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  1. What Would You Do If You Woke Up With The Above Avatar In Your Bed?

    Ask her if she would happen to like something for breakfast and a cup of coffee.
  2. What Would You Do If You Woke Up With The Above Avatar In Your Bed?

    Get thrown out of the Tournament of Power by Jiren while cursing his name.
  3. Path of the Renegade(Language, Violence)

    Chapter 18 A few days had passed, they were rather quiet, allowing Joseph to complete work on editing and rewriting his thesis. However, the day he was most dreading had arrived. He stepped out of the car to walk in front of a funeral home. The weather was clear and sunny, even if the cold bit into him. He turned around and looked at the widow. "Meredith, are you sure that you want me to come, ever since I got that record player, your son has been quite hostile towards me.", he said. "It's quite alright, dear. You were like a grandson to Caleb, he'd want you to be here.", she replied. Joseph nodded and helped her onto the sidewalk. He walked over to the door and opened it, holding it open for her. He hid his true feelings and wore a mask of calmness so that no one would know exactly how deep the wound went. "Thank you, dear.", Meredith said as she walked past him. "You're welcome.", Joseph said with a slight smile, entering after she did. It was not often that he wore a suit, he found them to be rather stuffy and restrictive, but it's what Meredith told him to wear. He silently thanked Keith for renting this for him. He walked beside her through the hall, and helped her into one of the seats. "Who do you think you are, coming here like that? You stole from my family. You manipulated my father!", a voice behind him said. "I won't let you do the same to my mother.", the voice continued. "A funeral is a time for mourning. I would rather not disrespect Caleb's memory by fighting here at his funeral.", Joseph replied with a calm voice, despite the fact that he did indeed want to turn around and punch the elderly man in the jaw for being antagonistic towards him for the last few days, all over a record player and some vinyl records. There was silence, which Joseph was thankful for as he placed his hand on Meredith's shoulder. "I'm going to step outside real quick.", he said to her. "Alright, dear. You be careful now.", she replied. Joseph walked out of the funeral home and checked his cell phone. He had a missed call from Keith. He called Keith up and heard the phone ring for a while. "Hello, Joseph.", Keith's voice said. "Hey Keith, what'd you need me for?", he replied. "Well, I was wondering if you wanted to hang out at the mall later. I know your past with malls and you know mine, but... you know...", Keith said, trailing off. "Keith... ever since we've found out each oth... hold on a second.", Joseph said, turning to see Caleb's son walking out the door as he put the phone on hold. "You don't belong here, you're not part of the family, Joseph. I don't know why my dad felt it right to give you what should go to us.", Caleb's son called out. "David, don't you understand that what you're saying. Caleb helped me for six years, all I ever did was repay the favor by helping him out and keeping him company. Don't you think your father ever wanted company?", Joseph said in response. "You didn't keep him company, you...", David said before being cut off. "In the entire time I've been living here, you've never visited your father, none of you ever have. That's six years. Yet the moment he passes away, you all show up like vultures to a freshly killed carcass. You never cared about your own goddamn father, all you care about is getting your inheritance!", Joseph snapped at him. Joseph turned around and grabbed the door to the funeral home when something struck him in the back of the head. He let go of the door and wheeled about to face David. "You have the courage to strike me when my back is turned, but you don't have the courage to punch me in the face. I don't want to fight you, not here. Not today, but if you really do want to punch me.", he said, brow furrowed. He pointed at his face. "One free shot, I'll give you that. You can punch me if you want, cause I know you want to. But after that, you will be polite to me in order to honor your father. I could care less about what you think of me, but I will be damned if my friend's memory is dishonored.", he continued. David drew his arm back and stopped. "Come on, David, right in the face.", Joseph said annoyed. David's arm dropped. "Alright, how about this, you punch me in the face, or I press charges on you for assault.", Joseph said. "Those charges won't stick, who is going to believe you?", David retorted. Joseph merely pointed to a security camera. David looked up at the security camera and then at