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  1. Dumb College Classes You've Taken

    Everything but the science and math classes
  2. Do you collect figures?

    Sukus are better anyway
  3. Best way to replay Echoes is ignore everyone not named Alm and Celica and watch them wreck face as you wonder you bothered training anyone in your first playthrough. Forging a Killer Bow for Alm is also happening.
  4. It might be worth it to see people going crazy
  5. West coast has California so yes. Giving someone an incurable disease that comes with a $3000-5000 price tag per month to not get AIDS is the same level as jaywalking.

    Should have waited for MvCi Arcade edition with all of the previous DLC included. (´・ω・`)
  7. http://www.latimes.com/politics/essential/la-pol-ca-essential-politics-updates-gov-brown-downgrades-from-felony-to-1507331544-htmlstory.html This can't possibly go wrong.

    Why use Forsyth when you can Alm and Celica everything
  9. Oh yeah. Google fired the employee, James Damore, who spoke out against the echo chamber in Google. The memo he wrote had a bunch of citations from peer reviewed research/studies which got many a people angry at how men and women have biological differences and how those make a difference. Damore has been demonized by the MSM and left wing outlets for saying how men and women have differences that are scientifically proven. Then again science in general is being attacked as feelings must take precedent. Over science. Society is fucked. Being guilty of wrong think is becoming a huge issue lately as many left leaning outlets are censoring, harassing, intimidating, and firing those who challenge or criticize the left or support the right. Summarization of the memo here: http://gizmodo.com/exclusive-heres-the-full-10-page-anti-diversity-screed-1797564320/amp I can't find the actual 10 page memo/letter again so if someone can link it please do.
  10. Charlottesville Protests

    The initial protest was going to be conducted over the cities move to remove the Robert E. Lee statue. The Unite The Right people got permission for their rally but the permission was revoked due it causing undue strain to the police force. A judge overturned that ruling allowing them to continue with the rally because their right to rally was not to be taken away. A counter protest, with Antifa in it, formed and it seems that they initiated the violence but it is unclear who did. Regardless many were injured, a woman was killed during the car incident as well as a helicopter crashing killing both occupants. What is really telling is how the police were not there in the first place to quell the counter protest. This whole having police standing down is causing so many problem as they are not being allowed to actually conduct their duty to protect and uphold the law and peace. One report stated that they were not there due to the armed militia in the rally despite no gun shots being fired. Having police stand down appears to be a common tactic as seen in UC Berkeley. Seeing as how the mayor, and many others, was very quick to denounce the far-right/alt-right/whatever protest but was unwilling to denounce the violence by the left and Antifa is becoming a greater and greater worrying concern to me as this rise in aggression in violence will only continue. The mayor will also have two Confederate statues, including the Robert E. Lee statue, taken down which will only validate the far right so this is either an act of ignorance of why they were rallying in the first place or they simply want to virtue signal to the constituents he believes are on his side. Just a few moments ago a Confederate statue in Durham, North Carolina was toppled in a protest that was formed to counter what had happened in Charleston. I've seen many people state how supposed Nazi/Neo-Nazi/White Supremacists/White Nationalists do not deserve a platform and the right to free speech but such a notion runs counter to what the 1st Amendment stand for. If the speech of the individual or group is stifled then no one should have. All speech is free speech and should be treated as such regardless of the person or group or what said speech even states. Just because you do not agree with what is being said DOES NOT allow one to enact violence upon them.