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  1. Create-A-Hero Thread

    Thought I'd give some units a CYL upgrade, the first two are the "winners". CYL styled Beruka CYL styled Berkut CYL styled Takumi CYL styled Henry Feedback is appriciated
  2. Create-A-Hero Thread

    And here it is, a collab with a spin-off of my favorite spin-off, Final Fantasy Crystal Defenders. Half of these don't have quotes because I couldn't think of anything for them. Comments and criticisms are welcome.
  3. Create-A-Hero Thread

    Here's three more units for ya. Feedback is appreciated, maybe next time I'll try another collab.
  4. Create-A-Hero Thread

    One of my favorite things from Cipher is the Hoshidan/Nohrian royals in classes from the opposite side... so let's try to do some of that shall we? Hoshidan Royals Nohrian royals On Ryoma and Takumi's skills
  5. Create-A-Hero Thread

    thought I'd try my hand at quotes for this one... and with the recent wedding event, I thought of making one of my OCs fit for it so here you go. feedback is appreciated
  6. Create-A-Hero Thread

    Two characters I want to see... Also, to clarify some things with my last few characters EDIT: just thought up of a new unit... one that isn't meant for combat.
  7. Create-A-Hero Thread

    Some more Fates/Awakening characters along with some new weapons and skills... Well I'm burned out for now, any feedback would be nice.
  8. Create-A-Hero Thread

    Thought I would try my hand at our Cipher girls... and guy out of sheer hype for Echoes
  9. Create-A-Hero Thread

    First, 3 units based on past fire emblem characters. I won't do quotes because, again, I might make them out of character. And, since everyone else is doing it...so here's two OCs I made. I will be doing quotes since, well, I know how these characters work. Explanations
  10. I recently got 5* Soren from the banner, problem? +HP/-ATK, Should I bother training him up or no? the only decent Green Tome user I have is a +RES/-DEF 5* Julia
  11. What would you like to see in the future?

    -Like Everyone else a Nature (Boon/Bane, whatever you want to call it) reroll would be nice for non-whales since the chances of us getting multiples of a good unit is rare...speaking of which... -A Generic enemy that can give +1 to a unit after merging them a certain amount of that generic unit. Again, making the lives of non-whales easier by having a way to get 5* units a +1 without needing a 2nd of that unit, the only downside being that you have to obtain multiples of that unit from a potently difficult battle, and a limit that they only get the unit to 5 times (does not work if a unit is at +10). -In-between Battle Ballots a similar battle system could be set in place, This isn't a full bracket but rather a 1 on 1 between two units. After 6 days, the team with the most points will receive some feathers, the losing team will receive feathers as well, just not as much (like the winning team receives 1500 feathers and the losing team receives 1000 feathers). the next day a new set of two units will be available to choose from and the cycle repeats. (basically a way to help get feathers Faster) -Live Multiplayer, while the idea of an Arena mode would be quite boring since some of you already mentioned it, I thought of a Co-op mode instead. in it both players control the first two members of their current party (so say your team is Abel, Takumi, Peri, Cherche only Abel and Takumi would take part in the Co-op battle). You can even take on different versions of Grand Hero Battles, making it into a 6v7 with you and your friend supplying 3 units each, to compensate the maps will be bigger. -Support Conversations, these don't have to be 3-4 part stories, these supports are pretty much "how would these two interact" like for example: Y!Tiki and A!Tiki's support is about A!Tiki knowing what will happen to her younger self and is worrisome to be with her, meanwhile Y!Tiki treats A!Tiki much like a older sister and wants to be with her, or Marth reacting to A!Tiki. While these would be cosmetic in the long run, they would give rewards after viewing them, namely things like a small amount of Feathers (50-200), an orb, Badges, Sacred Seals, Inheriting skills without sacrificing a unit, even a Dueling Crest or Stamina Potion (similar to another mobile game I play that has these sort of conversations). Conversations involving rarer units (like one involving Lucina and Takumi for example) or ones that involve 3 or more units (like Elise and Retainers, Spring Festival, etc.) give bigger rewards.
  12. Training Tower Quest Woes

    all four units survive allways, since the starting trio and their accomplices are over leveled I know that I was talking about the first stratnium quest and I got the two mixed up which explains why it didn't work...gods i'm way to hasty, thanks anyway
  13. Training Tower Quest Woes

    I know for a fact I can't even clear the Tenth Stratnium with any unit, so there goes 12 orbs down the drain. On the other hand, anyone having problems with the First-Third Stratnium quests? I did the requisites for the first stratnium one (even having Alfonse alone in a team by himself) and it hasn't even increased by one point.
  14. Create-A-Hero Thread

    Thought I'd do some for four of my favorite FE13&14 characters, not going to do quotes for these characters because I am lazy and I might mess up their personalities. I based their stats off of their growths. Reasonings And out of sheer boredom I decided to think of what would happen if there was a collaboration with my favorite mobile game Puzzle and Dragons, I thought of quotes for two of them, but I may think of some for the other two later on.
  15. Most Disappointing Unit So Far

    The only bad Characters I have used so far are Azama and Anna, and only one of them got better in time... Azama: an underwhelming character on multiple accounts. First healing, AKA his job, His best healing skill is Martyr (Heals an ally for 7+user's HP lost and himself for 50% of his HP lost, meaning it gets worse the more you use it) which needs him to be halfway dead for it to heal any form of damage that isn't a papercut (keep in mind, Battles + Healer = Bad), which also holds back his skills Imbue (which makes him heal for 10 more HP) and Solid-Earth Balm (+4 Def to all allies for a turn after healing) for an additional turn (yeah make an already bad healing ability even worse). In terms of general use he can't hold a candle to most other units of his role as a level 31 4* (including generics used by the AI). What else does he offer? Threaten Attack, a skill that would be useful on a Knight or tanky unit...guess what Azama isn't...(and before you think "oh, that detracts physical attackers ya dummy" you know what it doesn't detract? Mages, Manaketes, fellow healers, and being surrounded) Anna: Anna is a weird variation of the Jeigan archetype. To start off, her stats, They are all great, letting her hit hard and even double on occasion...if she survives that is. her biggest problem is her defenses, both of which are low by level 20 (Def in particular stays in the single digits on 3* or lower rarities). As her rarity increases, however, so does her usefulness, starting with Vantage (which appears around 3*) and her best weapon, Noatun (only available at 5*), rely on her HP being low to take effect, taking advantage of her poor Def and Res stats, which is an interesting design choice for the archetype.