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  1. Just promoted a +Spd Raven and +Spd L’Arachel to 5 Star. Was thinking of giving them Swift Sparrow and Life and Death, respectively? Also, Triangle Adept for Lyon? Does this work out? I like seeing L’Arachel being able to reach 39 speed, and with a speed sacred seal, 42. However, her res is already pretty nice and I’m not sure if it would be a bad idea to bring it down for the higher attack/speed. Looking back, I did the exact same thing for my +Spd Mae. Gave her Life and Death, she reached 39 speed (44 with Blarowl spd refine and sacred seal) but her res dropped to 25.
  2. Wow, that's actually really good advice! Yeah, I'll probably just end up promoting all of them! Thanks, I've been holding on that F!Corrin for MONTHS just wondering if I should promote her or not. But I've really been wanting to, so now's the time! I actually only have 1 horse mage: Reinhardt (+Def/-Atk, which is why I wanted to promote the other one). I was thinking of giving her Life and Death 3 to bring her attack and speed up to 52 and 39 respecitvely? I know you can't refine Ivaldi, but I was thinking the sacred seal could bump that speed up to 42, which looks pretty good to me! And that reminds me, I've been meaning to promote a +Atk/-Res Cecilia as well! But I'd rather promote these guys first. Raven will be a definite promotion for me. I know -Res would be better, but -Def would make both stats 22, and then with the refine, both would be 17. Seems fine to me! The -HP kinda bothered me, especially since the Reinhardt I already have had somewhat good defense, so I thought it would be a big drop in how much damage he could sustain. But seeing as how I won't be using him to bait enemies anyways, the -HP is fine. How do you think F!Corrin would be with Fury or Triangle Adept? I currently have a Fae (+HP/-Spd... yikes) and Myrrh (+HP/-Atk... also yikes), so I have 3/4 of a dragon team set up! I'd love to have a Tiki or Ninian to complete it in the future. WAIT u can't refine the diamond weapons??? bruh. alright, +Atk sounds better! Maybe Fury could help him.
  3. I recently hit 100k feathers, so I was planning to promote a bunch of units at once. However, looking at some builds on the gamepedia for FEH, it looks like some of the units I want to promote don't have their preferred IVs. The units I want to promote aren't for any specific purpose, I just really like these characters, but I don't want to promote them if their boon/bane nature is horrible. Any help? L'Arachel (+Spd/-HP) Raven (+Spd/-Def) Reinhardt (+Atk/-HP) F!Corrin (+Spd/-HP) I was also gonna promote Lyon, but his stats are always neutral, so there's nothing to worry about. I was also trying to decide whether a +Atk/-Res or +Spd/-Res Subaki would be better?
  4. A Hero Rises. Who should we vote for?

    I hope Vanguard Ike wins! Hector would be nice, but Vanguard Ike is limited-time, like Fjorm and Gunnthra. Sure, it's not super easy to get Hector when he's not on a Summoning Focus, but it's literally impossible to get Vanguard Ike since the legendary summoning banner is done.
  5. I got Sacred Stones from the 3DS Ambassador program back in 2011. Absolutely loved the game.
  6. Definitely Silas. I pair him with F!Corrin, as well!
  7. Which skill would be better for Marisa: Swift Sparrow or Life and Death? I have extra units with those skills, now I'm just trying to decide which one Marisa should get.
  8. pietro boselli is so fkin hot, UGH As for my thoughts on the livestream... idk.... i wasn't gonna post until i saw this post and had to say somethng!!!!!!!! I just hope one of the units I like is a part of the legendary summoning banner. I'm hoping for Azura or Faye! And another chance at Gunnthra would be nice. OH and I also hope some of the summer units are on it! I'd LOVE to have Summer Corrin; I haven't gotten any of the limited time flying tome units... I missed Camilla, Corrin, and Nowi :( New modes would also be cool
  9. Official Pull Topic

    hell yeah boi neutral IVs, which isn't terrible, though +Atk or +Res would've been nice.
  10. they better give me Bride Cordelia. I saved 100+ orbs for her when the Fjorm legendary banner was out... but nothing :( Really though, they might give us a bunch of orbs and feathers.
  11. SF Interviews 2.0 - Nominating #165

    I did not know that!! cool beans I have not "graced" myself with either of them but i do know them 11. Recently, I prefer hot. IT's been really really cold where I live 12. Nope! 13. For food, I like a good mix, but i'd say quantity because I'm always hungry 14. western dragon 15. broadsword 16. not that i remember? i got really close though 17. I'm just gonna go with Fire Emblem, but I really haven't been playing a lot recently 1. Cake!! I love vanilla cake or ice cream cake. Red velvet isn't bad either. I love apple pies too! 2. I love pitbulls, german shepherds, chow chows, and golden retrievers 3. I just played Splatoon again after not having played it for like half a year, and I had a lot of fun. OH, and my brother bought one of those snes classic editions, and we played it together, which was also fun. we played mario kart, which he beat me at, and then we played kirby, and I loved being the helper because I got to be the actual enemy and not a kirby with a hat or something. and then i beat him like 5 times in a row in both megaton punch and samurai kirby :) 4. I LOVE SNOW so much 5. there are specific winter snacks?!?!!? i just like hot chocolate with marshmallows
  12. that's such a funny banner

