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  1. Aether Raids General Thread

    You technically could still utilize Attack Tactic. It would just have to be only on Sharena and Laevatein. And really, if they can carry hard enough, that will likely be fine. My typical Light Season team these days is Eir, Eir, Eir/Aversa, Surtr/Cecilia and Odin/Aversa. Two of the Eirs carry Res and Def Tactic as their seals because I only really need Surtr and Odin to get buffed (though Odin can provide buffs to the Eirs if they really need it).
  2. Aether Raids General Thread

    Heh, actually started the season with a defense win for once. I was considering giving my Brave Lyn a Brave Bow+, but she's just the +0 neutral freebie pull and everyone kind of knows to watch out for her anyway. Then I remembered I had a +Atk Klein I'd been sleeping on for some time and figured if I was going to be spending 20k feathers on a Brave Bow+ user, I might as well use the one with higher Atk. And thanks to a rally trap and L!Azura, he neither misses out on the +6 Atk buff nor the extended range. He contributed quite nicely to a surprise focus fire on an M!Kana my attacker tried to bait with. Of course, he can't take all the credit. I have a L!Hector hanging out to the side essentially being the lynch-pin of defense (which is funny, considering he was an off-colour pity breaker when I was trying to snipe blues for Fjorm). Thanks to his pulse, Rein gets a turn-1 Luna and Klein gets a ninja turn-1 Moonbow (Lilina also potentially has a turn-1 Moonbow against axes, though that largely just scares the axes off). Throw in Wasaga+'s and Forblaze's debuffs for good measure. I'd almost feel bad, but I'm tired of being raided by super whales.
  3. Aether Raids General Thread

    Lilina + refresher(s) is usually enough to punch through. A Light setup pretty much ensures he's getting hit by Chill Res and Death Blow 6 puts her into a range where just her raw damage output is pretty scary (bonus points is that she hits hard enough to even give blues with mediocre Res pause—my double-Link, Light-boosted Odin will takes 12-15 damage, so imagine something not boosted eating that). Axebreaker Caeda can kill him with relative ease (my +Atk +0 did it multiple times last season on offense). The tricky part is letting her close in. She can't WoM thanks to needing Axebreaker and he general physical fragility means she's a bit of an easy target (and unlike Lilina, lacks tomes for extra threat range). Your best bet is probably a very carefully crafted rally trap.
  4. Aether Raids General Thread

    Reinhardt just team killed Eliwood. Eliwood was built to try to be a Surtr killer (and turn-1 Iceberg would have let him actually do some significant damage), but then Rein had to go and do 2x0 and charge my Surtr's Bonfire, letting him one-shot Eliwood.
  5. Aether Raids General Thread

    If the rest of Surtr's team is positioned far enough to the left, it still shouldn't matter, since your own buildings are stopping Pass from being useful to him. Anyone from two tiles below where I'd place Surtr, onward, would be safe due to being four tiles away from Ephraim's initial point of assault. Moving the Lantern and Flower Bed elsewhere might give him opportunity for openings, but it's still easy enough for an attacker to just clog up every valid tile with their own units.
  6. Aether Raids General Thread

    My first instinct with Hilda's map would be to bait below the left lightning trap with Surtr while the rest of his team hides on the left. Far enough in and Ephraim doesn't reach with either Sing or Galeforce, so he's basically just ramming against Surtr until he eats Bonfire. The following turn, Surtr would Menace Azura and Aversa would debuff all four units, since Azura and Lyn would clump up, while Sigurd would most likely take the right route, with Hector Pivoting over him. At that point, Sigurd would still be relatively scary, so bringing him down next would be priority.
  7. Voting Gauntlet - New Year's Showdown!

    You would've wanted to start spending an hour ago, regardless of flags. 2400 is six hours' worth of flags. That is a little weird, but maybe it's because of low interest. Personally, I've been pretty checked out of this VG (well, have been for the last nearly dozen, really, but at least I had more bonus units there) and just kind of coasting a lot more compared to when VG was new. If enough people feel the same way, but the spread of which teams they're on is skewed, then those still playing may cause things to sway oddly.
  8. Aether Raids General Thread

    Checked my replays after not having a chance to play until later and I had the most amusing useless successful defense (useless because I'd already lost Lift, of course). I took a hit on Lift at the start of the season, which dropped me back into T18 and erased Reinhardt. Someone then proceeded to YOLO in, heedless of Lilina's raw power and essentially lose two units to her. Took out Surtr and an Eir before they forfeited. Somewhat similar amusement on offense: Surtr's Atk isn't really overwhelming or anything, especially for my +0 -Atk one. This, however, allowed me to finish up a match where I had to kill the entire rest of the defending team to prevent casualties on my side, but I could let NY!Azura ram into him and not die, allowing me to pick up the last Aether pot.
  9. Aether Raids General Thread

    Now that defense aren't based around narrow choke-points, I think people are forgetting about the Repo-refresh setup. I finally got off my butt and built a six-unit defense team that more or less just kind of sits in the open with a bunch of horses waiting to be baited. Azura hangs out in the back, so she seems relatively harmless and there's a place where attackers can initiate on my Aversa from relative if they really want to. What people have been doing is killing her, the refreshing/Repo-ing just to the edge horse range. Except then horse Chrom moves forward, gets Repo-ed by Gunnthra, then refreshed and the Chrom rocket rams into someone. It's caught three people in a row for two kills so far.
  10. Aether Raids General Thread

