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  1. I'm almost tempted to keep my -Atk/+Def Soren now, for maximally matching boyfriendos
  2. So I pulled Ike with the free orbs from quests and I was super excited......until I saw he was -Atk/+Def. He just wanted to twin with my Soren Is he still useable?
  3. Abortion is something I have a really hard time finding a stance on, because on a personal level I hate it, but I know how necessary it is. Unintended pregnancies just seem to be a lose-lose situation. There's a woman I know who had an abortion in college, and the guilt over it has haunted her for years. On the other hand, I know of someone who did not have an abortion when she got pregnant in college. Her boyfriend (the father of the baby) left her, so now she's in her mid 30s and living with her parents, and she has an awful relationship with her daughter. Obviously both of these are extreme examples and there are people who have abortions/choose not to have abortions who lead happy, fulfilling lives, but the fact that there's no real way to win in some situations just makes me so sad. One thing I really don't understand about some more conservative legislators (please do correct me if I'm wrong, or if this is off-topic) is that they seem to be against education about/availability of contraception AND abortion, when increased modes of contraception could dramatically decrease the demand for abortion. I get the religious perspective of not wanting to promote pre-marital sex, but I think it's important for us Christians to recognize that not everyone is religious, and thus not everyone will believe that pre-marital sex is wrong. Just a thought. I used to be pro-death penalty, but over the years I've come to believe it's not necessary. It's expensive, there's a possibility of killing the wrong person, and life in prison sucks a lot anyway. (I apologize in advance if I came across as preachy or rude in this, I'm pretty horrible at expressing my ideas with words)
  4. @Midori Mage Thanks for the advice! Yeah, -Atk on mages sucks...I was so excited when I pulled the -Atk/+Def one and I saw his boon and bane and cried. @Arcanite Oooooh boy time to grind feathers. I currently have a grand total of 190 after using up my stash to promote Nino as a human sacrifice to angry wind boy. And thank you for the warning! I'll start stacking skills on Mr. -Atk hehehe.
  5. Any suggestions for what to do with my 2 Sorens? One is -Atk/+Def and the other is -Res/+Def (why), and I haven't decided if I want to merge or use both for the lulz. I already fed the -Res one Gronnblade+, but I don't know whether to put LoD2 on him or wait to see if I can get a Hinata for Fury 3. I prefer LoD, but sadly I don't have the feathers right now to give him LoD3. It might be difficult to tell (/s), but I really like Soren even though his skillset sucks my poor boy and I'm willing to sacrifice a lot of resources to make him good. Edit: @Anacybele The benefit of using Hawkeye for Threaten Atk is that he gets it as a 4*, so if yours is a 5* I agree you should wait. You could always use Threaten Atk 2 temporarily if you have an Azama lying around.
  6. With CYL coming at the end of the summer and a possible RD Ike...full Ike team incoming??
  7. +Def looks like it'll be useful in a lot of situations, even if -spd is a bit of a bummer. Congrats on your second Ike!
