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  1. New Nintendo Dream Interview

    Well then, looks like Navarre's the clone to Lyn after all, instead of vice-versa. A minor note, but no one's said it yet
  2. My order of the game and console just came in! Like the the poster before me, I'll also be going at my own pace, but I'll keep an eye open will playing throughout
  3. DLC Leaked

    This is the video in question My dream team is realized (as seen in my sig image), I couldn't be more happier! Tho I will say that I did NOT see Olivia coming. I wonder how they'll implement the dancer mechanic, if at all
  4. DLC characters announced

    >Minerva I'M LIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!!
  5. I don't believe it was outright stated, moreso that it is implied by the intro of the game where it says: Naturally, it wouldnt be much of a stretch to assume as such, buuuuuuut, I can't deny the possible credence of your timeline. I'll have ot look into it later, cause class calls for me
  6. One thing that i wish had happened was that the new characters, Berkut, Rinea, and Conrad, appeared on both sides of the story. Idk how it'd play out, but it'd give a chance for Rinea to have more screen time as a character, if she had a little dialogue with Celica in regards to Berkut. As for Conrad, I'd say he could have been an intermediary between Alm and Celica before ultimately joining Celica's side I believe thats less so Naga allowing them to do so, and more so that they did it of their own accord, without Naga knowing. After all, the two of them were exiled, so as such, what they do shouldn't even matter to her. The only question mark with this is the question of when mankind came to be in Valentia, since for all its existence, the continent relied on them for life, as opposed to Archanea
  7. What You Want To Know About The Above Poster Most

    How fares the goddess of high society?
  8. I'd be glad to do so, once I get my hands on the game (and a Switch) My knowledge on Warriors isn't as widespread as Jedi over here, but I've played my fair share of the series (Well, minus Samurai and all the crossovers, barring Gundam, but thats neither here nor there)
  9. The JP Twitter page has been throwing in tips here and there since the game's release and covered this for one of them, saying its recommended to promote as soon as possible. (at least thats what google translate says otherwise, you're correct, nonetheless
  10. All @Florete is saying is to not speak in absolutes until there is direct confirmation. Yes, there is most definitely evidence that points to it, but until then, its just evidence, not proof. As much as I agree on the notion on Lyn & Navarre, I'm at the point where I'm too burnt out on roster discussions throughout to really care anymore and just want the damn game already to take it for what it is. Save all your energy for when dlc starts rolling in
  11. SF Interviews 2.0 - Taav

    Why are you always eatin' ass? Aight, you sad it seven times but we had a problem with it for the -- the first time was cool, right; it was funny, aight? It got us on but I dunno what the FUCK you doin now, YOU REALLY EAT THAT SHIT?! DO you forreal?! Who taught you that yo daddy?
  12. Why are individual characters so important?

    One thing I've been meaning to ask for everyone who makes this argument. How then, does anyone even get into Dynasty Warriors, (or anything at all, really, with any such case that may be similar) when you don't even have that? Where's the appeal then, if you quite literally don't know the cast? Not to deny favorites don't play a factor in some way, but everyone who makes this argument seems to imply that that's the most important thing, which, if it actually were a matter of favorites, then a majority of many series wouldn't be what they are today and said potential favorites would never even get the chance, if the very concept/idea of the game (ya know, the ACTUAL most important thing that people seem to be ignoring) doesn't take off. I'll use Kingdom Hearts as an example. Not counting sequels, side games, etc. The initial concept of the game is an original crossing of Final Fantasy and freaking DIsney of all things. Without hindsight, its a rather bizarre idea, don't cha think? But it somehow worked. Now, with the mindset that most people are employing in regards to Warriors and applying it here, thats basically saying that they'd throw a fit and wouldn't bother at all with it just because it didnt feature a Toy Story world, or, hell, even Pocahontas. "But character roster and world selection aren't the same" not directly no, but the idea is still there, since, apparently one you get past all the "lol KH plot so laughably convoluted" drivel, the DIsney movies that are picked are all that matter to people lik that. But to use a better example, such as Soul Caliber, as you mentioned, as far as I know, all of the characters in the game are more or less original, barring guests, such as Link in II, Star Wars in IV, and Ezio Auditore for V. If you're really judging the game solely by its characters, then I say again how exactly can you do so, when, until you actually play the game, you don't know any of the characters? At that point, why are you even playing the game/still are if neither the its concept, or gameplay was enough? And its not like Soul Caliber's known for having a story (which it apparently has, but isn't well shown, if at all, from my knowledge) and the only thing you can go off of is the character's play style and design.
  13. Best and Worst of the 3DS FE Era

