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  1. To dig up an older series, I wouldn't mind seeing Golden Sun pop up on the radar again and a Warriors game could be a way to breath a bit of new life into the series. ...Yeah, it'll almost certainly never happen, but I can dream.
  2. Free Update / Nov 16

    The new v1.2.1 3DS patch is out in Europe as of about 6 hours ago (when I downloaded it). The in game patch notes read: >Fixed Ver. 1.2.0 bugs >Button-input functionality has been improved >Processing speed has been improved. As far as I can tell so far, it does indeed fix the issues properly, but If for some reason you can't download it yet, the lag from 1.2.0 can also be partially dealt with by turning broken armour appearances off in the options.
  3. Free Update / Nov 16

    FYI regarding the 3DS patch issues, they're known to the developers and will apparently be fixed in the next patch. Thankfully, because while I can just about handle the framerate drops (if groaning when they happen), the "registering two/three button presses instead of one" issue is really starting to annoy me. Rather than plagiarise someone else's post, I'll just link to the GameFAQ's post in question: https://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/204209-fire-emblem-warriors/75999452/890558889
  4. Noble Lady of Caelin

    One interesting thing to note about the Shadow battles is that they don't actually require you to go chasing after those Rally Captains (or even, sometimes, the buggers running around healing the Shadows). Just kill all the Shadows, and those enemies will vanish as well - and you'll even have the respective mission marked as completed! You miss out on whatever materials they'd have dropped, but that's not so bad. As for the Shadows themselves, I generally let them congregate on the home base, charge up a dual special and hit them with that. Clears out a lot of their combined health at once. Shadow battles are usually hellish when you're still getting used to them, but once you've figured them out, they're more tedious than anything (or in the case of the one that has Shadow Lissas running around, surprisingly easy). But beware - there's one nightmare one that will really test you on Celica's history scenario, against Iago. The problem being that this map also has the "Reduced Healing" restriction, which means you've really got put your all into protecting the Allied Commander - the Base commander will heal up over time, he won't - and you can't use staves on him. It's doable, but yeesh.
  5. Free Update / Nov 16

    Yeah, I picked up the 3DS version update a good 10 hours ago (in the UK).
  6. Fire Emblem: Order of the Crimson Arm(FinalVersion1.0 out)

    So another minor error that might need attending to: Ch. 18 has a mucked up portrait. Specifically, on turn 10 Dione turns up with a few Pegasus knights. The introductory scene is perfectly fine, but once gameplay starts and you go and put the cursor over Dione, you find she's got Farina's minimug. R button into the status screen, and she's got Farina's portrait as well. It's a bit odd, because she was perfectly fine in the last chapter...
  7. It's Rena Strober and I'd love your vote!

    Oh hey, first one of Fem-Corrin's VA's turns up on Serenes, and now Azura's VA as well. Voicing Azura was good enough (as someone alluded to, you handled both Azura's regular quotes and her songs, whereas the Japanese needed an actress for each, so you've definitely earned points there), but you also did Emma? Yep, that's cinched my vote for you (hope you're called back for ToCS 3, assuming it's localised of course). ...Interesting to see how many ToCS VA's are showing up here. Anyway, registered and voted. Good luck!
  8. Fire Emblem: Order of the Crimson Arm(FinalVersion1.0 out)

    It's fixed the Ch. 15 issue. The screen still does the weird double fade to black after the Algimas/Clara scene if you didn't get the gaiden, but it actually moves onto the save screen now. Both pre-sunrise and post-sunrise event sequences are working properly, and lead onto the correct chapters. I've already gotten past Ch. 15 before sunrise (without just resorting to the cheap Algimas rush strategy) and am up to Ch. 18 now. I'll post some proper feedback for the hack as a whole when I'm done with that.
  9. Fire Emblem: Order of the Crimson Arm(FinalVersion1.0 out)