Joseph, visibly a bit nervous. "Now, you wouldn't do that to me, would you? I'm an elderly man, I wouldn't last a few days in prison.", David said, panicked. "I'm going inside, David.", Joseph said sternly. He turned around and grabbed the door again, this time he saw David's reflection in the glass and he avoided the punch as it broke the glass, cutting up David's hand. "Oh, now you're definitely going to have a day in court. That's property damage right there.", Joseph said, calmly as he opened the door and walked in. One of Caleb's granddaughters walked down the hall. "Grandma was worried about the... what happened?", she gasped. "One of Caleb's sons is... being a bit violent about the fact that I inherited something, even if it wasn't much at all.", Joseph responded. "Oh, don't listen to him, he's a liar he...", David started. "Remember, there is security footage David, if you start trying to slander me, I will, under no circumstances not hesitate to call the police the moment this funeral is over. Right now, your fate is up to the owners of this place.", Joseph said as he interrupted David. Joseph walked away from this and back to his seat as the minister walked up. Joseph raised his hand. "Excuse me sir, before you start, I would just like to say a few words. I know this isn't my job and all, but...", he said. "You may speak your piece, child.", The minster said to him. Joseph walked up and looked at Caleb in the casket, tears welling in his eyes, but he held them back. He turned around to the podium and stood behind it. "It would bring Caleb joy to know that his family is here to mourn his passing. He always spoke to me about how he was never visited by anyone. But the truth is, I'm not just his neighbor. Six years ago, Caleb helped me when I needed help most. I had just gotten out of prison, I was on parole, I needed to find a job and a place to live within a month or I'd go back to prison. He was the one that allowed me to get that apartment in the first place. I've never felt like my debt has ever truly been repaid. Caleb was a rather happy man with a lot of sagely advice. He enjoyed having me over every day for lunch and I'd come over to have dinner with him on the days that I didn't have to work late. He's the entire reason I'm where I'm at right now...", Joseph said. He turned to the casket and looked at Caleb. "Wherever you are, my friend, I hope you're brightening the days of others. And I just want to thank you for all the wonderful time we had together.", Joseph continued. He nodded towards the minister and walked back to his seat. As he sat down the minister started talking. "Caleb Rhodes was a wonderful man. He was the father of David, Miranda, Kayla, and Christopher Rhodes and the grandfather of their children. He was also as you've heard from this young man's speech a wonderful friend.", the Minister said, pointing to him upon saying young man. "Not only that, but he was a valued member of this community, especially when he was younger. He put so much time and effort into this city, he loved it and the people of the city dearly, to the point where he himself would go out and fundraise and even build shelters for the homeless, he would feed the poor his own food and go hungry if he had to. Even in his last will and testament, he said that he doesn't want us to mourn his loss, but rather remember what he brought into our lives. Remember his accomplishments and all of the good times. Caleb was truly a gift of our Lord, brought to us in a time we needed him the most. And now, he is reunited with the Lord. Do not forget that he will forever live on in our hearts.", the Minister said. Everyone rose from their seats and Meredith turned to Joseph. "Are you coming to the burial?", she asked. "No, I think I'm going to go head home. Your eldest son doesn't really like me and I'd rather avoid causing any unnecessary drama.", he replied. Meredith hugged him. "I understand, dear. How are you going to get home though?", she asked. "Keith can drive, don't worry about it, Meredith. I'll be fine. Don't worry though, I'll still visit for lunch and dinner, so you don't have to worry about being alone.", he replied. "Thank you, dear, but you don't have to go through all that trouble for me.", she said. "It's no trouble at all, you are a good friend of mine.", he replied. "That means a lot to me, Joseph, you take care of yourself, okay?", she said to him. "Alright, Meredith. I will.", he replied. The two of them parted ways and Joseph walked along the sidewalk. He pulled out his phone and called up Keith. Before he could connect to him, Wallace pulled up next to him in a car. "Get in.", he said. Joseph hung up and climbed into the car with Wallace. "You know, we used to get ice cream when we were sad as kids.", Wallace said to him as he buckled up. Wallace