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  1. Legendary hero battle: Marth

    Finally beat it on Abysmal. I found this waaaay harder than Robin's one >_<. Won't lie, I had to copy the opening move from PM1's f2p guide cause I just really wanted to move on and concentrate on GCs.. ._.;; Did it with Jeorge (+10), Reinhardt (+1), Ninian and Veronica. Had to give Jeorge Cancel Affinity to take out the Gronraven mage in the beginning, he also had the +3 attack seal. Ninian had Attack and Res Tactics, and Veronica was carrying Hone Cav and Drive Attack. Reinhardt was pretty standard. So happy with picking Ronnie as the free Brave Hero >-<. She's done great work on F!Grima's battle too!
  2. Jeorge, Perfect Shot

    Will just leave these builds here. Hopefully they can be helpful. I'm running +spd/-hp Jeorge. I'd love to try a +atk/-hp one, but have never been able to pull that specific IV. Don't mind so much tbh, since this guy has been with me for such a long time (March 2017) and I'm used to how he works. I prefer the -hp bane, because summoner support will cancels it, but I think could be - res great too. Image 1 & 2 - Parthia : Parthia makes him a incredibly flexible unit. Depending on what you want/need on your team, you can have him as a generalist offensive unit, or a dedicated ranged counter. Either way thanks to Parthia he'll always be able to fill the spot as a pseudo dual phased unit vs ranged. I hope the two builds I have can demonstrate that. The first image is a more general. He usually more than capable of taking a hit with full hp. This will activate Brazen atk/spd, Desperation and have Draconic Aura ready on your player phase. The second one is more of a dedicated ranged counter. Dull Ranged is used to neutralise blade tomes. The B-skill can be replace with Vantage, and the Deflect Magic Seal can be be used if you want a Rein counter. With Brazen + Vantage he can solo Book 2: Chapter 9-3 on Infernal via positioning on a Defense Tile, and also Book 1: 11-5 Infernal with a Hone Atk. Overall I think Vantage would be more useful for a Jeorge with a +atk IV. I find that he's one of the few ranged units who would prefer Reposition over Draw Back, as it'll always help to keep him in a offensive position. At full hp, or if you're toying with Vantage shenanigans he's usually good for staying in enemy range after pulling an ally out. Seal wise, on high merges, I prefer atk/def +2 over atk +3, just because I think the tiny bit of def helps. If you're running Def Tactics on your team, he'll be carrying 38 def. I also like running double Smokes, double Drives or Savage Blow 6. It just really depends? He's a very flexible unit to tailor around a team, and your needs. Lastly, I just want to add that I think LnD or Fury would be better if you're running Jeorge on lower merges. His base are quite balanced at that point. With the Parthia refine he's still going to be difficult to one shot with magic. So I think the trade off for getting a better statline from the get go is worthwhile. Image 3 -Rival Domian/Grand Conquest Clarisse Bow : This can probably be run on any archer. With more defensive ones like Gordin, Leon etc.. could use Close Counter for A. I still live to keep the Brazen because again.. even without Partia he's quite difficult to ohko on high merges, so it makes him more murdery... (and dead enemies do 0 damage :P). The main purpose of this is to support other allies by harassing enemies. Anything he doesn’t kill will have to deal with -5 atk/speed debuff from the bow 14 splash damage from SB6, and Chill Def is there to hit anyone with high Def. If they get caught in Growing Wind too, well… good luck to them .. Growing Wind is the chosen special for its 3x3 square damage area. Handy for carpet bombing respawns around castles and enemy clusters. Image 4 - Firesweep Very general Firesweep build. I used to have this when he was on much lower merges (under 5). For Jeorge I prefer it to Brave Bow, just because of the extra mt from Firesweep, wich goes well with my +spd IV. If he was +atk I might have ran Brave Bow. Generally I think Parthia is too good to pass up esp. on higher mergers as he get really close to having mixed bulk. I think it's also possible to do Ardent Sacrifice + Brazen. As the -10 hp is enough to drop him into Brazen range. I still prefer LnD because he gets the offensive statline from the get go. For B-skills Chill Def/Chill Spd is also pretty great.
  3. Voting Gauntlet: Heroes and Legends!

    @Tybrosion Not on Team Alphonse, but that's one cracking Klein!
  4. Voting Gauntlet: Heroes and Legends!

    It's been while! I'm on team Gunnthra, gotta love the floofy ice princess
  5. New Event: Grand Conquests

    map ended 10 - 10 -10. It's like nothing ever happened at all ;)
  6. Post your biggest projects in the game!

    I thought I'd just update Jeorge here. He is quite genuinely my oldest unit, one of the first I've ever pulled when I started the game last year in March. I've managed to merge everything into the original unit because I got lucky with excellent +spd/-hp IVs with the first one. The only IVs I'd ever consider switching it out for is +atk/-hp since it may offer even more flexibility. I just kinda got super attached to him for no good reason. When the 4* banner with Jeorge on it happened, I managed to 5*+10 him. I never thought I'd ever own a +10 unit ever. He's beautiful and precious to me <3 Jeorge about 6 month ago when I gave him his first merge. Jeorge today :' D The other guy I'd like to share is my 4*+ 10 Niles. I've pulled so much colourless this is bound to happen. And fyi, I still have more Niles to spare for Iceberg.
  7. New Event: Grand Conquests

    I feel so bad for Anna... in Outrealm 33, she only had 4 territories x_x. I wonder if there are timezone bias in the teams or something, because yesterday team Anna were doing fine until about early evening and then boom... they lost so much territory.
  8. New Event: Grand Conquests

    I got Alfonse which is great. uhh I don't really have an opinion on this mode yet. It's fine I guess, I'm happy to play for orbs.
  9. Official Pull Topic

    I've pulled some weird and wonderful off banner units the past couple days. Got a +hp/-spd Myrrh off banner from the bhb banner, and today I got +def/-res Exalted Chrom from the Tharcia banner. I'm actually so happy with both of them! I love thier art so much I think Myrrh has one of Amagaitaro better arts (love his Nino, Genny, and Clarine), Yamada Kotaro's Chrom is fricking beautiful. I didn't realise how great he looked until I pulled the guy! Looking forward to training them up!
  10. Voting Gauntlet: Bunny Battle Ballot!

    @EricaofRenais Glad he helped, he's a good boy ;D
  11. Voting Gauntlet: Bunny Battle Ballot!

    Aww Catria lost! I planned to join her if Xander lost. I'm on team Alfonse at the moment
  12. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer

    because the sky is blue. How much wood does a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck does chuck wood?
  13. Voting Gauntlet: Bunny Battle Ballot!

    Going to the team with the biggest Carrot i.e. Xander. for the sake of a friend. Please pull through Team Catria, so when they get beat I can join you (~My heart forever belongs to Macedon)
  14. Your opinion on Seasonals

    I think I would have prefered if they had less seasonal banners, and replaced them with banners for in game characters instead of alts. It doesn't really feel that 'special' to get a seasonal unit as before because another banner will be out within a month or two, and it'll usually be an alt of the same few characters :/
  15. Rival Domains Discussion

    Yooo~ Thank you soooo much @donkeykhang Your Caeda's is amazing!! That EP build really works really nicely on her! @Astellius Est is best! Thank you so much for sharing her! And is there someone called Bethany ingame here with a Tana? I'm sure I friended him/her on Serenes during a voting gauntlet. If you see this: I loved using your Tana as well! I don't own many fliers at all so I completely owe my perfect infernal clear to your units and some other fliers on the friends list. Once again thank you guys so much for sharing your units! <3