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  1. Shadows of Valentia's story: how to fix it

    I have to echo Jotari here; a possessed Rudolf I'd say goes too close to my main pet peeve with FE-that everything the villains do isn't really there fault, it's the fault of some evil dragon. I'd say having Rudolf do this plan but acknowledge it was bad could get into a lot of interesting stuff, like how he was really trying to feel as if he was doing something rather than actually doing something productive.
  2. Shadows of Valentia's story: how to fix it

    Well, I don't have a high opinion of FE game's writing in general. Parts One and Two of Radiant Dawn and whichever Sacred Stones Route had Lyon actually being subtle and keeping some mystery as to how much was him and how much was Formotiis and the extent to which he could control Formotiis were better written than SOV but those games both had other parts that dragged them down considerably. On the whole I don't think there is a single FE story I would consider good.
  3. I did write my UK application essay on why I want to study history, how history has evolved my views, and how living in Prague has changed my perspective on history.
  4. Shadows of Valentia's story: how to fix it

    It doesn't neccesarily have to be keeping them alive, but charging in without even knowing how much agricultural damage this will do is reckless. Maybe run with the idea of the Gods being spirits, and having them possess new people, and leaving it to new generations to start the cycle a New?
  5. IS should add Cavalry Sabres into FE

    Thanks for the recommendation!
  6. In my opinion, Shadows of Valentia is the best written FE game. It has the most potential of any game in the series to have a great story. This, of course, makes it all the more tragic that it ultimately fell short. So, here are my ideas to improve the story. 1. Give Alm an actual character arc. Have him demonstrate some strategic ability. Have his more aggressive nature actually clash with Clive and Lukas's more strategic personality; Alm develops into a genuine war leader, who is prepared to make sacrifices. Probably the biggest thing to do would be to keep Fernand with the Deliverance, and don't make him such a consistently classist asshole. Actually have him criticize Alm's strategic decisions. At least make it so Alm needs to prove himself as a commander by liberating Castle Zofia, rather than having everything handed to him. Ideally, I'd have him hate Rigel preparing for the invasion, and by the end of Chapter 4 understand their motives for going to war due to the extreme poverty. 2. Jedah and Rudolf. First order of business: keep Rudolf's plan, but make clear this plan is flawed. I'd make Rudolf like Ashnard except not sadistic; a pure social darwinist who believes that any help from the Gods is an abomination. Jedah, meanwhile, should be a more sympathetic misanthrope; he genuinely believes that humanity can't govern itself and its for our own good if the Gods do it for us. Then, the theme of strength and kindness finding middle ground could be reflected in finding a balance between over reliance on the Gods and completely destroying them. Then, change the ending. Don't have Alm make such a drastic decision to kill Mila and Duma; I thought he came off as a dick there, like, yeah, Mr. Emperor of Rigel who will never realistically want for anything, easy for you to say, how about Joe Peasant who will have to work even more to live? DIckish of Alm to make that decision for everyone. 3. Make Celica's story less, you know, sexist. I'd probably just change Jedah's plan here to be ike "when both bearers of the brand are in the same place Duma will awaken"; that way Celica doesn't have to act like a moron.I'd also give Celica a spell that can also hurt Duma, to make her more of an equal to Alm and less of a de facto supporting character. 4. Berkut. In my opinion Berkut is the second best written FE antagonist. Unfortunately, he is given practically nothing to do. So, my idea for Berkut: Jedah uses him as a partial vessel for Duma. Here, Jedah wouldn't want Duma specifically, just a God. It would also make sense as he deliberately entices Berkut with power. I'd also make it ambiguous how much of the final boss is Berkut and how much is Duma; Duma should represent more a lust for power than any real, decisive character. So, Jedah gives Berkut the power of Duma for him to be the new God of Valentia. Berkut genuinely wants to improve things, he just also hates Alm; give emphasis to how Rudolf created this monster, too, for parallels; Alm and Berkut both were created by Rudolf. This also shits on Rudolf's plan more, which frankly cannot happen enough. I'd also show Berkut both being a good commander and a good person. Have him be the one to defeat and capture Matilda; this not only shows him to be a threat, it also makes Matilda look less pathetic losing to Desaix(seriously, how do you do that?). Berkut's introduction should also be this: some soldiers are harassing some noblewoman they captured; Berkut stops them. This shows him to be an honorable guy at the start, one corrupted by his desire for power. Making a Berkut possessed by Duma be the final boss would overall make for a much better narrative. 5. A minor point, but how about making Desaix sympathetic? Have him usurp Lima IV after Berkut has smashed the Zofian army and Lima wants to continue the fight that Desaix views as pointless; Desaix doesn't like being a puppet of Rigel, but figures it's better than full annexation. Yes, this is inspired by Lebello in Legend of the Galactic Heroes So, what do you all think? Anything I'm missing?
  7. IS should add Cavalry Sabres into FE

    Well, that's why you have large formations of enemy spearmen. That way, cavalry would only really be useful for charging the flanks of the enemy, or after the frontline has been broken. you'd still need infantrymen for a frontal assault.
  8. IS should add Cavalry Sabres into FE

    Another idea to make cavalry stand out: incorporate Partia's idea of having cavalry gain attack power the farther they've moved in a straight line that turn. Also, have a horseplayer be made a Pike, and give it to more units for balance.
  9. Going to Rome and Florence, any good places?

    The Victor Emmanuel II monument is a godsend for navigation; you can see it from a good deal of the city, so if your hotel is near it it's quite difficult to get lost. There's also a street in one of the less touristy areas of the city with some amazing fries.
  10. Voting, most likely. Really it could also apply to any activity that maintains law and order; breaking some small law might seem insignificant if only you do it but if everyone did it society would fall apart. Really any small action that is needed to keep society functioning; cleaning the streets, conserving water, etc.
  11. Never in my life. I'm what you might call a "bootlicker".
  12. The dumbest thing that you said about Fire Emblem

    I think it had something to do with the Allies knowing the Nazis were bad even before they discovered the Holocaust, and that Vaike was like what the Allies thought the Nazis were before they knew about the Holocaust. Something stupid like that.
  13. The dumbest thing that you said about Fire Emblem

    I once violated Godwin's Law. In an argument about Vaike, of all things. I was twelve, cut me some slack.
  14. The main thing I'd add is take the world map of Echoes and run with it even further. Have the map be massive, with a huge diversity of strategic points. Have enemy armies be moving across the map, and the player has to decide where to face them(they can scout out maps for good defensive areas). You could also have units have different strategic abilities, for example, cavalry can tell you the makeup of the enemy army before you engage, while archers can set up Ballistas. There could also be something like: you can fight the enemy in their impenetrable fortress or you can go through the dangerous bandit infested mountains to get to it; it's your choice.
  15. Las Vegas Shooting

    Here's another issue: this is measuring CASES of homocides, not death toll. Like, if you stab someone with a knife or if you shoot ten people its still one instance of homocide, correct me it I'm wrong. I don't ever recall any European truck attack approaching this number of casualties.