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  1. Fate/Grand Order General

    First few tries of the challenge quest with Jalter + double merlin weren't working, with Drake blowing up one Merlin before I could really get to her. Decided to try again with double merlin, but have Jalter, Merlin and Mash be starting trio with Jack, Merlin and Hans in the back. The plan was to have Mash out to defend Merlin while I dealt with Nightingale and Drake, but every I somehow forgot Drake had an ignore Invulnerability skill and lost Jalter and Merlin. Decided to stick with it and just use my Command Seal to bring everyone back. In the end, I didn't need to use any seals since it turns out bringing Jack to a quest where all the enemies are female is a pretty good idea. Took me 44 turns, but Jack managed to get everyone. I've been slacking in the farming department. I did manage to get Merlin to 10/10/10, but the shop is nearly full. I might just get the Lore and stop there.
  2. Langrisser M General

    Managed to get the 60 Bozel shards right on the daily reset by using one of today's bonus runs. Good thing since today's map seems way harder to cheese than the previous. Farming the event also allowed me to get to level 35 and the first thing I did is get Luna to her next class. And wow does having a Faction buff make a difference. I was able to clear two Gate of Fate trials that were really walling me on the first try thanks to it. Next on list for class upgrade is Ledin so he can get his own faction buff for when Freya falls short. Speaking of Freya, I read on Reddit that the CN server is testing out changes to how immunity to fixed damage works. Bosses still have immunity to fixed damage source that calculate their damage based on a percentage (like Luna's faction buff effect dealing 15% of target's HP as damage), but will take full damage from sources that calculate their damage on a unit's attribute (like Freya's unique skill and Barb doing 2x and 2.5x her defense as damage). Took the info from this thread.
  3. Langrisser M General

    Just realized I could cheese today's Dark Contract map with a team full of bonus unit by having Ledin take care of the Golem and Chris wipe the Skeletons, so I'm using my burgers to run the map as much as I can to try to at least get Bozel before the event ends. Also only a couple of hundred of Exp away from team level 34, so I'll finally be able to get my unit to their final class and unlock Faction Buffs.
  4. Fate/Grand Order General

    Just farmed it. I can put it on my character for you to register it.
  5. Langrisser M General

    Looking at it, I prefer her already released Miko one to the Egyptian one. And despite how anachronistic it is, I really like Lana's Sonic Fairy store costume, though I'd need Lana first. In a similar case, the Echo of Light skins for Angelina and Schefaniel look interesting, though I won't spend a dime there if I don't own them. The Ledin Echo of Light skin also looks neat from what I can see, but unless it's together with another skin of a character I own and like, I don't think I'll get it. I'd be curious to see what Luna's look like and how you can obtain them, but there not in the vid for some reason.
  6. Langrisser M General

    Considering all the princesses I already have, I'll definitely try for at least Shelfaniel. Getting Angelina would be nice as well, but she's not as high of a priority since she comes back on rate up banner with Liana and Cherie and I want to save crystals to try for Lana when she's on the rate up bannet with Luna and Tiaris. @Sire You might have to make your wallet bleed for that dancer Liana skin. I might be misremembering, but I think it's an Echo of Light exclusive skin alongside Lana's yakuza skin.
  7. Langrisser M General

    Finally started working on my soldiers in the past few days. Fliers are up to level 8 and Infantry to level 7. The rest are level 5, 4, 3 and 2 for Cavalry, Lancer, Archer and Holy respectively. Went hard on fliers because of Cherie and Luna, so I'll have to work on the other categories, especially since I'm starting to hit gold material I don't have the level to farm yet. Also managed to 3 star Luna's first Gate of Fate, so I'll be able to get my daily shard for her. (Now to figure out how to beat her 3rd Gate of Fate mission so I can get 2 shards a day)
  8. Langrisser M General

    Did 4 pull, got 4 bronze RIP Don't know if I'll try again, but I'm tempted because of the skin. Also, discovered that sending units on expedition doesn't prevent you from using those units so I'm doing them much more actively than before.
  9. Langrisser M General

