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  1. Path of the Renegade(Language, Violence)

    Chapter 6 Keith awoke in the bedroom of his small home to the alarm ringing. It was already 10 AM? He looked out the window and noticed ice starting to melt. He stretched and yawned as he looked at the door, wondering if he should bother to get up or go back to sleep, it was a long night last night. He climbed out of bed and threw a pair of pants on as well as a shirt and walked out of his room to the kitchen. As he looked into the fridge, he saw that he had some cream cheese and some bagels, as well as some iced coffee. Despite the fact that he preferred his coffee warm, he was a bit lazy in the mornings and didn't want to brew up some coffee. So he took everything he needed from the fridge to make breakfast. He reached into a drawer and pulled out a butter knife as he pulled out a bagel and cut it in half, throwing it in his toaster and turning it on. He opened up the carton of iced coffee and drank it straight from the carton. He didn't care as he was living on his own anyhow. His father had paid for this house for him and had paid all of the bills for him, just so that he could live on his own. The toaster popped up, breaking Keith out of his thoughts. He quickly grabbed the bagels and spread the cream cheese on it, forming a sandwich and he started eating it in the kitchen. He sat there in the kitchen for a few minutes, eating and thinking to himself about his assignment. He had no idea why his father had sent him here and gave him this job, but he looked at the dossier on the counter. It was covered in crumbs, so he wiped it off. He opened it up, it had all the information that he ever needed about the person he was keeping an eye own. His very own co-worker, Joseph. He felt terrible for lying to him and felt like his involvement in this entire mission was coming to an end soon. He wanted to get out of this whole spying game, as he was completely sick of spying on people, especially people he found himself calling friends. He finished up the bagel and took another gulp of coffee, putting that down and closing it. As he looked at the dossier, he noted that Joseph was considered a high level threat. He couldn't believe that, it wasn't that way a week before, but was that way now? He thought it was ludicrous, how could someone as kind as Joseph was capable of being, be a legitimate threat to the people. Keith knew of his past, but he also knew that Joseph had chosen to live the life of a normal civilian. Keith put the dossier away and walked over to his couch and turned on the television. The news was on and they were talking about how it had been ten years since Lightning had vanished. No one had been able to track him down for the last ten years, not for a lack of trying though. "You aren't ever gonna find him. Costumed heroes and villains can go off the grid just by removing their costume permanently or changing it. Why do you gotta talk about him every single damn year. We get it, you miss him.", Keith said to no one in particular, half grumbling about this entire thing. Then he noticed someone on the television, someone familiar that he happened to dislike. That's when he turned up the volume. "You said that Lightning was your long time friend, do you have any idea what could've happened to him or where he had went?", the newscaster asked the other figure. "Lightning and I were good friends back in our childhood. The death of Rain and Snow had affected him greatly, and after he had beat Inverse to death, he just sort of left without a single word. He didn't come to any of the meetings after that, and the next thing I know, the word was he had just vanished.", the other figure said. "So, Cloud, was it?", the newscaster asked. "Yes, my hero name is Cloud. I'd tell you my real name, but as you know, we have to keep that a secret.", Cloud responded. "I understand, but Cloud, you were Lightning's best friend. Do you have any words for him if he's out there watching this right now?", the newscaster asked the hero. Cloud looked at the camera and sighed, Keith could tell that Cloud was hurt by all this. "Lightning, I ain't gotta clue where you're at right now, man. But you were always there for me when I was a kid and I'm always going to be there for you. If you ever want to return, I know you're feeling guilty over what happened ten years ago, but all of us are willing to welcome you back with open arms. We don't blame you for what happened, instead we understand why you did what you did. Please, man. Come back to us, we all miss you, even if Tornado won't admit to the fact that she does miss you. We're your friends, we'll always be your friends, no matter what.", Cloud said as an impassioned plea to Lightning. "Thank you for doing this interview, Cloud. We have to go to commercial though.", the newscaster said, just before the TV went to commercials. Keith turned off the television, disgusted at this. Was this his father's idea of a PR stunt? Was this supposed to win over the hearts and minds of the people? He wondered how Joseph would react to that segment, as he knew that Joseph always had