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  1. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    I'll admit the temptation to give Nowi or Tiki Steady Breath had me looking at my sole Brave Ike, but in the end, I couldn't do it. TA3 is more than functional and sometimes Brave Ike cleans up during AA, which is typically my main concern, anyway. That is one interesting thing about whale territory that sort of peters out once people start really minmaxing for score: there's just that middle equilibrium where people are willing to throw a lot of expensive stuff at their favourite characters and still use them in Arena. The funny part is that the ones you're fighting are probably more functional, since stuff near the top of T20 that's not armours typically have at least 2 or 3 of the team run around with Dual Rallies and Aether/Galeforce. This leads to some really dumb stuff like Rein being notably less of a threat or Firesweep that's not nearly as scary without the shorter procs. Anyone who still wants to do that kind of stuff basically has to run Bold Fighter Zelgius.
  2. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    That assumes people are willing to trash the only two copies of the unit they can get. Practically speaking, most people will maybe sacrifice one. Yes, I know Dorcas is in the normal pool, but he doesn't get put into very many focus banners, hence why it would be exorbitantly expensive to try to off-banner pull for him because, despite the general green pool being smaller than the other colours, trying to off-banner pull is a terrible idea that only someone with thousands of dollars to casually throw around would even consider. Rein and Lyn have issues with not scoring very well is probably why. I still see them with suboptimal sets to get them up in my range, though. Usually it's only one of them, though, coupled with high-scoring horses like Sigurd, Chrom, Ephraim or Brave Roy. Typical flier spam varies from classic braves to Firesweep spam. The odd +10 seasonal tome flier also pops up, but few people got enough copies for +10 and the tome fliers in the regular pool don't seem to be something people consider +10ing. Some real fun oddities, though, is the prominence of super armours in the upper end means that if those flier teams are used for both offense and defense, they show up sporting anti-armour stuff. It's always amusing (if a little weird) to see Cherche using her native Hammer (fully upgraded, of course) or Cordelias with Slaying Spears.
  3. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    It's not just sacrificing the 5-star units, though. Those skills come on a very limited set of characters, so it's also a matter of having to pull them when they don't show up all that prominently in the rerun banners. This means people would either have to be willing to spend a toooon of money chasing off-banner units or be really patient. Either way, it's going to drastically discourage people from basing their main team around Infantry Pulse (plus, Ayra and other units that benefit from Pulse also have really strong other builds that are easier to get, so people are more likely to roll with those builds instead). Merged armors are more diverse now that they can run mixed-phase builds. It's not really all that different from running something like horse or flier spam. Dragons are the ones that are kind of forever stuck in EP Land and even then, a TA3 dragon can sometimes still wreck the colour they're strong against on PP.
  4. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    I don't think too many people would target that kind of niche infantry team as a main team, though, since if they're gonna throw in that much investment, it's probably gonna be on a super armour team.
  5. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    Yeah, I've seen a handful of Ayras and Sonyas running with really abusive Infantry Pulse teams (Ayra usually runs Slaying Edge+ for extra troll). It's powerful enough that I usually still take care and double-check calculations against them despite running TA3 dragons. It's not a very common thing, though, since I guess even the smaller whales don't have multiple Infantry Pulse fodder to casually throw around for 900 feathers/week.
  6. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    Score time. Things went pretty rough, thanks to water season without being able to deploy a water legendary (to no one's surprise, I'm sure). Tier 20 score of 3676 - #1795/6286 Arena Assault score of 5218 - #1288 Got spooked late Sat when I saw I was only 1000 places away from getting pushed out of Tier 20 with my dragons and Nino. So I finally broke the emergency glass and deployed my AA armours for a run (ran a team of Draug +10, Sheena +10, Nowi +10 and Flier!Nino—Gwendolyn ain't ready yet and is worth less points than even Tiki, so the trainee dragon stayed on). It was still really annoying, despite now having Armor March on Draug, but finishing the streak basically put me completely out of reach of falling out, so eh. With the last legendary banner eating nearly 300 orbs and giving me zero Fjorms, I've given up on competing for top 1000 in AA during water season. It just ain't happening. I'll have another crack at things once the legendary season flips again. I think my armours' time is virtually already past for AA, though, since Zelgius, Hardin and Grima laugh in the face of their point values. I guess at least they've more or less secured my ability to stay in Tier 20 (and AA Top 3000) almost indefinitely.
  7. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    The blessings as an incidental strategic option aren't too bad of an idea. Maybe overly restrictive to a degree, but options are always nice. Making it matter so much for score is pretty bad, though. I predict this will homogenize what blessing people care about in the Arenas to just water yet again, just like in the beginning—it's the most competitive season and too much of a pain to put such a large amount of resources toward the other ones. Earth might see some token effort, but it'll probably be a while before people invest in having that many strong, earth-blessed units.
  8. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    Already have a defense win as of about 15 minutes ago. Am I a bad person for putting the Guidance Seal on Pegasus!Nino?
  9. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    Score time: Tier 20 score of 3692 - #2674/6185 AA score of 5198 - #1650 Despite Sheena finally getting up to +10, I got real hosed in AA. I'm up to six copies of Gwendolyn with easily enough feathers to merge her up if I get the other five copies (assuming one is +Spd, too), but I feel like I'm not going to get that many for a while, since the gacha likes only spitting out one of her every 200-ish orbs or so. I guess at least while I'm gunning for her, blue might also gimme that last Florina I need to complete my favouratism project.
  10. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    All Alfonse needs to be functional is Reposition and Axebreaker. Give him that and he can be both movement utility and an axe-killer in a pinch. Throw in a C buff of your choice and, if you're super worried about points, an AoE special.
  11. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    Oops, got distracted and forgot to record my stuff at the usual time. I think I had 5196 in AA, which was #1241 in the end. Had 3680 in regular Arena, which was enough to stay in T20, but not sure where it ranked. Was at about the midpoint last night, but that's data outdated by 3/4 of a day, so...
  12. The Lunatic Club [Fates]

