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  1. Who's ur top 3 Shadow Dragon characters? Reposted.

    1. Minerva - She's just a badass in so many ways and she's always trying to do the right thing, even if it's difficult for her. 2. Marth - The OG of lords. He's very kind and compassionate. I find it really cool that he's modest, and isn't afraid to admit that he had help to accomplish his great deeds. 3. Catria - Her support with Palla is very relatable. And at the end of it she learns a bit more of who she is and gains some confidence from it.
  2. Third-Tiers or Branching Promotions?

    Branching promotions. Simply because it adds more diversity and some units will benefit more from it.
  3. I don't like that kind of style at all. It's never been my thing.
  4. I just checked and mine unlocked too!
  5. Favorite and Least Favorite path in Fates

    My favorite path is Conquest. Even though it failed story wise I find the gameplay very fun and engaging. Revelations is my least favorite. The overall gimmicky maps that it has makes it feel like a chore for me to play through. I don't like it one bit.
  6. How do you decide pairings?

    I usually make pairings based on the stats of the potential couple. If I think that the couple has cute supports then I'll try to make it work, even on harder difficulties. I don't really pay attention to the children's stats though since I don't use them.
  7. Fatesonas/FE Fates OCs?

    Here's one of mine... Name: Merrilee Age: 19 Class: Level 1 Hero Weapon Rank: B Swords, C Axes Base stats: Hp: 32 Str: 24 Mag: 10 Skl: 30 Spd: 35 Lck: 17 Def: 16 Res: 12 Details: Her brother was a member of the resistance group in Cheve and he was executed during the conclusion of Chapter 13 Conquest. Seeing her brother's body executed like that made her take up the sword and vow to get revenge on the commander of the Nohrian army, Prince Corrin. She eventually joins the Hoshidan army as well and participates in the battle of Chapter 23 Conquest.
  8. Class Trailer

    Wow this looks so cool! 3rd tier classes is awesome! Just a few more days until it comes out!!!
  9. Skip Fates or buy?

    I think that Conquest offers an amazing gameplay experience. I originally got Birthright first, which was fun, but when I started playing Conquest I fell in love with the gameplay and I play it almost all the time. Birthright is better than Revelations imo because Rev has very SLOW and gimmicky gameplay... I've only played that route twice. 1st on Hard and 2nd on Lunatic to get the badge on my card but I don't know if I'll play Rev again anytime soon. ... I don't have any experience with Gaiden and I have been avoiding spoilers like the plague, so sadly I don't have much of an opinion to give you in regards to Echoes.
  10. So, 10 days.

    I'm so excited! I've been dodging spoilers like crazy since I haven't played Gaiden. Everything about this game that I've seen so far looks awesome! Plus, I'll get to practice reading Japanese as well~! :)
  11. How To Start LTCing

    Better put FE6 and Birthright on my list then. Yeah defense maps will probably give more turns instead of save especially for a newbie like me. I'll take that advice and play on the lower difficulties since it won't overwhelm me so much. I really like the extra rules idea since I play most FE games with my own rules (usually no grinding) so I think it will be really engaging to do that in an LTC run. A randomized rom sounds like it would be very fascinating to attempt. I'll try that out when I get more familiar with LTCing. Thank you for your reply!
  12. How To Start LTCing

    That sounds very tough. Maybe I'll hold off on FE8 until I get more experience with LTCing haha... I can definitely see how that plays a very significant role. Thank you for your response! Powerful high move units are what seem to be the top tier of this type of playstyle which is seems very logical, all things considered. So I should definitely focus on training some. Man it's kinda funny how FE8 seems to be one of the harder games to LTC. 100% gonna wait until I'm more experienced before I do that one XD That sounds useful. Seems like a good thing to know when going into these types of runs. Thanks for replying!
  13. How To Start LTCing

    Ah I see, fair enough. I'll probably still try to play FE3 at some point now that my interest has been piqued...
  14. How To Start LTCing

    I've never tried a draft but it does sound like a pretty neat idea! This is very useful things for me to take note of. Instead of thinking about beating the whole chapter like that, I just have to apply it to turns. Thanks for replying! Oh OK I see what you mean. That makes a lot of sense. I never planned on playing FE3 because of FE12 but I think this is a good enough reason for me to play it. Yeah I figured that those types of maps would be more difficult to LTC. But hey nothing comes easy right? :p Thanks for answering!