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  1. Official Pull Topic

    Well, it is you! I'm not necessarily incredibly surprised!
  2. Official Pull Topic

    it feels like FOREVER since i got a focus unit from a banner without having to cut off all my limbs. She's +Res - Spd, which seems good for her, so, that's good. Got some good fodder in Lon'qu and Odin afterwards, so that's good too.
  3. Badly describe your favourite characters

    Female: Embarrassed about people looking at her and wonders why even though she barely wears any clothes. Probably rescues abandoned kittens in her free time. Has the cutest hairstyle in the game. White skin except for her face which is red for some reason. Male: Most likely has type 2 diabetes. Gives nicknames to everyone even though nobody ever asked for them. Rescued some random blonde chick for some reason. Definitely has no soul and probably throws up every night before bed due to horrible eating habits. Definitely has a cavity in every single tooth.
  4. but I loved you.....

    understandable, have a good day.
  5. Official Pull Topic

    My god I hate this banner, it's finally over though, I can die now.
  6. Fate/Grand Order USA

    i don't mind her she's just the most generic pick ever so
  7. Fate/Grand Order USA

    you can't call someone's taste bad when you like scathach anyways i decided to pick up english again for now since i don't feel like doing jp fgo right now, so we'll see how this mess goes.
  8. What are your thoughts on Spoilers?

    It depends on the medium, honestly. If it's a very story heavy game or a detective type game like Ace Attorney or Danganronpa then yea, I care a lot, but normally i don't mind too much unless it's something I'm really into and want to experience fresh.
  9. Every other red pull is Stahl. I like Stahl, but you start getting tired of seeing someone after the 90th time.
  10. Official Pull Topic

    -Atk, but I'll take it, might make her summoner support for a while. Flier emblem will help her out. Just need hone Fliers now... blehh..
  11. I like Bartre in FE6. He has some entertaining supports and some that are a bit more serious in that game. I can't say I care for him at all in FE7.
  12. Your Favorite Character From Each Game You've Played

    FE1,3,11,12: Linde, Caeda, Palla, Marth FE4: Tiltyu, Arthur, Tinny, Sylvia, Leen FE5: Olwen FE6: Roy, Lilina, Klein FE7: Lyn, Serra FE8: Tana, L'Arachel FE9: Jill, Mia, Black Knight FE10: Micaiah, Volug, Sothe, Zelgius FE13: Severa, Nowi, Cherche, Sumia, Gaius FE14: Keaton, Selena, Charlotte, Felicia I'm really bad at picking just one character, please forgive.
  13. Wisdom teeth removed

    it's the new fad apparently
  14. Wisdom teeth removed

    thanks, guys, it's feeling a bit better now