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  1. Some of mine are kinda spoilery so I guess I'll put mine in a spoiler in case people care.
  2. Disappointed about Male results. My two least favorite lords getting 1st and 2nd. Bleh. Least they won't be in next year. I'm amused Veronica pulled a 2nd place victory. Might free pick her if we still get a free one like CYL 1.
  3. Official Pull Topic

    Finally got a good roll after my horrendous luck. Went for someone I was gunning for and got them.
  4. Do you eat popsicle lasers?
  5. As other people have said... Donnel and Kliff both have hair color that aren't natural... so...
  6. Is Thracia 776 really good?

    I like aspects of it. I don't really care for the game itself, in my opinion, it's too muddled down by clunky and bad decisions to be very good at all. But there are a couple aspects of it that I think would work well if they were improved.
  7. Anyways, here's my actual list of the best games of all time.
  8. You can read. I also made all of the titles off center purely to annoy everyone.
  9. Fate/Grand Order USA

    Might come back to it someday. Haven't touched anything in a while, so I don't have much will to actually play English
  10. Fate/Grand Order USA

    How're you peeps doing down here in America FGO Land.
  11. I was debating on whether to post this here since the touhou one is long done but I decided to just put it in a spoiler since i'm late
  12. Minwu (FF2), Cloud Strife (FF7), Zidane Tribal (FF9) Freya Crescent (FF9), Tifa Lockhart (FF7), Rydia (FF4) Terra Branford (FF6), Cecil Harvey (FF4), Fairs Scherwiz (FF5) Haven't played FF15 yet.
  13. i hope not Honestly even though it would cut out micaiah i'd rather them just push both top 10s aside. It would make it a lot more interesting
  14. I'm fine with mostly anyone from FE10. Was just waiting for them to finally add my favorite cast in. If Lyn was in I wouldn't throw her any votes, I love Lyn but I want Micaiah to get a special version too. Although I assume they're going to remove the winners from the 1st round.