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  1. What do you mean 'how do I open Alm's side"? That you're in Act 4 means you've already opened the sluice gates. All you have to do now is march north.
  2. My Delthea got +2 3 times, maybe only twice, 30 attack before her first promotion is insane. Her stats at Mage 20 are HP: 32 Atk: 30 Skl: 21 Spd: 26 Lck: 25 Def: 14 Res: 15
  3. New banner: Rite of Shadows

    Woo! Number 2 for my dream team. So much focusing on Celica. They haven't all been balanced. Hero Fest, for the most recent, was 3 guys and a girl.
  4. Voting Gauntlet: Battle of the Mages!

    I just pulled Julia, don't know if I should stick with Robin or not.
  5. Your Choose Your Legends Progress Report

    I don't know how to do colors with the mobile post box so I'll use bold, italics, and underline, respectively. Roy, Roy, Roy, Roy, Roy, Roy, Roy, Roy, Roy, Roy, Roy, Roy I missed a day of voting.
  6. Official Pull Topic

    Decided to pull on the Female Mage banner: She is neutral on her IVs.
  7. Dataminers haven't gotten the Celica banner yet, have they? I'm tempted to pull on this banner.
  8. Had a thought about Durandal and Armads. Will we see any FE6 characters with them? For those who haven't played the game, Durandal and Armads were merely S, not Prf, rank weapons in FE6. If they do end up being used again, who do you think would use them?
  9. SF Orbs Giveaway: Winners and Pulls

    Congratulations to the winners. Here's hoping you pull a Hector. Basically, they pulled numbers from a hat and those numbers match our posts in the other thread.
  10. Skill Inheritance Discussion.

    OG Roy is 99% complete! I just need a better base Roy now, this one is -Atk/+Res. *sniff* It's beautiful.
  11. Think I'll go with Camilla, as she has put in a lot of work for me. I've only played until Chapter 10 of Birthright, so I haven't used her yet. Two female Generals? Who am I forgetting? That being said, unfortunately, armors aren't that great in FE6. A recruitable enemy general could've been bonkers.
  12. FEH Channel (Livestream at 12:30 PM JP on 4/28)

    I'll probably end up with Vantage on mine, my one Fazilla has already fed her Renewal to Roy. My spin today got me Faye. Not sure what the luck was.
  13. FEH Channel (Livestream at 12:30 PM JP on 4/28)

    EU would be the European Union, though Europe is a continent rather than a country anyway.
  14. FEH Channel (Livestream at 12:30 PM JP on 4/28)

    JPN just feels more appropriate as we seem to abbreviate most, if not all, nations to three letters. So basically just link my account. The luck doesn't do anything, right?