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  1. I've already figured that one out. People forget in general when they were new and/or bad at something and assume that they always were as good as they are now. This is where elitism comes from, it's the attitude that someone else is doing wrong when they aren't immediately as good as the veterans. Your post is my favorite post on all of Serenes Forest. It is very well thought out and explains your position very well. Though you and I disagree on the idea of casual mode, I can respect your opinion.
  2. As far as we know at this point, the worst case scenario is that you can only use it 3 times... a map. That is hardly abusable and dumbed down. Casual mode allowed you to not worry about permanent death, ever. This one is like, "Here's three coins. Once you turn them all in, you can no longer change the future. Besides, for all we know, it could be three times, a chapter, which are huge in gaiden. Or you get one charge back for each time you don't use it on a map.
  3. Third person shooters love chest high walls, not waist high walls. Just going to point it out there. Not to mention, your average headstone is fairly taller than waist high. If an arrow can go over a wall with surprising accuracy(Though this is Fire Emblem so it's through the wall instead), why can't they do it with the graves? Do the arrows form a bit of sentience and become respectful of the dead? I'm serious, I wanna know!
  4. I would say that it's the former, rather than the latter. Then again, I'm quite particular about my vernacular and would've used legitimately for the latter.
  5. https://youtu.be/WiZzDXPCMXQ?t=890 According to this link, you can rewind moves in Echoes, but it's not quite abuseable. Not to mention, we don't yet know everything about it right now. I personally like the idea of this because while I don't mind restarting when a character dies. When I'm blindsided by poor luck(Enemy getting a critical hit out of nowhere on a 1% chance), however, I happen to get annoyed when I have to restart the chapter. So it's nice to be able to undo something like that. Or you know, in the event that you accidentally move a unit one space too far, you can undo it and fix that. It's a nice addition and seeing it so limited as what little we know about it right now does balance the potential overpoweredness. Thoughts?
  6. Sup.
  7. I eat people for breakfast.
  8. I will bite your leg off.
  9. Get annoyed that my feathery alarm clock is screaming and go back to bed.
  10. I like the idea of dungeon crawling, but I hope they don't add a block puzzle. Anywhere... in the game.
  11. I hope they don't change one of Doma's weapons. It's going to be really interesting to see what the fandom comes up with when Doma uses tentacles.
  12. I hate you, but this smile hides that.
  13. Pair up isn't really that bad in Fates, it used to be obnoxiously broken in Awakening and even I'll admit that. I haven't seen the trailer, is it the Fates or Awakening version of pair up?