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  1. just an FYI, Nintendo Dream vol 8 will have an Alm promo. it's not up on amazon yet, sadly. I'm guessing Dengeki Nintendo will have Celica in vol 8, which is up (but unconfirmed that it has a promo)
  2. +1 LunartailSteffi
  3. +1 ChibiToastExplosion +1 redshirtontherock
  4. amiami has the packs up for pre-order now: celica Faye Alm Jamie
  5. Posting my updated list: I will sell/trade internationally (I'm in the mitten state) Bolded are my high priority ones (I am willing to trade more/above value for them) Looking for: Series 2: B04-025N -errata version Series 4: B04-062N -errata version Series 5: B05-082SR Errata Version B05-098R Errata version Series 7: B07-097SR Errata Version B07-078HN Errata Version Series 8: B08-009SR+(pending) B08-045SR+ (pending) B08-051SR+ (pending) B10-002R+X (pending) B08-004R+ B08-023R+ (pending) B08-039R+ (pending) B08-060N Errata Version Promotional cards: P02-004 - Errata Version You can see the errata list here. Other: 1st Anniversary Caravan Durby player mat - will buy if reasonably priced (1st anniversary caravan) Fates Pixel player mat - will buy if reasonably priced 25th anniversary concert CD (only if reasonably priced) Gold FE binder (Cipher Sai 2017) Cipher Tote Bag (1st anniversary Caravan) FE music collection Faith and Engagement tote FE music collection Faith and Engagement 3 clear files pack FETCG Stuff for trade/sale: Series 1 Series 2 Series 3 Series 4 Series 5 Series 6 Series 7 Series 8 Promotional cards Marker cards, Sleeves and other Cipher related things Other Fire Emblem stuff note: for trades when I have shipped out a card I cross it off the list with a strike-through, same with my want list when those have been mailed out. Once I hear the card has arrived, I will remove it form my list completely. When I receive a card from a trade, I will remove it completely off my list and then post a +1 in this topic to the person I traded with. For sales, I will cross off the card on my list with a strike-through once I confirm payment, and will remove the card form the trade list once I have put it in the mail. I will also post +1 feedback in this topic to the person I sold the card(s) to.
  6. +1 LeahFoxDen
  7. well, out of 6 boxes, I managed to just get one of each SR and R (only got 1 Mirabelle, Yurius and Cordelia Cherche), and 2 of my + cards were SRs, the other 4, R's (but no duplicates this time, and I did get the awesome Kellam one). I was really worried on Yurius, as he was the last SR I opened in the final box.
  8. I like the idea that the Heroes cards would be 'colorless' (pale gray), and usable with any color. It would bring in an interesting mechanic, making them unique and having an actual purpose as opposed to just being more of X color. I wonder if the reason we haven't seen sacred stones is that haven't figured out a color for it that works yet? (I still think teal, lavender/lilac or orange would work)
  9. Rakuten can be cheaper, but only if you buy a lot of cards, as all the individual sellers I've seen there only send Express mail (so ~$15 base for shipping). I have found that Rakuten is normally way cheaper than the way overpriced TCGRepublic, even with the added shipping cost. Bigweb usually has the best prices, and Amneitydream has decent ones too (those 2 sites are what most card prices are based on for trades and stuff). I believe you have to go through an intermediary to order from them though
  10. yunjaelove +1 my list can be found here (will post an update once I get my series 8 cards)
  11. but shouldn't it have been Yurius vs Yuria (as she has Narga)? I love it, and know they were mirroring Sigurd vs Alvis, but game wise it doesn't really fit that much. Still hoping for a SR+ joint with Ishtar for Yurius (not likely to happen sadly).
  12. Lakche is an R as has been reviled already, so we only know of 4 SRs though Yurius is practically guaranteed a SR
  13. Sigurd my be the most broken lord :). Also, realize that in genealogy, there are no promotion trees. each unit has it's own class it promotes to (those that are not prepromotes), so it is not class based like other games. Oh, and many things in the game are .... unbalanced (holy weapons, and master knights especially). Love that tinny! I am still hopefully that we will get an Ishtar SR to be paired with Yurius (though that's looking less likely we will even get Ishtar now).
  14. does anyone know if there will be promo cards in the may 2017 issues of Nintendo dream and dengeki Nintendo like last time? I am not seeing anything mentioned in issue 4 and wanted to make sure I didn't miss it if there are cards.
  15. +1 Marcuz my update list can be found here