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  1. Volke and gold

    The mystery is inevitably more satisfying than the answer, so it's a good thing the developers probably didn't bother to think of one.
  2. I do think it's a valid complaint. Franchises tend to scratch specific itches, so if a game in that franchise doesn't scratch that itch as well, then it is not as satisfying as the rest of the games with regards to that aspect, even if it's well made otherwise. Gotta account for taste.
  3. High quality content. It's always a pleasure to receive a notification for this thread.
  4. Should the weapon triangle return?

    Not any more than axes do, to be honest. I'd actually argue that, if the weapon triangle makes you reconsider a strategy you would otherwise go with, then it's serving the best function it possibly can.
  5. Should the weapon triangle return?

    Probably not. It helps weapons which are otherwise similar feel more distinct, but I don't think it offers anything that more distinct weapon types couldn't. I mean, as much as I like axes I admit that they're functionally lances with slight statistical differences, while the arsenal of swords and lances at least used to be vastly different. Bows and magic obviously serve their own distinct functions. I'd like to second this part. We know it will come back, and since it will it should be in the most interesting and impactful form possible. I would actually argue that bows and knives (if the latter returns) should be a part of the weapon triangle because of that, though. All that being said I don't mind it, I just could leave it and it might result in an overall more elegant core.
  6. Not for the Ottomans, no, but there were still plenty of changing dynasties elsewhere in the Muslim world. That seems about in line with what I read, as I recall the Jannisarries were eventually disbanded after basically declaring civil war. Eh- why choose at all? It's such an undesirable thing in either case. One could argue the inbreeding had more negative effects, with the Spanish War of Succession 'n junk, but, you know, there are certain other very pragmatic and completely heartless policies we oppose as much as the ones which are very stupid and heartless. It depends on if it's an ethics or a pragmatism debate, I guess.
  7. Names you like

    It's not like my name is all that uncommon either- being satisfied with your name is much like being satisfied with life in general, it ultimately boils down to your choice. Besides, if it has a good meaning, then doesn't it have the second most important trait any name can have? Because, Hebrew or not, I wouldn't really recommend naming a child Ichabod or Esek. Though being too uncommon probably helps with that as well.
  8. Names you like

    You know what name I really like? My name. It boasts the most important trait that a name can have- being of Hebrew origin.
  9. The front page timer gives a rather "comfortable" window until the end- about two weeks. I don't necessarily know why, but I won't disagree with the chance to mull over things for longer.
  10. SF Interviews 2.0 - Xinnidy

    What's so great about dumb ol' Texas?
  11. Warning To Former Latin Students

    Yeah, but how does taking Latin impact the probability of sealing demons away in the future?
  12. 30 Day Fire Emblem OC Challenge

    Day 17- Prideful Troubadour I'm actually going to stop here if no one else objects i.e intends to continue the challenge as well.
  13. 30 Day Fire Emblem OC Challenge

    Day 17- Mage Secondary