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  1. Continuing with the Plague of Post Commentary
  2. Continuing on with Plague of Shadows, it's the rest of Polar Knight, Black Knight Part 2, and Tinker Knight Part 1
  3. I hate you for breaking into my house.
  4. Spectre of Torment and Mount and Blade... It's a sad day when I ain't got anything, but yeah... I can't think of anything witty.
  5. Continuin on with Plague of Shadows with, if memory serves, the Plague of Postcommentary Part 1
  6. You're right now that I think of it. Whoops. Problems of trying to pull several games plots out of memory, especially when you never finished shadow dragon. You tend to forget things and meld other things together.
  7. The Greil Mercenaries openly said that they wouldn't be able to come. The fact that they arrived is a contradiction to this, which would be fine if a signal was given to the player. From what I remember, it was "We can't come." then the plot thread was dropped then, "Sorry we had to deceive allies as well as enemies for our plan to work." So the entire plan was letting Lucia nearly get executed, have Elinicia worry about everything, have Ludveck nearly win and then pull a big damn heroes instead of using your reputation as the guys that stopped the Daein army to intimidate Ludveck and his rebellion. Especially since the Greil Mercenaries showed in that cutscene that they were more than capable of taking on that little rebellion without taking a scratch. And while yes, it was a staggeringly impressive step that Elincia made that decision on her own, she never had to live with the consequences of her decision. It was outright undone by Ike and his merry men saving the day and Elincia outside of part 2 never shows any real change to her personality, seeming like the same character she started part 2 as, except for the whole memory of Lucia almost dying. Nothing more. If you're going to save Lucia, at least show that it has a lasting effect on both characters. Nearly being hanged isn't easy for the person being hanged and nearly condemning your best friend to death leaves a lasting impact on a person. While I'm not asking for grimdark and edgy, at least some hesitation in her actions.
  8. Nothing, I just thought it sounded better than, "Random Let's Player." Or "Random Dude." The part that I have bolded is what I had taken umbrage with in regards to the story, it had come out of absolutely nowhere without any hints that I, as a player, could pick up. So that's why I felt that I should point it out. To me it just felt like, "Happy ending for the sake of status quo."
  9. Hello there, Thran Starcrod here, used to be known as Yula and Xelon. But I'm not only just an author, but a Let's Player as well as many people have seen thus far. My channel can be found here. I have completed Let's Plays of Another Metroid 2 Remake Budokai Tenkaichi 3 Megaman Z Freedom Planet(Lilac) Aria of Sorrow Asagao Academy Sonic CD(2012) Sonic Advance 1 Pokemon Snap Metroid Prime Sonic Adventure Metroid Fusion Return to Dreamland Budokai 1 Megaman 2 Shovel Knight: Shovel of Hope(Butt Mode, so Butt Butt: Butt of Hope) I am currently uploading my playthrough of Plague of Shadows where I try to get through the game with everything that I can get. I'm currently recording as I type this post up a Blind playthrough of Spectre of Torment which thus far is shorter than the Plague of Shadows LP. Future LPs include Sonic Adventure 2(Recorded), Beautiful Katamari(Recorded half way), Fable Anniversary, and Agent Under Fire. Anyhow, this is my latest video
  10. Not gonna lie, I actually completely forgot about Ninian's resurrection.
  11. Well, to be fair, I went off of my memory of the game, which I haven't played since I had carpal tunnel back in 2011.
  12. And I decided to do Dark Side first, figurin y'all would do Hero side. Best of luck with the biolizard, I have some lost footage that ends with me putting a pillow over my face and screaming.
  13. Fourth Tier Classes... there is only one thing I can say that adequately explains how I feel. FUCK YES! This is so cool, we've had third tier classes with gaiden and now we're getting fourth tiers!? Yes please, I don't care if I have to pay extra for stuff that wasn't in the original game. Take my money, Intelligent Systems!
  14. I started with Rekka no Ken, since then I've nearly played the entire series.