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  1. None of the characters I voted for last time made it in to the game yet, except for Noire I guess but Im not counting seasonals as true representation. I might switch it up a little this time though, something like this: 1 Geitz 2 Renault 3 Ashnard 4 Orson 5 Brady 6 Dorothy 7 Lester
  2. Tempest Trials: Before We Met…

    Finally a use for that +1 pity breaking Ryoma.
  3. Which free unit do you want to merge up?

    Valter, Narcian, Arvis, Julius, Finn and Oliver. But who knows what the future holds for ghb units.
  4. October Legendary Banner Expectations

    You all ready for red bow Anna? ;)
  5. Ow wow, that was a fun watch. The character choices are obviously from an era long gone, before the mass influx of alts.
  6. I guess I missed that video, will have to watch that later today.
  7. The people have spoken I guess. however the only real popular character seems to be Owain. Kliff gained "popularity" for being missing I think and I'd rather not open up the can of worms that is a Loki discussion. And who actually likes Aversa? I played awakening a lot and barely remembered her, did she just gain votes for being the only "canon" flying mage?
  8. Banner: Rutger, Lugh, Dorothy TT: Hugh GHB: Jahn
  9. I would not be sad if there never was a Fates banner ever again. If I were to make a banner I would have to look up whos in that game again. The only character I can think of this fast is Reina, who was the only character I liked from that game.
  10. Banner: Brady, Cynthia and Owain. GHB: Priam TT: Noire
  11. All this talk about AA abuse, someone might have mentioned it allready but lvl 40 Kana can be found in chapter 8, map 4&5. You can lose units there, use light blessings and whatnot. Only downside is the stam cost.
  12. Those three are actually my favourites from Tellius. Which may have more to do with my dislike for the Tellius games then my actual love for these characters. But Ashnard at least is the best character from those games imo. I'm also quite fond of Makalov as a character, I find him... realistic for lack of a better word. EDIT: also can you just imagine the TT char being a neutral clone version of a character on the banner. ;p
  13. Kliff and Valbar are the most important playable missing characters from echoes. Add Silque to the banner because female and the only other missing female is Tatiana and she wont show up without Zeke. Im looking over the character list and it really is quite limited in remaining options. I'll just list Deen as the TT reward and Rudolf as GHB mostly because we are lacking in other options. I'd really like to see Python and Forsythe though.
  14. Makalov, Devdan and Largo on the banner Danved as the TT reward Ashnard as the GHB
  15. VS Nergal banner Pent green(?) mage infantry Louise colorless bow infantry Nils blue dragon dancer infantry Renault colorless staff infantry, as the TT reward Nergal red mage infantry GHB