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  1. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    It does pretty okay for itself. Usually in the 6-10-defenses range unless there's Arena quests going on, then that approximately doubles. I don't run all dragons, though—and didn't run all horses, to be fair. Original defense team was Rein, Xander, Nino and bonus unit. Swapped Rein and Xander for Tiki. They're also not mega-while dragons, so they're running Triangle Adept instead of Steady Breath. I'm a bit surprised that they pick up wins so readily when TA gives them a major weakness that Steady Breath would otherwise semi-circumvent on the physical side, though I'm guessing part of that might be because Tiki's my buffer, running Rally Def/Res, so she might cling to Nowi more readily, making it difficult for greens to approach. Nino's also there to cover them and Draw Back on them, so that might also be a thing. Still surprising, though, considering the glaring common vulnerabilities. Heh, I do understand the feeling. Hector's among the characters I favour, but his rarity makes me seriously think twice about doing anything that would involve merging him. For me, the units I want to give pointed inefficient favouratism to are Florina and female Robin, though my concentration on Arena basically means that I've given them strong initial builds, then back-burnered them for a good long while (at least the next 140k feathers are going toward Arena needs).
  2. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    Ah, yeah, in that situation, I'd use him for Distant Counter, then, though I'm a bit of a cheapskate pragmatist and wouldn't really approach it with the "Hector deserves it" angle, so take that with a grain of salt. My horses had major problems getting more than 2-3 wins as of a couple months ago, then had a week with zero, which is the point at which I benched them and started fielding my dragons.
  3. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    That seems a little bit edge case, but I think there's still a pretty high likelihood that you'll be safe.
  4. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    Unless you're already running four super armours for your initial AA team, with that many copies, I'd probably say run the merged Hector. For a normal week, I'd say 5040 should be more than enough. around 5060 had me around the halfway-to-the-top point last week. However, since this is hyper-inflated Fjorm + Water Season week, any stats from last week are probably going out the window. What does 5040 currently place you at?
  5. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    Score time. Tier 20 score of 5060 (Nowi +10 with forged LB+, DD3 Seal; Nino +9 with Aether and Atk Ploy 3 Seal; Adult Tiki +6 with forged LB+ and Hone Spd 3 Seal; Alfonse with Panic Ploy 3 Seal) - #1898 (/5261 to stay) Arena Assault score of 5088 (Nowi +10 with forged LB+, DD3 Seal; Nino +9 with Aether and Atk Ploy 3 Seal; Adult Tiki +6 with forged LB+ and Hone Spd 3 Seal; Draug +6 with forged Wo Dao, Blazing Wind and Panic Ploy 3 Seal) - #1627 So begins the journey of Draug to +10. I've gone from needing more copies of stuff to needing more feathers again, so I guess that's a bit of a relief. Was getting nervous sitting on my stockpile, thinking the gacha was just gonna keep screwing me over. I've got enough Draugs to merge him to +9 at the moment, plus I could also apply Aether and a couple more skills could be upgrade from 200 to 240 SP. I'm a little disappointed that +6 only outscores Fjorm +1 by a little over 2 points per match, but it's still something, especially considering Fjorm's a crazy point wagon and Draug isn't complete. Shout-outs to his absurd 49 Def and 58 HP after forge, though. I also got another copy of Tiki, so she's now +7, but the scores I got were from runs where she was still +6.
  6. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    Seconding this, though I use Reposition instead of Reciprocal Aid. I use Reprisal as her special, but after throwing her into the fray a bunch, I feeling Moonbow's consistency would almost be preferable.
  7. Even if Limit Breaker was involved, players having the ability to pair up pretty much means they can easily crush any StreetPass team. If you're absolutely set on running no DLC skills, I feel like you're going to find the possibility of posing any kind of threat a near exercise in futility unless you run some kind of troll Lethality build. The reason Nos works so well in the campaign proper is that for the most part, enemies have trash Res. You won't be stealing very much life off of a player's postgame team. Further, even a competent team that isn't fully tricked out, but is just toting Tomebreaker, will probably ruin your Hit enough where even if you could deal enough damage, you wouldn't hit consistently enough. What I suggest is running +Skl/-Spd and fielding a General. Put a Tomahawk and a Spear, both forged with +4 Mt and +20 Hit, in your inventory. Then run a skill set of Lethality, Vantage, Hit +20, Tantivity and Quick Burn. Ideally, the Robin would also be female and married to Chrom, so that Morgan and Lucina can run the same set, but replacing Tantivity with Rightful King. You can also alternatively replace any of the general Hit skills with breakers, depending on what you hope to cover (because no unit can cover all the bases in this kind of fight). The idea here is just to make every encounter with all your Generals potentially fatally dangerous for any of the player's units.
  8. The Lunatic Club [Fates]