hit the accelerator of the car and pulled away from the sidewalk. "So you're going to take me to an ice cream shop, Wallace?", Joseph asked. "Look, man. You just lost a good friend of yours. You got to be thinking of Sarah and Ronnie. After all, it was the reason you left us in the first place.", Wallace said. Joseph looked out the window. "That's not true, Wallace. I left partly because of that, but also because... I was always meant to kill Inverse. I was trained for that specific job, Wallace... it was... not exactly the greatest moment of my life. It was because of my arrogance, my mistake that two of our friends are dead. All of this is why I left.", Joseph responded. Joseph felt Wallace's hand on his shoulder. "You have to admit, some ice cream would be good for you right about now. It'd ease your mind and your heart.", he said. "Whatever. You're buying.", Joseph said in response. Wallace laughed and Joseph started to think quite a bit. "Wallace, if it came down to it and I had to fight the Weather Force, whose side would you be on...", he asked. Wallace was silent for a bit. "Theirs, Joseph. I'm sorry, but...", Wallace started. "It's fine, Wallace. If it ever comes to that, I want you to know that I won't hold back, but I'll do all I can to avoid hurting you too much.", Joseph said quietly. The two of them looked at each other and nodded. "I hope it never comes to that, Joseph. I really do.", Wallace said solemnly as he parked at an ice cream parlor and turned off the car. The two of them walked into the store and Wallace looked at him. "Whatever you want, man. I'll pay for it.", he said. Joseph walked over to a frozen yogurt tin dispenser and grabbed one of the sixteen ounce cups. He then walked over to each flavor and put them into the cup. "You have... over a pound of frozen yogurt....", Wallace said in disbelief. "You're going to gain so much...", he continued. "Nah, my metabolism is crazy fast, remember. I could eat all this and not ever gain a pound.", Joseph said with a smile as he walked over to the toppings and piled them high. Wallace ordered his ice cream just as Joseph walked over. The person at the counter gave Joseph a look of disbelief. "That'll be... twenty-five dollars and thirty-seven cents.", the guy at the counter said. Wallace nodded and pulled out a twenty and a ten dollar bill. "Keep the change.", he said. The two of them walked over to a table and Joseph started eating his frozen yogurt. "Remember back when we were kids, Joseph. When we were just... when all of this was a game to us...", Wallace muttered to him. "Yeah... that continued til that day, Wallace... I just... I don't know anymore. I thought that after I moved away, everything would be easy, that everything would fall into place. I thought I'd find my own place in the world, but here I am, back to doing the same exact thing that I did all those years ago, only difference is that I don't have a boss anymore.", Joseph responded. "You really wanted to get away from all this, didn't you?", Wallace asked. "Yes, I didn't want to show my face to you or the others ever again. It hurt to turn my back on my friends, but... I had no other choice. I couldn't look at you guys without not seeing them there with you. I just... couldn't take it anymore, so I just left.", Joseph responded. "I understand, Joseph, I do. If you don't want to come back with me, then that's fine, I won't make you. But your father asked to see you for some reason and specifically called up Casey to do it.", Wallace responded. "How is Casey, by the way?", Joseph asked. "He's doing alright, he misses you. He's been talking to his husband about you telling him that you're a good friend of his and how he can't wait to introduce him to you.", Wallace responded. "Ah, so he finally got married. That's good. Glad to see he took my advice and asked that guy out.", Joseph replied. Wallace nodded and the two of them talked for a while. "Well, I gotta head back to my hotel. Would you like a ride back to the apartment, Joseph?", Wallace asked after about twenty minutes. "Nah, I'm going walk back home.", Joseph replied. "Alright then, Joseph, you stay safe, alright?", Wallace said to him with a smile. "I will and you too, Wallace.", Joseph said. The two of them walked out of the door together and Joseph waved to Wallace as he walked to the sidewalk. He walked along the sidewalk, in truth he was going to go back to his apartment, but he was taking a more scenic route as he needed time to think about things. As he walked, his mind wandered, memories of his time with Caleb flashed through his mind. As he walked into a park and stood in front of the statue in the middle of it, he asked himself a single question. Would he ever get used to this?
  4. What Would You Do If You Woke Up With The Above Avatar In Your Bed?

