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  1. Official Pull Topic

    I couldn't hold my self control any longer, so i spent all my orbs on the TT banner in an attempt to get Kagero, who I've been trying to pull for many months since the game first released. Instead, I got a random 5* Genny
  2. Official Pull Topic

    Free pull on the TT banner was a 4* Oboro. While I have no uses for her, this finally means that the only 3* character I have left (aside from unwanted GHB ppl) is Wendy. Everyone else is 4* and up, thankfully. Y'all, I've never had to hoard orbs before when I wasn't interested in any of the banners. I wish I could take the 40 orbs I have stocked up and pour them into the Legendary Heroes banner that just past. I'm going to be salty about that forever, I think.
  3. Official Pull Topic

    Managed to grab LA Roy for my free summon from the LA banner, and LA Hector arrived about 50 orbs later. My first Hector LOL. Done with this banner, going to save up for a later banner. *sigh* I'm still salty af about that Legendary Heroes banner, y'all have no idea.
  4. Legendary Hero Banner (Ft. Vanguard Ike)

    I got to 10.50% pity rate while sniping red and colorless...and still no 5* units. I think I dumped about 100 orbs into this banner, and once again, like every other banner... EDIT: second alternate account's 75 orbs needed a Summer Fred, FINALLY. Tbh though, those accounts are just so I can feel less salty about not getting the units I wanted and for harvesting free orbs when they come around. I don't have enough time or energy to play on more than 1 account.
  5. Official Pull Topic

    They're either cursed, or my Arthurian luck is showing again. I will say that my first spot of good luck with a free pull on the Hero Fest banner apparently ruined the 55 orbs that I was saving for Legendary Heroes. I would like to say that so far, I have never pulled a single 5* unit from any Legendary Heroes banners to date. Not a single one. I pulled a Brave Lyn for my free pull from the new Heroes Fest banner today. I immediately quit the banner, and will not be pulling from it again. Instead, I dumped all 55 orbs I had left into Legendary Heroes, and guess what? No 5*'s, once more. Pity rate is almost at 10% now with me sniping colorless and red. Yes, I jumped into the colorless pit for Summer Fred and Takumi. EDIT: alternate account's 75 orbs yielded nothing but a repeat 5* Sanaki, which was also a pity rate breaker.
  6. Legendary Hero Banner (Ft. Vanguard Ike)

    Spent around 30+ orbs so far on the legendary heroes banner sniping red and colorless, no 5*s yet. I've had notoriously bad luck with Legendary Heroes banners, but I'm hoping to pull Vanguard Ike, Siegbert, Summer Frederick, and Takumi. Those 50 orbs are going to do work (prolly still not going to get any 5*s lol)
  7. Grand Hero Battle: Lyon

    Ah Lyon, come to mama <3 Me and my 50k feathers have been waiting for you.
  8. YAAAAASSSS male Corrin! For the first time, I have all the 40% heroes to use (with the exception of Corrin himself). Time to blow through this TT and collect more orbs so I can try and get Zelgius and Ryoma, at least.
  9. Ah, mini TT! I like these better than the full fledged ones...they're too much work lol. I'll happily take a New Years Corrin and add him to my collection, and I'll be glad for the reward orbs given the new summoning banner that's about to drop.
  10. I agree with your speculations, I've bolded the ones that I think are most likely. The new mode...maybe maybe not. But I think the bolded stuff is par for the course, in terms of special events through FEH. Unless, that is, IS decides to do something really big and unexpected. Otherwise I think this will be about it, and I'm okay with that. Tbh, all I really want is a big load of award orbs and story missions. Oh, and NY!Corrin.
  11. Official Pull Topic

    For some reason, my Arthurian luck vanished and I pulled all the New Year's focus units within 5 sniping sessions of each other. Naturally, I had some unsuccessful snipes before that, but still, I was quite impressed :O I only wish I'd been that fortunate with the recent Legendary Heroes and Christmas Banner. I didn't pull a single 5* unit in Legendary Heroes, and I got 2 Christmas Lissas instead of the Christmas Chrom that I wanted. I could've saved up my orbs for the next banner, but I couldn't help but spend them all on the Tempest Trials banner in an attempt to get Frederick. Alas, I only managed to get 2 4* Boeys, a 4* Hinata, and a 3* Gaius.
  12. I'm pretty sure that the other one is Azura, plus obvs Takumi. Tbh I was never an Azura fan, and I'm legit sick of seeing her in literally everything idk why ppl like her so much. She's so bland it blows my mind. At any rate, I'm surprised they pulled out a new seasonal banner when the legendary hero one is about to drop :O I haven't got Christmas Chrom yet on my main account :/ ...also d*mn, y'all, people have lots to say about this! I started typing this before I took a shower and now suddenly there's 100+ new replies before I submitted it.
  13. Tempest Trials: A Gift of Peace!

    Hmmm...another Masked Marth :/ I think I'll do the battles just to get orbs and feathers and crystals. I'll probably feed the 4* Masked Marth to my 5* one for some more SP.
  14. Official Pull Topic

    After spending about 35 orbs, I managed to nab a Christmas Lissa, and my first ever Jagen. This is going to be one of THOSE banners where I spend the rest of the banner time period sniping for one color, and may never get it *sigh* Chrom, my first husband, please return as your Christmasy self soon.
  15. I never use them unless I need to, so it's not an issue. Up until now, there's always been a need to since I've always had 4* GHB units that need promoting. At this point, however, all the GHB/TT units that I'm planning on using in the future have been upgraded to 5*. I'm just going to keep saving up until 20k feathers, but by that point I think there will be a new GHB character that needs promoting. If not, I'll just keep saving up. I MIGHT promote my Black Knight to 5*, but I really didn't even try to get him as a 5* during TT since I don't use armor units. Eh, we'll see.