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  1. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    My best guess is that they inherited it to increase his sustain in Tempest and/or Rival Domains, then forgot to change it back.
  2. Hero Merit Grinding and Flaunting Mega Thread

    Well, I found something for Infernal Robin. It's not F2P and, even given that concession, probably not the most ideal situation, given that it requires somewhat heavy SI and an ally support. However, it's still significantly cheaper and more useful to people than "Sheena 5*+8 with Aether and Slaying Axe+ refine", so there's that. I encountered my biggest frustration with the AI yet because it caused SI requirement bloat and the ally support when there is really no call for it. That is, the support armour refused to use Reciprocal Aid on 1-HP M!Grima, which would have solved everything, but didn't. I suspect it's because Grima would be expected to take 0 damage, so it just didn't bother. Something humourous did come of it, though. For the testing, I was using Zephiel, so... like, dude, I thought you liked dragons. Why did you hang Grima out to dry? Anyway: Slot 1: Filler 1 Slot 2: Filler 2 Slot 3: M!Grima - base kit plus Fury 3, Threaten Atk 2, DD3 Seal and a B support with Armour Support Slot 4: Armour Support - Fortify Armor and Spur Res 1 Seal; leave the weapon equipped, but make sure it has no assists The short version is pretty simple: Grima wanders into the checkpoint with a huge amount of buffs and murders everyone while being immune to physical attacks and taking minimal damage from the mages. Leaving the weapon on Armour Support is important to make sure the unit follows closely for maximum buffage on every turn. Now for the tricky part: dealing with boon/banes. I'm not sure how much any of the combinations will disrupt the process, though I can speculate. The Grima I used for this is +Def/-HP, but I configured all the abilities above as though he had neutral Def. Grima wants to be doubled by anything that isn't F!Robin (changes absolutely nothing if she doesn't double him because he one-shots her with Ignis on the first counter). If he is +Spd and hits A with Armour Support, I suspect things will fall apart because he needs Ignis to kill the red mage on the first round or else things go to hell. However, this scenario may also end up vindicating itself in that the if the Armour Support has Reciprocal Aid, the red mage still being alive for another go at things might cause Reciprocal Aid to actually be used. Grima will have to eat an Iceberg if that happens, though. The old turn order might also be able to be restored by using Bonfire in place of Ignis. -Res can probably be compensated for by upgrading the Spur Res Seal to 3. The only reason Grima really gets down to 1 HP is because of Fury damage from the physicals toward the end. +Res might leave Grima with enough HP to get Vengeful Fighter on the Seal Res axe fighter. If this happens, I'm not sure what it will change, though this may because F!Robin to not get one-shot (due to Ignis being used on the axe fighter), which may lead to the Armour Support getting targeted by her on the next EP. -Def is probably not going to work. Even with Threaten Atk 3, the one extra point can't compensate enough for the -3 Def. This might be finagle-able, due to enemy turn order, by swapping the Spur Res Seal for Spur Def, but I don't know. +Res (maybe +HP?) would likely be required in order to do that kind of seal swap. -Atk is probably also okay. It might miss some two-rounds on the melee, but Grima has all the time in the world, given that Glimmer on 0 damage is still 0 damage and all the mage kills are secured with significant overkill via Ignis.
  3. Hero Merit Grinding and Flaunting Mega Thread

    The overall rate for three units on Hard is worse than Lunatic/Infernal with two units (3x3.1=9.3 versus 2x5=10).
  4. Hero Merit Grinding and Flaunting Mega Thread

    One thing I want to mention for Navarre is that the auto-Ike clear can be done without any SI, though it does involve having an upgrade Hone and/or Spur Spd Seal (requires a certain amount of extra Spd on Ike). The guy who found it lays it out in this GameFAQ thread.
  5. Hero Merit Grinding and Flaunting Mega Thread

