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  1. LMAO I was literally joking about this days ago and never seriously considered it Anything's possible now. I'm for this. Its litty
  2. New Voting Gauntlet: Nifl Vs. Nifl!

    Accurate tbh. One thing's for certain, I absolutely CANNOT support Guunthra, if only for my strict rule of not supporting anyone whose won previously. That, and I still want revenge for Ryoma *shakes fist*
  3. New Voting Gauntlet: Nifl Vs. Nifl!

    Goodness this aged horribly.... Ranked in at #88 for team Laevatein. RIP Muspelle. What a shame that the entire kingdom got wiped out in the first round. They dun want us to prosper
  4. New Voting Gauntlet: Nifl Vs. Nifl!

    Yanno, I've always been curious about this happening, but it never seems to of all the gauntlets I've been in. That being said, has anyone ever encountered Michalis? Not that I should generalized, but more often than not I seem to be the only player to run him as my lead unit
  5. New Voting Gauntlet: Nifl Vs. Nifl!

    Fo those sided with @Diovani Bressan, can confirm with much exp that his Marth is truly a Star Lord. y'all still finna get cooked tho
  6. New Voting Gauntlet: Nifl Vs. Nifl!

    In the end, I went with Laevatein with the winner of Hrid/Laegjarn being a back up
  7. New Voting Gauntlet: Nifl Vs. Nifl!

    The brackets: RIP Fjorm As for who I'm teaming with... Hmm... it could be anyone, sans the last bracket, which makes it all the harder to pick, since everyone I'm leaning towards is duking it out against each other. We'll see, I guess
  8. Official Pull Topic

    Weird, I'm finding the same phenomenon happening to me lately as well, tho legend banners are another story and only bless me when they feel like it Still gunning for both Lucy and Grima
  9. Official Pull Topic

    Off this Legend Banner so far: 2 Laevateins (whom I already had one of) and a +Atk/-Spd Hrid just now. Nice
  10. How Would You Improve FE Warriors?

    Y'all seem to be forgetting that a LOT goes into each individual character in comparison to other warriors games and to accommodate such boosts in the roster, you'd have to cut out a lot, if not ALL of each's support conversations. Frankly, i find that to be a net loss and for that reason, am not suggesting any changes to the roster, as that's purely subjective and, aside from having another favorite, doesn't really make the game any better (than it currently is), followed by needing to replace all of said character's dialogue, the scenes they appear in, etc and cause too much unnecessary work. Instead, I've my own suggestions from what is already there, and adding onto it: Paralogue Chapters: i think we can all agree that the the story campaign was rather lacking, most particularly with how linear and one-sided it is. Side stories, i believe, could rectify that to some degree, such as how Gristonne and the villains play into everything, where the SD crew was prior to just randomly showing up, Lyn & Celica getting a chapter to themselves with their own side plot,etc. And then there's the planned idea with Darios that unfortunately never saw the light of day Movesets As far as gameplay goes, not much really needs to be changed in regards to the characters already in the game, save for any unit that can use more than one weapon type ought to be allowed to do so upon promotion. They already had the right idea with all the peg knights and Corrin gaining staves. To extend the offer, Chrom & Xander gain lances, Lucy & Lyn gain a bow, Frederick gains the entire weapon triangle, Minerva gains a lance moveset, Camilla gains a tome moveset, Corrin COULD, but doesn't necessarily NEED a stone moveset, but rather have his Awakening be the dragon transformation just like it is with Tiki. Case of Robin, even though their class is able to use swords, I personally think that they're fine as is, given that none of the sword movests currently available actually suit them. Inversely with Celica, given that she doesn't actually use a tomb and that Marth's moveset suits her perfectly, but would require a bit of the "Tharja effect" to bring out the magic. Generic Classes & Enemy units Then there's the visual oversights with undiversified unit classes that need fixing. If there's an ally/enemy unit with the class thief/ninja, have them be a thief/ninja and not just a re wardrobed myrmidon. Olivia's moveset is the closest thing we have to that and can serve as a baseline for it. Mercs are in a bit of a bind since they've no baseline to go off of. If Ogma were in the game, it'd make things easier to base off of, but if they were able to make knights from thin air, then i don't see any issue why not make mercs. Likewise with playable characters, enemies ought to be given the same weapon variety where applicable. As for actual enemy characters, their AI ought to be more of a threat than generics. Its a tad disappointing that they use watered down movesets and at most, only two attacks at a time. History mode: The dialogue in each map is a nice callback to each game and chapter that they come from, followed by references here and there, but what would have been a nice opportunity is to have more original dialogue scenarios that relate to the map in question in some way. Invisible Ties was the only one to actually do this, which i found to be very interesting and was a shame that it didn't extend to all the others. Related to this is a second point: Story/Gameplay Integration: Every map has a mission thats suppose to emulate the dialogue into what appears to be a more meaningful battle. The downside to this is that they didn't exactly see it all the way through and cut corners. For example, Invisible Ties had the dark barriers that blockaded areas of the map. Dark Pontifex had Inhullu protecting [the real] Gharnef and required gathering the light & Starsphere for Leo to make Starlight. Together at Last had its infinite mogalls. If it was too much to recreate the maps themselves, adding these events/conditions to the battles would have at least made the same map more fun. Lastly, while minor, have the option to PICK THE BATTLE MUSIC
  11. SF Interviews 2.0 - Nominating #204

    @mewyeon I swear im a make it happen someday
  12. Pretty certain thats just a coincidence, as it's not like they're the only ones with them in each circumstance. See, Lethe for Cipher, which came much earlier
  13. If we're talking reboots, I would most certainly love 3D battlefields for more interactive stages. It's an I've had that dates back to Brawl and if that were to be the result of said reboot, it'd honestly be a dream come true. 'Course, with that, that'd also mean having to re do everyone's movesets to accommodate such a change
  14. New Heroes Appear: Adrift (November 9 ~)

    Sumeragi is no more prominent than Mikoto though, with the latter being the more prominent one. Both are NPCs and both are dead too early for what you call a lasting investment in the base game. At least in Mikoto's case, she has significance in both Birthright (which her death and memory is the driving force for Hoshido to end the war) and Conquest (where she makes another appearance), followed by supplementary supports from various others regarding her, where as Sumeragi is only actually a thing in Revelation and is otherwise brought up only by Yukimura's support and maybe Saizo, if memory serves. And this is before factoring in Heirs of Fate. Ideally, Sumeragi should have been the Hoshidan counterpart to Nohr's Garon, but with him biting the dust before the game even starts, that role goes to Mikoto, whose barrier was the only thing preventing the Nohrian invasion for so long, and a more accurate comparison for Sumeragi would be equal to Arete from what we are given