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  1. 1 full year w/out a name change.
    gimme a new name. I ran out of ideas

    1. Glaceon Mage

      Glaceon Mage

      I still mentally call you Hero-King, so......

    2. Motendra


      And aint nuttin wrong with that.

  2. Interviews

    Are you hip to the hop?
  3. Ninja Gaiden Sigma That ENTIRE GAME's a boss, in itself, and tbh, I don't remember where exactly I left off before quitting
  4. hhh

    My my, quite a blast, indeed. tho tbf, its not that hard to distinguish Trist over here
  5. hhh

    Celica's literally the only red mage I've gotten at 5* that wasn't nature screwed: Sankai: +Res/-Atk Leo: Neutral (which isn't too bad, but not too good either) Tharja: +Res/-Spd
  6. Perhaps my wording of it was too weak to demonstrate that, now that I look at it, so you're good. To be frank, prior to this, I certainly would have, so if we were having this same conversation, say, yesterday, I'd have eaten that L today lmao
  7. Wait, really? I wonder why that wasn't included in WO then (I only ever did 3 and 3U, if it was a thing back then) Fuck it. Bring on Xane then
  8. Do note the lack in specification of which Robin I was referring to when mentioning that. Meaning, I was applying it to both, as I see them both as the same person and unit through and through. Regardless of which Robin it is that they showed, it is still Robin. As such, Robin is our first mage. I'm not trying to go against you here, so.... whats this debate even? The very fact that Robin got this I don't understand, and as a result, might as well be on board with you
  9. Look, I'm only speaking to my understanding of how they're going about these short, selective gameplay vids. The fact that they went out of their way to show Robin contradicts my understanding, which seems to be the one thing in my post that you happened to have missed:
  10. I'm not implying that he's a Xander clone. Rather, that the visual differences between their classes, Paladin and Great Knight, are minimal and as a result, would not be understood by mere visual showcase. Such differences would require having to go into detail, is what I mean. I don't why you're mentioning Robin to me, when I had already addressed that. Cause magic? It really... doesn't need that much justification, tbh. *shrug*
  11. As unfair as it is to Frederick, do keep in mind that, aside from his choice in weapon, his class is very similar to the class of a character who already had enough screen time to showcase the basic abilities of mounted units (Xander), with the only real difference between them is having more armor. Cordy on the other hand is our first flying unit, so that goes without saying. Then there's Robin, who is the first unit to not being included in the weapon triangle via the use of magic. As far as visuals go, showcasing character classes was the goal, but why they chose to do so for Robin is unclear and actually somewhat odd, considering how a demo already does that for the male counterpart.
  12. That is most likely Robin's Awakened attack, which has yet to be seen in any video containing Male Robin. For all we know, both of them could have it. Not that I'm denying that it could be dark magic.
  13. Yes, that was what I meant in my first post of this thread. Well then.... that's certainly something. We'll have to wait and see, since no video so far has ever just let it run out Can I just say that I really admire this optimism
  14. That Dark spell was probably just her unit introduction like everyone else. Unless there actually is something different about them (which looks to be unlikely), I wouldn't put too much stock into it While I can't say for how HW did it, if there were a 2nd one, I'd imagine that we'd know by now. As far as I'm concerned, only Warriors 8 had such a thing, and I think(?) Gundam as well. Idr which one out of them, however