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  1. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    I'm happy to hear my Nanna has served you well. In addition to Nanna, I've lent out my +10 Micaiah to somebody who wanted to try her out. Side note: I switched her to Wings of Mercy from Wrathful Staff on B a little while back. Which skill served you better? Rest assured, I won't be selling my FEH account any time soon. The quest to save for Summer Cordelia begins now. I'm going to give the Legendary Banner that will likely feature her the middle finger this time, knowing how badly Legendary Marth and Eirika treated me. Not even a Legendary Sigurd will get me to touch one of these putrid banners. Side note: It bugs me that Legendary Tiki was assigned to Earth season. Earth dragons were the enemies of divine dragons, weren't they?
  2. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    And I thought I had it rough, 300+ orbs and only an SM!Eirika to show for it before Saber. No matter: I'm done with spending in FEH. I finished the game. 100% Orb Hoarder from here on out, and taking it easy when it comes to new content. In addition to Summer Cordelia +10 as my main's target, I am now hoarding orbs for a better Winter Lissa on the alt, having successfully fixed my -Atk Halloween Henry today.
  3. Official Pull Topic

    After grinding out another round of orbs on the alt, the final session brings me a +Res -HP H!Henry. The +Def -Atk copy just wasn't satisfying to use. Also a copy of Soleil, very welcome as she is now my new +10 project.
  4. If I built -Spd Saber, it’d be with the next breath skill I pull and QR. Breath skills turn getting doubled into special charges. Even +Spd and with Spd refine, Soleil only hits 40 Spd. Good, but not amazing. That’s why I’m leaning Heavy for her.
  5. Alt pulled Saber +Def -Spd. Usable, or is his Slaying Edge+ better used on a +Atk -Res Soleil going for a Heavy Blade build?
  6. Who to make my next +10 project with grails - Arvis or Camus? Arvis is one merge ahead, but competing with Lilina, Bridal Tharja, M!Morgan, and next year, Summer Tana among my +10 red mages. Camus is only directly competing with Spring Xander, though I have Fjorm, Brave Lucina, and Shigure among my +10 lances. If I hit 20k feathers and don't have the grails, I'm also building a Panic Bot Bartre. +HP -Spd. For the stat refine, should I go with +Def, or +Res and then the HP/Res Seal?
  7. A little something different. My F2P alt has its first 5+10 - Camilla. +Spd -HP. Base kit + Desperation and Reposition. I think my next +10s on the alt will be Soleil and Shigure.
  8. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    Arena is looking good for me. Main: Maintained Great Summoner with Owain (+4) / Fjorm / Sothe / Flying Olivia scoring 3770. Now, I've outdone myself at 3783. This week, I used my first 100 grails to get Joshua to teach Caeda Windsweep (she has a Water blessing while Flying Olivia has Wind), and switched Sothe to Watersweep 2 (and Blazing Wind to make up the difference). Watersweep made a huge difference. L!Tiki and H!Myrrh no longer scare me. 19/20 bonus kills, I had to use Fjorm to bait an M!Kana that would have killed Owain. Alt: An excuse to promote Gwendolyn and burn 70 refining stones. So much closer to giving Ephraim his refine.
  9. New Heroes Appear: Adrift (November 9 ~)

    On one hand, this is the last banner I'm pulling all four on for completion (New Power featuring Saber is next) and of course it's four Fates heroes. Very high risk of being a no-drop. On the other hand, this is some of the best art I've seen, and Mikoto brings three formerly seasonal skills into the permanent pool (Candlelight as Flash, Brazen Atk/Res, Infantry Rush).
  10. Official Pull Topic

    The bad news: I was pitybroken in my attempt to fix my -Atk H!Henry, when there were no green stones. The good news: Said pitybreaker was a +Spd -HP (original) Mia.
  11. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Saber: My chance to get him and complete the catalog. Finally! No longer will I need to pull every banner just to keep up. Bartre: Now he joins Soren in common units being able to score better than Sheena. (an F2P saving orbs for one Helbindi)
  12. Voting Gauntlet: Clashing Thunderers!

    Main is on Linde. I wanted to flaunt my +10 Summer Linde. If Linde loses, I’m going with Ishtar and sending Green Olwen to support her. If Ishtar loses, I’ll join Ophelia and send my +10 Lilina. Alt is on Tailtiu. It was the least I could do to thank her for carrying me through an Anna Season. I’m screwed when she loses. The only copies of Reinhardt I have are +Def, -Atk 5-star, and -HP 3-star.
  13. The Legendary Banner strikes again, and I get a +10 of somebody else before I even see the unit I'm missing. IV is +Spd -Res. Legendary Eirika refused to show up. It was a close race, but Olivia pulled ahead of Tana in the home stretch. Had R Duel Flying lying around, and a 170 BST dancer is too good to pass up.
  14. Official Pull Topic

    Main: First circle on E&M had Ike. I'll take it. Alt: Grind out orbs. One more merge for PA!Inigo. Next July, I'll start saving orbs.
  15. Official Pull Topic

    Same here, threw orbs towards one more H!Myrrh. Let's see if I can stay T21. For Sigurd, -Res > -HP > -Def.