    I'd personally rather use the terms favored/less favored, but oh well, here we go. Best Story: I'm not too big on story, so this one has a little less weight to it than the rest for not really being able to say, but for the sake of answering, I suppose I'll just... Echoe others and go with SoV Worst Story: Same situation as above. Due to how disjointed the three arcs are, I'd say Awakening. Not to say that I don't like the arcs themselves, but rather that there wasn't enough meat to them to warrant having them in the first place. That, and I don't like how the character focus takes shifts as the story goes along. Often times it feels as though Chrom becomes secondary to Robin as a result, despite being the actual lord of the game. Best Gameplay: I'm not your average FE player in the sense that I'm not the kind who generally likes strategy simulation, with FE being the sole exception. If I were to do any turn-based combat at all, it'd have to be action oriented with the only amount of variability that I'd go for is whether the attack lands or not. With Gaiden/Echoes, this is honestly the closest thing to it with its sense of exploration via dungeons & villages to a lesser extent, along with the use of combat artes. While not complete, I like being in control of the flow of battle and acting/reacting as necessary. Therefore, SoV wins by a milestone for delivering that experience, in what ways that it can, for being a strategy simulation game that FE is. Worst Gameplay: In all of my playing [to completion] of FE , I could never actually say that there was any game that I necessarily hate. I liked all of them to some degree. However, when it comes to my willingness to play them again in regards to 3DS, it is Awakening that comes to the bottom of the list. I can not accurately explain why, but after the war with Plegia (which I find to be the best part of the game), I can never bring myself to finish the game. The Valm arc just bores me to play for some reason, CH16 & 17, most particularly. I think another section should be added in regards to overall experience. Best Experience: Despite losing out in both of the former categories, Awakening still remains at the top for having the most hours put into it. In this case, it was the littler things that made all the difference here, combined with a steller post-game that made the experience the most enjoyable out of the three at its time. While I didn't play the main game much, practically 90% of my hours spent on the game was replaying the DLC maps; particularly the Einherjar maps, in addition to the Einherjar themselves that attributed to extra grinding for the more challenging maps. On a lesser note, there was the unit gallery, purely for passing the time. They didnt have to include it, but it adds some extra icing to the cake Sure, Awakening is very flawed in many way, but despite this, it truly feels as though the devs went all out in this game. And it shows. I only wish that its successors were given the same treatment. Worst Experience: This is where I have to draw the hammer on Fates. I still like Fates, but it was a little overwhelming and sometimes even frustrating. Controversies aside, the biggest thing that stands out is the fact that its split into three separate, yet intertwine games, each with varying experiences. They didn't have to take a note from Pokemon and put it to its extreme. Granted, the class difference between them I'll gladly take and is partly why I prefer Birthright. Then there's everything else besides the main campaign via My Castle. Aside from the updated logbook with skill acquisition, a lot of it, I found to be personally unnecessary, with the little time that I actually spend in My Castle. It left for an otherwise weak post-game for me (if any at all). Lastly, there's its DLC, which aside from Lost in the Waves (which is somewhat inferior to Future Past), and extra unit classes.... wasn't all that. Overall, while the innovations were nice, there were also other areas that left much to be desired
  14. Horse emblem for the win! Seriously though, I had completely forgotten how awesome both their movesets were til now. Its increasingly becoming harder to pick my main team!
  15. Awakening children vs. Fates children

    I think you're selling the Fates kids a little too short here. Numbers actually DO play quite a factor here in terms of sheer manpower, provided that everything else is on a leveled playing field, such as a universal stat cap between them. Because otherwise, its kind of a "no shit" answer to which side wins, if one side has the statistical advantage (assuming that every unit is at their max) due to their higher cap.