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  1. If you want other skills, Shove is more than passable. For a C Skill, I'm personally going with Threaten Speed(Selena 4*). It's, imo, the best among them at keeping the unit alive.
  2. Saw the new banner and decided to pull on this one again... Gunter continues to dash my hopes of getting Hector. Doesn't he get that Roy is hungry?
  3. One last pull, haven't seen a 5 star in a while, and then I'll be waiting for the Navarre banner, unless these guys have some baller skills.
  4. Easier just to put up a picture: Roy is at +2, so the actual total would be 16. Two of them were brought up from 4* though, Robin and my most recent Roy who was sacrificed to the one currently shown.
  5. Unfortunately, I think only one of the unreleased characters is anywhere close to coming out: Roy(Potentially CYL) Celica/Severa Nephenee Miledy I've got Roy, at least, and I'm trying to mold him as close to his FE6/A appearance as possible. I'll be able to do the same with Nephenee, though I'll need a Wrath replacement, and Severa. Outside of Iote's Shield, no odea what I'd give Miledy.
  6. Have you bought your 3 Light's Blessings yet? Just as well, how many do you have? You can easily brute force all of these with them.
  7. So I've currently got two Roys(-Atk/+Res and -Atk/+Def). If I pull another Roy with a more favorable stat spread(say -HP/+Spd or Atk) in the future and I merge my current Roy into it, does it keep all of the skills it has inherited and learned or will he have to learn them all over again?
  8. This is actually a build to get Roy close to his in game, including Awakening and filling in where I have to, presentation. Roy w/ Binding Blade Push Sol/Noontime A - Distant Counter/Fury 3/Life and Death 3 B - Renewal 3 C - Threaten Speed 3 Distant Counter would be the obvious preference, but that would require me to get a Hector and I'd want a second Hector before I sacrificed the first Hector, because who would seriously give up a Hector. Fury 3 would be the choice afterwards, as there should be plenty of healing to maintain it. Renewal 3 mimics the Binding Blade's ability to heal Roy. Threaten Speed should do the most work when it comes to keeping him alive, I don't know what doubles it will stop though.
  9. Did they seriously translate it as Elffin?
  10. You can literally just solo starting stratum with characters that meet two of the criteria and blow through them.
  11. So Noontime vs. Sol. 3 turn cooldown for a 30% heal or 4 turn cooldown for a 50% heal? This is pretty much the last decision I have for Roy, my build for him will be complete after this.
  12. Wonder when preorders will start happening, I was already going to be paying a visit to Gamestop today to pick up a copy of Horizon for my sister's birthday. It'll finally give me an excuse to pick up a Roy Amiibo as well.
  13. Wait until they get to Rutger, they'll never be able to replicate his 100+% crit chance.
  14. I'm, mostly, with @Glaceon Mage. I don't really care for Ike. I'll be perfectly fine if he only gets two forms, I think weapon choice should be handled outside of forms anyway.