    Sparkle til I was alone in my bed again.
  5. What Would You Do If You Woke Up With The Above Avatar In Your Bed?

    Fuse with Kakarot and turn into Vegito Bluer to throw them out of my house.
  6. What Would You Do If You Woke Up With The Above Avatar In Your Bed?

    Force them out of my house.
  7. What Would You Do If You Woke Up With The Above Avatar In Your Bed?

    Fuse with Camilla to form Vegella and then dote on Corrin.
  8. What Would You Do If You Woke Up With The Above Avatar In Your Bed?

    Scream that I will avenge Cabba!
  9. What Would You Do If You Woke Up With The Above Avatar In Your Bed?

    Use a final flash for beating up my son.
  10. What Would You Do If You Woke Up With The Above Avatar In Your Bed?

    Tell my son to beat the crap out of him.
  11. Path of the Renegade(Language, Violence)

    Chapter 17 As Joseph ran along the sidewalk towards his destination, his mind raced about what he was going to find at City Hall. He realized quickly he wouldn't be able to reach his destination in time through the crowded sidewalks so he ran into the street and tried a technique that he remembered doing as a kid. His running speed started to increase as he weaved between the cars. "This is almost like riding a bicycle. If riding a bicycle was anything like having powers over electricity.", he said with a slight smirk. He didn't want to admit to it, but it did feel good to be able to use his powers again. He quickly turned onto a road that led deeper into the city. He continued to run as fast as he did, weaving through traffic, until he reached a barricade that was supposed to block people off from entering the area. He jumped over the barricade and landed on his feet. He looked up and saw a man in the window look at him and he saw that man bring a hostage to the window, placing a gun against the hostage's head. He walked over to one of the police officers. "Might I borrow that for a second?", he said calmly. "Who are you?", the officer responded. "I'm just a hero.", he said in response. The officer nodded and handed Joseph the megaphone. He turned it on and spoke into the microphone, "I hear that you're looking for Lightning. Lightning has retired a long time ago, but I guess you could say that I know him, would I be acceptable?", he said. There was silence and all of the sudden, Joseph had an idea. "One of you, can you call up City Hall and hand the phone to me?", he said. One of the officers nodded and dialed a number, then handed him the phone. He placed it against his ear and no sooner did he do so, did a voice speak up. "I know you aren't Lightning, why are you wasting my time?", the voice said. "You're right, I'm not him, but I knew him personally. You can say that I've known him my entire life. He's retired, but I am his successor. Whatever...", he said before being interrupted. "I know your voice, it hasn't changed much in the last ten years. Alright, come in and I'll release the hostages.", the voice on the other side said before the phone hung up. Joseph handed the officer back his phone. "I'm going in. If I'm not back out in fifteen minutes, send a squad in after me.", he said. "Understood, hero.", the officer replied. Joseph walked towards the door of City Hall. He felt a massive weight occupy his shoulders. For the first time in ten years, he was using his powers, not only that, he was using them to save someone else. He wasn't a kid anymore, this wasn't a game anymore. This was an actual serious situation, this was a crime. He opened the doors of the building and walked in, closing them behind him. "I'm here.", he said. "Step away from the door and come to the Mayor's office.", the voice called out. He nodded and walked down the hallway, electricity sparking around his hands. He was expecting some sort of trap when he reached the office. He placed his hand on the door and turned the knob, moving towards the side as he threw it open. "Come in, there is no need to be paranoid.", the voice said. Joseph nodded and walked into the room. "Let the hostages go.", Joseph said, in a demanding voice. "They're free to leave, even the Mayor here.", the man said. Joseph turned to see the hostages leave and watched the man let go of the Mayor who scrambled out and left. "I was just here to smoke you out of hiding, do you think that I don't know what they're going to do to me once they catch me?", the man said, raising his gun. Joseph acted fast and almost on impulse. His hand shot out as a bolt of lightning arced from his hand into the man's arm, forcing all of the muscles to contract forcing the man to fire into the desk. "You will not escape the punishment that the law has set for you.", Joseph said, sternly. "Says the man who has the blood of another on his hands.", the man said with a smile. "You're nothing more than a murderer, Lightning.", the man continued with his smirk. "There's nothing I can do about what I did, but I've already paid for my crimes. You however have created an entire hostage situation to get to me. For what reason? To kill me?", Joseph said in a defiant manner. "No, this is a trap. Inverse's son will be here to arrest you at any moment.", the man said with a smirk. "Don't bother trying to escape, you can't.", he continued. Joseph heard the cocking of a gun behind him. "I'll take this from here, hero.", the