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  1. Paper Mario Sticker Star: I was younger, and the surprisingly decent reviews of the game when it came out got me interested in it. Oh boy, was I wrong. This game... is an absolute mess. I absolutely hate this game. It has so many issues in it. There's no point to battling, half the bosses are awful to fight without a specific item that you won't know about prior to it, and then they're just a joke. There are minimal characters in the game, and it's just.. so bland. I will give it credit that the 2nd half of the game isn't as bad, and gets rid of a lot of issues i had with the first half, but the first half is just... such a slog, and it there's a huge decline in balance again once you get to the final boss, so... like... why bother. Trails in the Sky: Many of my friends bugged me to play this game, so I decided to try it out once a friend gifted it to me. I... really... don't care. I'm sorry, I played a couple hours, and I already didn't like how this game was going to be playing out. I play many RPGs, and the combat in this... really doesn't interest me that much. I can't say the story interested me much either. World building is fine, but usually being someone very interested in seeing everything a game has to offer, I hate how so much happens regularly with every nearly every character in a town, I want to play the game, I don't want to spend all day talking to every NPC everytime I do something for more world building. It's too much, and I don't want to put up with it. And I actually do not care about every NPC's story in every town, I really... don't. I like a decent chunk of world building, but not too much. This game has too much for me to even want to get invested. And knowing a plot point that happens later in the game focusing around the 2 main characters, I really don't feel like slogging through a game I barely want to play in the first place, only to be greeted by one of my absolute most hated tropes in storytelling. So... I know a lot of people like these games, but I'll pass. I'm fine. I can live without it. Tales of Xillia: Coming off the tail of playing a lot of other Tales of games, I got it as a gift and decided to start playing it... I just... don't really like it that much, I don't like, hate the game or anything. I think it's just... okay. It took me forever to even get back to playing the game.... ironically I went back to playing it after starting the SEQUEL, and enjoying that so much I wanted to finish off the rest of the story from the first.
  2. Fate/Grand Order General

    Meh I'll just post it anyways Here's my support list. ID is 354,243,198
  3. Fate/Grand Order General

    Not sure if I should post my JP friends code here, don't know if many people even play JP in this thread.
  4. Fate/Grand Order General

    Should I change this thread's title to Fate/Grand Order General? I don't play English anymore so I thought it might be more open in discussion during downtime if I did that.
  5. Official Pull Topic

    -Res +HP Got the other version of my precious dragon babe, glad for that. Now to wait for Micaiah to be on a banner again to not get her, again.
  6. I don't mind most of the pitybreaker blues.... would love to get Micaiah finally... my favorite character in the series... h-haha...ha... god... kill me. I hope all of your favorites aren't the same color.. it's very unfortunate, having to go into every banner pulling half blue orbs...
  7. I like Tharja but I'm a bit miffed they keep making her a red tome, I would like more variety... at the very least. I think IS has a bad habit of making alts the same color too often. And it shows a bit more in this one. I'll see if I'm gonna roll, seeing if I can currently pull a 2nd Ishtar because whenever I get a -atk unit in this game I take it as an attack on my wellbeing.
  8. So, how about those dragons dancing on top of pegasai? The world's really strange nowadays, isn't it?
  9. I'm very curious to see what Ninian's BST will be considering she's a Flying... tome user... dancer.
  10. I'm not shocked. Ironically the only thing I'm upset about on this banner is that as much as I like Ninian I don't ship her with Eliwood so I'm gonna be so tired of seeing it on social media again, I'm not gonna yell about it, but it's whatever. I'm just gonna stop pretending I think it's remotely bad, cause I don't, it's a dress. If you start to believe everything has an underlying ulterior motive it's not gonna make you into a better person.
  11. It's a dress. Anyways, I think I might pass on this, I would like Ninian, but rolling blue makes me physically ill at this point after not rolling Micaiah again. I would like Tharja, because I love her outfit, but I'm annoyed they keep making her a red tome. Not too big of a fan of Sanaki so I think I'll pass.
  12. I know I'm late and I know many people have already +10'd this unit, but I'm very slow and take too many projects on at once.. so I hope this is at least okay, even if it's not original. My first +10, because I'm very slow at this.
  13. Do you still need to preserve your completion of the roster, Rezzy?
  14. Official Pull Topic

    Your Micaiahs make me depressed since I am unable to roll her, but congratulations.
  15. New Heroes: Geneolgy

    Nice banner. Wish Ishtar wasn't there... because... I don't really care... at all... but she's.. okay, I guess? So it's fine? Hoping for Lene, Ares would be fine too.