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  1. (Br) Any fun challenge runs?

    I've only played BR once. I couldn't remember :/ That's cool though. Malig knight Corrin go go go!
  2. (Br) Any fun challenge runs?

    Axes are 10/10 in CQ. There are so many lance/shuriken enemies. I don't recall what the predominant enemy weapons are in BR. You don't get bolt axe or brave axe in BR either :(. Dual club is amazing though. Any WT reversing weapon is amazing imo. Limitations forcing you to use classes or units in new ways is always fun. It's part of what made me realize wyvern!Elise is viable and really strong.
  3. Started another Playthrough

    Blossom is also a big hindrance for Sothe :( Astrid is a solid choice. Paragon, decent growths, and bows on a mount. Always keep leveling Ike. Makalov is really good, once you get past his start. The downside is there are lots of good paladins in PoR, so take your pick. Titania is solid through most of the game, though she may struggle with STR. I usually give her stat boosts.
  4. I can't even fathom the mental gymnastics being done here. Are you playing Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn? The single player game that's main mechanic is math? Maybe you should post on Smogon or something. Wtb no longer receiving alerts about this catastrophic failure.
  5. Things being ignored: 1. The huge investment needed to get Laguz to their stat potential (turns, exp favoritism, stat boosts, bexp, deployment, etc). 2. The slow and painful process of getting Laguz to a useful place (Volug/Janaff/Skrimir excluded. These are the best of the best non-royal laguz. Maybe Ranulf? He's frequently deployment free but still...). Looking at you, strike rank. 3. The. Transformation. Gauge. Haar can fly into a mob of enemies and kill everything. Everything. A regular Laguz cannot do this. Period. This leads to... 4. 1 range locked. It's not great. 5. Opportunity cost. 6. The entire game. Each chapter is apart of the game. Endgame is not the game. Endgame is endgame. 7. Royals are designed to be OP. They're OP. Also barely in the game. 8. Pacing. Not playing at a "brisk pace", which seems to be the serenesforest preferred term for sub-LTC but not grinding, makes lots of FE titles trivial. This includes RD. 9. Online battles? Wtf? Haar has an eye patch, so he gets +100 to dmg. Same logic. I can make up random garbage to try an prove a point too.
  6. Availability, transformation gauge, 1 range locked, slow rank growth, and abysmal xp gain are an issue for almost all of them (besides Skrimir/royals). Opportunity cost is the biggest factor. Turns, xp, bexp, stat boosters, and gold used on Laguz is better spent on other beorc units. The only exceptions are Janaff, ~Volug, and ~Ulki. Ulki doesn't pay off as much as Janaff but is still pretty free and Volug is pretty free. Maxing out stats is pretty easy for laguz and beorc. Having an extra 4 or so def doesn't mean a whole lot near the end of the game. Olivi grass isn't free. Almost anyone is great if you baby them into oblivion, which makes the argument pointless. Is using Laguz possible? Of course. Are they as good as beorc for most of/ the entire game? No.
  7. I completely forgot Pavise proc chance was skill%. Slapped that on my massive SKL Volug. He's pretty much invincible now.
  8. I'm at endgame now. Hawks have SS and Janaff capped STR. He does as much damage as Tibarn. Maybe slightly more? Mordecai capped DEF at lvl 31. Skrimir is doing good as always. Naeluchi has S rank but I'm not sure where he will fit in. He capped DEF, haha. Too bad it's like 26 or something. Volug capped SPD and DEF with SS rank at lvl 32. He's my laguz MVP. Doge tank lol... Slapped resolve and adept on him for ludicrous output. Maurim had some great level ups on his join chapter, so I may replace Mordy with him. We'll see. Ranulf almost has SS. He hasn't capped anything, but he's lvl 32 with high stats in everything. Rend pops off constantly :) He does have gauge issues, so he can't hold the line as well as other laguz
  9. Oh well, wasted a speedwing :( I was thinking about putting Mordecai into the hawk army. The chapters available to the hawk army ate pretty slow. The Laguz chapter for the hawk army seems like a great place for him to level up.
  10. I'm on act 4 now. Ranulf is proving to be good. I've been giving him BEXP + Blossom level ups, so he hits hard. I don't think he has S rank yet though.... Maybe? It's close if he doesn't. Probably didn't focus on it enough. He is 30 with Rend. Lethe proved to be bad. She only has a few chapters of availability over Ranulf and just can't keep up. I'm not playing super slow though. No 30+ turn maps to grind. That fort defense map for GMs would've been great for Laguz, but they weren't available for deployment...... Mordecai is doing ok. I gave Haar the act 2 speedwing, which probably should have gone to Mordecai, but I don't think he'd be doubling anything anyways. He has S rank. I wasn't able to get Naeluchi up to S rank before act 4, but he is close and I got two lucky STR level ups, so it's not so bad. Skrimir got a speedwing, halfshift, and vantage. We'll see how it goes. The Hawks are being baller, as always. Janaff has S rank and Ulki is almost there.
  11. The Lunatic Club [Fates]

    My Silas was rocking really low speed this run. I think he had like 20 speed at level 3 Ninja.
  12. I think I have Zihark + Nolan building right now. I'll see if I can change it. I usually build Jill + Volug because they have similar movement. How would I get Maurim and Vika to have any strike rank ups? They only have like 2 chapters and I'm not into sitting untransformed at a boss for 30 turns.
  13. The Lunatic Club [Fates]

    I generally have 3-4 fliers. I find the reinforcements to be very frustrating, since I always forget exactly where the spawn triggers are. Plus, tiny garbage mage is annoying :( Ophelia can't faceroll it either because of all the silence staves.
  14. The plan seems to be becoming the following with regards to immediate needs; Volug to S strike. Easy. Happens even without favoritism. Maybe throw him paragon. Do 0.99 BEXP level ups during DB chapters when possible. Naeluchi to S strike. Seems like a bit of favoritism will let him get it before the end of act 2. He isn't really competing with anyone in act 2. Mordecai tanking for xp. I generally use Brom for blocking a choke, so I can replace him with untransformed Mordecai + healing potion spam. Maybe find a way to let Lethe get some finishing blows. Lethe needs some finishing blows from Mordecai/in general in act 2 and 3. I'm unsure if I'll end up using her. Ranulf seems better in every single way, except availability. His bases are shockingly higher than hers. Ranulf simply gets used and weakens for Lethe/Mordecai kills. I've never used Ranulf. For anything. We'll see how it goes. I'm assuming I'll just skip Lethe and use Ranulf. Janaff, Ulki, and Skrimir take my usual strats, just with more favoritism. Possibly avoid adept and tear for extra Wexp on Hawks.
  15. I get her full build up by Ch 21-23. She still one shots most mobs even before LaD. Nothing is promoted in her chapter for ch. 13/14/15 completion, so nothing can one shot her. Dual guard + vantage + nos + village bathes her in risk free xp. If you're not training Odin and mother, then it doesn't really work, which is what I've said.