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  1. Langrisser M General

    Well Ledin does had a built in damage reduction in his talent while Freya doesn't have anything that directly reduce the damage she takes. Her talent does make it every unlikely she'll die to a crit and her pre-battle damage can potentially reduce how much damage she takes if she deals enough damage to kill some of the enemy soldier. Also, she eventually get access to the Valkyrie class and a Magic attack tank skill, so she can rid herself of her weakness to infantries when that comes out. Her star level could also contribute. If you're unlucky while pulling her and focus on Ledin in the Gate of Fate, it's possible you could get Ledin to a higher star level than Freya. I got decently lucky with her and thanks to her Phantom Battle, I'm now at 110/150 as far as shards are concerned. Now I'll have to see whether I get those 2 copies before her Gate of Fate is released. Congrats on Lanford in your first 10 pull. Shelf is definitely useful as a AoE spammer, especially once you get her to at least 4* so that her 2 small AoEs only have 1 turn of downtime, meaning that she can AoE every turn if you give her both. I'm shooting for 6* because then all her offensive skills except Heaven's Sanction have no cooldown and even Heaven's Sanction goes down from 5 to a mere 2 turns. I honestly haven't touched Zerida and Jugler all that much because they require a lot of investment. Zerida apparently sucks until her talent is 5* and she needs 6* to be really good and Jugler needs to eat 4 runestones to be good + his personal SSR that allows him to ignore skill cost.
  2. Langrisser M General

    I think I'll skip the Eternal Temple for today since even though I have Elwin and Leon at level 60, they don't have any bond or gear investment, so they're most likely gonna hit like wet noodles and don't survive long. When I do get them up to speed, the idea of Pegaluna -> Slayer Emblem Leon -> Freya -> Elwin seems like a decent way to deal damage. 18 Gates of Fate per day is amazing. I'm gonna continue getting 3 shards/day for Tiaris and Shelfaniel, but instead of just doing 3 gates for some of my less used SSRs, I think I'll go all in for my main princess team during the event and try to do 3 shards/day for Tiaris, Shelf, Luna, Lana, Cherie and Liana for the duration of the event. I also somehow managed to get Listell on my first multi. With that, I literally every SSRs except the two Strategic Masters faction buffers. The game really doesn't want me to use that faction. @SylphidThe funny thing is that they'll eventually change the Dragons and Eternal Temple bosses so that they can be damaged by fixed damage sources that deal damage equal to a multiplier of a unit's stat. So Freya will be able to deal damage with her barb eventually even against those bosses. And it's kind of weird that your Freya had less defenses than Ledin, since according to this table from the wiki, Freya's Def caps at 361 while Ledin's cap are 347 and 326 as a King and Templar respectively, so she should have more Def. It might have been due to bond investment that your Ledin had higher def?
  3. Langrisser M General

    Well after weeks of just mostly doing Anikis and Dragons, I wanted to test myself by trying out the Timeless Trials, especially since it has some good rewards. The 300 crystals from S and the SSR accessory are especially nice. The part about people overfocusing specific mode is something I realized just now. When I was leveling up and still using Freya as my number 1 tank, I kept seeing people say that she was useless because most bosses in endgame content are immune to fixed damage. Well I'm now 60 with all the Time Rifts besides 9-Elite cleared, all the story mission beat and now SS trials under my belt and the only relevant content where fixed damage doesn't work are the dragons. In every other mode except the dragons, her barbs work absolutely fine. Thanks to the Mirror Armor I recently got for her, she effectively deals 3.5x her Def before battle even starts then deals 5x her def at the end of battle for 8.5x her def total. That damage ignores any damage reduction or any amount of defense and as I've recently realized, she actually deals twice that amount since she deals both full barb damage to the unit and the troops separately (i.e, if she has 500 def, her talent would deal 1000 to the hero and 1000 to the troops, for a total damage of 2000). I really wish her Gate of Fate would come out so I could unlock her 4th Bond level to further increase her Def. (Getting the 60 shards I'm missing for her to be 6 stars would be nice too.) It's funny to use her in PvP. I sometime face some Cheries with pretty low HP and after taking a couple of AoEs, they die to the barbs before they can even touch Freya.
  4. Langrisser M General