    I managed to beat Luna's first Gate of Fate mission, but it took me all of the 15 turns available and I had only one unit beside Luna standing by the end, which is far from the 9 turns and 3 deaths max needed to 3 star it. I realized I could and should use the forest in the upper left corner of the map, but even with that, the sheer amount of enemy units meant I couldn't do it without massive casualties. I guess I'll keep looking for a video or guide for it so I can at least 3 star it for daily sweeping. Also, I finally saw the Guild tab existed today, which made wonder if people here had started one. Seems like there's benefit to being part of one.
  10. Langrisser M General

    Thanks for the link to all those guides. That helped me understand a lot of stuff better. And I guess I'll wait for Luna to get stronger before trying those again. I managed to do Cherie's first one pretty easily, but Luna's is on a whole other level. I've definitely been neglecting Soldier levels. Good to know that Aniki's gym is the best place to use extra Stamina since I'd bee using it to sweep Time Rift levels mostly. And it's interesting to know that SR gear is better for the average played than SSR due to how expensive the later is to upgrade. I'll definitely keep that in mind.
  11. Langrisser M General

    I somehow got spooked by Liana while rolling for Lana. I guess confusion can happen with twins.
  12. Langrisser M General

    Thanks for the input. I'm lacking a solid spellcaster, so focusing on Lana does seem like the better choice. And I'm questioning whether I'm just bad or if the game's difficulty rating is bunk. I'm trying to do Luna's first Gate of Fate mission, which is rated as level 25, with a level 26 and I'm getting absolutely destroyed. Doesn't help that I can't field any unit other than Luna, have no healers and there's way more enemies than allies. Keep looking to see if someone made a guide for it, but resources for this game seems to be kind of thin. I've heard the CN server is ahead, so there might be vids or guides from people who did it there, but I have no idea where to start looking for those if they exists.
  13. Langrisser M General

    Decided to pick up this game last week and I've been having a lot of fun with it despite not knowing a thing about Langrisser. Do have to get used to how premium currency works in this game. Needing 88 for a single pull is kind of baffling when coming from FEH and FGO. Still feels a bit lost about the game's systems, but I think I'm starting to figure it out by picking things up here and there. As far as the units I've been using, I managed to snag myself 4 SSRs from the gacha : Ledin, Luna, Tiaris and Cherie (on top of the one I got from the Path of Light). Considering those units and that the first SRs I got and invested into were Freya, Sonya and Chris, it seems like going with the Princess faction is the way to go for me. I was saddened to learn that Freya falls off later in game due to bosses being immune to her gimmick, but apparently Ledin is the premium replacement for her in Princess teams, so at least I'm set there. Also saw that Liana and Lana were good units for Princess based teams and in general, but considering their banner ends in 3 days, I'll need luck to get them. Might just alternate single rolling between their banners instead of saving for 10 rolls (unless 10 rolls have an increased chance of yielding an SSR) Anyway, for people who would wish to add me, my UN is the same as here and I'm on the Roga Valley server.
  14. Got stuck with an all green summoning ring that gave NY!Fjorm, the only green unit I didn't care about because I already had her. And she's neutral like my first. I'd fodder her, but I can't think of any unit that would vastly improved by getting any of her skills. So when I take into account the duplicate PA!Azura I got from the previous one, I can't say I'm all that impressed with this celebration gift. I would have taken the 50 orbs they gave us last year instead.
  15. Fate/Grand Order General

    Decided to try out buster memes for the final challenge quest with a Jalter + double memelin. Managed to do it in 48 turns with Jalter and both Merlins being at max HP at the end of the battle. It's pretty much as braindead a set up as I've heard. I sometime had 4 stacks of GoA going at the same time and Jalter was dropping NPs every other turn and having an Avenger definitely made the Jeanne and Amakusa fights much easier. Didn't manage to get Edmond, but a yolo ticket on the 5M banner netted me a second Da Vinci, which I really appreciate for the NP damage increase. Can't wait for her second interlude to bump her NP2 damage to the level of her current NP5. Also farmed the doors as much as I could with the free time I had and without using apples. Went from 15M qp to 115M, though I could see that melting quickly with all the skills I need to level on my SSRs. Looking at the Valentines event, the gears from the shop will leave me 4 short of being able to max Merlin, though I hope I'll be able to get them from one of the node in the event. The lanugo will also be appreciated for when I finally get enough Proofs and Dusts to level up Musashi's skills.