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  1. Character wise: In terms of personality, I'm going to say Camilla. She's an emotionally damaged character who was traumatized by her past and it controls how she interacts with those around her. She's also consistent when comparing supports personality to her story personality. Unit wise: Camilla. She joins earlier, high bases, flight, she can get her Swordreaver weapon on her join chapter which grants her high WTA.
  2. No I would not like to see the same characters come back again. Maybe as DLC but not in the main game/story. Anna is the only exception I'm fine with because she's the mascot of the series.
  3. Rose tries to Ironman FE10 (most likely will fail)

    A lot happened! RIP Nolan :( Also your Meg is ridiculously awesome!
  4. Rose tries to Ironman FE10 (most likely will fail)

    RIP Edward. At least he died and not someone you were actually training! Meg has gotten pretty good levels so far! Also about Micaiah's death, randomizing a death seems like the most fair punishment but that's my opinion. Protect Meg at all costs!
  5. Rezzy Tries to Ironman FE Fates: Conquest

    NOBODY LIKES PINEAPPLE HEAD :( Rezzi is looking pretty good! :)
  6. Rose tries to Ironman FE10 (most likely will fail)

    Edward just keeps failing omg! Everyone else is getting pretty nice level ups! Laura is going to be the most buff priest with all of her strength levels. Micaiah reminds me of Orochi from Fates in terms of playstyle which is pretty cool haha. Good work on this chapter! Now you're gonna have access to buyable things c:
  7. Rezzy Tries to Ironman FE Fates: Conquest

    I just can't stop laughing! XD Pffft. I can't deny this one bit. OH MY GOD hahaha Nobody cares about Pineapple head :(
  8. Rose tries to Ironman FE10 (most likely will fail)

    Yikes! Edward is getting soo screwed :( Good luck on the next chapter! It's gonna be tough.
  9. Rose tries to Ironman FE10 (most likely will fail)

    Escape chapters tend to put me on edge, but they can be kinda fun as well. I get why you feel that way about them though. I'm just looking at the comparing bases and the stat averages between Edward and Zihark... based off of that alone I would pick Zihark.
  10. I would love to see a Wyvern Lord as the Jeigan character. Always able to help allies quickly and they can dish out high damage as well as tank hits. Their weakness to bows and magic(generally) means that you need to be more careful while playing them. It most likely won't happen but the thought makes me hyped.
  11. Rose tries to Ironman FE10 (most likely will fail)

    Heey, I think this is a pretty cool ironman run. I really like how you're just jumping into a higher difficulty as well. I don't have that much experience with FE10 but I'm gonna to be following. I'm not that good of a FE player myself but some advice would be to make use of the fundamentals of the game, you know... like calculating the stats, counting movement squares and all that. Forging of course is really good for helping units reach a certain attack threshold, whose strength may be lacking. You probably already know this but it helps hearing it again sometimes haha. Good luck on this run!! :)
  12. Why Vanessa? Why?

    I've got a pretty similar experience with Silas. My main issue with him was that he always got speed screwed on all my playthroughs from since the game came out in Japan. I don't think you will be as unlucky as myself, so I think you should give Vanessa another shot. She's in a good class with high movement that joins very early. I tend to use her as well as Tana. And Tana comes out a little better should you choose to train her. Also Wyvern Knight is the route I usually go for since it helps with her damage output.
  13. Rezzy Tries to Ironman FE Fates: Conquest

    Our little Cinnamon roll will never be forgotten. Naga bless her soul. Oh nice! Happy future birthday to your son! Just take your time, no need to rush. It's more fun to read your posts when you can put your all into it! :)
  14. Rezzy Tries to Ironman FE Fates: Conquest

    Caught back up! I can't believe Elise died :( Nice job on clearing chapter 24! I remember you saying that you were worried about it. Chapter 25 is a tough one. Last time I played I got stuck on this map for a while. Do you have a strategy in mind or are you at the planning phase right now?
  15. Canto workings poll

    I would love to get the gba canto version back if anything, but Idk if they would bring it back in this game though.