    Hey, no problem. These have been really fun to find and I'm glad people have been benefiting from them. Farming two units on Lunatic is still even a slightly better rate than doing three on Hard (10 vs 9.3). It's part of the reason I've been willing to go from solo-unit runs to duo-unit runs as necessary in these strats.
  6. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    I'm kind of surprised a ranged horse is able to be propped up enough by the other units to end up in a score ranking that high. Then again, I guess I did run into a Rein/Brave Lyn/Sigurd set at 722 last night. Anyway, score time: Tier 20 score of 5074 (5* Alfonse) - #4079 (/5792) Arena Assault score of 5212 - #871 Well, mid-to-highish 50XX has been looking uncomfortable lately, so I gave my Alfonse Growing Wind. Didn't seem to help much, but small sample size and all that. I might have to load the non-Fjorm Askrs up on more SP-minmax skills sometime in the near future. Speaking of which, that Sheena +8 is already paying off. Looks like I'm going to be in the top 900, which is pretty good for me. The matches played with two armours and two dragons, without Armor March and all without any repositioning skills was kind of crazy, though. Thankfully, I just need one, but it leads to some ugliness in trying to not end up having a bad match-up with the enemy. Running a mixed team also lets my Tiki carry around Def Tactic 3, which gives more leeway against my primarily physical opponents. The funniest thing to happen, though, was probably the enemy Ayra who came charging at my Draug with his 56 Def and barely did 1/3 of his HP with Regnal Astra.
  7. Hero Merit Grinding and Flaunting Mega Thread

    So, I didn't think things could get more quirky than the Gerome/Arden duo, but Lunatic Zephiel ended up being just that. Initially, I tried Black Knight plus unequipped Lissa, but not only was his damage output insufficient, but despite a huge amount of Def boosting, his tendency to beeline for the Brave Lance+ made the incoming damage far too high. This made me go back and look at the free unit roster and the best part of the results is probably that there are absolutely no 5* units required for this strat, though it does require the sacrifice of a 3* Odin and 3* Mae/Nino/Sully/Fae. Anyway, down to business: Slot 1: Filler 1 - non-cavalry; if this unit is an armour, it must have the Armored Boots Seal Slot 2: 4* Gunter - base kit plus Draw Back and the Def Tactic 3 Seal Slot 3: 4* Ursula - base kit plus Blarblade in place of Blarwolf and R Tomebreaker 1; if your Gunter is -Res, she should also have the Fortify Res 1 or Spur Res 1 Seal Slot 4: Filler 2 - non-cavalry What ensues is some rather hilarious stupidity when it comes to the interaction of Draw Back and a ranged unit fighting enemy armoured units who didn't bother to bring Armor March. On the first turn, Ursula will injure the lance knight. Gunter draws her back. Filler 1 slides in behind Gunter. On EP, the red mage suicides on Ursula. The enemies then move up, but mostly get stuck on each other. Ursula gibs the lance knight. The enemies advance, with Zephiel wandering into Ursula's Threaten Res range, which is important, because next PP, Ursula kills him exactly between her special and her regular hit. The AoE also injures the blue mage, which is crucial to the next turn. On EP, the blue mage will attack Gunter. On PP, the mage gets Threaten Ressed and then Ursula kills him exactly. Gunter draws her back. The remaining axe knight then spends the next two turns getting kited into Threaten Res range and getting two-rounded for his trouble. One of the funniest things about this strat is that Filler 1 blocks some inopportune Draw Backs that would otherwise cause Ursula to not land Threaten Res, which, considering she gets a couple exact kills with it, would be very bad. Gunter can also be swapped out for any other cavalry that knows both Hone Cav and Draw Back (probably not worth building for the sake of farming, but it's probably not unreasonable for someone to end up with that config as a matter of course when targeting other modes), with the caveat that cavalry must take significant damage from the mage—otherwise the mage will target Ursula and while she will then kill him, the axe knight will gib her, ruining the strat. As far as "significant damage" goes, I'm not entirely sure about the threshold, but based on the AI guide, I suspect it's 5+ damage. I know from experience messing around with a merged 4* Cecilia in his place that 2x6 is considered enough, but 2x2 is not. EDIT: Something else funny that I can't believe I didn't clue into with relation to the Elibe games: Ursula gets to kill Zephiel.
  8. Hero Merit Grinding and Flaunting Mega Thread

