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  1. school's boring, but i'd rather be there than be one of those "hitler was a leftist just like those comunists" types
  2. doggie school what a concept
  3. people equating literal neonazis to blm aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  4. aging in dog years
  5. this thread is oficially dead right? like, it's no longer a zombie but only a fleeting memory
  6. waiting for a good pc actually
  7. both sad because i won't play it anytime soon and happy because it looks amazing and there are some references that hit me right in the nostalgia
  8. Sonic Mania made me cry
  9. this forum, sadly, is quite possibly the worst i've ever had to use, from a technical standpoint.
  10. Abigail being in Street Fighter and GEESE HOWARD BEING IN TEKKEN makes me wonder if I am tripping
  11. my main complaint about the original anime is that it made fudou's death look not as great because they did the exact same thing with juuza
  12. it would look amazing on my instagram i'm expecting it to be way too long and boring, just like the manga another logh? what?? 12 weeks, it's a pretty short trip i'd say
  13. 'sup bond cama
  14. one punch man's brazilian dubbing is actually fucking great.
  15. berserk's on hiatus again miura is just a piece of shit