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  1. Bound Hero Battle: You of the Light (Takumi and Hinoka)

    Infernal has a really weird placement of the red mage. I expected it to cover Takumi and the blue mage's overlapping ranges, but instead he's shoved over off to the right, so my Nino just walked into range and baited them to death. Green cav wanders in to die right after, leaving just Hinoka and the two reds, so it comes down to sniping Hinoka so Nowi could just roll right over the sword fighter and red mage. Hector might also work since the left side is so vulnerable. A bursty flier team with a flying mage can also chip bait Hinoka off the right with Reposition. What won't work is TA Gronnraven because Takumi brings Cancel Affinity.
  2. 4★ +10 Units.

    Yeah, it drops by the amount you'd get for sending them home, to 4*+10 -> 5* would cost 17 000 feathers. Pretty terrible deal, though. You can inherit down, though. A 5* Marth with Falchion learned will pass the learned state to 4* Marth if 5* Marth gets merged to him.
  3. FEH balancing issues?

    Rein doesn't need to be +10, but since we're apparently going all out on scary scenarios, I was assuming top power from him and +10 gets him another 4 damage per hit. I'm not sure what logic you're getting at here. Yes, they had their pick of units, but how many people are going to choose to invest in that many Reins? Even the super rich want to prioritize, so other units will likely get built instead of 3 more Reins. Again, I'm not sure what logic you're trying to get at here? I said nothing about people randomly getting 11 copies of four units. But most people are going to build a balanced team that can do stuff other than be a meme-tastic example of a defense team. Er, what? How are we suddenly going from teams with multiple Reins to ignoring all good horse comps at all? Like, 4x Rein is such an incredibly fringe, practically non-existent team compared to Rein + Brave Lyn + Cecilia + Xander/Eldigan/Camus. I seriously don't see any reason to put any weight toward countering the former when the latter is what everyone deploys. Yeah, that one-in-a-million quad Rein might show up to ruin a streak once in a blue moon, but is that really worth ruining my general team comp that can take on the latter team for? I don't think so. I'm not even sure what's being argued anymore. I never said anything about score. I'm really scratching my head as to how Nino somehow isn't considered a good unit, though.
  4. FEH balancing issues?

    Uh, what? There's a biiiiiiig gap between assuming the enemy is incompetent and running 2-4 +Atk Rein +10s. People can be competent at building defense teams and still just have a single Rein +10 (or even no Rein at all). How many people are seriously going to put the money into acquiring, promoting and merging up 22-44 Reins over, say, their Arena offense core or their waifu/husbando or building a full armour team for reaching #1 in AA? When this is outside every practical scenario, is it even relevant to consider such a match-up?
  5. FEH balancing issues?

    Okay, but realistically, how often is someone going to field 2+ optimal +10 Reins? 99.9999% of the time, Nino will explode the one Rein on the team, get into Desperation and then proceed to run roughshod over all of his buddies who aren't red (and even some who are red, since Rein was nice enough to give her the ability to strike twice against them without retaliation).
  6. FEH balancing issues?

    Don't mind my Nino. She's just over here brutally curb-stomping Rein for free Desperation and then murdering the rest of his team.
  7. 4★ +10 Units.

    They go to 5*+0 stats, so yeah, they take an overall stat loss.
  8. 4★ +10 Units.

    I guess he must've went super hard on grinding Hero Merit, given that TT is really good for that. Still a gap of 48k feathers is 16 characters taken from 0 to 3000 HM. I think I did maybe half of that and I went to 175k points in the last TT (with a x1.2 unit, at that). As for 4*+10 projects, I'm looking at doing an Olivia, myself, though I'm a bit torn. While I indecisive on that, though, I've been working on a Raven Sophia. She's real useful as a niche counter in AA, so no regrets. I've also been bumping up Raven for kicks since I keep getting him and don't have anything I want people to inherit from him. I guess I'll probably do an Emerald or Killer Axe build with him or something. Oh, and Est. Started as the same deal as Raven, but she's got enough merges to be legitimately strong. While she's still a second-stringer for AA, that still gives her a lot of general deployment opportunities. I'm quite happy with how she turned out and almost regret not going for 5* with her, but I'm not a particularly big fan of her, so she'd be so far back in the queue that she'd never get built. This is a nice middle-ground where I get to give her cheap indulgence while she'll eventually have better-than-5* performance (currently, she's got enough merges to be equivalent to a 5*).
  9. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    I think I've mentioned this before, but regular Arena typically takes about 5 minutes longer to process than Arena Assault.
  10. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    You're probably safe. Mondays have the slowest decay, so 180 ranks should be fine, if a little close (you'll probably end with a margin of 50 or less remaining). Tier 20 score of 4990 (Nino +7 with Aether/HP+3 Seal, Nowi +10 with Distant Def 3 Seal, Eirika +1 with Fortify Res 3 Seal, Arvis with Squad Ace C 1 Seal) - #2124(/4748) Arena Assault score of 5020 (Nino +7 with Aether/HP+3 Seal, Nowi +10 with Distant Def 3 Seal, Eirika +1 with Fortify Res 3 Seal, Sheena +1 with Panic Ploy 3 Seal) - #1387 Well, with regular Arena's threshold going berserk, I guess it's no wonder that 5020 isn't evenly remotely good enough for top 1000 in AA. This Nino/Eirika drought is really killing me (and my score). I guess I can't complain too hard about the reds because Hinatas and Selenas are pretty damn good consolation prizes—and Draug, while bad on his own, may end up being my Sheena replacement for AA point slave, so he's kinda welcome. However, for green, I just keep getting nothing but Trashtres. Sorry, Trashtre, but the only way you're gonna get me to even consider leveling you is if you show up with a perfect boon/bane. Oh, well, I did use the more recent quests to promote my Attack Ploy Seal to rank 3, so that's gonna replace the HP +3 on Nino. I doubt it'll make that much of a difference for my score right now, but maybe I'll catch up a bit faster if I start being able to move my merges up again. Also kinda hoping this new main banner gives me an excuse to pull blue. Aside from eternally being in need of more Subakis for SI, this last VG has made me want to build a Shanna (not just for meme value—Shanna was literally my first pull in this game giving her a special place in my heart—not to mention having more strong fliers for AA is never bad). Unfortunately, despite having 5 of her in my box, none are +Spd, so I'm unwilling to promote any of them. :/
  11. Voting Gauntlet: Short-Haired Ladies vs. Long-Haired Gents!

    Nope, she was ahead of Karel for sure. I think she might have also been slightly ahead of Katarina, but I'm much less sure on that one.
  12. Voting Gauntlet: Short-Haired Ladies vs. Long-Haired Gents!

    Haha, wow, Shanna actually gained on Takumi this last hour.
  13. Voting Gauntlet: Short-Haired Ladies vs. Long-Haired Gents!

    Shanna's team doesn't want to hold right now, though. Guess I should've made that clear. They don't want to go all out, but they need to keep Takumi from pulling too far ahead too early, or else the multiplier happens and then that's it. Basically, Shanna's team gets to have their cake and eat it.
  14. Voting Gauntlet: Short-Haired Ladies vs. Long-Haired Gents!

    Shanna needs to keep things steady for the moment if she wants to win, though. If the multiplier happens too early or on the wrong hour, the jig is up.
  15. Voting Gauntlet: Short-Haired Ladies vs. Long-Haired Gents!

    Or possibly not even at all. Both teams are moving super slow right now.