    Astra is not really that good, though. Its proc rate is pretty bad. Granted, when it does proc, you get a free Dual Guard, so it's oddly interesting as a defensive skill, but it's just not anything remotely reliable. Lethality has never really been that good. For the most part, stuff in the [=GBA=] games couldn't survive the normal 3x damage from a crit, so having Crit/2% chance to instant kill made little sense (of course, you'd get weird fringe cases like with freak procs on bulky bosses, but eh). Path of Radiance suffered from a similar issue, though there were some hard targets that Volke's Str couldn't take care of. On the other hand, it involved using 1 of 4 precious items that could easily see Better use on other units. In Radiant Dawn, Skill/2% wasn't very reliable and Volke came at the end of the game with pretty good Str, so it was maybe useful on a handful of enemy types. Awakening nerfed it even further to Skill/4%, which made it pretty terrible, in all honesty. Beyond that, most enemies have super trash Def/Res, so you're much more likely to see results out of focusing on boosting Crit. Fates did end up making it even worse, though not in a really significant way because Skill/4% is already really trash for proc rate. However, all stats were lowered on average, so Lethality's already sad proc rate suffered even more. It's still better than nothing and maybe a few other overly niche skills, but it's just mostly not even worth considering. It's just a matter of getting ahead of the curve. Non-Robins are going to have more trouble getting there, so Miriel/Tharja/Henry won't be able to tank armies right off, but they'll still be able to take one more enemies than they normally should be able to. Since enemies have super terrible Res, as long as you've got enough base Atk, you can survive for a very long time. The sort of poster boy of this kind of thing is Gregor!Laurent. He's one of the few kids worth going for on Lunatic+ because his Nostanking game is very strong, despite not having especially good innate bulk.
  9. The Lunatic Club [Fates]

    For non-Mozu first gens, Aptitude is from hacking since Villager isn't available through marriage. Even legit skill buying pretty much completely breaks the game, though.
  10. The Lunatic Club [Fates]

    I'd like to point out that Awakening's enemies also had super garbage defenses, which probably contributed to Nos users have really dumb sustain, even when they're typically more squishy units. Consider that, for the hardest sections of the game, the enemies largely featured at unpromoted units with single-digit Def and Res. In many crucial cases, enemies will have 3 or less Res. Sure, some promoted "captains" are thrown in there that are a bit tougher and can cause the Nostank some problems, but those are minor simply because said captain's buddies are feeding the Nostank like bad MOBA players. Even if EXP gain was nerfed to try to make things less super-unit friendly, it probably wouldn't impact things all that much because the maps are full of free extra HP. Lunatic+ seems to have introduce Counter to both deal with super units in general and Nostanking, but the end result of such a clunky counter is that everything Nostank/bow spam/Gale abuse/Rescue abuse is just significantly worse and requires babying to be viable.
  11. The Lunatic Club [Fates]

    Lunatic presets the level ups for units when you recruit them. Once they're permanent fixture of your army, their level ups will always be the same. The only way to reroll this is to reset on their join chapter, though that has limited feasibility. Note that this can be especially troublesome for Corrins whose stats are saved at the branch, as if you had a bad Corrin, you will continue to have a bad Corrin every time you start from there (on the other hand, this can also be abused with a Corrin you know has really good levels, if that's your thing).
  12. The Lunatic Club [Fates]

    I'm pretty slow and cautious with my approaches, so I usually take longer than the average person on any new map. I'd say probably 30 mins for small maps to 2 hours for larger maps. There's some exceptions like Fuga's Wild Ride taking me closer to over 3 and C25, C26 and Endgame taking multiple tries that probably accumulated about 5-6 hours for both research and execution for the first two and closer to 12 for Endgame.
  13. The Lunatic Club [Fates]

    Grats on beating C25. Good luck with the major hurdle that is Endgame. FYI, you can also mess up Saizo's side's trap with Freeze or Sing-Shelter abuse. Mila's Turnwheel is no substitute for bronze/joke weapons. Both typically have the big +10 Dodge boost that negates crit chance entirely for something like 95% of enemies. Bronze has enough Hit that most units shouldn't have a miss chance when neutral or at advantage to an enemy. Joke weapons have stupid ridiculous Hit in a game that's starved for Hit, such that missing shouldn't even be a thing with them, unless you're facing breakers. I don't see how a fast clear is cheating, unless you had to use something you don't normally get as a player.
  14. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    Effie has always been pretty popular, alongside Hector. Armours are pretty much a staple of that score range, and since it's also well into whale territory, yeah, people are probably building their teams around the super seasonal armours.
  15. mampfoids Awakening Beginner Questions

    If Donnel is getting attention, his kid should actually be approximately on par, maybe a bit worse, than the other kids for base stats. Of course, Donnel himself has to do tons more work to even get on par with most of the other first gens. Lower stat caps abound for his kid, though, since he has a wide spread of negatives. I wouldn't say this ruins them in general, but it does mean they'll run into similar problems to their dad: missing late-game benchmarks. That's largely a Lunatic(+) or postgame (for Normal/Hard) problem, though. Thanks to pair-up, if you're wanting to prioritize supports and not use Anna as much, Gaius can hide behind one of your stronger units with no risk of death. Realistically, a no-grind run can get two Galeforce units within a meaningful time period (one early, one mid-late game). Depending on which first gens get it, you may be able to get a third or fourth through kids if it's the right first gen(s). A lot of the kids come unreasonably late, though. Generally speaking, if you want more than that, you'll need to grind Risen again like you've been doing (which also becomes a non-option if you ever plan to tackle Lunatic or higher because Risen scale so fast there that you need specialized builds to have a hope of taking them on). You really don't need to do too much for stat optimization so long as can figure out a strategy that works around your stats. It does give you an advantage, but it's really not worth fretting over, especially now. For reference, the only team I've bothered to beat the secret route of Apotheosis (which is the same on all difficulties) was a hodgepodge of unoptimized eugenics that still curb-stomped it despite not using any DLC skills, classes or Spotpass characters. The parents are largely viable wherever, so long as they got enough EXP. In fact, many parents are better than their kids because the parents have way better availability and don't show up at the end of the campaign as level 10 unpromoted on maps full of level 8 promoted enemies. Because the Japanese are obsessed with wedding dresses, I guess. Remember how we got an entire Heroes banner dedicated to it?