  8. I used to never get Ninos and when pulling for Soren she was practically all I got for several summons. 6 Ninos from this focus alone, all with crappy natures. (at least that meant feathers to promote one of the Ninos for Soren to eat for Gronnblade+)
  9. My luck's been improving a lot recently and I am very grateful to the RNG. \o/ I now have 21 5* units, but since I merged my Reinhardts I guess I've technically had 22? Natural: Roy, Lyn, Karel, Chrom, M!Corrin, Y!Tiki, Abel, S!Xander, Catria, Hinoka, Reinhardt x2 (merged), Olwen, S!Chrom, Titania, Soren x2, and Priscilla. Upgraded: A!Tiki, Sharena, Nowi, and Nino (I'm feeding her Gronnblade+ to Soren though, sorry Nino)
  11. Sorry for the long response, I don't know how to spoiler tag this ;u; 1. Lukas! For the reasons others have listed above :) 2. Kagero's a fantastic unit, especially with +ATK. I would definitely go with her unless you REALLY like Matthew and Jaffar, or pull some other fantastic 4* later on that better fits your team. 3. I would argue that you don't necessarily need a swordie if you have Y!Tiki (as far as arena goes), since she takes out Hector easily and most high res greens are pretty squishy in defense. If you want a sword character, though, Chrom is decent but nothing spectacular. His attack is great, his speed is...nyehhh. He works respectably well as a sword character if you don't have any good reds, but imo Y!Tiki is better. Just make sure to avoid Falchion users. 4. M!Robin is pretty great, but I'd wait to 5* him for now since imo Kagero is a better choice for promotion. Also since he's decently common, it might be a good idea to wait for one that has a good boon/bane, assuming your current one doesn't. 5. Ryoma and Lucina are generally considered better than Lyn. Not too sure about Marth, and Eirika kind of fills a different niche than Lyn. If Lyn's a favorite, I'd still suggest you pull for her! 6. I would stick to Kagero, but hang on to the others. You never know when they'll be useful. 7. Noooooo 2k feathers isn't worth a 5* :'( You may end up needing her skills or her some time in the future, and especially if you stay F2P you never know if you'll pull a character in the same niche again. 8. It really depends what type of unit you're looking for. Sharena if you want a solid support unit with good defense/attack, Catria if you want a flying tank. 9. Fred is still a solid unit, and you never know if or when you'll end up pulling Hector/Raven/Camilla. And you have him at +1! I would invest in him, but maybe only with skills that come from decently common units. It's not really worth passing really rare skills onto him unless you plan on using him for the long run or really like Frederick. 10. For now I'd suggest Y!Tiki/Lukas/Fred/Kagero, possibly replacing Fred/Lukas with Nino/Sharena if you promote Nino to 5*. Though if you end up pulling a dancer, I'd highly suggest replacing one of your units with them. I've personally had really good mileage with dancers and running Olivia helped me raise my arena score by 1000 points. Of course, this is personal experience and we may have different playstyles. 11. nOOOO (except Est). I'll admit I'm a bit of a hoarder, but I really don't think it's worth sending units home unless they're duplicates (or named Est). I sent a lot of subpar units home initially and they ended up popping up in quests and there were 4 armor/4 flier/4 cav quests and such and...yeah I was sad. It may be really annoying not having many feathers right now, but once you've progressed farther into the game you'll have a solid arena team that can score you lots of feathers every week, and you'll be pulling duplicates left and right that you can then send home. It probably wouldn't hurt to send a healer like Wrys home, but I prefer feeding all of my healers to one of them to build one super healer. (I'm kidding about Est btw, I just dislike her haha) 12. You shouldn't need SI to pass storymode Lunatic, but the chapters are quite tough. I overlevelled my main team in the Training Tower to pass a majority of the chapters, and used Light's Blessings on the last few. If you're still having a hard time with some of them, I think there are video tutorials of a few of the harder ones using free/common units. In general, though, I'd hold off on SI/sending units home until you're done with the story and have pulled more units. I passed story mode with one 5* and three 4*'s before SI was a thing, so it's definitely possible to do! You'll also have a better sense of your own playstyle after going through the story, so you'll have a better idea of which skills and which units you want.
  12. Healers are just so same-y it gets boring after some time. I fed all of my healers to Priscilla for skills so new healers don't really have much to offer my roster anymore. On the bright side, Mist's Spur Def/Res looks pretty cool! It still isn't really worth pulling for her, imo. That would be so funny I wouldn't even be mad.
  13. Oh man if Soren were healer-ified I would be made of salt. Yep! Lucius/Lachesis really bummed me out but I'm mostly optimistic about Elincia getting a sword.
  14. That's true, and I definitely think there should be more red fliers in general. I wouldn't put it past the devs to turn Elincia into a healer (I'm worried about Micaiah too...) even though she is a main character, but I really hope they keep Amiti! Oops, I forgot. I didn't expect Mist to be anything but a healer, considering she starts as one. Still salty because healers are sad (though her C skill looks pretty nice).
  15. I'd really love to see Amiti too but they did get rid of prf weapons like Florete and the Earth Sword by making Mist and Lachesis healers :( Mist I can completely understand, but Lachesis... Really hoping Elincia isn't a healer, though a flying healer would be pretty cool.