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  1. The Last To Post Wins!

    You ought a be I gotchu We wouldnt be too far off on that aspect, tbh. Likewise to you, comrade
  2. The Last To Post Wins!

    Twas quite the exp that reveal was. Ha Haha Hahaha ....... Ha..... I legit though my eyes were playing tricks on me, when I saw your name in the hot topics Mostly well, with the only issue, aside from dealing with everyone's problems at home, is looking for full-time work And yourself? It's been far too long
  3. The Last To Post Wins!

    What a blast from the past
  4. Here it is: Perhaps, my slapdash explanation might have embellished it a little for you, but they were his exact words Much as I'd still like for Chrom myself, at this point it's too-little-too-late for him. Still has the best cameo ever though
  5. Ah,but it was. In the very interview addressing why he wasn't. I'm on mobile now and don't have it on me, but the general idea, to my memory, was that even though they could have made a moveset for him, he wouldn't stand out when compared to the rest of the swords cast, which is where the "just another sword" thing comes from. Palutena& Viridi trolled 'em so hard that peeps actually went with their interpretation it seems lmao I'll verify this with the actual interview in question for you when I get home
  6. Claude is a beautiful human being
  7. E3 2018 Badge Mini-Update

    That would be this here.
  8. I think you're grossly downplaying Corrin here. The dragon transformations is precisely what makes Corrin unique. That they happen to wield a [chain-saw] sword is negligible to their defining characteristic that literally no one else could emulate;the very definition of unique, along with how they even got into the game, despite concerns of the FE roster size. That their own limbs act as spears with tipper effects that can also pin oponents, sprouted wings that propel forward in the air, a sword that can attack while charging, along with their free hand becoming both a projectile and chomper, you really believe that someone with all of this cannot be unique.... just because they choose to carry a sword as well? Because this is what you're implying with your overly simplified description: that basic choice of weapon is your apparent deciding factor in what a fighter brings is "new". If you just don't like Corrin for whatever reason, sure that your opinion, but trying to justify it in such a way just doesn't look good on your part. As for Azura, she is essentially to Fates what Zelda is to LoZ. Comparing Azura and Corrin on who'd be the better representative is counter-intuitive, since they both are the two most important people, again, much akin to Link and Zelda, with the only real differentiation being which one is more recognizable (or rather, which one that you choose to recognize for one reason or another). For most, that would be the main protagonist, which points to Corrin, purely because that is the unit that you play as. 'Course, it's not hard to imagine Azura to be the lead character instead for those who actually played the game. Hell, the game could potentially have even been better if she was, but that's beside the point --------------------- Much as the FE cast is my favorite among Smash, adding anymore would just be unnecessary. Much as I'd have liked for Chrom playable in the last one (and putting aside the hypocrisy for his exclusion), I'm content with his cameo appearance, making Robin's FS one of the most hype in the series.
  9. E3 2018 Badge Mini-Update

    I... vaguely remember it being mentioned in one of the past badge update threads, that, while the idea seemed well received (myself included), I honestly didn't think it'd actually happen ... That being said, I might be switching back & forth between this and Claude cause indecisiveness is OP for me
  10. Hello, Hi, Hey: I'm $$$ richh

  11. No denying that this Zelda's cute. That goes without saying, but TP was bae
  12. Info from Nintendo Topics

    He's a beautiful human being, I'm for this #TeamClaude
  13. Info from Nintendo Topics

    The three main character trio is literally Team Valor, Mystic & Instinct respectively lmao I love it
  14. I'm gonna miss the TP designs. They were the best ones, personally. Zelda went from "Dignified Queen" back to "Innocent Princess". As for OoT Ganon, I could never stand the nose. Otherwise, the swords are great. That, or the originals have changed over the years and said clones are more or less unchanged and as such, represent said OG characters old moveset. At least, that's how most people justified Dr Mario before. I'd imagine that this is the same case for returning characters, with a little finishing touches here and there. Also, agreed on Lucy's portrait too. If you look at her vid, you'll notice that they also included Destiny into the game (imo, the best battle theme from Awakening, alongside Divine Decree)
  15. Presumably for the same reason that Young Link, and Pichu aren't either?