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  1. My bed can't hold two people.
  2. Still no. And you're... Keanu Reeves!?
  3. Nope. Also some random nurse from touhou?
  4. Throw a master ball
  5. Hey Eevee, from Pokemon Red/Green/Blue/Yellow
  6. Get. Out. Of. My. Bed.
  7. In the defense of FE8, that was less revival and more making human meat puppets
  8. I always approve of Queen.
  9. I was being nice earlier in comparison to everyone here basically calling you an idiot. That right there is twisting my goddamn words. If you don't like your words being twisted, don't twist mine. If I wanted to tell you that I think you played final fantasy or that everyone played final fantasy, I'd have said it directly. What I implied is that Final Fantasy is 30 years old, it is very popular, and it is very wide spread. Many JRPGs take inspiration from Final Fantasy, including Fire Emblem. At this point most people should safely know that white magic is restorative and black magic is offensive. Even if they have no final fantasy knowledge, over here in the west, white has connotations of goodness, purity, and light, black has connotations of evil, corruption, and darkness. One could easily infer without being told that white magic will help which includes restoration. And even if for some reason that failed, pressing the A button just one more time would've brought up the menu for Silque which says Nosferatu 0, Recover 1. I realize that not everyone has grown up gaming in the same era as me, the era where tutorials flat out didn't exist, where we had to figure things out on our own. So I am biased towards games like that, but calling it bad game design is uncalled for. It'd be one thing if you had to do something convoluted and complex, not something simple such as selecting an option in a menu.
  10. If I may point out, the reason why it wasn't explained in the original gaiden was of cartridge limitations. The reason it wasn't explained in Echoes is because Final Fantasy's been out for 30 years and has made white magic synonymous with restoration and healing. Also a tip. Silque's invoke is broken. Not like it doesn't work. It. Breaks. The. Game. Like it's an invoke to take into the final battle.
  11. I for one welcome our new insect overlords.
  12. The Eevee which laid the egg that contained you.
  13. Shadow Dragon sold 310,000 copies in North America, 270,000 copies in Japan, 30,000 copies in Europe, and 30,000 copies in other regions. New Mystery sold a grand total of 270,000 units because it wasn't released outside of Japan. For comparison, Path of Radiance sold 290,000 units in North America, 300,000 units in Japan, 80,000 units in Europe and 1000 units elsewhere Radiant Dawn sold 280,000 units in North America, 170,000 units in Japan, 30,000 units in Europe and 20,000 units elsewhere. While neither of the Tellius games sold as well as FE11, it's clear that FE11 did better in terms of sales in the west than Tellius and Path of Radiance at least did better than both FE11 and FE12(Separately).
  14. I'm impressed, it took 11 days for me to find a comparison in any way, shape, or form, to the usual whipping games of this forum. That being said, Echoes is a remake, it stands on its own. Its popularity stems from what it does, not what Awakening or Fates did(Other than Awakening selling well enough for the franchise to continue, thus allowing Echoes to exist and both it and Fates bringing new fans into the fold). Though I find it funny that no one has compared it to Shadow Dragon or New Mystery of the Emblem: Heroes of Light and Shadow. You know, the actual remakes in the series. So I shall do so. What did Echoes do right that those two didn't. Why is Echoes so popular, despite being almost a 1 to 1 remake of Gaiden, much like Shadow Dragon and New Mystery? I mean I'm grateful and actually happy that it did so well, but the why of it all eludes me, especially when 9 years ago, the first remake to come out was such a disappointment and did terribly in terms of sales. As for a FE4 or FE5 remake? After the FE6 remake. FE6 is more relevant to the games we got over here than FE4 or FE5.