a strong reaction of anger towards the mere mention of Lightning. Not a surprise, Keith thought to himself, Joseph did watch helplessly as Lightning brutally murdered Inverse. Keith had read the reports. There were not autopsies, no tribunals, nothing. Just a report done by the organization that Lightning had been hired by. Keith knew exactly what the original mission was supposed to be, Lightning was originally supposed to publicly capture, Inverse, but on the way back, have an "accident" where he executed him. The original organization that governed the metahumans and the like were corrupt and evil as they came. He wondered if the organization that his father had founded was much better, as they took over for the previous one when it was dismantled after being found guilty of corruption. The phone rang, startling Keith out of his thoughts and he picked up the phone to see who it was. It was unfortunately the man he didn't particularly want to speak to, but he answered the phone anyway. "Hello, Father.", Keith said, not bothering to hide the fact that he felt a lot of disdain for his father. "Hello, Keith. You're showing me the usual lack of respect you show me. You forget that not only am I your father, I am your boss.", the voice on the other side said, curtly. "You know for a fact that I want out of this lifestyle. You know that I never wanted to be a fucking spy, that I never wanted to do any of this! But I guess if I never was a spy, I never would've found my true calling!", Keith responded sharply. "Ah, but you see, son. You became a spy the moment I founded the Metahuman Registration Organization. If it wasn't for me there would be a lot of anarchy on the stre—", his father said, flatly. "You only believe that there would be anarchy because someone you cared about was hurt by a metahuman! You always believed that the only way to ensure peace between humans and those that were more than human was to force those that were more than human to obey us humans! Do you not believe that this will backfire on you!?", Keith yelled as he interrupted his own father. "You are an insolent child who knows nothing of the ways of the world and nothing of what you speak! You will not take that disrespectful tone with me!", his father responded. "Fuck you! I am twenty-nine years old, I've been a grown man for the last eleven, and yet, here you are... thinking that just because you're my father, that means that I belong to you and that every action that I do has to be to your approval! Surprise, Dad, I've been making my own decisions! The only reason why I chose to do this fucking assignment in the first place was because I saw things your way, because that's all I knew how to believe! You kept me brainwashed for my entire life! When I finally got away from your arrogant ass, I finally got to see the truth about metahumans and the like! It's time to let go of your hatred, it's been forty years since you lost the person you cared about and it's been nineteen since Mom died! Do you think Mom would've wanted you to be like this, Dad!?", Keith snapped back at his father. "You know what, you're right, I should treat you like a grown man, Keith. Once you start acting like it!", his father responded to him. "The only metric of me being a grown man in your small little world is that I obey you at every turn! Once this whole mission is over, I'm quitting your organization!", Keith responded harshly. "Very well then, you signed a non-disclosure agreement and you know what will happen if you violate it, right?", his father said with a smug tone. "Yes, I am aware, but I want to follow my own dreams in life after this is over, I'm not taking over as your heir, you've already groomed Tamara for that, after all, she is your perfect operative according to you.", Keith sneered into the phone. The words hit home, there was silence on the other side of the phone for a full minute. "Very well, Keith. I hope you still understand your mission.", his father said on the other side of the phone. "To monitor Joseph for any suspicious activity and if he ever returns to his previous life, to get him to register according to the Metahuman Registration Act and if he refuses to kill him. Is that right, Father?" Keith said gritting his teeth into his phone. He had considered Joseph a friend and didn't want to have to pull a gun on him, but he would if he was given no choice but to do so. "So you understand, you insolent whelp. Good. Once this mission is over, I'll let you free. But if you fail me, you'll work for me still." his father said, immediately hanging up the phone afterwards to keep Keith from responding. Furious, Keith threw the phone at the opposite wall. He heard it break, but he didn't care. He had written Joseph's number and the number of his boss down, those were the only two numbers he had cared about. As far as he was concerned, the man who called him wasn't his father, he was someone that his mother would be ashamed of. He remembered nineteen years ago, watching the news about a massacre at a mall. He had known back then that his mother was there, but he had hoped that she wasn't. It had devastated him to lose his mother