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  1. Nice, she's a higher level anyway. Thank you!
  2. Narcian's map was one of the more challenging GHBs though (imo) and I think she mentioned that she sent home both Subakis on accident... I was trying to see if I could complete this map with free units just for fun, would you guys say Narcian/Subaki/Olivia/Sophia would work better or Narcian/Subaki/Olivia/Raigh?
  3. It's up on Gamestop right now idk for how long
  4. I have 8: Abel, Adult Tiki, M!Corrin, Young Tiki, Chrom, Roy, Reinhardt, and Hinoka, obtained in that order Adult Tiki was promoted, and Roy/Hinoka were pulled on paid orbs (bought the 23 orb pack twice out of desperation, trying to get Leo/Ephraim/Ninian). I never rerolled.
  5. It's coming back on the 24th! This was just the early bird event for rewards. Edit: ninja'd
  6. Beat Lunatic with Abel, Adult Tiki, Reinhardt, and Olivia. Tiki got Rally Defense'd by Abel (I gave him Rally Defense in an effort to get rid of a few of my 5 4* Nowis) and tanked a hit from the blue flier, got dragged back, and tanked another hit from Michalis. Used Adult Tiki because she's the tankiest character in my roster (38 def). Reinhardt killed Michalis (obviously Rein isn't the best choice, but I don't have any good red mages), Tiki retreated, and Olivia danced for Abel so he could kill the blue flier. Red cavalier attacked Abel and died, and the rest of the map just involved picking off the last two stragglers (a red cav that Abel killed easily and a lance fighter who went down to Abel and Reinhardt. I think this could work with any high def character, high attack mage (preferably red), sword counter, and Olivia. I realize that's a bit of a specific set, but hopefully this is at least a little helpful.
  7. I don't think the -Res would hurt him too much, my Abel is -Res and wrecks face. I have a +Atk/-Spd 4* Nino, should I promote her? I adore her and I'm out of free orbs so I unfortunately can't pull her banner to try for a 5* with a better bane. Also, for M!Robin, would +Atk/-HP, +Def/-HP, or +HP/-Atk be ideal? (Excluding my 2 -SPD Robins from this, I know -SPD is pretty sad on him) Help I'm swimming in Robins
  8. Pulled three 3* M!Robins in a row (two of which were -SPD) in the princes focus trying to get Ephraim or Leo. I also ended up with three Jagens, two Oboros and two Chroms, one of which was 5*. Chrom made me sad since he was the only focus character in the banner I absolutely didn't want (sorry Chrom) and it reset my 5* counter.
  9. One time I had 3 blues and the enemy team was full of Hectors...the horror. If you're having issues with reds, I'm team Ephraim and I have a blue lead (lv.40 Abel). I could share friend codes with you, since I think if you have a friend on the same team you're more likely to see them or something (? idk the mechanics) Thank you for fighting for the best team
  10. I've been running Abel (+SPD/-RES) because a ton of my friends are running Takumi/a red unit, and typically the only axe users I run into are Camillas and the occasional Minerva. Hector would probably destroy me but I don't want to run my Young Tiki since a lot of people run blue units.
  11. Oops (Yeah I know a Shareena) Does anyone know if I can change the name in the poll without deleting existing votes I actually have no Ephraim friends and around 10 Lucina friends but I'm obligated to fight for best lord reckless spear boy. Time to run Abel and pretend he's Ephraim at least they have the same weapon
  12. This may be a bit early, but what teams are all of you planning to join when Voting Gauntlet opens up? (I didn't see a similar poll anywhere else, but I'll delete this if the poll has already been made). I only have Alfonse and Sharena (at low levels) so I'll be on Team Ephraim :D Edit: had to remake poll because I'm a forum noob and accidentally deleted it
  13. I've been training a Whitewings team of Palla, Catria, and Est, along with Abel Also I have a team with both Tikis and F!Corrin, I'm hoping to get another dragon to complete the team Whenever Tellius comes out I want a Greil Mercs team since Tellius is still my favorite world (I need Soren, Titania, Ike, and Elincia ;u;).
  14. Just pulled 5* Young Tiki! Now I have both Tikis haha. Super stoked but I have too many good red units and no good greens.
  15. I finally beat the chapter! Ended up replacing Shanna with Corrin because he was closest to max level, and Lissa instead of Sakura to boost his attack. He 1RKO'd Veronica and then I was good to go. Thank you guys so much for all the advice! I can't I'm poor ;u;