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  1. I'm hoping i can get Palla this time around. They denied me Catria last time and I'm still lowkey salty over it
  2. Hi! I'm back! :D

    I see what you did there Good to see you again, Silva! You prolly don't recognize me, but back then I went by HK. Hooe to see you around!
  3. Unrelated, but Hawkeye is far from darkskin, like not even close. Really tan sure, but definitely not dark
  4. Best Lord's Mother

    There are no lies here, but I was under the assumption that that's precisely why we dun talk about Revelations. When in doubt, Anankos taught her I don't see how her being saintly takes away from the action, itself. Being the queen of a nation means she cant just throw it all away for just anyone as you imply. Reminder that she's the one thing keeping Nohrian invaders out. But she's still human and as a human, you gotta draw the line somewhere, which for her was her only child. Thats all nice and dandy an opinion, but still besides the point. And I'll say again: what you consider her to be and not be doesn't change what she is: Corrin's actual mother. As their mother, she fulfilled a parent's duty to protect their child from harm. It doesn't require much thinking
  5. Best Lord's Mother

    Y'all sleep on Mikoto so hard. No matter how you look at her or how uninvested you are to what/who she is... she still died protecting her child from certain death by taking it herself. What other [Lord's] mom has done that? Granted, the only strike against her is that she didn't raise her kid, which in that vein puts Liza and Elenora up there for at least being there for the majority of their son's life.
  6. Legendary Hero Battle - Roy: Blazing Lion

    I'm kinda umoed on infernal. Any general ideas that I should know about?
  7. Kingdom Hearts III-Released! DLC confirmed
  8. Appropriate. As for the rest of the banner, another chance to get FeGrima, Adrift Corrin and DC. I'm for it
  9. Voting Gauntlet: War of the Tacticians

    I'd honestly die of hilarity if Jagen wins this somehow. So much so that I might even go for it....
  10. I chose right and landed me Duma, +HP/-Spd. Thankfully, as it was either him or Lyn that could use fixing for having all of them prior. The boons between this and my original seem almost interchangeable, tho with being able to reach the HP boon height with a basic SS, I stuck with my original of +Def and merged them to rid me of the dreaded -Atk it had. As one who has a -atk Lyn, I can definitely say she has her uses; most particularly in an all range teamed, plus a dancer for me. I only wish I had spare infantry flash for said team tho :/ Pffft, who am i kidding, bias made me merge said spare anyway
  11. I don't think its actually that extreme to call it a thong, but it definitely is there, yes. Re: topic Naturally, all the lords who can, ought to have some sort of promoted alt of themselves, though the ones I'm most lookig forward to are both Corrins, followed by Alm & Celica in overclasses. Aside from them, what I'd rather have even more than that are promoted alts for non-lord units. No matter what your opinions on them are, Kinshinoka and Paladin Chrom are lit af and it'd be awesome if there were more like them, where necessary. I'd love, for example, a Starlight Linde
  12. Official Pull Topic

    First session netted me Selkie (+Atk/-Res ) and another Laevatein, making it my third one total
  13. @Etheus thats all a matter of opinion of whats only tangentially related to the actual game itself though. But I'd rather not open that up again. The only actual credence of not beating a dead horse is simply because we don't actually know if it's dead. Otherwise, with how any and all discussion predictably devolves back to the same thing with no pay off or breakthrough, yeah, it might as well be dead. And much like Ertrick above me, it's exhausting EDIT: apparently beaten to the punch, but point still stands
  14. Somehow, i just knew you'd go Black Eagles lmao 

  15. I had hoped the winners would be a unit thay i didnt have, but apparently luck is funny sometimes, considering I got Spooky Myrrh from the free seasonal thing with +Def/-Hp. Meanwhile, there's both Lyn and Duma who both have bad natures of -Atk.