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  1. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    Tier 20 score of 3730 (/4021) - #2439 (/4021 to T21) AA score of 5238 - #1332 Bah. AA was higher than usual, but still score no better than what I've been getting the few months. Regular Arena is pretty safe and solid. Had to fish a fair bit to get that score, though. Game kept wanting to give me 728, which was pointlessly low. I guess Alfonse was just not considered as strong of a bonus unit, despite me pimping him out (my average is 734-736). Had a few 740s and 742s show up while I was messing around getting used to feeding Alfonse kills, but they never reappeared for any of the successful runs. This particular run got him 16 kills. I expect to drop next season, since I'm well out of range of any reasonable initial threshold for staying. Got another copy of Gwendolyn. Still not +Spd. I'll need two more copies for her to be worth notably more (+10) without the super boon. I'm sitting on 300 orbs again, so maybe I'll get a good Gwen while I fail to pull any Fjorms.
  2. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    I would recommend swapping Growing Wind to Blazing Wind (or any Blazing AoE, for that matter). The Atk x1.5 with no regard to WTA is fantastic for getting around Triangle Adept enemies. It basically gives you the power of Bonfire without needing to sacrifice the 100 SP (and isn't any more janky to proc than Growing Wind, anyway).
  3. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    Go far enough and you will be fighting stuff that has both the score and the performance. That is, Bold Fighter +10 armours with other fun surprises tacked on. I find taking those down while having to field armours that are comparatively only semi-optimal, all the while feeding as many kills to Alfonse as possible, to be quite satisfying.
  4. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    So, this was costly in terms of Dew, but I decided to give the double Brazen plus Def refine a go on Alfonse (from TA3-DB3). It's not like I was really using all of that Dew anyway (I already buffed all the specialists and vanity projects I'd want to, barring maybe Caeda and Clair, but they do pretty well even without the refine, so I dunno). With the proper setup, this actually let him muscle through several Effies, allowing me to boost my score to 3730. The trade-off for this is that M!Grima was really god damn scary for him. Had a really close encounter against a Bold Fighter one where Alfonse was left with 3 HP. The only reason he survived was because Nowi was sitting beside him with a B support and Drive Res 2 (and Draug would have also died, while Sheena could have tanked him, but done jack all for damage and left me with little progress in beating him). Would definitely recommend the double Brazen Atk/Def 3 and Def refine for general Arena. The other set would be better for Tempest and AA, though.
  5. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    Did my first set of Arena and it went about as I expected it to. Alfonse utterly obliterated any greens he fought and Swordbreaker let him get sword kills, too (first map I did was Alfonse causing the enemy a full team wipe! Too bad that fell to 2 kills on average following that). Pretty much no chance at blue kills, though, since they usually had 40 or so Def and the one Fjorm that only had 32 Def had Vantage, so I couldn't get her. 3707 is currently about 2/3 of the way to falling out of going up, so I'm expecting to have fallen down to staying in T20 within two days.
  6. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    T20 score of 3694 - #1637/6193 AA score of 5233 - #1382 Ooph. Hector makes his presence known some more. Definitely thought I was going to do a little better with those extra points. Starting to wonder if I'll ever have a chance to move forward and catch up again. Got two more Gwendolyns pulling on the Fighter banner (which did give Sheena Vengeful Fighter, so yay for that), though that's only enough to get to +7 and none of them were +Spd, never mind without one of her super banes. I need two more with the +Spd to outscore Tiki and three more to outscore Nowi. I guess Fjorm might save me, since she'll be in the next legendary banner, but I dunno. I expect to have at least 250 orbs by then, but I had 300 on the last banner she was on and got zero copies of her, so...
  7. "Johns" in Heroes

    Honestly can't say anything about your situation without full context, but I think the question of, "How easy is this to reproduce?" is very valid, especially given the nature of limited resources in this game. For instance, I've put over 200k feathers into my Florina, which allows her to duel and win against physical threats that would otherwise double and obliterate her at base. Additionally, she rolls straight over green mages—including some blade builds. Given the investment, though, I couldn't reasonably expect the average player get the same performance out of her. If I listed the things above, then someone came over to me and said, "That's cool and all, but that's not a practical use of resources.", I would agree. And I wouldn't care, because I built my super vanity unit to be a super vanity unit.
  8. Nowi sounds under-leveled. Manakete EXP speed means you do have a chance to catch her up, but you'd need to do it before enemies get full promotion. However, given that Sully and Sumia are currently carrying your team, you're probably better off benching her over taking pains to pull a growth unit out of the hole.
  9. 13 does sound relatively blessed, yeah. Ultimately, I think they'd both still have about the same durability if Miriel was up to level because getting doubled takes a lot of concrete defenses to make up for.
  10. Tactics Drills Solution/Victory Thread

    Hah, just had a look and I find it rather humourous, since
  11. Tactics Drills Solution/Victory Thread

    Really? Could you point me to the specific guide you found because the hint worked out just fine for my strategy.
  12. That's pretty standard for Ricken. He's the guy who hits harder once and then that's it because his base Spd is pretty bad. Miriel is the speedy mage, so she's expected to make up for her lower Mag by doubling stuff.
  13. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    Oops, wasn't paying attention and forgot to record things before turnover. Since 3714 was worth around #730 in T20 last night, I'm going to guess it stayed sub-1000 by the end of the season. 5232 in AA was worth #1222.
  14. Tactics Drills Solution/Victory Thread

    In the solution I got,
  15. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    Score time: T20 score of 3678 - #2870/6166 AA score of 5231 - #1596 Distributed more blessings so I could strategically deploy for score in AA. I couldn't do all slots, but I was able to get enough in to push my score something like 6-8 points higher than I got last week. Despite the raw increase, I can wrecked in ranks. How amusing. I guess it was expected, though, given my starting team is all water, so my base score would be inherently lower while the whales are throwing around legendary Hector +10s like they're nothing. Ah, well.