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  1. Fire Emblem: The Same Story as the Last Fifteen Games
  2. Clair and Grey married each other in the original Gaiden. In fact, all of the endings were just expanded upon from the original Gaiden.
  3. Wonder why an Eevee is in my bed and swear vengeance on Gawain for not giving me a proper duel.
  4. Turn into the Super Black Knight with the other Kingdom Crystals
  5. Point out that Haar is actually Number 2 from Austin Powers.
  6. Throw it out of my house.
  7. Die from the deep wound in my back from the sharp pointy bits.
  8. Fire Emblem: We changed a single ingredient while telling the same exact story again.
  9. Serve to King Ashnard
  10. Play my ominous music just for you, Dunban.
  11. Play my ominous music
  12. I mentally screamed in abject horror upon reading this. As for an answer to the question, I'd personally like to see dismount actually make a return.
  13. Hey Dunban.
  14. Is purple.
  15. Wonder why she's in my bed again and politely ask her to leave.