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  1. The 'defeat Legion' quests ended up being a lot easier than I thought they were going to be on Lunatic. I thought I'd have trouble dragging 3* Alphonse and 4* Legion (Lv 32) through them, but actually having more than one Legion on the map made them so much easier to pick off. I don't need to worry about keeping him alive like in the other GBH quests.
  2. Got a free Shanna from the tempest banner. Yay Desperation...
  3. +3 atk or +3 spd would also work for the A-slot if you're after something more budget/no Hinatas. Fury/Vantage is so good on Camus though >_<
  4. bruh

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      Your avatar is amazing (that was my reaction it btw).

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      Aw thanks :D 

      It's Chrollo from Hunter x Hunter.

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      Thanks for telling me.

  5. Back on track, to what I came here for before being distracted by sexySeth: Beat Infernal with Xander, Olivia, Camus and Reinhardt. My definite mvps were Rein and Olivia like for most. Olivia had wings of mercy. I found it pretty hilarious that -res Rein can tank a hit from Cecilia so long as he had a Hone Cav on him to avoid being doubled.
  6. It should be the name of his 16mt distant counter personal weapon XD
  7. Seth should come with Javelin!
  8. yo! Team Gaius, a heads up that I've just joined and changed my username to 'IHateCandy'. Will brandish the Saizo later, he's not quite ready. At work for a long shift- rip rank @-@
  9. If Leo loses, I'm so tempted to recklessly spend 20k feathers to 5* Saizo for a lead, and change my username to "iHateCandy". Please win Team Leo... I'm sorry for not coming home sooner :<
  10. On the flip side I find the multiplier system god-sent for more casual play. For this gauntlet just I check the trackers for when the multipliers will hit to get points.
  11. Another multiplier for Robin is up
  12. Well, he does loudly proclaim it as his favourite food in heroes too. Summer is such a waste for the tomato jokes.. They should have saved it for halloween. Dress him as a vampire like he is in the DLC, make him a dagger user who throws tomatoes at people.
  13. I think we're going to get one within the next hour. It's projected on the reddit trackers that we'll get another multiplier much later on, about two hours before the gauntlet ends. So if you're going to be awake then, maybe save for that.
  14. imho It's stopped being a popularity contest the moment the multiplier system was introduced. I feel like what @Anacybele said sorta sums it up. I'd prefer it to be called something else.
  15. Time to burn some flags *-*