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  1. Official Pull Topic

    Free pull from the new banner was 4* Stahl, who I'm happy to merge with my previous 3* Stahls. Always appreciate an upgrade. Otherwise, I pulled from the Takumi banner in search of Takumi or Jaffar...and I ended up with: 3rd 4* Rebecca (sent home for feathers since I already have a 5* Rebecca) 2nd 4* Jeorge (merged) 6th 4* Niles (GROSS. GTFO) My pity rate is climbing, but I have my doubts about pulling a Takumi or Jaffar before the banner is over. I"m okay with dumping all my orbs for this. I feel like even if they do bring out a Halloween banner, it'll have to be a one month long seasonal so there should be more opportunities to rack up the orbs.
  2. What are you doing with your feathers?

    I already posted, but up to this point, there still hasn't been any new GHBs, so I think I'll just promote my Valter and then hoard feathers until there's a GHB I like. I've decided that I already have so many Green Tome Users that promoting Female Robin would be kind of a waste...
  3. Holy war banner

    I think Imma skip this banner, never played genealogy and not too interested in it tbh. I'll take a free pull anytime, but I'll save the rest of my few orbs for the Takumi banner.
  4. Official Pull Topic

    Pulled 4* Lucius and 4* Sheena, merged the Sheena and sent away the Lucius. At this point, I'm kind of surprised they haven't rolled out the Halloween banner yet, if there's going to be one. At any rate, I'm going to be dumping all my orbs into Takumi's banner, trying to get him or Jaffar. I'm not interested in any of the new Heroes in the Genealogy banner, though I'll still do the free summon of course. If nothing else of note comes up by the time Takumi's banner ends, then I'm just going to save my orbs. We'll see how long I can hold out ;)
  5. Official Pull Topic

    First pulled a 4* Sully, upgrading from 3*. As much as I dislike not pulling 5* units, I don't mind these upgrades. Also pulled a 4* Owain, and did a similar upgrade. FINALLY, pulled my PA!Shigure. Now I'm done with the PA banner, and it's time to sink what remaining free orbs I can get into the Takumi and Jaffar banner before it expires. I'm feeling less and less confident that we'll get a Halloween banner at this point, but I suppose that's alright.
  6. Datamine-Sacred Coin usage revealed

    Here I was thinking they might be used to purchase past seasonal heroes. I have literally like no sacred coins lol but I don't bother with Sacred Seals so I'm okay with not collecting this currency.
  7. Official Pull Topic

    Pulled 3* Donnel and 4* Reinhardt. Merged the Donnel, fed Reinhardt to Masked Marth for Vantage. Still missing that Shigure. I feel like since I got so lucky at the beginning of the banner, I'm not going to pull him till the end, if at all.
  8. I would also like to add Donnel to my list, though I see he is a common face in many barracks. I'm like this close, Donnel. THIS CLOSE. Did I mention I'm F2P? If I was P2P, I don't think I would mind dupes so much, but EVERY SINGLE ORB IS SO PRECIOUS TO ME. WHY, DONNEL, WHY??!!!
  9. What are you doing with your feathers?

    I only use them to promote GHB characters, or characters that can't be obtained via orb pulling. I'd rather not promote anyone else in case I get them as a 5*.
  10. Is FEH getting stale lately?

    I'm too busy with other things IRL like work to feel like FE Heroes is getting dull. Granted, I thought there would be more story at this point, but...alas. I'm glad things have slowed down with GHB since it's given me time to level up the people that I want to, and everyone else that I don't care about can kind of just sit in the barracks. At some point in the near future, I expect that I'm probably just going to be logging in for the orbs and a few missions every day without too much other commitment. Aside from the occasional flurry of activity when seasonal characters that I want come out.
  11. Official Pull Topic

    @eclipse Gurrrll I just can't help but throw shade around guys like him. Sank a couple more pulls into the PA banner, got a 4* Shanna and 4* Mae to show for it. Shigure is still eluding me, but I shall have him eventually. I'm really tempted to pull for Takumi and Jaffar...SO tempted...must resist...
  12. Your unit wishlist (Current pool)

    Time to update the wishlist, I suppose. After being lucky enough to pull Inigo, PA!Azura, and 5* Catria, I am still hurting for: High priority: Ryoma, Hector, Takumi, Brave Lyn, Kagero, Jakob, Innes, Medium priority: Leo, Ike, Karel, Sonya, Eldigan, Oscar, Roderick, Jaffar Low priority: 5* versions of Chrom, Marth, Jeorge, Seliph, and Camilla. If I happen to stumble across 5* versions of Hawkeye and Raven, I'll be glad to have them, too. I've already got 4* versions of all these units, but an upgrade would be most welcome. Aside from these peeps, I'm planning to promote my Navarre, Valter, and Female Robin to 5* in that order. Then I'll be done with any GHB characters (not interested in using Legion, Clarisse, Lloyd, Tobin, or Zephiel). I'm giving up on a 5* Black Knight, I just can't stand the 1 movement of armor units. It drives me crazy.
  13. Official Pull Topic

    Pulled: 4* Leon (eww gtfo sent back) 3* Donnel (i've seen far too much of you lately) I was hoping to yolo a Takumi or Jaffar from the new banner, but nope. I was very tempted to dump another pull into the new banner in an attempt to get Takumi at least, but I remembered I still need Shigure. Alas. I really want Takumi...but that Halloween banner may come up...but I still need Shigure! lol too many precious ppl that I still need.
  14. Halloween Heroes?

    Tbh I'd actually be kind of surprised if they don't take advantage of Keaton as a werewolf for a halloween banner. Also, if there is a vampire character, I'm going after them. Don't judge me.
  15. Official Pull Topic

    Spent 40-something orbs on this Performing Arts banner so far, right now I'm 2/3 for desired units. Still looking for Shigure, because I'm really feeling the lack of blue mages on my team. I've only got Reinhardt and Ursula in the Gold club, so...:P Most recently, pulled: 3* and 4* Donnel (...again?) PA Azura (legit was inb4 Inigo) 2 4* Hawkeyes (i love this man no matter how many times he shows up at the door) PA Inigo (YAAAASSSS come here bby i'll take real good care of you ) Usually, I level units up to lvl 20 immediately once I get them with the use of crystals, but I think I'm going to lvl Azura and Inigo manually. I'd like to experience for myself how they'll fit into the team. Once I get Shigure, I'm done with this banner and it's time to start saving for the Halloween one, if it does come up.