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  1. Leave the room because I'm still bitter about my ex.
  2. KO for all this senseless violence.
  3. Zera, you're still up to the same old thing that got you thrown out of the discord server that I run. Anyhoo, if you're in a gaming rut like I was, why not watch some stuff on netflix or youtube. I marathoned the entirety of Enterprise when I didn't want to game anymore. You could also read some books, write some books, take up art or building models. The possibilities of things other than gaming are endless.
  4. I was going to tell you that you're allowed to think that Tharja and Camilla are good characters, that is your opinion and you're welcome to it. But you are wrong if you think that you can boil down our hatred of those two characters to fanservice. The vast majority of us don't like them because of their characterization and what has been presented to us within the storyline of the games and the supports themselves. Interpretation is fine and dandy, but as an author, I don't look at someone's interpretation of the author's intent. I look at the situation and the context and that's why I dislike those two characters and I know several others that do the same thing.


    You are welcome to return to the discord server if you wish. If not, then it's your decision.

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      Thran Starcrod

      Ignore this. Or a mod can delete it, both work.

  5. Alright, got it finally working, beat it. Beat half of it with tails and LPed Knuckles & Knuckles mode.
  6. I can't play it. It says that I'm missing a DLL file. Which I can't install. Because I need updates. Which I CAN'T INSTALL. Because I need prerequisite updates. WHICH NATURALLY I CAN'T INSTALL!
  7. Forcibly remove from the premises.
  8. Sonic 06. It's not as bad as everyone says it is. Yes the story is terrible, yes, it is sluggish. But I do unironically like the game.
  9. Sonic Mania is exclusively delayed for the PC port. If you wish to get the game, you have to wait til the 29th. If you are one of the people who preordered it, like I was. You get Sonic 1. Which if you're a sonic fan, you have. Either through itself, a compilation, or Sonic Generations. Oh and if you own Sonic 1 on steam, you get it anyhow, to give away to someone.
  10. Clank armor pieces til it left.
  11. My unpopular opinion? I hate Fire Emblem 4 with a burning passion. I honestly believe that it is a slow, exceptionally unbalanced mess of a game and that though the first generation is mildly interesting and the characters wind up suffering for their actions, the entire game is brought down by the entirety of the second act which is only successful because Julius is stupider than Seliph.
  12. I've stopped using Internet Explorer way back in 2006, I never looked back.
  13. Oh another character that I really like that everyone seems to hate is Awakening!Tiki. Imagine you spend a lot of time asleep, and you have to come to terms with the fact that all of your friends die. While you keep going, everyone you ever cared about, all of your friends, all of the people you fall in love with grow old and die. You'd be a little distant as well. But as seen with Male Robin, she admits that the memories she forms with said people make her very long life worth living. It happens during her confession, but still.
  14. A character I hate that everyone round here seems to like is Ike. Yep, that Ike, I gave my reasoning in my analysis of Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn's story. Another character that everyone round here seems to give glowing praise to that I find to be the most grating annoyance in the entire series is Owain/Odin. His over the top mannerisms aren't endearing to me, no matter what his reasoning is, he seems to be an annoyance and in my opinion should be the character in the entire series that should stay as far as possible for a battlefield. A character that I like that so many people in the fandom seem to hate? Faye. She's just someone with an unrequited crush on Alm. Guess who else has an unrequited crush on someone else but is liked? Leon. Both of Leon's supports are Valbar centric. The man focuses on Valbar as pretty much his entire world and just like Faye, accepts that he's not going to be able to marry his lover. So why does Faye get hated? Why is she considered a Yandere? I don't know, because all I see is a girl who can't get someone that's their crush out of their head, which would be pretty difficult considering said crush went off to become king. You generally do not forget who your king is.
  15. Get the other six chaos crystals and turn into the Super Black Knight again.