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  1. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    Man, and I thought my 750+ orbs for five Fjorms was atrocious.
  2. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    Yeah. I do recommend having a look at Gamepedia's AI page, though. Things get a lot easier once you know how to manipulate the enemy's positions. It opens up deathless Advanced, which will help your score a rather lot (plus, the same tactics can be applied to other modes, making it something good to know in general).
  3. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    If you can manage a full Intermediate streak with just one death, I believe it should score a bit better than a Beginner streak with no deaths. Similarly for Advanced over Intermediate.
  4. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    On weeks like this, where Fjorm isn't a bonus, I usually just spend one so I can immediately finish my run when the new season starts. Otherwise, I don't really spend anything unless a VG or something demands I do more. On weeks where Fjorm is a bonus, I'll spend a bunch fishing to minmax my score a bit. I guess I'd also do similarly if any of my +10s end up as bonus units, too, but I don't have a lot of them and they don't have the same rotation benefit as Fjorm, so the likelihood of that isn't terribly high.
  5. Tempest Trials: Familiar Faces!

    Amazing moment of AI betrayal: H!Henry moved into that little corridor in the middle, then Roderick felt the need to move in behind him and keep rallying him. This left him sandwiched between Roderick and Dorcas, unable to back step to kill Dorcas, resulting in Mr. Meme pummeling him to death.
  6. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    Heh, it's kind of weird going from 744-750 (I technically had a ceiling of something like 758 during Fjorm water week, but very rarely rolled it) with mega-whaled armours to the "merely" whaled armours of the 730s. They're not minmaxed hard enough to be a significant threat to double Brazen Alfonse unless they're L!Tiki (and maybe H!Myrrh, but I haven't run into one of those yet). As predicted, zero chance of staying, though. Current run is barely within the borders to stay in T21 and I expect it to have fallen out before tomorrow is halfway done.
  7. I Want to do a Lunatic+ Playlog

    Grats on getting past C14. It's definitely rougher in high-man runs. I've always personally taken over the right boat and then turtled there, usually having one of my other tanks choke the head of the plank while Robin and Panne/Cordelia pick off any incoming fliers. I know there's also a number of people who like taking control of the bottom boat and turtling, and for good reason. It's a small boat that's easy to fill to negate Pass and/or stop enemy fliers from getting past the side pieces that they can't stop on. There's also the matter of it being relatively far from the flier spawning points, allowing more time to react/intercept.
  8. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    Score report: T21 score of 3788 - #1116 (/1630) AA score of 5254 - #1509 As a testament of how many people have water teams with merged Fjorms leading the way, this T21 score is 7 points lower than what I got last week, yet ranking marginally better. It feels really weird to be staying in outside of water weeks. Guaranteed to drop next week when I have to use Alfonse as a bonus over Fjorm, though. AA score was completely expected. Without being able to take advantage of water season and Fjorm's blessing boosts, my base score just wasn't going to be cutting it for top 1000. I think I'm satisfied enough with Fjorm's performance that, in a couple weeks when water season returns, I'm gonna throw a whole bunch of favouratism her way (what better time than this upcoming long streak of water seasons?). I don't know how much it'll help for the Arena weeks outside of her projected two bonus weeks, but in the very least, it'll be consistently useful in AA.
  9. I Want to do a Lunatic+ Playlog

    Honestly can't say, because when I went to look up the stats, I remembered that we basically have no Normal stats recorded in the Awakening wiki. By this point in the game, i wouldn't be surprised if the Myrms had a lead, though. On further reflection, this guy is probably at least a step up from the two goons in C6, since Chrom inexplicably one-shot one of them.
  10. I Want to do a Lunatic+ Playlog

    The funny thing is that Chrom still would have survived a crit there, so the bar for being beefy enough is relatively low. Of all the Assassins in his army, Validar probably could have made a better pick. I do like that Stahl is getting to frontline into counterattacks a bit. I usually have terrible Spd issues with him that makes that a serious risk.
  11. Next Grand hero Battle: Xander

