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  1. *sigh* Another banner with 3 female units and just 1 male unit. I don't know why I react to that kind of stuff anymore. In other news, I think I'll try to free pull for Silas, then stop. F2P need to stock up T_T
  2. Women of Serenes Forest!

    I love coffee and tea! But for coffee, it has to have lots of milk and a good measure of sugar/caramel or something for me to stomach it. I actually really like the smell <3 Favorite tea is green tea, and I like it bitter or sweet! I also love fruit teas, there's this place near my old house that had really great fruit teas and I wanted to order all the drinks off the menu just to try everything.
  3. Women of Serenes Forest!

    This is just my opinion, but I think that people who are actually nice don't go around broadcasting the fact. It's not the same as defending yourself or your intentions when someone falsely accuses you of something.
  4. Women of Serenes Forest!

    All of this. A nice guy who insists that he's a nice guy...well :P
  5. KPOP THREAD II: The New Covenant

    IF THEY DO THAT FOR REAL I'M- It's rude af. I've heard conflicting things about whether or not you will raise a single artist, or the group as a whole. I think it might be raising one at a time, but you have to raise everyone? That'd make for a long game, but I guess it depends on how long the cinematic narrative is going to be. From the video calls, it looks like most of them are one-on-one, which leads me to think it's single raising at a time, but idk... What do you think the gameplay might be like? Or what does gameplay in a cinematic game mean? Stat-raising mini games, maybe?
  6. KPOP THREAD II: The New Covenant

    I'LL PM YOU. I think they're going to heavily toe the line, just without explicitly crossing it. Implying it not-so-subtly, maybe. Did you watch Bangtan Over Flowers? Maybe it'll be something like that at most, I think! The wait is slowly killing me inside...not a good time when I'm about to start school and need to study like 5 hours a day on top of classes. I think this game is going to drain my soul.
  7. KPOP THREAD II: The New Covenant

    GURL I HAVEN'T TALKED TO YOU IN LIKE 2387429384729838 YEARS HOW YOU BEEN??!! *ahem* Yes, I completely agree with you! Take One Company is actually producing the game, Netmarble is just distributing. If you look at TOC's past product, it was an idol dating sim with a B1A4 member, so I'm really curious as to how they'll handle this. Don't think they'll dare go that far, especially with it being a management simulator. Obvs the game is going to pander to almost every fangirl fantasy we have anyway, but I'm not complaining <3
  8. KPOP THREAD II: The New Covenant

    Y'all, I'm still waiting for that BTS world game. I hadn't really been following BTS, so I'm glad I haven't had to wait since they announced it in February, but still... They've delayed it to the 2nd half of the year, without explanation from Netmarble. I saw some ppl say online that it's going to drop sometime btwn August-October (which also happens to be when BTS is on tour) but idk. I'm afraid they're going to push it to 2019 or something, which doesn't really make much sense to me since they shot everything for the game so long ago? Given the popularity of BTS and how much work and money has already been invested into that partnership, and the relationship btwn the two CEOs, I highly doubt this game will be cancelled. EDIT: Korean media are now saying that it'll be released in the fourth quarter October-December *sigh* On the bright side, the game is confirmed to be out this year (they wouldn't delay it 3 times, would they? Would they?). So...pre-registration should start in September, maybe? It seems so far away...
  9. Euuughh Sumia, Olivia, and Maribelle all at once... The bond event could've been executed better, IMO, since I'm not interested in any of the characters except Libra this round and it's just for a limited time. However, I think the structure could be good fit for the FEH demographic, especially if they make all the future events female-heavy too. In other news, more free orbs is always appreciated!!! More weapon refinery is fine by me, and it really feels about time for the Askrans. I'm not sure how I feel about the Arena changes since I don't really do much there. It does seem like a nice way of giving more rewards and hero feathers, but I can understand some people feeling like the extra competition alienates them more if they're not whales.
  10. Official Pull Topic

    Y'all, this is that bullsh.... I've been trying to get Summer Corrin, which I tried to get all last summer to no avail, on my main account. Then I spent some more orbs trying to get Hector, also to no avail (instead I got like 2938742983472398 3* green units in the process). Ended up with nothing to show for my efforts. THEN TODAY, I tried to pull from the Legendary Banner with my alternate account, and Legendary Hector appears as the free unit. I went back to Summer Corrin's banner in hopes of getting her, but there were no blue orbs. I pulled a red one, thinking how hysterical it would be if I pulled Summer!Leo, who I also tried to get all last summer with no results. Guess who decided to come home?
  11. I've always hated skirts. Partially because I'm insecure about my legs and partially because there's always that issue of skirts flying up in the wind. Don't have a problem with really long skirts though, since they don't do that. Although I'm used to jeans all day every day, I'll admit that sweatpants, yoga pants, and leggings are more comfortable. If I could wear those all the time in public I would. As for poor Marth...I love him, but I don't think his artists ever meant for him to have a thicc physique. That is all.
  12. The only person I really really want from this banner is Legendary Hector. I already have several of the other units, and I don't really care about the remainder. Leif or Female Morgan would be welcome surprises, and I wouldn't say no to a LA!Lyn either. On the other hand, I'm desperately seeking Female Corrin, Summer Innes, and Summer Roy, so...I think I'm going to focus my few F2P orbs on those banners instead.
  13. Official Pull Topic

    No Innes yet, but in the past couple weeks I managed to get flying Nino and Karel with the meager F2P orbs I had left :O
  14. Tharja is a stalker, and potentially (if S-ranked) an abusive wife and mother. How sexy. Given the great success of otome games, it seems that many women spend money outright on the desired man's route. If FE ever made an otome genre spinoff...hell would break loose in several different ways. Gacha games are too risky to spend IRL money on, IMO. BUT DON'T UNDERESTIMATE HUSBANDO PASSION. I WILL FIGHT THE BREIDABLIK WITH ALL OF MY MIGHT AND...the few F2P orbs I managed to scavenge. At any rate, you're completely right about the current setup bringing in the most money. I thought the seasonal summer banners were going to be re-runs of last year's summer heroes, kind of like how they re-ran the bridal banner in the spring. Seems like they're going to be 2 new banners though :O
  15. Innes? I knew it. Ppl were saying Ephraim, but I felt the hair was off and it was too soon after his Legendary Heroes appearance. SWIGGITY SWOOTY I'M COMING FOR THAT BOOTY. I just got Innes on the last Legendary Heroes banner through my alternate account, so here's hoping I can get the seasonal version of him on my main account, if possible. I spent like 30 orbs pulling for Jaffar with, alas, no luck.