  13. SF Interviews 2.0 - Nominating #165

    6. I like Sylveon 7. Kyogre 8. nope!! 9. tbh I'm not a fan of cats, but it is nice to see them in weird places 10. battling dinosaurs would be pretty nice if i was prepared, but otherwise scary 1. hungry, beautiful, sleepy 2. Success should be measured by................... idk my mind is SO foggy rn 3. i'm scared of spiders and heights and being buried alive 4. take long showers 5. nope. it's making some people more confident, but not full of themselves. though also it can also make some people feel insecure 6. can't really think of any at the top of my head. but if anyone were to tell me to stop because of some unspoken rule, i would definitely keep doing that thing 7. money 8. Sitting by myself on a plane (by myself i mean next to a stranger) 9. Introvert, though some of my friends seem surprised when i say that 10. i guess that i've grown up in a really safe, friendly neighborhood and school district 11. there are specific things that i like to be challenged by and some things that i prefer to be easy, it's not just "i like everything to be a challenge" or "i want everything to be easy" for me. 12. i would time travel back to the time when bride cordelia was still available in the Fjorm legendary summoning, because I saved 100+ orbs and did not get her at all, even though I got 3 Gennys and 2 Lyns. seriously though, i like where i am now. the older time periods seem messy and not as kind. 13. i hate it when people walk slowly in the hallways at school, when people are overly sensitive and get offended by everything, and when people act super entitled, like they deserve things. i had this one friend that always acted like i was the bad one in our friendship, and i always apologized for everything even though i did literally nothing wrong. i recently stopped being friends with her and ugh it feels so amazing bc looking back, she was a terrible friend. she also is overly sensitive and gets offended by A LOT of things. and normally, i would be there and comfort her because of that, but it's been a super long year and i've done enough of that. she doesn't deserve to be friends with me. 14. i LOVE BOB'S BURGERS! 15. School year wise, i'd say 2016-17. but year, I would definitely say 2017. I think I really found myself that year (which was basically like 5 days ago lol). I found my group of friends, I dropped toxic people that i used to hang out with. i'm confident, independent (except i can't go to the bathroom by myself out of my house lol), and happy. my grades are up, my skin is clearing!!! 2018 will definitely be good for me. and if things look bad, i'll make it better!! 6. definitely 7. ......not sure :( 8. half empty. if you fill up an empty cup, it is half empty. if you drink from a cup that was full, it is half full. also, it's both. 2 halves = 1 whole 9. YES!!!!!! 10. ugh, don't remind me!! 6. of course :))) 7. i'm a great, caring, loving, smart, and beautiful person. i have great friends that love me and i love them, it is very easy to live with myself :) 8. wow that's cool!! 9. idk man 10. I can bake!!! not so much cook unfortunately 6. winter!! spring is a close second. Summer is also good because no school. 7. flight. i'm not very confrontational unless the situation involves me and i want to be involved lol 8. suburban 9. suburban 10. INTJ, i think it fits me. 2 years ago, i was ISFJ. I changed a lot in the past 2 years, and i like the way i am now a lot more. it fits me. tbh schoool takes up a lot of my time. also i haven't been playing fire emblem much other than heroes.
  14. Grand Hero Battles 2018: Who Do You Want?

    Lyon and Aversa come to mind for me! I think Aversa would be good for a permanent flying tome user.
  15. SF Interviews 2.0 - Nominating #165

    !!! OMGGGGGG THATS SO CUTE!! I highlighted the qualities that I have I think, like most people, I don't have specifically one type of boundary with people; I have a mix of all of those different boundaries. But if I had to choose, I think I would mostly have healthy boundaries with people, with a few porous qualities. I do not have trouble saying no to people, in fact, I'm the one that encourages my friends and other people to know when to say no. I don't change my values for others and I do value my own opinions, but sometimes I can overshare person information with my friends. I do not accept abuse or disrespect, and I never overinvolve myself with other peoples problems. I try to distance myself from that, because I have my own "problems", if you will, to deal with. I always tell myself and my friends to make yourself happy before you try to make others happy, so that you're not miserable and overloaded with other peoples needs if you can't meet yours. 3. Physical: Porous Intellectual: Porous Emotional: Rigid Sexual: Healthy Material: Rigid Time: Porous a, b, c, d. very cute!! I feel like I've seen those things before, and the tail on letter d reminds me of the tanooki tail! 2. I don't know what that means... :( 3. Always! I'm the one who stays back to ink the spawn, usually. 4. I think Fairy and Ice are really cool 5. I am not very interested/knowledgeable enough in Pokemon to answer this question, unfortunately Oh then yeah, let's raise it!!!! I love answering 1. Classical: Water, Chinese: Water (hopefully I answered that right...) 2. If I had to choose, it would be wrath. I do get jealous, but I can get really, really petty with people. For the heavenly virtues, I'd have to go with diligence! 3. That's my name! 4. None in particular, but when those topics come up in school, it's always interesting to hear about! 5. FE 7, 8, 10, 11, 13, 14 (all routes), and 15. I've finished 8, 11, 13, 14, and 15, and I've yet to finish 7 and 10. I've played 6 and 9 on emulators, but I don't really count them. 1. Yeah, he's pretty weird! Weird isn't bad tho :) 2. honestly no 3. I LOVE all three!! I LOVE EATING. Favorite would have to be lunch, with dinner close behind. The only reason I choose lunch is because there would still be time to go out and do stuff afterwards, so being satisfied with a good meal and then going out to have fun would be amazing. 4. yep!! 5. We haven't really talked much, but you seem like a nice guy