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  1. Caved and 5*ed Xander . @Arcanite @MrSmokestack You guys here were so right, Siegfried really does make such a big difference.
  2. @Arcanite tbh, you're partly accurate about another unit. If you have patience for brooding: Remember that + Spd Eldigan I pulled a few weeks ago? He's weaseled into my main team. With the current set up, I can consistently buff him to 36~40 spd (or sometimes 44), he has 2 proc Bonfire (he's -def, so 17dmg, less than Xander, but more proc). I found that Renewal 3 has been working out pretty great on him both for Fury upkeep and kiting shenanigans. I'd be replacing him with Xander, whose Fury is hurting QR procs. But then as @MrSmokestack mentioned Xander has that godly defence and built in distant counter.. which could make all the difference in the world. But with Eldigan working well with the current team setup do I desperately need 5*Xander like I need air? But then I've pretty much already secured going up 3 arena tiers this season so might do need a 5* Xander to keep my place :S BUT THEN bonus heroes change. Spending feathers on Anna, Sharena and Alphonse might be more reasonable on the long run. I also kinda want to 5* Michalis for fun. Since he's also 4* fully skill-setted. But then I have Hector, what's the point. There's also the quest to make Camus Emblem. With Camus, Eldigan, Reinhardt, and Xander. Less effective compared normal Horse Emblem, but 100% more effective in stubborn loyalty. With 5* Xander, all I'll be missing is OG Camus DD:< /endrant *brood brood brood brood brood* At least I enjoy brooding about cuties. @GuiltyLove lol not going to lie. I have issues with Heroes Xander's voice and art. I like Siegfried and his stat spread though, so am making do pretending to not hear anything when using him. @Sunwoo There's that Firesweep + Poison Strike build for archers/daggers that's been around which relying on procs to make a kill. I've been playing around with the Poison strike + Iceberg proc without Firesweep, on Niles who has base 25 atk. It does allow him so pull consistent damage. Not sure if it'll go anywhere in the long run, but it did make me wonder if something like giving Klein the Poison strike over his default QR would help offset the low attack. As a brave user, he'd be more of a player phase unit anyway. At the bare minimum he'll leave enemies almost dead.
  3. You monster I've actually have already skillsetted him with Fury 3, QR2 and Moonbow (I was really looking forward to him). All he missing is L'Sieg, and his 4* version is making me question the skill investment lol. I'll brood over it a little more x'D.
  4. Can't believe I've invested so much on Jeorge of all people. It must be karma for the amount times I stole Parthia and benched him in FE12. I think, the reason I'd want to upgrade Xander atm is for a higher arena score, and see if he performs better with Siegfried, since to be absolutely honest 4* Xander is kinda disappointing (it's probably the lack of Siegfried right?). Somehow I thought of Toothless the dragon x'DD. lol I'll be definitely upgrading Camus, no questions. Even they make his voice is awful and turn Gradivus into a celery stick I'll still use him. Same here ;) It was nice having something to look forward to with the GHB characters. I'm really curious to who we'll get after Lloyd.
  5. I'm at a loss over if I should spend the feathers to 5* Xander now or wait for Camus or do something impulsive and wasteful like making Jeorge +1
  6. Think I praised Lord Grima one too many times loool
  7. @Arcanite For you sweetie, and hungry people on this thread: Burnt the last 10 flags. Rank 3028 with Robin, and 518 Cumulative. Need to sleep, I pray to Naga for my all rankings to plummet like a rock, cause it would mean Robin had a chance. All that's left to say is: FITE ON BRAVE COMRADES!! THE CHANCE WILL COME, THE SCALES ARE YOURS FOR THE TIPPING!!!!!! GRIMMAA!! (and good night~)
  8. *ahem* Sorry needed to let that out of my system. Only 30 flags left now. So salty I didn't make it for the 3x multiplier rally here on SF. ahh it seemed so fun x'D Just imagine all the cute Ninos going out to support best man Jaffar. It would be super adorable *-* @MonkeyCheez3K !!! Hello there~ Fancy seeing a friendly face on the rankings ;).
  9. It's based off % difference. There needs to be at least 10% difference in score before the multiplier hits. Since the scores have been getting higher and higher, it takes longer for it to trigger.
  10. @Arcanite Well you know.. I do try to hide my tendencies for cute robots Get your eyes checked. That's not a tomato, it's a 100% organic, pesticide free, home-farmed Hoshidian TOMOBORO!! And seeing so many flag problems... I just so glad to have dumped a load of flags at Henry and Leo @_@
  11. whoa whoa whoa easy there... be careful what you wish for... Thraja is always watching
  12. You did you best Leo would have been proud!
  13. ##Avatar: 9.5 You can make him/her how ever you want to, very reliable, has access to a variety of weapons in their default class and a lot of reclass options since they can Partner Seal anyone with only a 'A' support.
  14. So Team Thraja. I heard you liked Robins. I found one for you :D Not even for optimal hair colours?
  15. suppose it's thraja's turn to have the multiplier on now?