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  1. Ahhh, I'm so late on this! Fire Emblem 0̸ Artworks V (Illustrations from the cards) Fire Emblem 0̸ Artworks VI (Illustrations from the cards) Players Box Character Set Players Box Dot Set Can Badge Set Yellow This is what I'm aiming for, with the bolded items being my biggest priority. Here's hoping all goes well!
  2. Draxal called it, and I am super happy he did. The boys are back in town.
  3. An Eliwood and Hector SR+ joined art would be amazing, but let's not forget that SR Deirdre had a different artist than Rika Suzuki, but Rika ended up drawing her for the SR+ joined art, so it's possible that SR+ Ninian could get an artist switch too. But then again, Eliwood and Ninian aren't technically confirmed canon, unlike Sigurd and Deirdre, so maybe they won't push that (at least in a romanic sense). Ah well, who knows what'll happen. But if the two SR+'s go to Eliwood and Ninian, the only way I'd be super happy with it is if [spoiler=FE7 spoilers] It was of Eliwood slaying her in her dragon form. Feelings for characters and shipping aside, no one could deny that would be amazing joined art.
  4. My own copy of the Radiant Dawn book came into day! And while I'm no Kirokan, I thought I might give you guys a bit of an idea of what you can expect! The back cover is of Ike! The first section recaps the story of Radiant Dawn (and maybe a little before it too? I can't read much Japanese so I glanced over it), ending with all possible epilogue endings for the characters (i.e. both solo endings and A-support required endings) The second section is character profiles! From the little I've read (mostly about the Greil mercs), their profile sorta recaps their role in the story, and the side information seems to have less than the PoR art book, at least for the PoR characters (i.e. It didn't mention Ike liking birds). The third section shows off some concept art, but instead of how the PoR book showed actual concepts, this one shows sketches of character's in-battle models for each of their classes. Character portraits are either located here or in the last section, I can't remember and I'm at work so I can't check. I also don't recall seeing weapons, like PoR had. The fourth section is titled Scenario I believe, and contains all of Radiant Dawn's base conversations. Lastly is the short extra section, which has Senri Kita's section talking about her newly drawn art, and her love for the game and fans, as well as other developer comments. Interestingly enough, this section has concept art of Greil, Zelgius, and the old PoR Ike sketch on it's title page, but I don't recall seeing these sketches in this book or the last one. Maybe I missed it. And that's all I can recall at the moment. I'd be more precise if I had the book with me, and wasn't currently at work. Overall I feel like the PoR book had more to unveil (a few reviews felt the same apparently), but it's still a nice collection of Radiant Dawn artwork. The character sketches in each of their classes is especially cool! But now we wait for Kirokan to give us a much, MUCH more in depth look at the book!
  5. +1 Frayed Hero +1 Sokloeum +1 Aquantis Thank you all!
  6. Yeah, while I think the art itself is great, the outfit is somewhat disappointing. Still, I like the idea of the art though; the after images referring to her critical hit with Sol Katti is pretty cool.
  7. That is true, unless somehow Ninian slips in at 004 and just gets one card like a few other dancers have, but that's super SUPER unlikely imo. My earlier thought of this set being the first where a new game's protagonist doesn't have a "special female" after their cards seems to be confirmed with this reveal. With that aside, god damn I love Sachiko Wada's art so much. We've seen how great her Eliwood looked before, but Hector looks awesome too.
  8. +1 SalShich10N +1 oh.glory
  9. To be fair, Raquesis got sleeves last time and she didn't receive an SR, so I think your money is safe on Oboro getting an SR.