    So, I've done some more experimenting. There seems to be a problem with the eventing somewhere, because the current patch (and yes, I did download it again and patch it to multiple ROMs, and played with multiple emulators) has a definite problem here. I'm wondering if one of the bug fixes accidentally broke something. The current patch will allow you to get past the scene with Algimas and Clara, but only if you complete the map before daybreak. Complete it in 19 turns (sunrise occurs on turn 20), and the scene with Algimas and Clara will fade into a scene with Costner telling Algimas about a nearby supply cache (which, incidentally, leads on to a gaiden chapter called "The Red Wind", involving Magnus). Complete the map in twenty turns or more, and the game hangs (or outright closes the emulator) instead of bringing up this next scene. So, question for familyplayer - did you get the gaiden, or did you go straight to Ch. 16? I know that you waited until after sunrise, but I'm also wondering if the tactician's gender matters at all here; you've got the male tactician, I'm using the female one. Maybe the eventing is only broken for the female tactician. In any case, I now need to clear the chapter in under 20 turns properly, as opposed to just dumping all my stat boosters on Algimas and charging forward for testing purposes. Oh, and that village I mentioned, that closes its gates after sunrise? It's got an Angelic Robe. Does anyone want me to upload a couple of saves for testing/bug squashing purposes? One for winning on turn 19, one for winning on turn 20?
  10. Fire Emblem: Order of the Crimson Arm(FinalVersion1.0 out)

    I've got this problem as well, and I've tried multiple emulators, plus skipping the event chain. Do we have to beat the chapter before the sun rises? (I'm going to try doing that anyway, seeing as a certain village towards the end of the level seems to quietly close its gates once it gets light...)
  11. FE6xna

    FYI, on the "official names" topic, notice how there's suddenly an inconsistency with at least one name. In FE7, we have Murdock. According to the Emblem Warriors FE6 list, he's apparently called Marduk instead. This isn't a fan translation issue, this is two supposedly official sources contradicting each other. Otherwise, most of the names the site gives us are the ones we've used ever since the first fan translation of FE6 turned up, with only minor spelling changes (although I can't say I like calling a character on the side of good "Sin"). (You might find this analysis/reaction to the new names amusing: https://www.reddit.com/r/fireemblem/comments/5ow6at/in_defense_of_some_of_the_new_fe6_english_names/ (and yes, it also facepalms at the the Murdock/Marduk change.)) Specifically on FE6xna, I'm slowly playing through but am still back at Ch. 3, so I'll give feedback when I'm further along (or if I encounter something especially good/bad). It's pretty darn good so far though!
  12. TheMoniker plays: Fire Emblem Requiem

    Well, Legato wasn't on a throne so that might have been a hint towards his willingness to get stuck in. I think I had a longbow on Linda, but Danielle wasn't so obliging in her movements for me. Oh well, the barrage kept the opening section tense. One... well, and a load of exposition... chapter left! (Why am I so happy about that..? I don't want to see you go either...) At least Emblem Warriors is going to be on the N3DS as well, for those of us who have it and for whom one game isn't enough reason to shell out on a new system... as long as we can handle the inevitable graphical downgrade.
  13. TheMoniker plays: Fire Emblem Requiem

    I liked this chapter in general, it's quite interesting for a "storming the castle" type of level. That said, there's a bit of backtracking after Manfred and Rydell which can halt things somewhat. Despite being at the 50 enemy limit, there will be reinforcements. They'll mostly show up as you defeat bosses, so you don't have to worry about units spawning then immediately despawning because they broke the unit limit. You may have better luck than me, but watch out for Danielle. That ballista she's on is apparently just a long range one (according to Sacred Blaze), but she would not stop landing critical hits with the thing when I came through here. First time I've had to equip an Iron Rune and wait for a ballista to run out of ammo before I could proceed. If you've grown to hate Legato, you can have the therapeutic pleasure of beating him down here. (He might still find ways to surprise and frustrate you though.)
  14. TheMoniker plays: Fire Emblem Requiem

    That Royal Emblem can be very useful in the next chapter. A certain sniper on a ballista would. not. stop. critical hitting me. And I didn't bother with Alyssa either. Claire and Katarina were more than enough on the healing front, and an extra move for an overpowered unit didn't really help as much as just fielding two overpowered units instead, given Alyssa's comparative vulnerability.
  15. TheMoniker plays: Fire Emblem Requiem

    Sneaky Moniker, voting in your own poll! I'm going to abstain for now; on the one hand I think you should complete Requiem properly, but on the other hand wanting you to transcribe all that text for no real gameplay seems a little mean. So where do the shops pop up? They aren't on the spoiler map because that was created from v1.3, before the shops were inserted. From your minimap screenshot it looks like they might be just above the bridge... Don't take too long getting to Thelma; she's powerful but she's going to be on the wrong side of the weapon triangle when she goes up against those mercenaries. And yes, we are now officially past the point of cowardly bosses.