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  1. +1 ManNamedDan +1 Ching my list is here
  2. I'm disappointed that F!Corrin beat out Leif for a sleeve. Much as I like that artwork, it really should have been Leif.
  3. I would put it 50 Thracia 776, 25 Heroes, 25 fates (so fates and heroes only get 3 SRs, and Thracia gets 6). Lief, Finn and Nanna are practically guaranteed SRs (Leif will be SR and R given the secret card), for heroes, the 2 main lords and Anna (Anna may be dropped for Veronica, but I doubt it) , so probably R's for Bruno and Veronica and 'Loki' (if Loki even gets a card given no one knows what 'he' looks like). For Fates it should be the actual heirs to the kingdoms as the SR's, and not the Kana's, but given the artwork for the packs....... The other 3 Thracian ones could go to a lot of people, so hard to tell.
  4. +1 yunjaelove my list can be found here
  5. +1 ChibiToastExplosion
  6. Posting my updated list: I will sell/trade internationally (I'm in the mitten state) Bolded are my high priority ones (I am willing to trade more/above value for them) Looking for: Series 2: B04-025N -errata version Series 4: B04-062N -errata version Series 5: B05-082SR Errata Version B05-098R Errata version Series 7: B07-097SR Errata Version B07-078HN Errata Version Series 8: B08-060N Errata Version Series 9: B09-007SR+ gray (pending) B09-085SR+ ena (pending) B09-041R+ sirius Promotional cards: P02-004 - Errata Version You can see the errata list here. Other: 1st Anniversary Caravan Durby playmat (paper?) - will buy if reasonably priced (1st anniversary caravan) Fates Pixel playmat - will buy if reasonably priced 25th anniversary concert CD (only if reasonably priced) Cipher Tote Bag (1st anniversary Caravan) FE music collection Faith and Engagement tote FETCG Stuff for trade/sale: Series 1 Series 2 Series 3 Series 4 Series 5 Series 6 Series 7 Series 8 Series 9 Promotional cards Marker cards, Sleeves and other Cipher related things Other Fire Emblem stuff note: for trades when I have shipped out a card I cross it off the list with a strike-through, same with my want list when those have been mailed out. Once I hear the card has arrived, I will remove it form my list completely. When I receive a card from a trade, I will remove it completely off my list and then post a +1 in this topic to the person I traded with. For sales, I will cross off the card on my list with a strike-through once I confirm payment, and will remove the card form the trade list once I have put it in the mail. I will also post +1 feedback in this topic to the person I sold the card(s) to.
  7. yep, that me. I'm about halfway done with scanning in the cards. I only had 3 days off of work last month, so that really slowed me down. I'm still playing catch-up. I hope to have them finished soon, but it depends on my free time.
  8. +2 Marcuz
  9. just a FYI, Nintendo dream 8 is up for pre-order on amazon now
  10. just an FYI, Nintendo Dream vol 8 will have an Alm promo. it's not up on amazon yet, sadly. I'm guessing Dengeki Nintendo will have Celica in vol 8, which is up (but unconfirmed that it has a promo)
  11. +1 LunartailSteffi
  12. +1 ChibiToastExplosion +1 redshirtontherock
  13. amiami has the packs up for pre-order now: celica Faye Alm Jamie
  14. list moved to here
  15. +1 LeahFoxDen