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  1. As a general rule a character is bad i.e. they have failed when the majority of the audience has a different opinion of them than the intention. For example, as others have said, Camilla was supposed to be recieved as a doting, motherly figure whose batshit insanity is played for laughs, but instead most people see her as basically a creepy psycho bitch, with a good deal of justification. Another example: Jar Jar in the Star Wars prequels was played for laughs but everyone over the age of four found him annoying. Obviously there are more steps, but the writer and audience being on the same page regarding a character is a good place to start, because it shows that the character is relatable enough to connect to the audience. If you can't do that no amount of good writing will save this character.
  2. Battlefield 1 was a WWII game. That's all there is to it. It was an okay WWII game, but it fails miserably at accurately representing WWI even a little, so I don't like it.
  3. Passing IB is priority 1, then getting into Oxford University, after which I'll move on to becoming a historian full time.
  4. Studies, are we? ;) Anyway, done. Edit: Also, just a suggestion, but I don't think there are enough Japanese members here to provide a big enough sample size. I would recommend changing to a question that the guy above me mentioned.
  5. Right, let's do this: First off, Princess Melia from Xenoblade. People have already said the reasons why, but I especially like that she never really grows into her role as Empress in that she decides to live up to it. Her character arc rather takes the notion that she will rule her people as a given and focuses on her internal struggle to accept that to herself. I also do think there's another element to her relationship with Shulk that doesn't get discussed as much: they can't be together because he'll grow old and die and she'll still be in her twenties in human years. Overall one of the most legitimately admirable fictional characters. Second, the Boss from Metal Gear Solid 3. Everything great about her is a spoiler for one of the best game stories ever, so I won't spoil it, but play MGS3, seriously. Thirdly, basically a tie between every The World Ends With You character. They're funny, well developed, well written, likeable, etc. That game really masters the ability to switch between seriousness and silliness, which I value a lot in writing. Fourth, well, Thane already beat me to Kreia, but Bastila from the first KOTOR game is an enjoyable character in her own right. Fifth, Miles Edgeworth. His character development is great, and I'd argue enhanced by the fifth case of the first game, and he's a total badass. No joke, he's 90% of the reason I wanted to be a prosecutor as a kid. Well, I want to be a historian now, but I don't know if that conviction can survive another Edgeworth. It's a good thing for my love of history that Edgeworth hasn't been topped in Ace Attorney(and likely never will, with his creator no longer writing). Finally, I love Sanaki. Thirteen year old female Mikhail Gorbachev for the win! Honestly, though, in some ways Sanaki has to go through even more crap as Empress than Melia does, because Sanaki has to deal with her own people hating her. I suppose I like her for all the potential she has as a POV character; how does she feel about her father figure being an omnicidal maniac? How does she rule Begnion after RD? If there is ever a third Tellius game it should be with Sanaki as a focus.
  6. Hello, how is everything over at your domain in Prague? Are you starting up any wars soon? I've just came back from Sekigahara, and crushed Hideyoshi's supporters like Garon's business. Now that I've done that, I can finally rule over Yamato from my new palace in Edo.

    On a more real-life note, I'm still busy at work, trying to finish up drawings for our big restoration work. Quite interesting I must say; it's in Australia's second-oldest town, and they used to house female convicts work there in the early 1800s. Unfortunately, that means I can't get to updating my LP yet until after this week. 

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    2. blah the Prussian

      blah the Prussian

      I'm originally from New Jersey. Trust me, I wouldn't be such a Hapsburgophile if I was Czech.

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      That's true.

      On a different note, have you got around playing Radiant Historia? How was it?

    4. blah the Prussian

      blah the Prussian

      I actually finished it almost exactly a year ago, maybe exactly a year ago. I really enjoyed the game, and it had one of the better video game stories IMO.

  7. Okay, so what is that way? I'm assuming you're talking about the Marxist perspective on Fascism, but I want to make sure.
  8. Yeah, that's what I was saying. The root cause was economic problems caused by the Great Depression, which in turn was caused partially by Stressemann's absolutely moronic policies, not WWI.
  9. Tommen Waters you incestuous usurper Anyway, I do think that comparing Trump to Hitler is massively overblown. It also ignores the extent to which Hitler's ideology was based around fear of Communism; the desire to avenge WWI really played a lesser role. The thing is, if the Nazis were going to come to power because of anger over the outcome of WWI they would have done so in the 20s. Hitler rode a wave combining popular discontent with the establishment and big buisness's fear of Communism following the Great Depression. That economic devastation was the root of his rise, not the desire to avenge WWI. I could also go into detail about what Fascism as an ideology is and why Trump is not a Fascist, but just take my word that Trump's not a Fascist.
  10. At least in the case of the Middle East its more that radical Islam has made a comeback in a Fascistic manner due to the defeat of Arab states at war, economic domination, the perception of their leaders being puppets of the Americans or Soviets, and secular Arab Fascism failing.
  11. Well I'm not a fan of the modern ethno-nationstate either, but for different reasons. I do agree that it protects the property of the rich, but I would argue that it isn't at the expense of the poor, or at least more at the expense of them than what an attempt at an Anarcho-Syndicalist society would do. Rule of law is fundamentally the most beneficial to the weakest members of society, because they have the least means to defend themselves.
  12. The state isn't designed to do shit. Government wasn't created as a conspiracy by rich people to control the wealth, rich people developed because of government. Rich people, also, aren't a bad thing, the only bad thing is if poverty exists, and rich people should be the first targets of the state to minimize poverty. As to the state's purpose, that is to enforce the law and provide public services. The breakdown of rule of law will not benefit anyone but the people most equipped to use force, which, newsflash, isn't the Socialists, or minorities. Again, though, the problem with your argument is that this assumes that this state of affairs will continue indefinitely. The less public services there are, the more discontent there will be. The more discontent there is, the more pressure there will be for more public services. Etc.
  13. That's honestly rather Amerocentric. While there certainly has been some amount of rollback in Europe, public healthcare, probably the most important issue, is pretty well untouchable, even in more conservative countries like the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland. Also, just because a trend has been happening since the 80s, or actually any amount of time at all, doesn't mean it will happen indefinitely.
  14. Noooooo, the decades before that show that it can be. The rollback of reforms in the US were as a result of the American political system favoring corporations, and due to the electorate's general opposition to Communism. Some reforms being rolled back at some point do not equal "Capitalism cannot be regulated", especially when the period before those reforms were rolled back was, yes, CAPITALISM BEING REGULATED.
  15. And Camilla is actually facing consequences for being so bloodthirsty. Good.