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  1. Heroes you're still waiting for?

    I'm still waiting for my Hoshido husband Ryoma *sigh* Not to mention Hector and Takumi, which have continued to evade me despite my desperate pulls on all of their banners.
  2. Official Pull Topic

    I'm still salty af that I didn't get a single 5* unit from that giant summoning event we had recently. My pity rate was 10%. No 5* units. I'm filled with irrational rage at the very thought. More recently, I summoned Shiro after just a couple pulls on the Children banner, but this does not make up for all my fury. I'm done with that banner, even though I'd really like to pull Siegbert. Him and Shiro are my babies, but I'm scared to pull red in case I get Soleil. I think I'm just going to wait for another banner in the future to get Siegbert.
  3. I've spent like 60, and I haven't gotten any 5* heroes yet, not even Spring Xander T_T Though I suppose I can't compare to your 300 orbs.
  4. LOLOL I love Xander, I want to have all the versions of him ;) He can't be that bad, right? Once I get one version of him, I will snipe for the other colors. I'm sending Bride Caeda and Genny back if I end up pulling them.
  5. For once, I'm pulling all colors, because I want one of each: Ike, Hector, Spring Xander, and Brave Lyn.
  6. Official Pull Topic

    I finally procured Halloween Jakob. All that's left is Halloween Sakura, who I probably won't get with only 2 days remaining. Alas, but 2 desired focus units is better than only 1. Now I have my first Jakob ever. Still waiting for the regular version of him to show...
  7. Official Pull Topic

    My pity rate has increased exorbitantly on the Halloween Banner, and still no one except Henry. I've been sniping colorless, but I got 3 Niles in a row. and 2 more Lucius. I was this close to throwing my phone against the wall.
  8. I never went for Spring Xander and I kinda regret it since I just love him so much. I'm going to try and pick him up, along with Ike, Brave Lyn, and the ever elusive Hector. Idc about Fjorm since we'll just get her when we clear the story chapters.
  9. Focus: Farfetched Heroes!

    When I saw the FEH channel announcement with the new heroes, I was like 'literally IDGAF about anyone except Joshua, must have Joshua'. Thought I was going to have to spend a bunch of orbs to get him, but luckily, he's fo free from TT. I'll just do a free pull on this banner and save up for the next one. And btw, for the life of me, I still can't figure out why Lute is a popular character at all. Her personality is grating.
  10. Official Pull Topic

    45 orbs later, and the only focus unit I got was Henry D: I got a bunch of other repeat units, so I either merged them or sent them home for feathers. Notably, I finally pulled a 4* Clarine and a 4* Eliwood, so I could upgrade my long suffering 3* versions of them. It seems like obtaining Jakob and Sakura is going to take a long while...
  11. Official Pull Topic

    It's such a strange experience for me to see people struggling to get the PA characters they want :O I'm used to scraping the bottom of my orbs barrel and being desperate for the focus units in a banner, and this time around I've been done fishing for weeks already. I know better than to get cocky with it, though...just watch, I won't get anyone from the Halloween banner until the last day of November. 2 recent pulls from the Ayra banner include 3* Sully and 3* Azama. *sigh* I considered pulling again for more Ayra, but...I think I'll let this one slide.
  12. October 30 - Halloween Banner

    I am jealous of your luck, and your confidence in your luck. I'm going to have roughly the same amount of orbs, and I don't expect to get any of these focus characters. I've resorted to color sniping (mainly colorless, but green if there are no colorless available) as the only way of getting what I need.
  13. What do you do with your grand heroes?

    I don't send any of them home. I don't have the patience to get multiple copies, so I just get the 3* one if I don't care about them (Clarisse, Legion, etc) and the ones that I do care about I promoted to 5*. They're the ones that I spend my feathers on LOL. I don't spend feathers on rollable units in case I manage to roll a 5* version of them. I feel like the GHB characters that I really use are just Camus and Xander. Sometimes I'll pull out Berkut, and occasionally Clive and Ursula when I need them.
  14. October 30 - Halloween Banner

    But...but...I don't like using armor units. I can't handle their 1 movement, I can't do it. *sigh* I guess this is as good a time as any to just try using armor units. At the very least I will jumping into the colorless pit for Jakob, and I wouldn't mind getting Sakura out of it, either. Will pull green orbs when there are no colorless ones. I wonder if I'll have the same kind of luck I had with the PA banner lol but that might be too much to ask for. I still haven't leveled up the PA units I got to lvl 40 yet and now they're adding more people.
  15. Thanksgiving banner specifically is unlikely, but a Harvest Festival-esque banner wouldn't be too far out of the spectrum. Obviously it's been part of DLCs already. However, given the fact that it's already late October, and the Halloween banner will likely go through most of November, I don't think they'll pull out another seasonal banner in the meantime. Christmas is too big of a holiday for them to not spend all of December promoting in Heroes, IMO. Thinking about ideas for a Fall Harvest banner would be really fun, though! Maybe they'll do it next year?