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  1. This banner is so random. I’d be the few who’d be glad for speed tactic fodder since I don’t want to use Ylgr for it. But i dont’t really mind who I get. I think they all have some potential for fodder.
  2. Bound Hero Battle (Ablaze): Cherche & Virion

    @Nanima what a clean clear! Aww i’m so happy that Sakunyan made it to this team x) it was really scary when the lance cav went after her >_<
  3. Finally he's is complete x) Woohoo~~~
  4. I love mixed teams and running tactics. Second would probably be fliers or infantry. I use them more out of other emblem teams. Armour emblem is least favourite. I dislike the move restrictions, and find them one too expensive to optimise properly to be fun.
  5. Legendary Hero Battle of the Gods: Duma

    Thanks! Complete it if you find a chance to! It's pretty fun all thing considered x) Amazing!! Now give him all the merges and skills XD It's going to be so great for Jeorge once the merge update and Dragonflowers are implemented. x) Thank you! Yeah, it wasn't a easy choice. It's a pity he's the only one with a desperation bow ;_; It's more Distant Def than Shigure himself. He dies without the Distant Def, even with TA + Raventome haha...
  6. Legendary Hero Battle Across the Plains: Lyn

    @Nanima That was such a clean clear. I was a little worried about all the archers on this map for you, but they were no problem. The three range flying has so much coverage
  7. Legendary Hero Battle of the Gods: Duma

    Phew, finally completed it! Featuring Jeorge trading Parthia for fish, Michalis, Olivia and Shigure. @Nanima @Landmaster Aw x'D It was really cool watching your Abyssal clear with the armours and Y!Azura! They're so cute and surprisingly effective. I think it's quite a tough map for relying on landlocked units since the sides are so narrow. Erika seem to have pulled a lot of weight supporting. I don't own any of those units or a lot of armours in general so it was very fun watching them action on a map like this! @mampfoid Rightly done with Alm vs. Duma finale on that one turn clear! x'D
  8. Legendary Hero Battle of the Gods: Duma

    @Nanima That was amazing!! Such a great showcase of the birdies~ Tibarn is such a beast haha x'D, and I love how Reyson got the kill on Duma. Managed Infernal herel, but still struggling away with Abyssal @[email protected]
  9. Here's another Kaze <3
  10. Bound Hero Battle: Ike & Soren

    @Zeo Thanks for sharing <3 I liked how gravity forced the cav enemies to go around the trench, blocking the others. It let Matthew into a really good position on your next turn to make sort work of the others. Oh man, I love the Priscilla got some attention in the Morgan clear. Easing so much pain... x'DDD Terrifying when the blue flier went after her ;_; Killing Ike with mostly a green team is really impressive! I can't believe Lewyn can one round him against the colour advantage, that is pretty cool! My clears are here, if you're curious. (forgot to mention! Sorry >-<) @mampfoid Thank you! Yess, I was also surprised that Ryoma didn't get a chance to dance too, it turned out easier to kill everything haha.. Eir is really fun, I do quite like how her weapon and B-skill synergise with each other, and I really love her B-skill. Finally a way for high res daggers/archers to get their niche back against dragons at the cost of the B-slot. And also something that counters staffs to a extent. Might work well with Sorcery Blade too >:) Hector finally sees some action!! With Walhart just chilling this time. That Galefore + Dance from Airzura though.. gave herself extra turn, then gave ally extra turn! So dope xD @Landmaster I had to field S!Ryoma when I saw that blue Fridge... tbh it almost felt like cheating loool. Double brazen is so addictive.
  11. @Nanima (:O ... ~Song 4 you~ !!!) Aww 2 Sakura and 2 Hinoka look really aesthetically pleasing, so balanced x'D I think this team synergises really well! Sakunyan managed to tank that Glacies :O! And OGHinoka had a close one with Seliph. OG!Sakura is so versatile x'D The Taco clear was very clean. There not much to say, you methodically got the tacos to pick all of the enemies off. As always your timing and positioning for Skadi is brilliant, really nice use of splash damage on this clear <3 @Zeo Aw, it's great to see your clears again and also great to see more Jeorge love! :DD (love that cover art you have of him on the video) He's very solid, and and benefits well from merges. Your's has excellent IVs too. Have you thought about giving him LnD or Brazen Atk/Spd from Linus? Leo did well despite being -atk. I always really like how you use Morgan's tome to your advantage. It's just so satisfying. He made the beginning look so easy x'D
  12. Bound Hero Battle: Ike & Soren

