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  1. How'd you guys come up with your usernames?

    It was originally for a account I made when I was 12. I chose this name because, even back then, I knew it was a bad and cringey idea I would want to run away from.
  2. Characters and Sprites for my forum game.

  3. Create an FE Character

    Impatient and irritable, but generally very conflict averse. Begrudgingly humors everyone else. Dislikes bees.
  4. Riddles Thread

    That was my first guess as well, but no. Think through all the different ways you could work the riddle.
  5. SF Interviews 2.0 - Innocentmask

    Hey Mega Man is cool. Who's your favorite robot master? Does the use or omission of a space in names ever mess you up?
  6. What is the avatar of the user above you saying?

    *stunned silence*
  7. Create an FE Character

    Oh hey this thread. I actually had something in mind back in the day (i.e a couple months ago). Went a little something like this. See, Othello was a fine, upstanding merchant until Jason killed his wife. I mean, technically Jason slept with his wife and then Othello killed her for infidelity, but in his culture those two things are effectively synonymous. His arm got cursed for doing it, but his thirst for vengeance lives on. Likes kittens the most of everyone in the army.
  8. What Would You Do If You Woke Up With The Above Avatar In Your Bed?

    Do my best to win first place.
  9. The above user's nick as a video game/TV series/book/song

    That sounds pretty sick. It's like CatDog, but with a dragon. The dragon is giant and breathes fire and eats people. The cat, who is about one thousandth of the mass and yes has equal control over the combination's velocity, is easily distracted by laser pointers.
  10. Riddles Thread

    It kind of makes sense. There's a pun in there somewhere, you could work something out with it. That is the traditional answer to the riddle, yes. Oh, here's a good one I heard a couple of days ago: If I have a bee in my hand, what do I have in my eye?
  11. Riddles Thread

    Here's another one: Put this in a basket and it gets lighter.
  12. The New Mexican one. It doesn't actually exist.
  13. Riddles Thread

    I guess I was wrong. You, however, are correct.
  14. Press Ctrl+V