at the age of ten, but many other women in his life tried to fill the gap. None of them were particularly successful at that. He wondered silently what his mother would think of him, then and there. He had no idea what she would've thought of him now, but he knew that she wouldn't have been too proud of him. He stood up and got dressed, realizing that he would need a new phone, so he'd have to go to the phone store to pick one up. He threw on a jacket, put on some socks then put on his boots. He was from the south, but he had moved up here six years ago. He grumbled as he grabbed his keys and left the house, locking the door behind him. He walked over to the car and looked up and down at it, then looked under it to make sure that it hadn't been tampered with, then he unlocked the door, satisfied when he heard the lock make a noise when he did. He opened the door and climbed into the car, slamming the door behind him and buckling up. He stuck the key into the ignition and started the car. Before he even thought about changing gears, he turned the heater and the defrost on, followed by the radio. Classical music sounded over the radio, which was pleasing to his ears. Six years, he had played the role of a spy, and all six of them, he hated them. He had no idea why his father had such a desire to kill Joseph if he returned to being a villain of some sort. He knew that Joseph wouldn't do such a thing, he had been working with the man for the last six years of his life, the man was the only person aside from Celeste to ever truly treat him as if he were a friend and not just as some operative. He dearly wanted to tell Joseph the truth, he even wanted to tell him his actual name... not just the undercover name he gave him. A tear ran down his face and he adjusted his mirrors as he put his foot on the brake pedal, looking behind him and into the road. No cars were coming, which made him wonder why. Immediately he stopped the car, remembering that the roads had iced over. "Guess I'll walk, need the fresh air and exercise anyhow." He climbed out of the car, locked it and set the alarm. After doing all of this, he walked down the driveway and walked along the street to leave his neighborhood, it'd take him an hour to get to the phone store, but he didn't care. He needed the fresh air and the time to think after the fight he had with his father.
  2. Insult the user above you.

    What!? You think that by looking like you're crazy is going to make you seem intimidating! Not even a gnat's fart would be afraid of you, you pathetic excuse of a fighter!
  3. Who put this insignia in my bed!?
  4. Create-A-Hero Thread

    I made one. Name: Xelon Yoshiro
  5. Path of the Renegade(Language, Violence)

    Chapter 5 Joseph awoke on the couch to silence, not even the mewing of kittens. As he looked out the window, he saw that it was light outside, so he could guess that it was seven AM. The apartment was still cold, despite the fact that the heater was on. He looked down at himself as he moved the blanket. He had fallen asleep in his work uniform and since both Caleb and Meredith were in his bedroom, he wouldn't be able to change out of his work clothes. He was glad that aside from the blood that came from his lip, his work uniform was mostly clean, if it was a little wet from the rain when he went to bed. Suddenly a mewing caught his attention. The male kitten was sitting there at the foot of the couch. He picked up the kitten and placed him on his chest. "Hey there, little guy. You explored the house, got to see where everything was?", he asked the kitten, which responded with a mewing sound. He scratched behind the kitten's ears and then placed him on the ground. "I got to find something to eat in here that isn't cat food.", he muttered as he moved the blanket off himself. He stood up and walked over to the kitchen. He opened the fridge and saw that it was empty, except for one last bottle of root beer, he didn't even have any coffee and his only drink had no caffeine. He took out the bottle of root beer, because it was at least something, and then realized he had just used his last bit of money at the bar. "Aw fuck... I didn't even get paid yesterday.", he said as he opened the bottle, drinking the soda within. "I got bills to pay later this week and I got a thesis to rewrite and... ugh, this day sucks already...", he said, obviously annoyed at the sequence of events that was the end of the week for him. Finishing the bottle, he tossed it in the trash and walked over to his closet. "Well, I have an hour or two before the boss gets here... what to do...", he muttered to himself. He opened up the closet and grabbed a pair of gloves, putting them on as he grabbed his jacket from the back of the chair. He grabbed a tube of balls and a tennis racket from the floor of his closet and closed the door. He zipped up his jacket and walked over to the front door of his apartment. He took a sheet of paper from the desk and a pen and wrote a message for Caleb and Meredith, telling them that he's heading out and if they were to head back to their apartment, to make sure that the kittens don't get out. He then opened the door