    @Landmaster Omg... x'DD That's even more impressive. I hope you get blessed by a +atk/+spd/-hp/-res Jeorge soon!!! Here the dagger clear~ Wasn't too sure who to fill for the 4th spot so NY!Taco's here for you @Nanima <3. He actually worked out very well as he had the highest attack, this let him take Soren's Windbrand debuff which allowed S!Ryoma to ko the blue fridge. And a quick little extra, inspired by you @mampfoid~ Jeorge vs. Soren & Ike Infernal
  13. Bound Hero Battle: Ike & Soren

    @mampfoid "Let's get moving" *smite* pfffftttt hahaha.... Oh Hector... Another clean clear, and one of the funniest. Great job! @Nanima Loved Skadi here, it worked really nice in your favour when when mass panic hit everyone They didn't have much trouble with this at all. For the princess clear, it's so satisfying to see that blue armour getting one rounded and also Sakunyan take out both Soren and the Blue flier haha x'D I also really liked how you used gravity to deal with the mob. @Landmaster (Navarre, Kaze and Jeorge!? A lady of culture) So happy you managed to do an infernal clear with them! Jeorge did great! What IVs is yours? It's such a great idea to use poison strike. Certainly helped with the armour in the end (Refrigerators are the true nemesis). I liked that Lon'qu managed to take out Ike :) Well done!! Just uploading an infernal dagger clear. Hopefully I can post it tonight <3
  14. Legendary Hero Battle: Hrid

    Ahh, makes sense I haven't seen those clears yet, will check them out :D Thank you! I do like these Abyssal maps, even though they are quite challenging. Hm.. my current issue is that Michalis is too tied down as melee ep. If there's a lot of ranged/magic enemies overlapping he sadly becomes dead weight. I could give him DC + Iotes, but he'll sacrifice a lot of stats, and still not be that great tanking magic. It's hard to say if it'll be worth it, wish I had enough Hectors for testing. I pulled for Ylgr just in case. Atm not yet, because it's hard for me to field many mage units, and while I have Y!Azura and Shigure, both have no WoM :''''D (Cain... it's been 180984203 years, I'm tempted to 5* Fredrick at this point rip) @Landmaster Thanks! I like Escutcheon if the dancer is full support. Helps with survival from time to time :'D
  15. Legendary Hero Battle: Hrid

    @mampfoid you insane crazy person x'DDD I can't believe you managed to work out a one turn for this map. You make it look so easy!! Smiting Alm for the final axe flier is hilarious! Well done this is was great! Loved seen Alm and B!Roy here, don't see them that often. @Zeo Ayra did soo good on this map! Can't believe she tanked Hrid and also took out the blue manakete. Matthew held off the left side really well by himself very well. I really liked your use of swap on this map too. This Morgan clear was very satisfying to watch as well! Loved how Morgan took out Hrid on his clear, omg when he called Hrid "Amatuer" haha x'DD. His tome seemed to be really useful with the buff and debuffs. Priscilla also stood out for me, she did great with Pain +. On both clears I really liked your use of Swap since the maps can get so compact with so many reinforcements. _______ Phew okay... super last minute Abyssal clear (did it something like 2 hours before the map disappeared ) Apologies for the rush in this video, I really needed to sleep at that point, but still wanted a video for reference at least. Thought I'd share it anyway, since I was just so happy to have finally done it. Maybe I will upload a cleaner version of this when his map comes back. This one was so fiendish. My normal team couldn't take Hrid's Panic Ploy and all the debuffs on the map so I swapped out Michalis and Veronica for Lene and Reinhardt for a more offensive set up. A few notes: Reinhardt has Desp. for absolutely no reason (wanted to try Braspersation Rein at one point, but abandoned the plan) I had to take off Lancebreaker anyway to charge Luna on the Lance Knight to take Hrid in one turn. Lene was used solely for Safeguard and Escutcheon which I didn't have on Olivia. Those plus Close Def from Jeorge would make the lance cav would go after Ninian. I had tried Olivia before but she got shotted by that cav.