    Last match left me 16 Aether shy of reaching the 101 requirement. Not that it would have mattered, since another victory would have left me about 60 Lift short of T20 with a small window left where someone could take 80 Lift from me. Starting to face defense teams that are going all in on killing Surtr as well. Faced a PA!Micaiah, Lilina, Axebreaker Caeda and Slaying Hammer+ Helbindi setup, backed up by an instant-Special Ophelia and NY!Azura. They were lined up in such a way that getting attacked by at least two with one refresher in play was inevitable. At least, that's how it was if I wanted to use my full-score setup. I might have been able to run a horse team to defuse it easier, but what's the point if I'm losing 61 Lift from the get go? Anyway, Odin proved how ridiculous he can be by face tanking the side with Caeda and Ophelia. He took 11 + 7 from Ophelia and 1 damage from Caeda, counter-killing Ophelia in the process. From there, their whole team just fell apart. The second team had a flier blob including flying Ninian, Gronnblade S!Camilla, Lilina, Pain+ Loki; and a Sacred Cowl, Shield Pulse 3, Warding Breath Surtr; all with Tactics buffs. This forced me to swap off of my usual triple Eir setup. What typically happens is I choose one of my configs with has either of Aversa and Odin, based on who will help Surtr deal with crap the best. It's a good thing I kept one with double Eir and both Aversa and Odin in my pocket, because this comp forced me to swap. Was totally worth it, though, as Aversa turned S!Camilla into a joke and Lilina couldn't do enough on her own to be a threat. Despite their Surtr being made to stall, my own Surtr and Aversa made quick work of him, allowing a slow push inward, since the defense was so concerned about protecting that Tactics Room that they basically choke pointed themselves. You know you're a glassy Loki and Lilina when an Odin who's only partially boosted (Def + Res Tactics only) can one-round snipe you.
  11. Aether Raids General Thread

    Lost too much Lift on defense to go up two tiers (which, honestly, I don't find a problem because going T18->T20 in one week without spending would be kind of silly), but I did get pleasantly surprised by a successful defense today where my anti-Surtr setup actually paid off. Surtr, boosted by 2 Eir, tried to disrespect my team by walking right up to them. He was actually too fast for Lilina to Axebreaker due to Aversa debuffs and him apparently being +Spd, but jumping right in there like that let Lilina hit him, then get sung and hit him again, which let Chrom finish him off with a piddly 8-damage hit. This was with Gunnthra doing absolutely jack all, so I probably had some leeway there. The attacker promptly surrendered the next turn (even though he probably could have picked my team without a terrible amount of difficulty, I guess he decided to evoke the Escape Ladder).
  12. Aether Raids General Thread

    Just watched a replay that's a demonstration of how greed kills. The attacking team deployed two Surtr +10s with Hack'o'Lanterns and they were indestructable, but got themselves choked up. Seems they realized they were running short on turns to get the Aether stuff, so they made a questionable move to snipe just the one pot with an injured Eir, who ended up in range of Lilina. I guess if that 10% Aether regen was key to getting another run, then it might be worth the 20 Lift loss, but I get the feeling that it wasn't planned, since the player also tried to futilely move Eir away from Lilina afterward.
  13. Aether Raids General Thread

    I just had a similar situation in reverse. Someone attacked me and lost two units in winning, but the match came too soon, so it counted as a -0. Right after that, I got hit by a full -80 loss that did count. RIP. Also, I know she's been discussed a bunch in the past, but I want to reiterate, for anyone waffling on who to give Light Blessings to, that Aversa is a great choice. Just one blessing, an HP+5 seal and the +4 HP from her default A slot lets her hit a lot of things. Mine's a +0 and with triple Eir, she hits 66 HP, which debuffs pretty much everything (it's also gross overkill—59 is probably where the usefulness truly caps out unless you're a madman aiming to debuff opposing Surtrs). She ruined both opposing defense teams that I fought today, one of which decided it would be a good idea to field full cav buffs. The other was a six-man defense team with two refreshers. Yes, I had a blessed Surtr, but he took so little damage (Hrid was doing 3... and Special Spiral Ophelia blasted him for 0) that a mixed tank with a bit less bulk (say around 6-8 less Def and Res) could have done the job nearly as well.
  14. Aether Raids General Thread

    I think Obstruct 3 being useful was almost inevitable with the way the game's bulk situation has been headed. It was really only a huge joke before because no one had enough bulk make it useful (thanks, Rein). Tonight's runs included a match where the defending team didn't bother to deploy an Armor School. Surtr with an +8 stats stacked on top of the bonuses I was already running is just really dumb. Their Hrid was hitting him once for 7 damage (on the round before Menace activated, anyway). 71 Res left him completely impervious to Aversa and Y!Azura. The silliest highlight of it was that they deployed Lucina as part of their team and Surtr had so much Def stacked up that he one-shot her with a Bonfire counter. I actually almost got timed out by a +10 Ward spam blob that was huddled around a Healing Fountain simply because 3 Eir can't do much to penetrate their defenses and -Atk Surtr's raw damage output is pretty bad (Sinmara did 90% of the work). Odin once again proved his worth by unraveling it from the side by trashing their Winter Tharja +10. That let my Surtr push his way in and start burning things. They also had a Surtr (with Miracle, no less), but made the mistake of giving him Ward over Menace, so once my Menace was in place, my Surtr could actually do raw damage.
  15. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    Forgot to check in on things before they ended. 3791 was some stupidly high rank in T20 when I got it that there wasn't ever any chance of me falling out. AA was 5240, which score just over #2000. Despite water season, definitely won't be staying in T21, since Fjorm is no longer a bonus unit. Guess I still at least have a shot at top 1000 AA, though.