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  1. wenger would've been out of arsenal at least a decade ago not surprising the g00ners are a joke
  2. it's not like the last two episodes being the two halves of EoE would be any better shin godzilla is great
  3. never denied that
  4. that scene and komm susser tod were the best things about that movie how are things my man those last two episodes which basically were college debates mixed with a psychiatrist session were way better
  5. my fucking god end of evangelion is an absolute shit show
  6. i am aware of that. i actually enjoyed a lot the discussion about self worth, about how you perceive yourself and the impact others can have in your life, reality being different than truth etc but i'd be sooooo pissed if i was watching the original run and expecting a proper ending
  7. i find rei and shinji at least interesting as characters she was such a huge cunt to everyone....
  8. shameless mirror pic
  9. on the tail end of evangelion asuka is fucking annoying
  10. quem dá ajuda é pai, quem faz caridade é monge não se meta a levá-la pra casa toda puta mora longe
  12. La La Land is such a beautiful movie
  13. who is eleanor
  14. god why
  15. stone cold steel austin