voice said. He turned back to see a man that looked almost exactly like Inverse did back then. "I thought I told the police to stay back.", Joseph responded. "I don't work for this police department. But I'm fairly certain they won't complain if I were to bring in the man who held the Mayor of this city hostage. Tell me, what do you call yourself?", Joannes said calmly, motioning for Joseph to step out of the way. "Thunder.", he responded. "Thunder, if you would please, leave the rest of this situation to the police, you've done enough.", Joannes said. Joseph wasn't going to argue, he knew this was the man that Wallace had warned him about. He walked out of the building and suddenly cameras and journalists started to swarm him. But he quietly walked through the crowd. Once free, he ran back to the hospital where he found a secluded corner of a parking garage to return to his civilian attire. He walked back to the building that Caleb was being held at and entered the elevator, going back up to the fifth floor. He noticed that he was slightly disheveled as the elevator opened up to the fourth floor. Wallace was standing there. Joseph nodded as Wallace entered the elevator. "There wasn't any actual danger to the museum. Turns out Joannes decided to visit there to see if there was any information about Lightning.", he said. "I'm still not returning, Wallace.", Joseph replied. "I respect that, but I'm quitting, Joseph. I'm not liking what I'm seeing. It ain't right. Renegades are disappearing almost as fast as they keep appearing, it's... saddening, to be honest. But we cannot talk about this here... do you know where we'll be safe to discuss this?", Wallace said with a question at the end. "My apartment, maybe Mitsuki would be willing to take you with us back there.", Joseph replied with a shrug. The two of them walked back to Caleb's hospital room where Mitsuki was standing. "Where have you been?", she asked. "Their directions weren't quite clear, I apologize.", Joseph lied. "Who's this?", she said, looking at Wallace. "I'm Wallace, an old friend of Joseph's. We've known each other since elementary school.", Wallace said as he wrapped his arm around the back of Joseph's neck. "Oh, well. A copy of the will has been brought out and... according to Meredith, you're in it. One of Caleb's sons is livid about this.", she said. "I think we should go then, you got a copy of the will?", Joseph said, with a question at the end. "Yeah. Right here.", Mitsuki said as she pulled it out. "Mind if Wallace returns with us to my apartment? It'd be good for old friends to catch up at my place, and I might even let him stick around for a few days.", Joseph asked. "Not at all, he's more than welcome to come.", Mitsuki said with a slight smile. The three of them walked back towards the elevator and descended back down to the first floor. As they walked out of the hospital and towards the parking garage, Mitsuki asked a question. "So, Wallace, how'd you and Joseph meet?", she asked. "Simple, really. We first met in second grade when Joseph and I started school that year. We've been friends ever since, even if he did pull a disappearing act on me ten years ago.", Wallace replied with a smile. "It's true, Wallace and I have known each other for the last nineteen years.", Joseph replied. Mitsuki nodded as the three of them climbed into her car. As they buckled up, Joseph looked out the window and then back to Wallace. "You alright with being back there, man?", he said. "Yeah, I'll be fine. This ain't any problem, Joseph. Worry about yourself.", Wallace said with a smirk. The three of them drove to Joseph's apartment, the trip was rather quiet, with Joseph not entirely knowing how to feel about the fact that Wind was here with him and in the same car, but he wasn't being hostile at the moment which was good enough for him. "So how's Tamara?", Joseph found himself asking for some reason. "Who is Tamara?", Mitsuki asked with an arched brow. "Oh, this guy's ex-girlfriend. They used to date in Junior year of high school, but broke up during senior year.", Wallace mentioned, hiding the fact that Joseph and Tamara were Lightning and Tornado, the leaders of the Weather Team and Weather Force respectively. Joseph nodded to confirm this. "She's also someone I've known since I was little. You might hear me ask about a lot of the old classmates, Mitsuki. Just natural since I haven't seen them in a decade.", Joseph said with a smile. "Alright then.", she responded. "Tamara's very different from when you last saw her. She used to be a good friend to the lot of us, but she's become very distant over the last few years and very unpleasant to be around.", Wallace responded. "What about Daniel?", Joseph asked. "Your twin brother? He's been pretty chill, all things considered. Joseph, I was going to save this til we got to your place, but the reason I want you to come back isn't for the old group. Your father's in the hospital, Joseph.", Wallace said. Joseph didn't care much for his family, they were quick to cut off all contact with him and even write him out of the will when he was arrested years ago. There was silence between the three of them as they pulled into the parking lot. "You're just going to ignore your own father?", Mitsuki asked. "It's complicated.", Joseph responded. "Well, I've got to get