    Putting this in a new post because new Xander tech. This is yet another duo, since we need to both body block and have enough damage output to not get Ignis bombed to death. Arden needs to inherit Ignis for this to work, but that's it, making the skill and seal demand for this strat surprisingly cheap. Slot 1: Filler 1 - non-armour, Def Tactic 3 Seal Slot 2: Black Knight 5* - base kit plus Atk +1 Seal Slot 3: Arden 5* - base kit plus Ignis, Threaten Spd 1 Seal Slot 4: Filler 2 - non-armour Basically, BK and Arden are just going to keep going up. For whatever reason, the fillers will slip in behind them on the first turn, no matter their movement type, but go no further next turn. This allows BK to pick up the Def Tactic 3 buff. One possible caveat here is that I used a Black Knight +1 for testing. This should not matter for his survival or picking up kills (that's what the Atk +1 seal is for—he doesn't need it if he's merged), but there is that miniscule chance that the 1 HP might throw the AI behaviour off for whatever reason. If anyone could confirm with a +0, I'd appreciate it. Anyway, the way the sequence is supposed to work, it once BK is in range, with Arden beside him, Xander will move down to engage. Then the green tome cav and the cleric will suicide on him. On PP, Threaten Spd hits Xander, which is important, because now the BK can double through the Hone Cav. Arden will gib the sword fighter, then BK will have just enough punch to kill Xander to the HP. The lance fighter will then engage Arden (he does 0 to BK's massive Def, thanks to stacking Steady Stance 3, Def Tactic 3 and Drive Def 2). On the following PP, Arden and the lance fighter will trade Ignises, but only one man here is strong and tough enough to be left standing.
  9. Hero Merit Grinding and Flaunting Mega Thread