to his apartment and left, closing it behind him. Everything had a glaze of ice covering it, icicles were hanging down from the overhang of the roof. This was going to be exceptionally annoying for not only himself, but for anyone who wanted to drive. He walked down the hall and then turned onto the steps. No sooner did he place his foot on the first step, did it fly out from under him. He hit the ground, hard and slid down every step before tumbling onto the ground with a pained grunt. When he stood up, he felt pain in the entire right side of his body, not unexpected, but quite inconvenient. As he looked around, he noticed that the ice wasn't thick and would melt under the midday sun. He walked along the grass, walking all the way up to the tennis court where there was a pool behind it, behind the pool, there was a gym and a racquetball court. Joseph knew that he couldn't practice tennis outside on the court as they would naturally be iced over on the day that he'd want to use them. He sighed slightly, knowing that he'd be unable to use the gym as his boss would be at his place later to pick him up for whatever she had planned for the day. Without leaving the grass, he walked around the tennis court and around the building to come to a fence. He opened up the fence and walked in, closing it behind him. Joseph heard a noise coming from the pool and saw someone swimming in it. "Are you fucking crazy? It's below freezing and you're swimming in a goddamn pool!", Joseph yelled at the person. The person turned around to reveal that she was a woman around his age. "Huh, I never thought you lived here. I'm Anna, a metahuman.", she replied to him yelling at her. Joseph never expected her to be forthcoming with that information, he knew that the metahumans existed, he's seen the evidence and worked at a museum about them. "If your power doesn't pertain to the cold, I would suggest you climb out of the pool before you develop hypothermia.", Joseph said as he squatted near the side of the pool. "Blizzard is the name I go by, I'm one of the local heroes.", she responded calmly. "Never thought a hero would be using the pool of an apartment complex, aren't all you people rich or somethin'?", Joseph said, not even bothering to hide the fact that he wasn't originally from the region with his accent. "You sound like you're from the south, you wouldn't happen to know what happened to Lightning, would you?", Anna said, looking at him with narrowed eyes. That name infuriated Joseph, soon his hand tensed around his tennis racket. "Ah, I see you do know about him. You do... nevermind, it's not important.", she said, trailing off. "Blizzard, you're late for the meeting.", said a male voice, one that Joseph faintly recognized as someone who took the tour for the museum. "Aw, do I really have to, Spectrum?", Anna said with a frown. Joseph started to walk towards the racquetball court. "You there, civilian. You're not to tell anyone what you heard here, got it?", Spectrum called out to him. "Fuck off, you piece of murderer-worshiping shit.", Joseph responded as he turned around, he didn't really want to fight here and now, but with it being so cold that it was chilling him to the bone, a fight would warm him up. "So who is this murderer that I happen to worship?", Spectrum said, his eyes narrowing behind his mask. "Lightning, that piece of shit that murdered Inverse in cold blood. Maybe if he wasn't brutally murdered in the street of that city, he could've been redeemed, like I was!", Joseph said defiantly. Spectrum looked at Joseph and then started to laugh somewhat. Joseph was confused, but ultimately, he watched Anna climb out of the pool and walk over to Spectrum's side. "I've never seen someone call themselves an ex-villain before. Tell me, are you registered?", Spectrum asked him condescendingly. "No, according to the law, so long as I have actively chosen to neither be a hero nor a villain and abandoned anything that made me some form of either, I do not have to register. I chose to live my life as a normal human.", Joseph responded, smugly. Spectrum narrowed his eyes, Joseph knew he was right, he had read the full text of the law and knew the ins and outs of it. "Very well then, make sure if you ever do choose to no longer live a normal life, to register.", Spectrum said before he and Blizzard took their leave. Joseph smiled as they left and walked into the building. He took a tennis ball out of the tube and placed the tube on the ground near the door. He walked up to the line and tossed the ball down a couple of times before tossing it into the air with his off hand. He hit the ball as hard as he can at the point in front of the wall that he knew would allow the ball to remain in bounds. As the ball bounced up and hit the wall, it flew back in his direction. He ran over and hit the ball again, this time with a back hand, sending the ball flying to the opposite corner of the room. Hitting two walls made the ball lose enough momentum to not be able to fly back to him, so he walked over and picked the ball back up. He walked back to the line he stood behind before and tossed the ball up again. He swung the racket