    @SireI watched a video of someone clearing it first to at least have an idea of how the phoenix moved. It really helped since I only had to restart once after the phoenix moved for the very first time. Liana is really useful here to help counteract the Phoenix's self-damage with Prayer. I'm also feeling the Runestone burn. I'm now down at 0 after using my last ones on Leon to get him Thousand Hooves and another on Lester to get Move Again. I have tons of SSRs sitting unused because I don't have enough Runestones to get all their useful skills. Most notorious of those is Jugler who needs 4 runestones to reach his full potential... @Sylphid I actually managed to completely beat the Timeless Trials yesterday. SS2 and SS3 were by far the hardest maps to beat, SS4 and SS-Ultimate were a breeze in comparison. Shame it only got me a Giant Belt, but I'm glad I was able to beat it. Also, while I was leveling up, I kept seeing people saying Princess player will need to switch out Freya for Ledin eventually, that she falls off and becomes a dead weight in comparison to Ledin. And while it's true that she's useless against Dragon as a damage dealer, I don't think I could have beaten some of the TTs without her. All the maps that had laws reducing damage would mean that Ledin would deal poor damage, even with his talent. But since Freya's damage all comes from fixed source, she completely ignored those laws and was my main way to deal damage through those laws. So I'm glad I stuck to her and didn't blindly follow the "Freya's trash, use Ledin" train.
  5. Langrisser M General

    A Ultimate was the farthest I had managed to go in Timeless Trials previously, but since I reached level 60, and heard that Ultimate trials past A were still pretty manageable due the enemies not moving as long as you kill them in one turn and leave their attack range, I decided to give it a try even though my units are still not fully built (average power is around 4.2k, which is pitiful compared to the 5.1k I sometime see on units like Leon and Lana. Welp, turns out this weeks S Ultimate trial can't be cheesed by Lester hooks or Liffany bombs : There's only one entry point to that room and it's impossible to hook everyone or to even use Liffany's bombs. Not to mention the enemies have the three most annoying AoE mages to face on top of a really hard time law. Unless I somehow find a strategy that allows me to do this with my units, S-4 is probably the farthest I'll go this week. Edit: Managed to beat it using Luna, Cherie, Tiaris, Shelfaniel and Hein as a Teleport Bot. Tiaris an Shelf were mostly there to buff, Luna chipped with her 3 range and Cherie did most of the work. Took me 14 of the 15 turns, but it worked really smoothly. @Sylphid Yeah, that's the only time where I'm not happy about getting bad SSRs. My haul for this week's packs was pretty bad with me only getting a Last Knight duplicate, a Nighthawk and a Bloody Melody.
  6. Langrisser M General

    @Sylphid I forgot to specify but I'm pretty sure the reason Lana and Shelf even survived Ice Age with Miracle is thanks to Luna's aura. The Mdamage reduction is crucial and it allowed me to leave Luna alone in range of the dragon to tank Ice age then have my 2 mages come in to attack. At this point, Im glad even when I get bad SSRs since it gives me more ore for epic martial spirits. Doing the Timeless Trials up to A also gives 200 extra ore per week.
  7. Langrisser M General

    Decided to try my luck against the level 65 Ice Dragon, since he's by far the one I have the easiest time facing. I failed the first run, but I learned that while Shelf and Lana can survive the AoE attack of the dragon with Miracle, they definitely cannot without Miracle. So second time around, I weaved them in and out of the dragon's range between his AoEs, though I always left Luna there to tank the AoEs. Didn't get any SSR drops, but considering I managed to get a Mirror Armor from the Fire Dragon yesterday, which I really wanted for Freya, my Epic Martial Spirits are already taken for. Getting 60 Ore from the bonus is a nice jump from the 50 the level 60 gives. Other reason I'll need a lot of Epic Martial Spirit is that I decided to do 6 pulls on the Macho Loto and to my amazement, I managed to get 3 bronze, 2 silver and 1 gold, with the gold being the Slayer's Emblem. Once I level this up, my now lvl 60 Leon will have good SSRs for both his weapon and his accessory. I'll also need to level up the Winged Shin Guards I got from reaching level 60. I still need to decide if I'm gonna go for the Rune and skin or just keep my Crystals.
  8. Langrisser M General