    Okay, because building these is entirely too fun, I took a break from Tempest+ to see if I could finagle something F2P-ish for Michalis. This brought me to a strat that I'm not completely satisfied with because of the restrictions placed on one of the fillers, but some really nominal, low-demand SI allows this team to farm Lunatic Michalis. Slot 1: Filler 1 - must be sturdy enough to survive two turns of attacks from the lance fighter* Slot 2: Arden 5* - base kit plus Pivot, HP +3, Panic Ploy 3 Seal Slot 3: Gerome 5* - base kit (including the Hit and Run) plus Moonbow (other specials might work, but this is what I tested with), Quick Riposte 3 Seal Slot 4: Filler 2 - Hone Atk 2 Seal The crux of the strat is that Michalis picks up a ton of flier buffs. Unfortunately for him, with some HP boosting, Arden has higher HP than him, so Panic completely and utterly destroys him. It's enough that all Gerome needs is Moonbow, a small Atk boost and the Quick Riposte Seal to bring him down over two turns. The lance flier will suicide onto Gerome and so will the sword flier after Gerome murders Michalis. Meanwhile, Arden will Pivot over Filler 2, getting into position just in time to intercept and kill the sword cav. Now, for the * with regards to Filler 1. This is a bit finicky, thanks to the lance fighter being a jerk with Death Blow 3, meaning that the filler needs to survive 49 Atk and 31 Spd twice. I think this will largely end in any reds that are bad enough to qualify as filler being completely ineligible, so I'm going to concentrate on examples for blues/daggers (the lance fighter also brings Bowbreaker and most bows are squishy, plus most staves can find easy HM assisting in other modes). Further complicating this in a good way is that Arden will try to make his way back, applying his Drive Def 2 to Filler 1 for the second hit. It's also worth noting that I initially had Def Tactic 3 on Filler 1, which was just plain overkill on Gerome—he can will all his fights without the +6 Def—which means that the benchmarks can be fudged a bit by the Close Def 3 Seal (the Fortress Def 1 Seal may even be able to provide a budget substitute in some cases) or perhaps a +Spd Seal. Filler that also have native +Def, +Spd or Lancebreaker skills may be at an advantage. 4* Lukas: 39 Def (Fort Def 1) and 42 HP takes 2x10 and 2x7 = 34/42 4* Oboro: 33 Def and 37 HP takes 16 and 13 = 29/37; Spd +3 Seal required to get her neutral Spd to 27 4* Valter: 31 Def and 39 HP takes 18 and 15 = 33/39 3* Sharena: 25 Def and 39 HP takes 24 and 21 = 43/39; Fort Def 1 Seal is enough to save her As seen, things are really precarious while Spd is <= 26 because damage gets crazy. However, anyone with 27+ Spd and Sharena's 3* defensive stats, or higher, should be able to survive the neutral match-up with nominal-to-no seal assistance. Green has a much easier time here: 4* Hawkeye: 26 Def and 42 HP takes 2x14 and 2x11 = 40/42 3* Beruka: 33 Def and 42 HP takes 2x7 and 2x4 = 23/42 3* Gunter: 29 Def and 39 HP takes 2x11 and 2x8 = 38/39 3* Bartre: 29 Def and 45 HP takes 2x11 and 2x8 = 38/45 3* Boey: 28 Def and 39 HP takes 2x12 and 2x9 = 42/39; Fort Def 1 Seal is enough to save him 3* Barst: 26 Def and 42 HP takes 2x14 and 2x11 = 50/42; Fort Def 1 Seal is enough to save him 3* Raven: 22 Def and 37 HP takes 18 and 15 = 33/37 I think I'm going to stop here because this is starting to get overly long, but hopefully that gives people an idea of the benchmarks required to let Filler 1 do its job. EDIT: Okay, some further testing is proving weird behaviour. My initial run was with a Bartre, who doesn't move at all. However, I just went at it with Beruka and she moved... Going to have to see if this is an infantry versus flier thing (I hope it is, because only a certain stat range working would be awful). EDIT 2: Quick bit of testing seems to indicate that it's a problem with specific fliers, regardless of stat line, and I don't know why. Fliers in general seem to deviate, moving out of the way, so it's possible that we could even use fliers that don't fit the survival benchmarks as filler. However, there are some, with no rhyme or reason, who seem to change the turn order. For instance, Beruka, Michalis and Clair all body blocked Arden's safe spot, causing him to Pivot face first into a Heavy Spear+. On the other hand, Subaki and Narcian behaved and weren't jerks about it, waiting to move until after Arden had. From the limited testing I did, infantry and cavalry will just sit still, so there's no problems with deviations there. Armours are generally going to be a no go because of Heavy Spear+ (Sheena is the sole exception). EIDT 3: I think I've solved it. In my haste, I left Swap on Subaki and Narcian with their Swap equipped. That changed the turn order to make it so they go first and don't get Arden killed. When this swings back around, I can test it by giving Clair her Harsh Command back. If this is all it is, things'll be weird for flier fillers because then they'll have to have an assist equipped, but will only have to worry about taking a single round of combat, as opposed to the infantry of cavalry needing to weather two.
  10. Hero Merit Grinding and Flaunting Mega Thread

