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  1. Who Should Be a Future Legendary?

    All this, AND through a much simpler approach of his "type": A bishonen (commonly but not always and in varying degrees), Mr steal yo girl, swag on 100 thousand, cool & collected, handsome devil with a level of mystery (at least as of '01-'09) Back in the day almost every show had at least one. To give you an example, here's this guy: 'course, it's very subjective, but other than being top 5 in Melee & Brawl(?), why else would you pick up some random prince you know nothing about? Suffice to say, you don't need to know who he is to figure out dude's a fuckin pull God
  2. Heya, i just added you in heroes. You'll know it's me

  3. FE:W Update Sneaks in 3/8/2018

    It aint easy being a trendsetter. But peeps like you make it all worthwhile!
  4. FE:W Update Sneaks in 3/8/2018

    I'm for this 100% #RallyXane
  5. What happened to Alm's Falchion?

    But of course, I too think the labyrinth is Canon. I just see the whole thing just like Sora fighting Lingering Will in KHII: the being in question is there without a doubt, but the actual event/circumstances that allows the scenario --the two actually meeting-- isn't. But you're free to think what you like
  6. FE:W Update Sneaks in 3/8/2018

    With them being allowed into the game gives them the chance to really show their character. People either forgot that Linde has a character past wanting revenge, or it wasn't made very apparent (or even both), but what amount of supports she currently has now gave her the chance to be more enjoyable past being eye-candy. I, for one, would very much like to see the original Cav duo; particularly Abel Though now that we're speculating a hypothetical wave 2, no better way would there be than a story expansion. At least then, they wouldn't have to only resort to playable characters and possibly even explore the other side of the story
  7. What happened to Alm's Falchion?

    Act 6 is debatable in whether or not it's actually part of the story; leaning towards not. At best, it's a canon cameo. Meaning, that while Alm actually going to Archanea might not be canon, the contents within it are. At worst, just a post-game extra
  8. What happened to Alm's Falchion?

    You wouldn't be the first to ask this The simple explanation is that it's still lodged within Duma's head and serves as a pedestal so that he never awakens again. 'Course, while no definitive proof exists, Alm is never shown taking it back
  9. I should note that this would be the first that I've ever reached this high Also, apparently it was short lived. I looked back at it now to see my rank dropping below range. Good thing I only play for the offense rewards
  10. How many 5 star units do you have?

    I don't even remember what I was at last time I posted (I want to say like... 6?), but it's grown considerably since then. In descending order:
  11. For this reason is partly why I nearly never do advance and stick to intermediate That being said, I find it baffling that it's allowed me to get to Tier 18, and soon to be 19, come next season, considering how little I like even playing arena
  12. lucina

    But then lies the question of can that even be done? Going off Sakurai's explanation, she has different properties (even if it's the most minute thing possible), which is the only reason she's on the roster in the first place. Would it be wise to go against what they already set in stone? Alternatively, what they could do is giver her what WOULD HAVE been Chrom's moveset [#StillSalty] and then have Chrom an alt costume for Lucina. I don't know how they'd accommodate the height difference, but at least then, none of the Awakes are left out this time. 'Course, that would also mean giving Robin a new FS [even if the cameo made it the best one] which can easily be solve with Grima
  13. Subaki class path, the uncatchable wall

    It's moreso the class line that is, rather than the characters themselves. Hinoka in particular works MUCH better as a spear fighter, for instance. And to my exp, same with Subaki. Can't say about Caeldori for being 2nd gen, as the only one that I actually use past recruitment is Shiro
  14. FE:W Update Sneaks in 3/8/2018