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  1. Aether Raids General Thread

    Dang, totally forgot that! I was wondering why I was struggling so much...
  2. Will this allow for possible Askr trio merges?
  3. Silith judges your battle ballot. - 2019

    Mh, there are at least 3 plot relevant characters in there. Do you only watch Lp's? You should try playing some of the games :)
  4. Aether Raids General Thread

    Well, today all ladder uses are gone and I got myself a loss. Often this mode's just plain frustrating. All of the lost games were against the awfully common Ophelia/L!Azura sheninigans. Guess the tier20 dream is dead again.
  5. I did the fan sorter recently as well on a slow day and I noticed the same thing, both on the top as on the bottom of the list. In the end I assume we both know who we like better then some silly little game on the internet I presume? ;p example: Legion was 3rd from the bottom for me, now he's no favourite of mine. But that low seems not right. I assume he had some unlucky match ups or something that brought him further down than he deserved.
  6. About half of em. I once made a little bingo chart containing my top 25 inspired by someone on Reddit. For those interested:
  7. I play Feh to play with my old favourites from the old FE games. A celebration of the series they called it iirc. Seasonals and OC's are bad enough, I don't need to see Smash bros stuff. This is the only Gacha game I play, and its only because it is FE. If this wasnt a FE game I would not be playing it. If I want to play a collab game, I'll go play smash instead.
  8. The 10 characters most deserving to be added

    A quick look through the casts of the games I played shows that most of the plotwise important characters are allready in the game. Most games could have one or two banners more and be done with most of the important cast. The only problem is then that there are too few female characters missing to make banners in IS's current style XD What is more glaring is that many villains and final bosses are still missing. so in no particular order: Medeus Nergal Ashnard Idoun Orson Travant Dheginhansea Sephiran Ashera Gangrel
  9. Official Pull Topic

    250'ish orbs used. 1 Tibarn(+Atk-HP) 1 Nailah(+Def-HP) I'm gonna use them for a while till I find good recipients for their prime skills. Or maybe they will grow on me. Tibarns boons is very optimal so it might be kind of a waste. And I always was fond of birds. 98 orbs remaining... I kinda want to go back in for the colorless Heron. Down orb-hand!
  10. Forging Bonds: Hearts as One

    You could see the tickets as 5 free orbs I guess? If youre planning on rolling on this banner that's better then a single orb. If viewed this way the new rewards are better. Also Im just always hungry for more grails.
  11. Aether Raids General Thread

    Fair point. Knowing which trap is real in advance makes breaking a map much easier ofc. I'd probably test the trap below Hector first as well if I didnt know. It's hard to say what I would do, since of course I do know now. In the end, results don't lie. And your map is definetely proving its working.
  12. Aether Raids General Thread

    That's an impressive and well though out defense. However in your video you didnt detail what would happen if someone would to put say a Surtr on the left yellow trap, which would be easily doable moving Surtr below the pillar and then dancing and moving left. Can Bride Lyn take him out with being danced? Or any other tanky unit for that matter, Surtr is just the most common atm. Without pass, Ephraim wont be doing anything aswell seeing as the tank blocks the path standing there.
  13. New Heroes: Rulers Of The Laguz

    I don't care about beast units tbh, but those look like some very strong units! Probably going for the wolf lady, that B skill looks very usefull. Might continue for Tibarn if I get wolf fast enough. Also, more Tellius next month plz? And I don't even like the Tellius games that much. If we don't at least get Jill with a beast slaying weapon soon I'm gonna have to write a letter of dissapointement to IS.