    Bah, finagled with my no-SI strat to try to fit BK into Hector's place (requiring some SI and supports, unfortunately) and it almost works in that a Vantage BK should be able to get into a position to finish the bow, mage and cav off while just barely not dying. However, after Lloyd dies and the cav Repositions the bow, BK kills the axe flier instead of Arden, leading to Arden then just wandering off to the right—straight into range of both ranged. And then he dies a horrible, screaming death that was entirely unnecessary. Fun with auto-battle AI. I've also tried messing around with 4* Zephiel in place of Arden and the result is the same. Even if the bow didn't wreck him hard and he could use his WF3 to survive the mage, though, I've come to realize that it wouldn't make a difference. He'd live with barely any HP, BK would Black Luna the cav into paste, then Zephiel would wander up one tile so the mage could attack him again. EDIT: Well, I feel dumb for trying to lean on BK too much. Reddit has apparently had a zero-SI, F2P solution up for quite some time. I'd done some experimenting with LA!Eliwood, but more as a support than as a frontline fighter because his defenses are low enough that he just normally gets mauled and dies early. Even then, as a support, the axe flier would just obliterate him. NY!Corrin solves both issues beautifully, because he gets an easy kill on the bow knight right at the start (which BK can only do with the QR Seal, which then causes all sorts of other issues), then backs up and offs the flier, giving Eliwood all neutral or advantageous match-ups while boosting his defenses. I've personally tested the strat and can confirm that it works exactly as described.
  11. Hero Merit Grinding and Flaunting Mega Thread

    Welp, Lloyd Lunatic is pretty nasty for auto-battling because the filler slots can't provide buffs without putting them in danger and the bow guy's got Swordbreaker. This makes it so Vanguard Ike or Black Knight get super wrecked before the battle even begins. My Draug can just brute solo his way through it, but I doubt that's really going to help many people. I guess I'll throw his stats out on the off-chance someone here does have one to auto-farm with: Draug +10 (+Def/-Res) Wo Dao+Def, Pivot, Aether, DC, Vengeful Fighter 3, Spur Def/Res 2, DD3 I think the odds of finding something that uses guaranteed F2P units is pretty unlikely (if for no other reason than that stupid Bow Cav), but I'll see if I can at least find something less obscenely expensive than my Draug (probably gonna have some very narrow criteria, since my Sheena +8 couldn't even tank it out through attrition—dying to a Lloyd Iceberg by something like 3 HP). EDIT: Well, I've got a duo that works out, though one of the units is a seasonal unit and durability ends up being pretty tight... Slot 1: Arden 5* - Brave Sword+, No Assist (important, because he'll use Move Assist on Hector, causing issues! A Rally might be okay, but I haven't tested it.), Follow-Up Ring, Drive Def 2, Def Tactic 3 Slot 2: LA!Hector (+Def/-Res) - Glimmer, DC, WF 3, DD3 Slot 3: Non-armour filler Slot 4: Non-armour filler Due to Lloyd getting an Iceberg off on Hector right at the end (for just 20 damage, but it's a problem with the accumulation of other damage), having just 7 remaining HP makes things really tight. Having Rally Res on Arden probably won't make enough of a difference if Hector is neutral Def because he'll take 3 more damage from the Bow Cav's second attack (due to Hone Cav), plus 3 more damage from Lloyd for each of three attacks. That's 12 damage where the rally only gives a margin of 4, leaving Hector at -2 HP. I guess certain combos can still work. +Res/-HP will leave him with 2 HP. +HP with either of -Spd or -Atk would do the same. Granted, I'm not sure how badly -Atk would affect things. Inheriting Threaten Atk to Hector's C could also be an option, I guess, since it'll hit Lloyd for the first two attacks. Oh, and I suspose inheriting Ward Armor to Arden to replace Drive Def would save 7 damage.
  12. Hero Merit Grinding and Flaunting Mega Thread

    @mampfoid If BK is picking up Hone Atk 1, then it's impossible for the cav to live if he attacks BK at all. He has 49 HP, 25 Spd and 26 Def. BK with 50 + 2 Atk and 34 Spd will do 2x26, turning him into paste. EDIT: Pre-empting this because I thought I might be on to something with it, but it ended up not mattering: Threaten Spd drops BK to 29 Spd, so he doesn't normally double, but since Ursula can't attack him first due to being body blocked by the cav, the cav will still attack him while he's in QR3 range, even if the knight goes first.
  13. Hero Merit Grinding and Flaunting Mega Thread

