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  1. I really liked Yamada Akihiro's artwork in Heroes (for Zephiel, Ogma, Jaigen and Gunter), so it would be a dream if he could illustrate for a full blown FE game. Although for him to do it would be very unlikely, so I'm just hoping for something closer to Shadows of Valentia's art direction atm. However if they do decide to go for more fanservice instead, so long as it's equal oppertunity I'm not going to complain.
  2. Fair enough, I can still dream x'D. I mentioned Boots cause they are such a staple recurring item within the series, it would be nice to see it appear in Heroes in some form.
  3. They just released Seals feature recently after all. Even on the A-slot we passives like HP +4 mixed in with stuff like Triangle Adept or Life and Death. I wouldn't be surprised if more stronger seals were brought in later on. Though I do hope the feature will manage to stay balanced.
  4. Boots, exclusive to armours, so they can walk like normal people
  5. Definitely Quick Riposte for Michalis then x'D Yeah agreed, Est's such a weird one, hence I'm so troubled with skill setting her. Brave Lance is actually a pretty good idea since she's got the lowest speed and def of the three sisters, and would benefit from OHKOing things. I am worried if her Atk would be too low to make the best use of that Lance hm.. So maybe Death Blow to mitigate it... Alright.. I'll sort something out for her For Nino, that's merging is a good point since I would prefer a +spd one. But I'm not fussy, I love Nino almost as much as Jaffar loves Nino x'D. Thank you so much for typing all those suggestions out!
  6. Awesome, will go with Quick Risposte then. Thank you the advice :)
  7. Some questions, since I'm juggling a few characters while waiting for feathers : Michalis with Quick Risposte or Desperation or something else for the B slot? (Got Swap, Moonbow, Iote and Threaten Def atm. Waiting to 5* for Hauteclere) ----- What skills would be most suitable for Est? I'm just using the neutral freebie Est from the current quests. End 5* stats are as follows: Hp: 36 l Atk: 35 l Spd: 30 l Def: 24 l Res: 32 Got her Iceberg atm to put that large res pool to use. Really want to give her something better than Heavy Spear. She's going to be part of a Flier Emblem team with Minnie, Palla, and Catria. ---- Not too sure about what to do with Nino? -hp/+def
  8. At this rate, we need some happy chirpy grand heroes to balance all that edge x'DDDDD Shamelessly sharing a vid of the fastest I could do this map.
  9. I think having someone to dance, and/or reposition is probably more essential than OHKOing, as it'll easily allow you to move out of range, or get yourself in more favourable spots on this map.
  10. It's quite nice how Zephy has completely different art for his attack and special rather than just some effects added for the special.
  11. Hm yeah, quite straightforward on both difficulties, with a team of Reinhardt, Hector, Jeorge and Olivia. Reinhardt really breaks this map.
  12. Prefer going male cause some of the female outfits are disasters and I can add more eye candy into the game by trying to make M!Corrin cute.
  13. Absolutely. I did mean Ogma, sorry about that. The typos that happen when the fingers aren't synced with the brain...