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  1. Just pulled a 5-star Cordelia. Should she give her Brave Lance+ to 4*+4 Effie, the upcoming Valentine's Eliwood, or wait to merge with my other Cordelia once I feather her?
  2. Hmm, I don’t have a Firesweep Lance+ user to spare. This has me leaning towards Valter.
  3. She's +Spd -Res. I assume that would give me a 4x build for her Brave Lance?
  4. A little summoning and a little cleanup for feathers. Is Brave Lyn hurt too badly by being +Atk -Spd? I decided to merge my +Atk -Def Myrrh into the +Spd -Res one. With this, I have a spot for a lance on my flying team, NY!Camilla and Minerva on sword and axe respectively. I could spend my feathers and put Cordelia or Valter in. Or should I stick to feathering one of the Askr Trio?
  5. Yep, I'm mostly looking to play with my favorites. If nothing else, it will keep my spending on this game down to reasonable levels as I'm not chasing the metagame's top units. And because my Horse Emblem is about playing with my favorites, L'Arachel is my fourth unit - or rather, third. I considered Brave Lyn because she's on the upcoming Hero Fest banner too. And I just pulled a +Atk -Def Gunnthrá. Should I still consider Titania on the team?
  6. And with the news of Sigurd being on the banner, I'm this much closer to my dream Horse Emblem team. Titania will be getting the Distant Counter - or should I save it for Sigurd, or give up my foolish dreams of Horse Emblem and give it to Brave Ike with a good nature? (since I chose him at the start, mine's neutral) But back to my foolish Horse Emblem dreams, can't go wrong with Brave Lyn in the fourth slot (who is also on the banner), right?
  7. And I just got a -Atk Hector to provide Distant Counter. Who should get it, Anna or Titania? Just found my Titania is neutral nature. I also see someone mentioned giving Distant Counter to their Brave Ike. (Sorry to cross-post, since it got lost in the skill thread).
  8. I got a -Atk Hector, and want to put Distant Counter on either Titania or Anna. Both are neutral nature, Anna can only be neutral anyway.
  9. Official Pull Topic

    Decided to try one last time on the New Year's Banner to get either Azura or Takumi. Did get Hector...-Atk. Distant Counter is one of the most coveted skills, though.
  10. +Atk -Spd is the ideal choice for Reinhardt, is it? So he'd be next in line? Rounding out my green units, my two Myrrhs: +Atk -Def and +Spd -Res. Less than ideal, which to use? I"m no stranger to bad natures. I'm stuck with +Spd -Atk on my Sothe, but the other one I pulled had -Spd, which is probably worse.
  11. I didn't have Nino yet, bu justt got one +Atk -HP at 3 stars. Another 2,000 feathers down. So it's safe to say she should be a higher priority than Anna? It's not like my Merric is -Atk. He's perfectly usable in the meantime.
  12. I do have Cecilia in my pile of 4-stars, she's +Spd -Res. As for my current green 5-stars: Brave Ike (chose at the start, so neutral) Minerva +(can't remember if Spd or Atk) -HP (good enough, Life and Death ensures she's pretty much a glass cannon) Titania (can't remember, but it must have been decent if I merged my 4*+2 into her) Merric +HP -Def Sheena +Res -Atk (ouch) Side note: Love the FEH style Bridal Titania in your sig.
  13. Planning ahead for my next 4-to-5 potential unlocking. I used my first 20k feathers to get me a +1 NY!Corrin (raising the 4-star one to a 5 to merge with the 5 earned later). I was originally going to unlock Oliver or Reinhardt's potential next, but I whaled for L'Arachel because I like her. I'm low on green units, so would I be better off raising Anna to 5 stars?
  14. Official Pull Topic

    Well, it was my first time whaling for a character, and it will probably be my last, but I got L'Arachel and am happy with her. Probably around 200 orbs. First -Atk and second -Def. Both +HP. At least Def is her dump stat. And a correction, Pitybreaker Linde is -Res, not -Spd.
  15. Official Pull Topic

    Trying for L’Arachel now. Got pitybroken by Linde +Atk -Spd and Alm +Def -Atk. First on-banner summon was Myrrh +Spd -Res. I don’t even need a blue book unit, I have Micaiah from the last banner and Oliver and Reinhardt waiting for me to drop the feathers.