    The way I've positioned Filler 3, BK should move right, just below and still pick up the Hone and Fortify on turn 2. Likewise, he's within 2 tiles of Filler 2, so he picks up Def Tactics 3, letting him run all the buffs for EP 2. That's the most crucial EP. After that, he doesn't need the Def Tactics 3, because he'll Black Luna the knight to death and take no damage from the thief. Replaying this, the cav should actually get way overkilled by Black Luna, so that extra Atk shouldn't matter... Did you do exactly as I said or did you stick Def Tactics 3 on Filler 3? That might be changing the AI order. Otherwise, I guess the AI order might somehow be changed up by the extra 1 Atk and HP (though that'd be weird if it does). Here's the exact sequence of events for me: Turn 1: BK moves right and has Def Tactics 3, which doesn't matter. Thief suicides on BK. Ursula breakers the block closest to BK and the cav moves to the left of her. Knight moves down and the other thief falls in behind him. Turn 2: BK picks up Fortify Res and Def Tactics (and Hone Atk, if it ends up being necessary). Filler 3 moves to the left of BK. BK then moves right. Knight attacks BK and takes 2x20 damage. Cav suicides on BK. Ursula suicides on BK. Turn 3: BK Black Lunas the knight. Final thief suicides on BK. EDIT: Actually, that Atk probably is what's messing up the turn order. The cav likely attacks first because it knows it will live through the two normal attacks. This then causes issues with the knight impaling himself on Black Luna instead of the cav, causing BK to run right the next turn. If you follow my setup and let BK pick up that Hone Atk, it should fix the issue because now the cav can't survive and should go in the proper attack order (the knight will attack first because it knows it can survive, then the cav attacks second because it knows it will die regardless—granted, even if it attacks first, then it'll die, the knight impales itself on Black Luna, then BK stabs the thief, which is win-win). EDIT 2: Just double-checked and Fortify Res is completely unnecessary. BK +0 will live with 2 HP, so Filler 3 is free to run Hone Atk in the S Slot.
  14. Hero Merit Grinding and Flaunting Mega Thread

    Hmmm, yeah, whoops. He's a +1. For some reason, I thought it gave him +1 Spd, which would be irrelevant here, but it's +1 Atk, which is why the cav survives with 1 HP (he should be dying during EP with the knight living instead). I'll make an addendum that Filler 3 also needs Hone Atk 1 (or Drive Atk, but... I'm skeptical that any unit with Drive Atk is going to end up as a filler in an auto-battle plan) if BK is +0.
  15. Hero Merit Grinding and Flaunting Mega Thread

    Worth noting that Vanguard Ike can farm Hard Robin with a similar setup to what he can use to solo Lunatic Navarre. Algo got a strat for auto-battling Infernal Robin, but requires a dedicated support unit and a very expensive Sheena setup. I'll post it here anyway, in case someone's got Sheena with a ton of favouratism to throw around, though: Filler 1: Anything not an armour Filler 2: Anything not an armour, Def Tactics 3 Seal Sheena 5* +8 (+Spd/-Def): Slaying Axe+Def/any assist/Aether/DC/Guard 2/Def Ploy 3/QR3 Gwendolyn (or anyone with Hone Armor inherited, I guess): Hone Armor, Fortify Res 3 Seal (other stuff doesn't matter so long as she has no weapon or assist) I haven't mathed it or had a chance to test it, but there's a chance that Goad Armor can work in place of Hone Armor. Also, Black Knight strat for Lunatic Ursula: Filler 1: Whatever Filler 2: Def Tactics 3 Filler 3: Unit that has 2 Move (so that the AI will make this unit flee to the left of BK on turn 2, avoiding the enemy ranged); if BK is +0, Hone Atk 1. Black Knight with Quick Riposte 3 Just make sure there's no more than one additional armour as filler. EDIT 2: Turns out Fortify Res isn't necessary at all.