to work, will you both be alright?", she asked as both Joseph and Wallace climbed out of the car. "Joseph has me here, I'll take good care of him, don't you worry.", Wallace said with a smirk. "Alright, I'm counting on you, Wallace.", Mitsuki responded as she pulled back out. The two of them walked to the stairs and walked up the stairs. Joseph opened the door to his apartment. "This is where I...", he said, noticing that the guest bedroom door was cracked. He left it closed all the time. He walked in and noticed Jamal on the couch. "Wallace, you make yourself at home, I'm going to check something out real quick.", he said, solemnly. "Alright then.", Wallace said as he walked over to the couch. Joseph opened the door to the guest bedroom as quietly as he could and closed it behind him. He walked along the wall and when he got to the corner, his hand crackled with electricity. He didn't know who the intruder was, but he was going to throw them out. He turned the corner and that's when his heart sank. In his face was the barrel of a pistol, and behind that barrel was Keith. "K-Keith!?", he called out, shocked at this. "I'm sorry, Joseph. But I got to do this.", Keith said, pain in his voice. "You... you don't have to do this, Keith. Not at all.", Joseph said, not even really pleading for his life. "Keith, you're my best friend. You and I have worked for the last six years, we've enjoyed time together, we've hung out, gone to bars and gotten drunk with each other.", he said. "No, I got drunk, you sorta pretended to. I know who you are, Lightning.", Keith said. "Avenging your father won't bring him back, Keith.", Joseph said in response. "Avenging my father? My father's still alive, I was given orders to capture or kill you if you ever became Lightning again, Joseph.", Keith responded. "You don't want to kill me, Keith. You're a good person, your conscience will never let you live it down. You'll continue to have nightmares, every night about that act. I should know, I killed Inverse, after all.", Joseph said, calmly. The gun started to waver, this is exactly what Joseph wanted. "You know your father won't let you go free, Keith. If your father is who I think he is, he's paranoid all because he thinks that Inverse was the one who killed your mother. I was there at the attack, Inverse didn't kill anyone. He wasn't even there. He was framed for everything that day.", Joseph continued. Keith lowered the gun and put the safety on. "You're right, Joseph.", Keith said. "Yo, so you're... Lightning and you've been Lightning this entire time?", Jamal said. "Sorry, I couldn't stop him from eavesdropping.", Wallace said. "I'm not going to join you in a crusade against my father, Joseph. I know how much you hate registration groups.", Keith said as he stood up. "I don't hate registration groups. I hate the fact that there's only one for the entire world, and it's because your father is paranoid. Keith, you wanted freedom. Can I ask that we continue to work together?", Joseph replied. "In what capacity?", Keith asked. "You have connections that could be useful. I want to show the world that even unregistered metahumans can be saviors and I want to use that to form more registration groups. I believe people like me should be registered. The sheer amount of power someone like me wields... it's not like other people. What do you say, old friend?" Joseph said as he extended his hand. "We shall see, but I'll agree to it for now. Promise that you won't openly declare war on my father?", Keith said in response. "I promise.", Joseph said. The two of them shook hands. "As for you, Jamal. You can feel free to walk free from all of this if you want, but if you start talking about this, the police might bust you on charges of conspiracy. So if you do choose to walk away, I ask you to stay quiet about all this, I don't want you to get into trouble.", Joseph said to Jamal. "Shit, I'm in trouble either which way, at least this way, I get to use my smarts to help people. Count me in!", Jamal said. "What about you, Wallace?", Joseph said as he turned to his old friend. "I can't ever be considered a renegade, but the disappearances of renegades down south, followed by a disturbing number of corpses showing up in morgues. Said corpses being the renegades, I can't say that I happen to like the organization that I'm part of. Count me in as the only registered member of your group. Might help with Public Relations.", Wallace said with a smirk. "It's decided. Thank you all. Now if anyone needs anything, my house is your house for now, but Jamal and I have a thesis to work on.", Joseph said before walking to a desk and getting out a thesis. "Let's do it, then.", Jamal said with a smirk, the two of them getting to work on it.
  12. What Would You Do If You Woke Up With The Above Avatar In Your Bed?

    He'll be distracted and while he's paying attention to the butterfly, I'll be able to surpass him!
  13. What Would You Do If You Woke Up With The Above Avatar In Your Bed?

    Force them into that clown, Kakarot's house.
  14. What Would You Do If You Woke Up With The Above Avatar In Your Bed?

    I will sparkle until you cease to insist on getting into my bed, human.
  15. What Would You Do If You Woke Up With The Above Avatar In Your Bed?

    Sparkle til the fool removes themselves from my bed.