  10. +1 Sokloeum
  11. It's been too long since I updated, so here we go: For Trade/Sale: [spoiler=Series 1] SR Marth R Cain R Abel R Linde R Palla R Est R Robin (Female) R Sumia R Olivia ST+ Navarre ST+ Chrom PR Marth (013) PRr Marth (013) [spoiler=Series 2] SR M!Corrin SR Ryoma SR Takumi SR Felicia (Pending) SR Xander R Saizo x2 R Oboro x2 R Hana R Subaki x2 R Asugi x2 R Caeldori R Laslow R Peri R Odin x3 (please save me from this Odin Hell) R Forrest R Soleil R Ophelia ST+ M!Corrin ST+ Ryoma ST+ Sakura ST+ Felicia PR Ike PR F!Corrin (Hoshido Box Promo) PR Azura (008, Tournament Promo) PR Hinoka (011, Guidebook Promo) [spoiler=Series 3] SR Azura (Hoshido) R M!Kana R Selkie R Velouria PR Black Knight (Tournament Promo) PR Ike x2 (Tournament Promo) PR Tsubasa Oribe (Box Promo, Sealed) [spoiler=Series 4] R+ F!Morgan R+ Cynthia R Cynthia R Julian R Sirius R Michalis R Kiria Kurono R Mamori Minamoto R Yashiro Tsurugi PR Itsuki Aoi (011, Guidebook promo) PR Roy (Box promo, Sealed) [spoiler=Series 5] SR Roy R Alan x2 R Lance R Dieck R Shanna R Lugh R Tate x2 R Juno R Fa R Elincia R Sigrun R Kurthnaga x2 PR Xander PR Lilina (014, Magazine Promo) [spoiler=Series 6] SR Sigurd SR Lewyn SR Elise (Pending) R Eldigan x2 R Ethlyn R Fin R Rachesis x2 R Slyvia R Fury/Erin x2 R Briggid R Siegbert R Felicia R Effie (Pending) R Niles x2 R Garon x2 PR Ayra (Magazine Promo) PR M!Corrin + PR Eliwood (Sealed) Want List: [spoiler=Series 2] SR+ M!Corrin SR+ Sakura SR+ F!Corrin SR+ Elise [spoiler=Series 4] SR+ Touma Akagi R+ Kiria Kurono ​R+ Eleanora Yumizuru R+ Mamori Minamoto [spoiler=Series 5] SR+ Roy SR+ Micaiah SR+ Sothe SR+ Sanaki R+ Shanna [spoiler=Series 6] SR+Sigurd SR+ Deirdre SR Quan SR Ayra SR Arvis SR+ Xander SR+ Camilla SR+ Leo SR+ Elise R+ Eldigan R+ Ethlyn R+ Fin R+ Felicia R+ Flora R+ Garon
  12. +1 Aquantis
  13. I could potentially see the FE7 part of this set being the first where the main companion card (004-005/6) is just replaced with Hector and Lyn, given how important they are. Of course if that's not the case, then it's absolutely going to Ninian, and she'll likely get an SR as well. I also agree that if Lloyd's in this set, he's getting a panorama with his brother... but I don't necessarily think that means he won't get an SR because of it. They could be weird and give Linus an SR as well, but that's a huge stretch. As for Hoshido, we know because of S6 Nohr that the panorama characters are all getting SR's and +'s n top of that (unfortunately imo), and a popular female will get an SR. Additionally, since a villain got the final SR for Nohr, I wouldn't be surprised to see Hoshido get the same treatment here, though I doubt it'll go to Mikoto, since her counterpart (Garon) didn't get an SR. With all that in mind, here's what I think we'll see... FE7 (Where Ninian is 004-005/6): Eliwood(+), Ninian(+), Hector, Lyn, Nino, Matthew FE7 (Where Ninian isn't 004-005/6): Eliwood(+), Hector, Lyn, Nino(+), Lloyd, Linus Hoshido: Ryoma(+), Hinoka(+), Takumi(+), Sakura(+), Oboro, Sumeragi
  14. Not gonna lie, I think it sucks that Genealogy is only getting 2 SR+'s in it's first set while Nohr gets 4 SR+'s in it's third. Like I get that it's for the panorama, but at least give them alternate art then. It also sucks that FE7 is likely to get the same treatment next set, since Hoshido is gonna get 4 SR+'s to match Nohr. There goes the dream of SR+ Eliwood, Hector, and Lyn :P Ah well. At least SR+ Sigurd and Deirdre have an amazing joined art.