    Looking at the difference, unless you find a way to get around the breakpoints (like the castle convos), you can't do it in five maps. Just growing through combat, a fast support should get you to S in six maps instead of seven. You should probably have it if you were maxing points every time, so I guess holding back during Odin's join map might have come back to bite you.
  13. The Lunatic Club [Fates]

    You're short one chapter for an S-rank support. There's a cap on how much you can gain and you hit it after four fights paired up together. Generally it takes 7 chapters of max points to get there: 1 for C, then 2 for everything that follows. This means Arthur Effie would get C from C7, then B from C8 and P1, then A from C9 and C10. C11 would put them halfway to S. You can get around this limitation if the units have chats inside your castle, but that's obviously pretty RNG (you can also attack online castles for something less RNG).
  14. Resetless Lunatic+ Run COMPLETED (Deathless) (With Complete Guide)

    I wouldn't really count the backpacks as combat units unless they swap to the lead position a decent amount of the time. Yes, Chrom gets a decent amount of kills, often resulting in him being a good pair support, but I still wouldn't put him up front. Okay, well, there probably shouldn't be much issue with those. You'll need to put pretty much all of your EXP into Sumia and Cordelia after C7 if you want to get them to acquire Galeforce in a timely manner. This means relegating Robin to the back with Cordelia for a while (him helping with DSs should help stop him from becoming irrelevant, though). Catch him up with Morgan's paralogue if necessary. Aside from that, have a game plan for dealing with Grima's double 53 defenses. As far as class paths, Severa's big on physical, so something like Bow Knight or Sniper is a safe choice. Hero's also good and gives useful late-game skills. Cynthia could stay in the Pegasus line or hop over to Paladin. Every lead pretty much enjoys having Paladins as their pair partner, though a mobile magic class like Dark Knight or Dark Flier could work for Morgan (assuming the class is available—also, maybe don't do that for Lucina).
  15. Resetless Lunatic+ Run COMPLETED (Deathless) (With Complete Guide)

    Yoshi's highman does quad Galeforce, though, which uses roughly four combat pairs, all with Galeforce leads. That's a pretty far cry from eight.