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  1. Is "Teacher" the avatar?

    I think it's pretty obvious that Teacher/Byleth is the player Avatar. Whether or not they'll do S supports is unknown right now, but given the success of fanservice and waifu/husbando obsession for the franchise...let's just say that from a business perspective, I'd expect them to put it in.
  2. Official Pull Topic

    I guess it's a good thing that there aren't really any banners I'm interested in pulling on, aside from the Legendary one right now. I have exhausted my methods for getting more free orbs, so I'll be schlepping on the summons. Most recently, managed to get Legendary!Robin and New Years!Takumi. I already had a New Years!Takumi, so I was hoping to get Innes FINALLY but of course not. My Arthurian luck insists that I must get the other 2 units, not the one I was sniping for. Legendary!Robin has proven to be quite helpful, though.
  3. Official Pull Topic

    I have long understood and sadly accepted the fact that I simply am unable to get any more orbs without paying for them at this point. Over the past few weeks, I sank like 30 orbs into the new bridal banner, and came out with lance Shigure, who I had been unable to pull on his separate banner a while back. More recently, I spent another 30 orbs on the new Legendary Heroes banner and got nothing of note. The struggle of remaining F2P... INSTEAD, on my alternate account, I pulled Legendary!Ryoma after about 40 orbs. I also managed to get Bridal!Tharja, plus Zelgius and Dragon Scion Tiki as off-focus 5*s on the bridal banner. I also got 5* Male Corrin as the free pull on his banner a while back. Given, I've been racking up a lot of free orbs on my alternate account since I hadn't gone through and played all the story modes and stuff yet.
  4. Legendary Hero: Ryoma, Supreme Samurai

    *wiggles fingers* come here, Ryoma, I'll take real good care of you... Sniping red and colorless just in case Sigurd or Innes decide to show up as well. If at all possible, I want the Christmas!Chrom as well. I got 2 Christmas!Lissas during his banner.
  5. 1) This banner should have been all grooms, IMO. Last time it was brides, this time it should've been grooms. I know they're pandering to demographics, but *sigh* 2) I'm still resolutely F2P, so thankfully I can save orbs instead of wasting them on this banner. I'm tempted to summon Bride!Tharja as much as I hate Tharja...I like the art. I'm debating whether or not I should cave 3) Does anyone know why Ninian and Sanaki were picked as the other bride units? Maybe I'm just not aware of how popular they are in the fandom or something. 4) They threw us a bone with the Groom!Marth, but I'll take it. EDIT: The concept of IRL marrying virtual wives/husbands is making me lose faith in humanity. No pun intended.
  6. New Heroes: Geneolgy

    Eh not interested...guess I'll do a free pull Red for Ares, but other than that I'll skip this banner. Finally a breather so I can stock up on more orbs after wasting them all with no results on the Wings of Fate banner.
  7. How many 5 star units do you have?

    I'm stunned at how many ppl have 100+ 5* units. Being a possessor of Arthurian luck and a resolute F2P, I only have 65. Once the new 5* pool goes completely into effect (and thus several of the characters that I've been holding out for a 5* version will no longer be available as such), I will use up my hoarded feathers to immediately promote Kagero, Chrom, Jakob, and Marth to 5*.
  8. Official Pull Topic

    I have had an unprecedented amount of 5* pity breakers on the Hares at the Fair banner. 3 in total: Azura (before pulling Spring!Sharena), Amelia, and Soren. Alm was my free pull on the Thracia banner, and 5* Seliph was my free pull on the new banner today. I'm done with the new banner, but I wanted to get the Leif or the new Reinhardt from the Thracia banner *sigh* I've been putting every single spare orb towards the Hares at the Fair banner, but it seems like I'm doomed to be stuck with just Spring!Sharena. I really wanted all of them, but alas, I can't hope for better luck.
  9. Jokes and Memes about Heroes

    From the title of the meme I thought it was female summoner. Where did the male Morgan come from though? :O Donnel Trump meme is truth. That banner was rough for real.
  10. WTF ALFONSE WHAT IS THAT. ...I want them all. What should I do, as a resolute F2P? *sigh*
  11. Official Pull Topic

    Something very strange happened during this session of pulls, y'all. I went into the banner with the goal of sniping blues, and in my first session, I had 2 of them. Free pull was a 4* Tailtiu, who is actually a new unit for me. The second pull yielded...Legendary Ephraim. Never has this ever happened to me. Recall that in every single Legendary banner prior to this, I spent all my orbs into each of them and came out with exactly 0 5* units. Even the 50 free orbs we got from the anniversary special yielded no 5* units. I then used about 40 orbs to try and get Summer Corrin, to no avail. Ended up with a bunch of 3* and 4* units, but notably I finally pulled a 4* Wendy. Now everyone is a 4* or higher in the barracks :)
  12. Gonna be sniping blues all day every day. Give me that Legendary Ephraim and Summer Corrin <3
  13. Official Pull Topic

    Free pull for the new voting gauntlet banner ended up being a 3* Wendy (she's still my only unit aside from GHBs that's 3*). I tried again, in an attempt to pull Takumi. Lo and behold, there are 2 colorless orbs in the next summoning session. The first one I picked was...Takumi. I've been hunting for him since March of last year. Finally, he's come home. The lack of any exclamation points in this post is meant to indicate how deeply emotional I am about this.
  14. A Hero Rises - WINNER ANNOUNCED

    I voted once, for Hector. I'll take him or Vanguard Ike, who of course I wasn't able to pull during his banner, and likely will never pull via a banner. So I'm happy with this result. I already had PA!Azura, and I certainly didn't need another one of her. I would f*cking jump ship if any version of Tharja had been picked as the winner.
  15. New Heroes: Those who Have fallen

    I'm not interested in this banner, going to save up for that Legendary Heroes one (where I will come away with no 5* units yet again). The crazy Celica scared the f*ck out of me, and Grima Robin's art is too distorted for me. Never really felt strongly one way or another about Hardin, so meh.