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  1. Rowling is good art writing characters but her political stuff is terrible. Everything is reduced to cartoonish levels of simplicity; people support Voldemort because they're either rich assholes or literal sociopaths; the Ministry ignores Voldemort because they're all cowards, etc. She would not be good for an FE game; it wouldn't be quite Conquest levels of simplistic but it would be close.
  2. I would definitely recommend starting with the books; many of the plot twists are better to read about IMO, plus many characters on the show are better than in the books; the only character I can think of that the show does better is Margaery. The show is definitely worth seeing, though, because of its cinematography and the performances. I guess that my best piece of advice for a new reader would be to pay attention to dream sequences and prophesies; so much is foreshadowed.
  3. Eh, that's never really even attempted, though, so I'll give it a pass. One could make the case that it's especially unfortunate that this bit of his POR character was retconned, but eh.
  4. I think he could get away with a lot of stuff and keep a T rating. Hell, he could even have war rape in the background. FE has implied attempted rape, including child rape in FE6, like once per game(Linde, Silque, Minerva, Raquesis, Ares's girlfriend whose name I forgot, probably something in FE5, Clarine, Priscilla, maybe FE8, nothing I can think of in the Tellius series, but still) and its treated pretty flippantly, so I think that implying it in the background(like having some bad guy general being like "let the boys have their fun" as Tywin pretty much does in the Riverlands) and treating it with the gravity it deserves, as it has in ASOIAF with only a few exceptions, should be okay for a T rating.
  5. Why do you say he'd never accept a T rated limitation? The majority of what he's written for ASOIAF is rated T; I think he could be prevailed upon to keep out the sex and particularly brutal violence.
  6. I mean, Valkyria Chronicles kind of does, except really that conflict is more WWI with WWII tech(though the Empire in that game is way more repressive, by a huge margin, than the Kaiserreich or Austria-Hungary ever were).
  7. Agree with everything; I wasn't saying you thought they shouldn't have this, just that as of late I've seen some Liberals arguing that because these people are disproportionately racist, sexist, whatever, that that excuses not caring about them. That's the subtext I've seen in people saying, for example "they're just angry their privilege is gone".
  8. I agree with pretty much all of this. However, I want to emphasize that, no matter how racist one is, that does not mean that one is less deserving of one's due. Economic security, healthcare, etc.-frankly, you could be a neo Nazi and still deserve all of this. She also ran one of the most incompetant campaigns in the history of the country, didn't visit many of the areas she wanted to help(so how to communicate that) and communicated her ideas in general very poorly. This isn't an indicator that her ideas on this matter wouldn't be popular with working class White's, just that Hillary Cointon was an incompetant candidate.
  9. It's important to mention that there is a difference between the poor whites who voted for Trump and the people at Charlottesville, I.E. there isn't much of an overlap. White Supremacists, Neo Nazis, etc. don't tend to be poor; Richard Spencer, for example, was a prep kid. I don't advocate we try to change the minds of poor Conservatives throug debate. We need action; show them we support their interests through advocating public works programs, increased attention to rural areas, etc. Right now liberal activism is focused too much on Trump as a person and not what his election represents.
  10. Really FE4 has so many good ideas, such as the Lopt Sect facing extermination, Travant doing what he does for the good of his people, etc. that it never really follows through on. The plot structure would have to be changed at certain junctures but it could work. Edit: yeah, Brian Jaques would be great for a more kid friendly FE. Hell, an FE style game inspired by Redwall wouldn't be a bad idea either!
  11. Blah, Turtledove is good at plotting but some of his characters were more one note than some FE chars(like that one guy in the Southern Victory series who kept on bitching about getting sunburned). GRRM would be best suited to Medieval politics, I'd say.
  12. In an absolutely perfect world, George R. R. Martin, provided that ASOIAF was finished. He has consistently written excellent characters, and could make a huge cast interesting. His approach to villains especially is what the series could use.
  13. Fine answer. I'm not denying the moral okay ess of punishing a Nazi, but yeah, I'd give someone probation at worst. Now, if he was a member of Antifa that might change a bit, if he had a consistent record, etc. but spur of the moment? Absolutely. And I do think that the government's kowtowing to a White Supremacists is a worse problem than punching said White Supremacists.
  14. Alright, serious question: do you think it should be legal to punch Nazis, and what are the mechanics of this? How Nazi does this have to be? How hard are you allowed to punch them? Look, I wasn't going to bring this up, but I feel like people who advocate political violence like this haven't thought through a lot of the neccesary details.
  15. So okay, Antifa is actually mostly Anarcho-Communist or some form of Marxist, because Antifa, contrary to their name, DO NOT REPRESENT the totality of the anti Fascist movement. They do deserve to be opposed for their ideology, but at Charlottesville there were people much more worthy of being opposed, and their opposition was not entirely Antifa, not by a large margin. That's the fallacy Life is making; you don't need to support Antifa to oppose Fascism.