    My own clear boiled down to "stack a bunch of passive bonuses (Drive Atk 2, Drive Def 2, Close Def 3 and Close Guard 2) onto A!Tiki and watch her murder most of the map". Nino needed to kill the blue lancer and Veronica needed to weaken Xander. Nowi was there too, though not really for damage: she body blocked Xander without attacking to cause all his buddies to uselessly jam up behind him.
  12. Grand Hero Battle: Michalis

    I ended up running a slightly mixed team over full fliers. Dull Ranged meant Summer Corrin wasn't terribly useful. So I subbed her out for Lilina. After Cherche got a pick on the blue flier, Michalis was kind enough to wander into range of a tile I could Reposition Lilina to without his buddies being able to reach her. Since I gave her Axebreaker waaaaay back when she was regularly killing Hectors and Amelias in AA for me, she turned Michalis into paste. Once that was done with, it was just a matter of kiting everything else around until they left themselves open. Highlight of said kiting was Cordelia casually tossing Lilina over a mountain. In retrospect, Cordelia with the Guidance Seal instead of the Heavy Blade Seal would have allowed for some real disrespectful Lilina shenanigans.
  13. Four-Fanged Grand Hero Battle: Lloyd

    Like with Narcian, Flier Emblem + terrain advantage = AI just getting completely picked apart. My semi-budget Flier Emblem doesn't even have Hone Fliers! (It does have Firesweep+ Cordelia +1, though; alongside Cherche with no refine, but Atk +3 Seal and Fortify Fliers; Summer Corrin with vanilla Blarblade and Goad Fliers; and Elincia with an Atk +3 Seal and Goad Fliers.)
  14. Grand Hero Battle Before Dawn: Ursula

    Heh, nice Pegasus power strat. My own clear was a pretty big mess of whatever. That pre-charged Growing Thunder in conjunction with the green cav running Seal Res 3 means I had to boost Nino's Res to 51 effective for her to survive the initial pull (mind that this is also with the summoner HP boost). Also fielded a total mish-mash team otherwise of Black Knight, Olivia and Priscilla. Black Knight did almost all the fighting after Nino killed Ursula. Priscilla had to Rehab+ both Nino and BK, which was facilitated by Olivia's dancing. Had to inherit Hone Spd 3 to Olivia (necessary for Nino to double Ursula) and... for whatever reason, I had Spur Res 3 on Black Knight from whenever, so that's technically an inheritance, both of which I wasn't terribly happy that I had to use, but eh. Priscilla's vanilla Spur Def 3 (in conjunction with the Def Tactics 3 and Res Tactics 3 Seals) was also necessary to keep BK alive through the second round where he had to tank the remaining cav mage, then eat the first-round Iceberg from the second Thief. Final set of relevant gear was: Nino +10 +Spd/-Def (Summoner Support) - Fury 3, Hone Atk 3, Distant Def 3 Seal Black Knight +2 - Steady Stance 3, Spur Res 3, Quick Riposte 3 Seal Priscilla 5* Neutral - Rehab+, Atk +3, Spur Def 3, Res Tactic 3 Seal Olivia - Dance, Hone Spd 3, Def Tactic 3 Seal
  15. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    More the format than anything. Like any contest where a huge rank list is trying to be determined by a tiny number of votes, this basically makes this list useful for maybe knowing someone's #1s and nothing more than that. At best, you get it tied up with a list of seven #1s for everyone, with rest of that massive pool falling into the rank of "Don't give a shit.", which skews things hard. Unfortunately, a proper ranking would require people to rank the entire list top to bottom, which would be long and terribly impractical. I don't blame IS for choosing something easier and more palatable to do, but it sure doesn't say much of anything in the end. Still don't see why not when they're throwing good stuff at lesser-known characters like Karla, Legault or Libra. Even something like being native Slaying Hammer/Spear+ users with a Fighter skill could be novel. Add in a few more attractive skills if paranoid.