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  1. eh... but those glasscannons will need someone to move them to safety. Blade tomes require buffs from allies to truly shine, so aren't truly stand alone units either. I doubt there really any one unit in the who can do everything by themselves.
  2. @Motendra I got your Michalis!!! Was wondering when he's appear. I knew he'd step out to help lil' sis at some point x'D @donkeykhang Bride Caeda is really fun! She's such a cute lifesaver x'D Requested ;) Name's the same, and lead is Minerva
  3. Happy to have gotten to Tier 19. Finally I get to be Norhrian Scum, even if it's just for a week!!!
  4. Has any of the other teams apart from Maria had the bonus points?
  5. Nnnngh logic says to wait this one out since I've never had any luck with pullling seasonal characters. But that Freddy... ._. Time to have a go at colourless again!
  6. I get what you mean with the Brave Bow build, and initiating an attack. And usually I would wholeheartedly agree with. Just, I feel it's probably least effective on Niles compared to other archers, because even with +atk he'll only have 29 atk which is sad. He's not going to be orkoing as much compared to other archers in the first place, so I'm not so keen in the the Brave Bow/LoD/Desperation direction. I do like having poison strike on him so far, to compensate for the lack of player phase damage. I like the EP build you've suggested, and also at running a more supportive build. QR, is a really good idea. In terms of Distant Defence, wouldn't the +6 res add to Iceberg during EP too? For a ranged support/debuffer I might looking into something like: Weapon Clarisse' Bow+/ Killer Bow+ Assist: a Rally Special: Iceberg/Glacies A: Fury B: Poison strike or Seal Def/Res C: Savage Blow or a Hone (or Panic Ploy?) and probably Hone Res Seal if going for all Hones, or the QP Seal with Poison strike/Savage Blow. With the Hones I can run him with Odin with Nino, or stick with Poison/Savage for chip damage I think I'll forgo Firesweep and take the counter attack risk, that way he can counter attack too. With neutral 34 res (37 with Fury, 40 as +Res) it should be alright for magic.
  7. ouch, really that low for Maria? x'D I think the Lachesis and Maria battle will be quite close. I think people who are fans of Maria's siblings will be willing to jump on her side to. Anyhow, this does feel like it's going to be an interesting gauntlet having a healer as a lead. I have a Lv40 Maria with no SI. Praying I won't get into a 3 healers vs a proper team battle. Hopefully the updated multiplier will be a positive improvement too.
  8. Made my first merged 5* while looking for Vantage for Camus. Got a 3* Lon'qu from the same pull so he's an unexpected bonus from the banner XD. +at/-res, merged with my older (+res/-def)Rein, who was one of my first ever 5* pulls with I started playing in March. If he was anything other than +atk, I would have saved him as Vantage fodder for someone else lol. Might set him loose during the Cleric banner ;)
  9. Yay Maria supporters exist! @donkeykhang @Robert of Normandy @Kalibur Request sent :) My lead atm the Jeorge. I will change him before the gauntlet starts, since there'll probably be loads of TA -raven tomes floating about.
  10. I've been mulling over doing a Niles build. It's in the works, and I'd like to run it over with you guys here first and slowly get my fodder. Savaging Niles is feels like it's going to be an expensive project in terms of SI, so I would want to be able to save fodder if I have to luck to draw any over time instead of giving it to someone else.This is going to be a fun project on the side, I love him for carrying my team through the Ninja corridors in Conquest Lunatic. It's the least I can do in Heroes :'D So far, I've been thinking that I'd like him to bait mages so would need a +res Niles. +spd would also probably be alright, and he'll definitely need a -def/-hp bane. atm, I'm experimenting with a +spd/-res Niles, and I feel that -res hurts him a lot, because he's so dependant on his special proc for damage. Then either Glacies or his default Iceberg as the special. For his A-slot, I'm leaning towards Fury for 37 spd/40 res for +res or 40 spd/37 res for +spd. I am also considering Distant Defence if I ever draw a Celica, on paper it sounds quite interesting, but it would also reduce his speed. I think if I were running Distant Defence, I'd need to run QR2/3 with it, though I wouldn't feel safe with the speedy bladetome mages. His B + C slot would just have to be Poison Strike and Savage Blow. If Clarisse's bow is inheritable, I have been also thinking about giving it to Niles to make him a chip damage defuffer (but how useful would that actually be, I don't know. Not sure if the payoff of increasing the proc rate of Iceberg/Glacies is worth it. ) Another option is to do a Firesweep build with him, but I think his atk will be too low, even if I run DB, and had a +atk variant. With Firesweep I feel like all he'll be good for is chip damage with Poison Strike and Savage Blow :/
  11. Is there any on supporting Maria for the first round? I'm planning to go with her first then jump to team Priscilla. I'm mostly going purely mercenary for feathers again. If Priscilla makes it to the semi-finals/finals I'll be wholeheartedly supporting her. She was one of my first 5* units since I started this game, and I adore her a lot. kaya8 draws such beautiful ladies, and Pri-pri's voice is so... For at least the first round I want to support Maria for as much as I can for the sake of her big sis and bro. My loyalty belongs to Macedon always <3.
  12. I will be going with Maria. MACEDON HYPE IS BACK YAAAAS!! (sad that there is no Lucius :/ He's just as beautiful as everyone included in the gauntlet.)
  13. Sweet Naga finally got to 50k points, it feels good to do other things with my free time apart from Tempest (like chatting on forums again XD).
  14. Can't thank @MaskedAmpharos enough for recommending Wings of Mercy on Olivia a couple weeks ago. It synergises so well with Desperation and, Fury users. She's the definite MVP of both my Lunatic and Infernal run. Completed all maps with Jeorge, Reinhardt, Xander and Olivia. I had to give Xander Axebreaker 2 from Laslow for Infernal. I found Lunatic harder, since there was quite a jump from Hard. Jeorge could easily double and kill Legion on Hard but not on Lunatic and Infernal, so I found myself needing to adapt a bit. When I sorted out the strategy for Lunatic (mostly abusing Olivia like a mad woman), the same strategy worked great for Infernal too :) Had to also use a stamina potion for this because all the free stamina has is dedicated to Tempest, ahh it's a little mean this happened during Tempest, but I'm also kinda glad for it, since I get to do something other than tempest (and get a new character plus feathers :3). Overall I had loads fun with the map. I really like how they're bringing the new mechanics for the GHBs, and the Infernal level's pretty great since most people have SI-ed units. It really does give a better challenge.
  15. I hope Maria is in it. Gotta send her siblings to protect her :)