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  1. SF Interviews 2.0 - DarthR0xas

    You have good taste. You subhuman plebian. Hey, I remember crocs. They're okay, really. who said anything about a bowl ... Which is to say, have some more questions. What foreign language classes have you taken and what is your opinion of said languages? Do you remember Mighty #9? What kind of Wikipedia page do you want to leave behind? Would you have your maid waifu serve you your ice cream waifu?
  2. SF Interviews 2.0 - DarthR0xas

    So, I know your waifu is, like, the maid girl from Fates whose name I don't know because I never played Fates. But I want you to humor me for a second. Pretend you are a single weaboo with no waifu, and then, suddenly, Dwayne the Rock Johnson appears. And is also a magical fairy. He grants you one wish- one food item personified into a waifu for you. What food item do you choose to spend the rest of your life with, and why?
  3. Create an FE Character

  4. Chinatsu Kurahana is Three Houses New Artist

    dangolmani'uncare'boutnun'athisherewhodrewhathoohaaIjes'dunlikethedangol'portraits, man.
  5. Honestly, that impression works just as well. I never actually considered it, but that's not a bad idea, and there's nothing that implies one heritage over the other. I mention this because A) I found it interesting, and 2) I'm considering working with the same universe for this prompt, but I don't really have anything in mind.
  6. Best 3DS Game

    I took the advice of some people on the forum and got Echoes. Having beat it just a few weeks ago, I can say it was pretty good. I personally found it a little easy, even on hard difficulty (though I haven't gone to Thabes yet), though I wasn't really playing for efficiency or anything and did do a little grinding here and there. I think I most the different mechanics. Especially the way weapon types were handled. Bows are actually useful. Swords and lances feel more distinct than ever, avoiding the general trend to try and give every non-Javelin lance a sword equivalent or something. They feel like they fulfill different functions, rather than act as different parts of a spectrum / weapon triangle.
  7. "Educated Brigand" Jokes Thread

    There exists on the campus a monument, into which is carved the names of all those brave students who died at the hands of sword-bearing teenagers embarking on transcontinental adventures. They had dreams, darn it!
  8. There's our answer, then. Whoo, lookin' like Martial over here. Too bad the story didn't hit 1,000 words. I would like to petition @Interdimensional Observer to make a 1,000+ word lyrical poem for submission this round.
  9. Wait, am I supposed to take over hosting? I know said I would but I didn't get any explicit answer to that. Hold on while I try and make sense of the Ranked Voting Wikipedia page.
  10. The "X is just Y" Game

    Pudding is just bread, cooked in the drippings of the roast and served afterwards. Now, Pythagoreanism, on the on the other hand-
  11. Remember everyone, I mean self improvement too, but, you know...the voting is really just there to pick the prompt. If the written criticisms were positive, that's a pretty good meatball. Hope that goes the best possible way for you.
  12. FE6 Weapon Reversal

    Oh, that looks like something else for me to try out.
  13. FE6 Weapon Reversal

    I've been really enjoying the hack so far. Do you have any plans to apply this same concept to another GBA game?
  14. SF Interviews 2.0 - DarthR0xas

    Yeah, this thread in the Written Works subsection of the Creative subsection of the...General Section? I could check since I'm literally on the site but that would be uber lame, so I won't. Come by some time, write a thing, it'll be a thing alright.