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  1. spoilers

    I ship Slayde x Ground But in seriousness, I do enjoy the Zeke x Tatiana ship... it's good to see that character get some sort of a joyful moment in his life.
  2. I'm sick and tired of these eevees getting into my bed!
  3. Have Valbar throw out of house.
  4. I never said you couldn't criticize Faye. My entire point is that people who flocked to defend Camilla would tear apart Faye. I've yet to see any actual defenders of her, only that, "She isn't as bad as I thought she was gonna be." Unlike Camilla which a *lot* of the people I talked to literally twisted themselves into pretzels trying to defend her without outright admitting to the fact that they like her because exposed anime boobs. But I digress and apologize for steering this off the topic. Next post I make in here is gonna list the characters I like and don't like and why.
  5. *points down to signature* I believe the term is quod erat demonstrandum. Or thus it has been demonstrated. I knew people were going to start tearing apart Faye the moment the game released. Heck, I even took that quote from a post I made four days before it released in Japan. Worst part is that I can bet why and even made a wonderful meme about it.
  6. Zeke as a Gold Knight with the Silver Lance
  7. Dance the dance of summoning Valbar.
  8. Mercenary: This is my normal state. Myrmidon: This is a Super Mercenary Dread Fighter: This is a Mercenary that has ascended past the Super Mercenary, you could call this a Dread Fighter. And this... is to go even further beyond! *screaming* Yaksha: Sorry for the wait, I don't have much practice with this one. I call it the Yaksha class. The sad part is, with the dread fighter critical animation, I could totally believe them doing that.
  9. The end of Fernand's... arc... I write this being blinded by tears, but seeing the man... go through the entire arc. Slowly and slowly reaching it's ultimate conclusion made me like the guy. And... he
  10. I have loved every damn fortress map in the game. These maps are designed to funnel your dudes through a choke point and beat the shit out of them. Got low defense units? The main force will destroy them. Try to fly over it? Archers. Thought your Soldier/Knight/Baron would be great for the chokepoint? Arcanist. It's great. And when you get to play the defender, you get to do that kind of thing right back, it's so satisfying.
  11. Force the Eevee out of my house.
  12. Lord Beerus has weighed in on this.
  13. Feed the Eevee to Valbar.
  14. I've taken a look at the enemy stats, on normal mode it seems like regular old gaiden.