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  1. The current 3 Fighters Passes theory.

    I really REALLY hope this is true. Getting that many more characters would be freaking awesome! It keeps open my dreams of Crash Bandicoot, plus I'm positive there's several first-party Nintendo characters they could use that would really make fans happy.
  2. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Nah there's very few FE characters I actually *dislike.* It's more that they're just not really characters I would rank as favorites or as high as most others. And nah I didn't really pay attention to which territories I was attacking, just that they were territories I could attack.
  3. Gender and Outfits in Heroes

    Yikes, I didn't realize it was THAT unbalanced between male and female characters. I definitely want more male characters, I'd like a banner that's 3/1 male/female or something.
  4. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Eh, Micaiah and the Black Knight aren't really two of my favorites, and I'm kinda eh on Sanaki as well. I was on Lyn's team for the first two rounds, then it sadly switched me to someone else's team. I used all my lances when I was on Lyn's team because I had no idea if I'd be with her all three rounds. For the last round, I just used whatever I had leftover.
  5. Your Favorite Unit in your Barracks

    I love using my Brave Lyn, Valentine Lyn, and Legendary Lyn, and not just because of Lyn bias. They all do their jobs extraordinarily well. I've given them all merges, skills, supports, and more. Aside from that, some other units I've really liked have been Lewyn, Rebecca, and flier Nino.
  6. I'd love to see more themes like that for future summoning banners, it'd give a good mix and ensure multiple games get more new characters. Brom could totally fit there.
  7. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    I was on Sanaki's team for all three rounds of GQ. I mean that was fine I guess Wasn't very excited during this GQ.
  8. Still sitting here waiting for Rebecca's prf weapon!
  9. March/April 2019 Special Heroes Arrive! Regal Rabbits!

    Meh, my free summon for the banner just got me another male Corrin. No Palla. Wow, Loki actually has some good skill fodder. Too bad she's a limited unit.
  10. March/April 2019 Special Heroes Arrive! Regal Rabbits!

    Yup I like all of them, and I like Tibarn and Ranulf too (Tibarn especially). And yeah, I really like Ike in PoR, it's just his RD self I dislike. I'm a writer, and I mean that literally; I am actually studying creative writing as a career path. And Ike's lack of development in RD just irks me. But PoR Ike is great. And I do agree with everyone saying we need more guys in Heroes. There's so many that are being completely left in the dust for...reasons? Like, the last Blazing Blade banner for example: Karla is a great unit, but why exactly was she chosen over the popular Pent, or why was she on the banner and the popular Canas was made a TT unit? Oh well, I guess.
  11. March/April 2019 Special Heroes Arrive! Regal Rabbits!

    Palla, Elincia, Kieran, Jill, Lethe (I think?), and Ryoma are a few! Maybe not liked for me as much as Lyn, Eliwood, Brom, Joshua, etc., but I do like all of them a lot. And I do like Ike's Path of Radiance self a LOT, like in that one particular game I'd say he's a favorite.
  12. March/April 2019 Special Heroes Arrive! Regal Rabbits!

    I think there's lots of characters we both like. It's just the ones that we disagree on, we REALLY disagree on. :P
  13. March/April 2019 Special Heroes Arrive! Regal Rabbits!

    Palla is my favorite of the Whitewing sisters. Palla > Est > Catria for me. I am happy she's on this banner, but she's really the only thing here for me to be excited about.
  14. March/April 2019 Special Heroes Arrive! Regal Rabbits!

    Well I'm glad it ended up not being Micaiah or Eirika on the banner, since they just got seasonal alts last year and/or won CYL this year. But regardless, I'm not too excited for this banner. Nothing is really catching my eye here. Veronica, Bruno, and Loki are all kinda meh for me, and Marisa isn't one of my favorite SS characters. I'm happy Palla gets to join Catria in the Spring Seasonal group, though, so I might pull for her once or twice. I hope Est gets a spring seasonal next year!
  15. March/April 2019 Special Heroes Silhouettes!

    Ya know this seems pretty early to me for a bunny-themed spring banner, since Easter is later this year. Then again, were the other spring banners released around this time the last couple years?