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  1. Official Pull Topic

    So pumped to see Sanaki, she was my last missing Tellius character. Was pretty unhappy that I missed her during the dailies. Took 70 orbs to pull her, at +Atk -Def. I had a few circles with no red, had to pull green to avoid the other two. All I am missing now: Saber, Tana, Flying Nino, and Performing Azura.
  2. I tested Atk/Spd Push on my Spring Chrom and he recovered 3 instead of 4 HP if he started at full HP and triggered the skill.
  3. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    I tried swapping Sigurd out for Nanna, and tried to give all kills to Lucina. Worked great. Nanna had Candlelight, so she could disarm foes after grinding them down, for Lucina to pick off. Now to do this with more fishing. I scored poorly enough that I was seeing Eirika/Nino/Alfonse teams. The alt had a hard time. Dancers everywhere. I had to bring mine out. 19/20 kills, but one death, and I'm on the edge of falling to 17.
  4. Official Pull Topic

    Today's free pulls. Main: Lyn (merged, now +3) Alt: 3-star healer (sent home)
  5. Official Pull Topic

    Another free pull.. Main: 4-star Palla. I was running low on Moonbow. Alt: 5-star Klein. Not -Atk, and not -Spd. Oh yeah.
  6. Official Pull Topic

    Today's banner baited the main. Got a +Spd -HP Hinoka (vastly upgrading from +Def -Atk who is now Hone Fliers fodder - still thinking who could use it best). One fewer hero I have to hold-my-nose-and-train-with-bad-IVs to get the 5* lv. 40 confession. Also got a +Atk -HP Clair in the pile of 4-stars. Is HP or Def the better bane?
  7. Official Pull Topic

    Today's banner was what the alt needed. Pulling colorless got me a Setsuna, who was immediately promoted and taught Cecilia Bowbreaker, and Takumi, who was not better than neutral IVs, and was therefore free to give Close Counter to my +Def -Atk Halloween Henry. That one skill completely salvaged him, and with the Black Knight being a reward coming soon, I have a viable armor team. This is a true free-to-play account, I won't even buy the pack. I needed one more Setsuna for M!Robin, no dice.
  8. August/September Event Schedule!

    Well, quite a bit going on this month. New Heroes. Can’t fall behind. Learned that one the hard way with Flying Nino. If the third hero on M&S is Sanaki (missing in catalog) or Zelgius (going for a merge or two), I’m going in. If Myrrh is on Fury, and Bartre isn’t, I’m going in. A +10 for the Earth Season Arena Core, with Shigure and F!Grima.
  9. Official Pull Topic

    Main: Getting them all took 75 F2P orbs, bonus pack, and buying 7 75-packs. Micaiah is +HP -Spd, Ryoma is +Spd -Def, Elincia is +Spd -Res (repulled for her after getting +HP -Spd), Xander is +Spd -Res. Off-focus was Hector, Linde, and F!Kana. Saw Libra for the first time among the common heroes. I guess I came in about average here. The F2P orbs got me Xander, bad IV Elincia, and Hector, and then three of the paid packs yielded a fat lot of nothing. Alt free-pulls...pfft.
  10. Official Pull Topic

    Main merges Ephraim. Alt gets L'Arachel. The main also got Tharja (+Res -Atk) on Blade Tome day as the free pull. Leo now has Raudrblade+ to try to make use of his +Spd. Already this eases some of the pain of missing Sanaki Day due to my phone playing dumb.
  11. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    Next season should be interesting. If it remains Wind season, I'm bringing Lucina to join Sigurd/Titania/Legendary Lyn, and might just have a shot at becoming a T20.5. On top of double blessings inflating my score, Lucina is receiving full Tactic support to help her score kills.
  12. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    An accessory shop would be a great way to spend these arena medals. Really salty I missed some EX accessories due to phone not wanting to connect to FEH. iOS update fixed it.
  13. Official Pull Topic

    Alt gets Desperation fodder on the legendary and free-pulls +Atk -HP Cecilia at 5-stars on the daily focus. I guess this makes up for the wave of -Atk heroes this account's pulled.
  14. Official Pull Topic

    Alt's feeling really tilted. +Res -Atk Winter Lissa. She joins +Def -Atk Halloween Henry in -Atk green armors. As both have a shameful 30 Atk, they'll be hard-pressed to scratch even a Delthea or Lukas respectively. What good are those boons, Odin and Subaki respectively will still shred them. I'll have to hold my nose and wait for a Sheena, who will at least be easier to merge. I would have to sacrifice Arvis (Def Ploy) and Takumi (Close Counter) to make these worthless defensive stats pull their weight.
  15. Official Pull Topic

    Legendary Lyn will make my new core with Titania. If I have to field an infantry bonus unit, Sigurd swaps in for Leif. I went back, a $20 pack to make it an even $500, and got three of WoF!Hinoka and a Brave Lyn. Desire sensor is real, F!Grima sits at +9.