    Did a couple of pull on the Alt/Bozel/Bern banner since Alt is one of the 2 SSR I'm missing. Didn't get him, but I did get a random Dieharte, who was the only other SSR I didn't have. So I'm still missing Altemuller, but I won't have to spend crystals on the upcoming Luna/Tiaris/Dieharte focus banner. At this point, I'll probably wait for the banner that has both Leon and Alt to try for him again. I also reached level 60 today. Getting Gold instead of EXP will be nice since I have plenty of gear to upgrade. Also, being able to level up units beside my main team will give me more flexibility. Got Freya, all the princess SSRs, Ledin and Sonya at level 60 with Leon now at 57. Probably will work on Elwin next since the thunder dragon is still the bane of my team.
  9. Langrisser M General

    Finally reached level 59 today and got my main team to level 60. I tried to do the level 60 Dark Dragon, but I'm seriously lacking in DPS. I managed to beat the level 60 Ice Dragon on turn 15, but that's impossible for the Dark Dragon since it become impossible to attack him once turn 11 rolls around. He just one shots all my units. However, I did manage to beat TT A+. Considering how much trouble it gave me, I'm not gonna stop there for this week, but it did give me 200 Orichalcum Ore, which is a nice bonus.
  10. Langrisser M General

    I thought Path of Light lasted 14 days? Or at least that's how long I had IIRC.
  11. Langrisser M General

    This reddit thread contains tons of useful guides and is something I often come back to in order to access various resources.
  12. I'm disappointed because it's a shitty fix to the summoning pool. A lot of these units don't deserve to be 5 star exclusives anymore and it does nothing to make me less disgusted of seeing the same 3-4* unit I've been seeing since I've started the game. It's not just the 5* pool that needs to be cleaned to be less bloated, the 3-4* pool is also incredibly stale and this change does nothing to fix that. Also, I barely pull on VG, TT Season rerun and skill banners compared to those with new heroes. And knowing I could might be pity broken by Lucina there is not gonna give me more incentive to pull on those.
  13. I'm not gonna spend several orbs hoping to pull OG Lyn if she ever gets a focus banner. At this point, stats wise and skill wise, she's an utter joke. Better to save up for when Legendary Marth/Roy come back or wait for a Karla banner if I want a sword infantry. Or heck, just use the now 3-4* Soleil who has much better stats than her. Same with OG Azura when L!Azura and Reyson exists. Not to mention that bad Gen 1 pity breakers are a minor part of why summoning is so stale nowadays. If they were gonna make summoning pool change, please kick out Raigh and co. from the summoning pool and replace them with Lyn, Mist and Luke. At least we'd see new faces when summoning instead of the same units I've gotten 50 copies of since the game launched. Not to mention that while a lot of the gen 1 units had terrible fodder, some of the units that got booted were the lone source of some premium skills. Sure, pity breakers are not reliable, but I was never mad when Hector, B!Ike, Hinoka or Takumi pity broke me since they were the lone source of premium fodder. And now they're gone from the banners where I tend to use most of my orbs.
  14. Really don't like the Summoning Pool changes. These heroes are for the most part outdated and should have been made more available, not less. Sure, not being pity broken by Mist or Luke is nice, but I now fail to see how I'll ever get the last 2 copies I need to make my Lucina +10 since gen 1 units barely ever get featured on banners anymore. These units should have been demoted, not removed. If units had to go, it should have been some of the units in the 3-4* pool. I'm sick and tired of Raighs, Donnels, Bartre and company. Not to mention that some skills are now way harder to get. Nailah is now the lone carrier of Distant Counter in the summoning pool, Close Counter, Hone Fliers and Steady Breath, among others, are now unavailable from new heroes banners (which are probably the banners most people pull on). In exchange we get a mere 12 units added to the 3-4* pool. Yeah, I was already playing Feh less and less and this summoning pool change combined with yet another competitive mode you need to complete weekly is really not helping my growing disinterest.