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  1. Voting Gauntlet: Enduring Love!

    Still 1200 flags left for Sigurd, hopefully there's be some more multipliers tomorrow. For today, I've had @Infinite Dreams's Inigo loads! He's been incredibly helpful since whenever I've had battles against b!Lyn in the gauntlets, and he's there to protect me.. hahaha... Ironically I've also been getting @JJ48's b!Lyn as a friendly a lot too. I had one battle with 3 archers including her, another random b!Lyn, and my Jeorge. Needless to say, it was super fun shooting stuff to oblivion.
  2. Voting Gauntlet: Enduring Love!

    @Alexmender @EricaofRenais I'm glad you both had fun with Seth in the last round! I wanted to do what I can to bring him closer to his Sacred Stones glory. And Erica: Do it!! When weapon refinement came out, giving Seth that Slaying Edge+ was the first thing I did. It was so worth it, he's super fun on a horse team
  3. Grand Hero Battle: Berkut!

    I did the Lunatic quests for Orbs in a slightly cheesy way with raventome TA!Lilina + TA!Axura. It's a bit gimmicky I guess, but I think this can probably work with any other red raven mage, with Axura. By planting Lilina (+atk/-spd) with Distant Defence 3 seal and Azura's Drive ref on the def tile, she can pretty much tank the whole bottom left corner. All but the green axe cav went up to the top right. On the next turn, Lilina had her special up, so she can ohko the firesweep cav with Draconic Aura. Then Axura can dance Lilina, and also block Berkut using the trees. Once danced, I moved Lilina so that she blocked the red and green mages from hitting Axura. All the top left need to do is deal with the green cav. Beginning of Player Phase 2 Before Ending Player Phase 2 I've tried with different unit combinations on the top right. All the times it's only that green cav who goes up.
  4. Voting Gauntlet: Enduring Love!

    Can't decide if I want to go Catria to support the Whitewings or Priscilla to support red-heads
  5. Official Pull Topic

    Welp... a -atk/+def Ayra and a 10% pity rate wish me luck guys.
  6. Grand Hero Battle: Michalis

    Aced it with Seth, Camus, Reinhardt and Cecilia. Had Seth go up to the left to tank a red cav and orko Michalis. The rest was retreating back and picking everyone off.
  7. Would my chances of getting Swift Sparrow be better on the current CYL banner or on the legendary banner or does it not matter that much?
  8. I really like Seth's "I answer destiny's call" it has a nice ring with "Magic is everything" for dual Chris Smith shenanigans. Ephraim's "Give me more - more!" reminds me of Valter lool
  9. That sounds pretty manageable actually I think I probably just need to get my head around the dungeons, and how exp is is distributed in this game. Haha yes, I agree. New Mystery's cast is so massive, I've completed it a few times actually and it one of my favourites from the series. I think the number of deployable units on maps are a bit lower (or I never took advantage of full deployment all the time) because I remember having so many people on the bench.
  10. Thank you for the replies, that makes it clearer. @Caedes @Bartozio @LucarioGamer812 That's a lot of help! I was getting somewhat overwhelmed by the amount of people available. So as far as I understand it's probably better to focus on roughly 10 from each side, and use the other filler. Then on the final battle I'll pick from who I like and what's available. That just good to know, that gives me a better idea of distributing equipment too. @Dayni I'll keep that in mind. I think, when it comes to grinding I'm not being that strict, it's just, I'd rather not going on a 3 hour tangent of grinding to get a unit on par with everyone else.
  11. Would it be safer to pull for Swift Sparrow from Brave!Lyn on the current banner than to wait for the Legendary banner? I think I won't cry if I miss out on anything from the legendary banner but I will be sad to lose out on Swift Sparrow between this banner and the next.
  12. I'm really sorry for starting this but there doesn't seem to be a general questions thread, even though it for a really simple question. Please delete if this is inappropriate. In this game, I find that the number of units you can deploy increases with how many you recruit. Usually in FE games I would just train up about 14 units, but in this game it seems to encourage you to use everyone. Is it okay to just run with everyone or will there be exp issues? I'd rather playthrough with as minimal grinding as possible.
  13. I know it's crazy not to want her, but I have a hot box of garbage to work on *cough*nilesodinsethroderickcamus*cough* :'DD
  14. I desperately want Swift Sparrow, Wrathful Staff and Distant Defence so colourless and reds for me... The worst pity breaker would actually be Bride Cordelia for me she has nothing good to give.
  15. I feel so impatient for the next Tempest Trials, Joshua(!!) and possibly new Sacred Seals. Been holding onto 200 coins in case of nice new seals... I want to spend them soon!