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  1. Official Pull Topic

    I got nothing good on any of my free pulls, so no Bride Lyn merges for me right now. But, decided to spend a couple orbs on the new bridal banner, and on my VERY FIRST ORB I got Sigrun with an +Atk asset/boon. So that was cool. No Pent, though, so sadness as far as blue orbs go.
  2. Tempest Trials+: The Holy Guard (May 25th) [SPOILERS]

    Louise looks so gorgeous that I wanna push myself to get every reward just because of her art. But those seals look good, too, so there's some extra incentive!
  3. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    This Grand Conquest spread me out to all three teams. First I was on Xander's team, then Corrin's, and now Ryoma's.
  4. Special Heroes Appear: Bridal Belonging (May 21 ~)

    I love the art for this banner. Pent and Louise in particular look absolutely STUNNING! I still hate that we don't have them in the game proper but props to the artists here.
  5. Special Heroes Appear: Bridal Belonging (May 21 ~)

    Do we know for sure if seasonals hurt Farfetched chances or anything? True. She'll be my next project once I finish Nanna. I thought I wasn't posting enough and connecting with the FE/Serenes community enough. And I really like Roy. So I wanted to post the thread about his Legendary banner but was a little too slow. I complained a little but soon internally realized it was silly of me. That's the gist.
  6. Special Heroes Appear: Bridal Belonging (May 21 ~)

    I hate this. Pent, AND Louise, AND Sigrun, AND Tanith. Four characters who aren't even in the game proper, and now the only way to get them is from a LIMITED TIME seasonal? IS, what in the heck are you smoking?!
  7. Silhouettes for New Special Heroes Banner

    It looks like Fjorm and maybe Pent. I really REALLY hope it isn't Pent, because goodbye orbs if it is.
  8. Garbage story and dull characters that does a horrible disservice to CT and makes me just not want to even consider it even exists.
  9. June New Heroes Banner Predictions

    Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn banner with Shinon and Jill introducing laguz-effective weapons, with Zihark as the third non-demote unit and some other less popular character as a tag-along demote.
  10. Favorite Marvel Character?

    Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Rocket Raccoon, and Daredevil (Matt Murdock) are my Top 3.
  11. New event calendar (May-June 2019)

    Eirika was robbed even harder since she absolutely would have won 2nd place, even over Camilla, if not for a poorly-timed alt on the SS banner. I think the units I absolutely WANT for the next Bridal Banner are: Groom Eliwood Groom Brom Groom Sigurd Bride Deirdre Bride Eirika PURELY because Awakening DLC Bride Florina
  12. Grand Hero Battle of Deliverance: Sluice Gate

    This GHB wasn't too challenging, which is a good thing because this game's idea of "challenge" is absolute unfair trash. I was able to clear all difficulties with no trouble, using my team of Brave Lyn, blue Reinhardt, Lewyn, and Legendary Ike.
  13. Forging Bonds: Power's Den (May 10th)

    I don't like this FB as much as the Binding Blade or Gallia ones, but it's definitely a step above some of the other ones. Namely the atrocious excuses of dung that were the one with Nina and Ophelia, and the one with Aversa and Loki. Talk about garbage, yeesh.
  14. Maybe Final Fantasy, or the Mario & Luigi RPG games. Chrono Trigger if I only count that and not the dumb "sequel." Maybe Castlevania if those would count.