as hard as he could again, hitting the ball on the floor again and it bounced up at the wall a second time, it hit the wall, this time though, it started flying towards the door. Joseph heard the door open and glanced to see who it was. The moment he saw that it was his boss, he moved to hit the ball on his racket. He overshot the ball and it hit him square in the arm. "I believe they call that a return ace.", Celeste said smugly. "Not many tennis players have to worry about their boss interrupting their games. I guess you knew where to find me.", Joseph said as he went to retrieve the ball. "I've seen some of your tennis matches, you're quite good, so I figured you'd want a place where you can practice.", Celeste responded, a hint of pride in her voice. Joseph motioned towards the inside of the building, "If you'd like, we could practice in here or out there. I know that you want my help with something today, but...", Joseph said as he pointed inside. "Joseph, you're going to have to do more than one thing for me. Today you're helping me around the house, but tomorrow, you're going to meet with a patron that is willing to sponsor our museum.", Celeste said, cutting Joseph off. "But I thought you wanted me to go to the book signing, Boss.", Joseph said in protest. "The patron will be there, Joseph.", she said, folding her arms. "Do you want to grab a bite to eat before we arrive at my place, I'll buy for you. Plus once you're done for the day, I'll give you your paycheck, so you can cash it in.", she continued. "Boss, I also need to do some grocery shopping, I don't have any food at my house.", Joseph said a bit sadly. "Well, I wouldn't want my assistant to go hungry. However, I do have some good news. Since you are getting your masters degree in this very field, you're getting a raise, and a promotion. No longer will you just be my assistant.", Celeste said with a smile. "Wait, what? But I've always been your research assistant, I've... I've been happy working under you!", Joseph protested again. "Relax, Joseph, I'm not firing you. I'm promoting you in the museum. You're going to stop getting paid weekly and get paid a salary. You've done so much for the museum and you've shown dedication and hard work to get where you are, I think it's time for me to stop having you as an assistant and instead help you become your own independent scholar. From the moment you get your masters degree in the science of metahumans, you'll be able to go for your Doctorate degree. Once you get that, the scientific community will recognize you as an independent scholar, but you'll have to get there on your own, Joseph. You'll always have a job, so long as the museum remains open, but I honestly would like for you to succeed me one day.", Celeste said, reassuringly. Joseph nodded, he knew that he had dreamed of becoming a doctor when he was younger, but he thought that it'd be a medical doctor, to be the successor of the woman who treated him as if he were her own son, there was no greater honor for him than that. "So, what will you call me once I graduate with my masters in sciences?", Joseph asked with a smirk. "Simple, a scholar of the study of metahumans. You'll earn that, at least.", Celeste said in response. It sounded good to him, he wanted to be a scholar ever since he got out of prison. "Alright then, let's go to your place, shall we, Celeste?", Joseph said with a smile. "Remember, I'm still your boss, Joseph.", Celeste said, teasingly. Joseph laughed, he knew that she was his boss, but the two of them left the building to head to her car, laughing the entire way.
  6. Official Pull Topic This was on my third pull, along with a Reinhardt with the best IVs he wants, my second pull had a 5 Star Sanaki with the best IVs she could want.
  7. Ban the User Above You

    Banned for losing the Monado.
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  9. Wake up on the floor, pissed.
  10. Where did you find that Neo Stomp gif?
  11. I told you to get out of my bed. GET OUT OF MY BED!
  12. Dunban, go out and help Shulk do things.
  13. Tell him to stop eating my food.
  14. Look, I don't even play Heroes, but I'm going to throw in my two cents here. A multiplier isn't a form of rigging, it's a form of rubberbanding. Multipliers allow losing teams to catch up and potentially pass the winning team, like a rubber band. If it was rigged, then they wouldn't have ever introduced multipliers in the first place, they'd just fudge the results and piss off the entire fandom. If it was rigged, there'd be a lot more rightfully pissed off people. All I see right now is people getting salty because their character lost to another character, due to a rubberbanding mechanic, while screaming that it's rigged. I personally don't agree with the multiplier as I dislike rubberbanding in general, but it's there. Fire Emblem Heroes is a video game. Nothing more, nothing less. People are meant to have fun, contests like this will have winners and losers, it's inevitable. You got feathers and whatever else they give you for these things, you were rewarded for your participation in the gauntlet. Don't get angry, play the game. Have fun.