for the chapter due to cav and VoF. I also like Arthur because justice and based class.
  2. The Lunatic Club [Fates]

    Ch.10 is there to teach you to play offensively. Think "outside the box". The box literally being the starting zone. Most of the units are fairly weak, so go slaughter them. Silas with VoF active, DK nyx, Jacob/Felicia/Corrin, Camilla. Beruka, Camilla, and Selena can take the archers on the right when they arrive. Or leave Arthur in range for Selena to get to the bastila. She with Arthur can double and kill everything on that side
  3. Conquest Pairings.

    I smell turtle gameplay...
  4. Conquest Pairings.

    I don't see what she brings to the table that others can't do. Early males, Corrin, and Wyvern!Elise need xp too, but shoving a lot into Mozu gives them a harder time. Silas snowballs crazy hard into mid/late game with xp favoritism. Granted, this may not be an issue on Hard. I've used Mozu once and eventually benched her because she didn't do anything Niles couldn't. Maybe hard let's xp spreading be more viable? I don't remember. If so, I suppose Bowzu is fine. I can see her being useful on Ch. 17, but you've got Camilla, Xander, Niles, Silas, Shura, Beruka, Percy, Arthur, Wyvern!Elise, Corrin, and Ophelia as perfectly capable units of wrecking ninjas (some depend on your strat/unit choices).
  5. Conquest Pairings.

    Effie being used for combat? I give up lol
  6. Conquest Pairings.

    Bows are great in Conquest, but you only need Niles in the beginning. Silas comes in clutch, once again, as a BK or Kinshi at ~ch. 17. Mozu takes a heart seal away from other units early on, which is a big investment. You can get her ~3-4 levels for free on Ch.10, so she doesn't need much or anything on her join chapter/Ch.9, if you use her. I'm just not a fan of having another 2 range foot locked unit with a useless personal and first skill. She isn't bad, but the opportunity cost is high. Conquest is all about stacking +dmg/+stats for combat units. Skills like elbow room, +2 STR, trample, +5 HP, strong riposte, and such. Leave healing to utility units or consumables. To an extent, Fire Emblem/RPGs in general are about specialization. Having a "jack of all trades" unit generally leads them to being unable to accomplish a task well later or even mid way through. Most of the time you need those 3 enemy units dead NOW instead of in 2 rounds of combat/turns. Hybrid units don't do that well. Edit: Why do people love Aptitude? It's usefulness is after like 10-15 level ups in which you don't necessarily experience the benefits. You have to wait for those level ups and it's not guaranteed you get much more in terms of stats. Straight up +dmg helps immediately and is always good for the whole game.
  7. Conquest Pairings.

    -DEF on Corrin sounds rough. -LCK is essentially the best option, especially since you get two goddess icons early to patch up Corrin and Arthur in the LCK category. I'm always a fan of +HP as a boon if you're going for a physical damage build. HP works for MAG and STR damage taken, as well as having good synergy for Silas with Vow of Friendship (easier to keep Corrin at half HP). It also gives a bit of STR iirc. Arthur x Effie is great for getting Percy early. I always find him underwhelming, but heart sealing him to fighter fixes the poor STR he always seems to have for me. Plus Berserkers are amazing in Conquest. Leo x Felicia is always a good one. Felicia fixes all of his issues. Unless you're going for Siegbert, I'd recommend going Xander x Kaze or Laslow as master ninja (Kaze doesn't need a heart seal, so it's cheaper). Xander doesn't really need the HUGE STR boost Charlotte gives, but it's definitely not a bad pairing. I think getting SPD/SKL/MOV pairup stats from master ninja ends up being much better for Xander. I've never used Peri for anything besides shelter, so no comment there. Keaton is a great stats backpack. It's really one of the only things he is good for, unfortunately. I've never used Mozu. Aptitude is really bad and she takes a heart seal to be of any use. She does give Kinshi to Silas, which I'm a fan of. Odin x Elise is great. I've never done Niles x Nyx, but you'd have a pretty baller MAG growth on Nina. Nina is amazing with a shining bow.
  8. The Lunatic Club [Fates]

    @exp Have you decided which units to funnel exp to? I recommend avoiding Effie. She is kind of a trap on lunatic
  9. The Lunatic Club [Fates]

    Have you tried the no DV strat for chapter 2? I personally find the first 6 chapters annoying, so I use whatever to make them faster.
  10. The Lunatic Club [Fates]

    @joshcja I feel like I'm getting kids way too late. I'm on Ch.17 and just unlocked Camilla!Sophie. I know some kids are asap (Dwyer, Percy come to mind), but should I be waiting for free promotions on kid units otherwise? Saves 2k, but I'm not sure if it's the best thing stats/skills wise.
  11. The Lunatic Club [Fates]

    Thanks for all the help! I'm definitely noticing attack stance ends up being much much better in lunatic. I spent most of my time on hard using guard stance. Feels like this game takes the roles units end up being in more seriously since the various options can lead you to deadends
  12. The Lunatic Club [Fates]

    4 pairs including Corrin + S partner? Aka 8 units + utility which include Corrin and S?
  13. The Lunatic Club [Fates]

    I'm guessing promotion for units is around 15-16 unless they're a stat backpack (lvl 10) or main combat units at 18-20? Hard was easy, so I'm guessing I need tier 2 lvl 15 skills sooner and more of them, compared to 2-3 levels of stats
  14. The Lunatic Club [Fates]

    I think that's the main problem. I lack xp because I'm force feeding nos steroid Odin. Also I'm trying to do too much too early. (E.g. trample cav dwyer by Ch 10). My strat for Odin on Ch. 8, running male MU, is to pair up with Felicia and have him eat a mag tonic two squares away from the mages left of the lake. I position Elise right behind them giving Odin 11 dmg doubling ORK the three mages, on EP after I unfreeze the river. I'm willing to go a little slower to make certain units viable but I don't like going super grindy (also not a fan of LTC, but I think there are good things to be learned from them). A "brisk" pace lol Edit: also I love using Silas because he is so easy and can be any physical class. Like 2-3 level ups on his join chapter let's him roll the rest of the next maps. He gets a level up even before Effie spawns! I don't understand why people use her :/
  15. The Lunatic Club [Fates]

    I'll give Oni/DM a shot. I've done DM in the past for Ophelia, but I decided to marry Jakob to Partner seal to Malig after getting elbow room and shelter from paladin. In that run, I heart sealed Elise, but I'm having issues not glueing her to Odin's backpack in order for them to support lvl and have Odin live through things. I'm on Ch12 and Elise is only level 11. I do notice I try to get builds going too quickly or try to get everyone xp too fast sometimes. I have a hard time Uber favoring some units while others sit at below lvl 9 by Ch 12. Side note: is it worth while doing Selena!Sophie? I thought getting kinshi for Silas would be a tolerable option, especially if he gets speed screwed.