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  1. Building low tier units

    I pulled a 3* -spd +def Arthur. Really thinking about building him
  2. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Hes got qr2 he can run his Goad when im doing horse teams, and if i get another Kaze, mayhaps he gets atk smoke i could run the close def seal on him (i hate how expensive qr3 is) Well la tee freaking da. Arent we little sir smarty pants. Some of us can't remember exactly which stones are specific colors. Or, answered the question right before bed without wanting to boot up their game. You really shouldn't be all like that if people get a wrong answer.
  3. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    So i did this. I have no regrets https://imgur.com/a/XcTbfFC
  4. Y e s. Id like to add that with Jugdral pairings, i tend to go to which pairs whos kids can cheese the game. :V
  5. Where did you get the father and son sprites? They're so crisp next to mine...


  6. From which games would you like to have new heroes?

    More Jugdrals are welcome. Midayle, Lewyn, Azelle, Quan, etc. From Thracia, i want Eyvel. Id also love to have a Trabant ghb
  7. Building low tier units

    I got a Palla and Cherche in the reserves waiting for promotion. If i get a good iv Arthur, i might make him. Same with Seth and Selena.
  8. Honestly, i pair based on aesthetic and on how many mounted units i can make lol
  9. Building low tier units

    Do you like building scrub units, freebies, vanilla Jakobs, and generally what is considered a less than good unit? I for one, find it hella fun to take a unit like Jagen and make him work. (Im currently working on one) i have a rather ridiculous Stahl i built from the ground up. He can really ruin someone's day. I hope to merge him more when i get more Stahls. I also have a Florina that does some stupid shit. I dont have enough to +10 her yet, but soon~~ show off your bad/low tier unit projects here if you want!
  10. "Johns" in Heroes

    One in particular stands out, and how! i do think the term "john" is too umm..out there and vague for this kind of player. Just call them for what they are: Whiners. I will try to replicate strats when im getting pounded by ghbs/lbs/bhbs. Ill watch videos my friends have made, or ftp vids. Sometimes i just dont have the patience so i just shrug and move on or try again when i feel like it. I dont get the point in whinging about stuff like that. Id expect even ftp players whove been playing for a year or more to have a good to decent roster of units.
  11. Thoughts on Tactics Drills (May Contain Solution Spoilers)

    Its like, once i hit Grandmaster, i had to use videos. ... All this time, i thought i really got gud. BUT IT WAS LIES! ALL LIES!
  12. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Yes, lmao. I suggested them first, but guess they are "too crappy" or something.
  13. Lenh's Reconstruction Zone

    aww, well if you ever get the urge to sprite Arvis...
  14. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    If thats true, why are you still struggling with things that are very obvious to work around? This is the kind of workaround i was getting at. Reconstructing a fave to do the job you need done. The fact you are still batting this advice aside, is unfortunate. (If theres no close def fodder, try TA so Fred can block Nowi with his face) seems to me you just want an out-of-the-box Nowi delete button with literally zero effort. Is it any wonder why i assumed you were in build pitfalls?