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  1. It would be pretty darn cool! Not playing by the "rules" all the time would be more fun! After all, we can't spell slaughter without laughter, right?
  2. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    This trailer is actually amazing. It what we've finally been waiting for! The only thing that really bothers me is that everyone has this mini army around them, but I'm sure it will grow on me. No real complaints from me, I'm really happy that we finally got an announcement! I think the artstyle looks really pretty and clean. Idk what everyone else means when they say they dislike it.
  3. Rezzy Tries to Ironman FE Fates: Conquest

    I've finally caught back up! Sorry I've been gone for a while. RIP Beruka, she never got to awaken to her true potential as a Bolt Axe!Malig Knight :( You're doing really well on this ironman run! I think I'd lose my whole army by now. Yours has inspired me to try my own run sometime XD This paralogue will be good for getting dat $$$!
  4. Rezzy Tries to Ironman FE Fates: Conquest

    You're doing awesome so far! Really glad that your Odin survived there! Also Ophelia's build sounds really nice for that +10 damage, which will happen more often than not. Have you done an Ironman run before?
  5. Rezzy Tries to Ironman FE Fates: Conquest

    Hoshido is actually the bad guy in this whole war! They just keep provoking Nohr at every turn! And people thought Hoshido was "good." YES. Unleash the beast! Let lil mama on wings go ham!
  6. FE16 "leaks"

    Not at all. I feel this way too. We'll learn what they want us to know and that's more exciting tbh. I also have a feeling that when this game is finally revealed, it will be available for purchase very soon.
  7. Grinding vs limited resources

    Limited resources because it makes you put more thought into what to spend your resources on. I mean, it's a strategy game after all, right?
  8. Rezzy Tries to Ironman FE Fates: Conquest

    Yay! I'm happy that Azura survived! Hahaha omg I love how you're portraying her!
  9. I usually put F!Morgan in the Sorcerer Class since it makes her really broken in Lunatic Mode with the Nosferatu tome. I've only used M!Morgan like once and I don't remember what class I had put him in... I'll just vote Sorcerer again though lol.
  10. Rezzy Tries to Ironman FE Fates: Conquest

    Oh my... things are looking grim for Azura
  11. Rezzy Tries to Ironman FE Fates: Conquest

    I just caught up and I think this is super dope! Nice job on chapter 10 especially, I was scared for what would happen but it went well all things considered. Your comments make me crack up a lot! Gonna follow this! :)
  12. This is actually so hype!!!
  13. Moments that changed your outlook on Fire Emblem

    I remember being unable to beat Shadow Dragon on H1 and getting frustrated because I wasn't good enough at the game. I stopped playing for a while and eventually decided to YouTube someone playing on H5(I forgot what his name was) because I thought it was impossible back then. I was so shocked to see how he did it and I decided to try again. That taught me to try and think outside the box more and not give up at first glance. When I first joined this site, I used(and still do) lurk around a lot and I found out about LTCing. Watched a few videos here and there and was impressed by how people could do that. Years later I discovered Dondon151's YouTube channel and watched his FE6 run with Mekkah. Having them explain what was happening as they played was really helpful and it's what triggered me to start searching harder for more information. After some digging, I found a reddit post by Dondon151 called "how to become a better Fire Emblem player." So much of what was written made sense to me and I was guilty of a lot of the bad player tendencies he spoke of. I think that's when things started to click and the way I view the game changed. Now when I see something difficult I enjoy figuring it out and learning. I don't really get frustrated when I have to reset after a long map, instead I ask myself "what did I learn?" And expand from there.
  14. Probably really uncommon but I was actually looking forward to liking Peri. It went downhill for me when I learned that she had a child like personality and could not distinguish between killing for fun and killing because it must be done. Yeah I get that she has been emotionally traumatized but she really rubs me the wrong way.
  15. Casual mode, yay or nay?

    I hope it stays. I personally don't use it in normal runs, as I learn nothing from the type of playstyle it encourages. However, as someone who is trying to get into LTC's, I do see how it could help with making those runs less of an issue to do when something goes wrong since they have the battle save feature instead of suspend. Also it does attract new players into the series so that's always good.