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  1. omg I literally screamed and hit the wall when I saw Charlotte! Wow, that's really cool! And also Cordelia!!! Yay!!! Guess I'll save some orbs even though I know I won't get any of them!
  2. lol that sounds frickin hilarious!! i have not seen it, could you post it here?
  3. After all, the only thing hotter than a hot guy... is a hot guy who likes hot guys! Then it's meant to be!
  4. OH when I first saw the thread title a few days ago, I thought the topic was about literal ships, as in the boats from the pirate raids in Act 2. lol I guess I'm pretty dumb! But now that I actually know what this thread is about... there are a few pairings I've been thinking about. Alm x Faye - I've always wished that the girl with the crush could get the guy. With Catria in Shadow Dragon and Cordelia in Awakening, it bothered me that I couldn't have them support with Marth or Chrom. I just thought it was weird, y'know? Lukas x Faye - This one is more of just a random pairing. I saw the two, and I thought they would like cute together. Not entirely sure about how their personalities would mix together, but it would be interesting at the least. Lukas is super grounded and kind, maybe he'd be able to get Faye to stop obsessing over Alm? Valbar x Leon - I know, I know Valbar had a wife. I know Valbar wouldn't be into Leon in a romantic way. But still, I thought Leon's crush on Valbar was super cute, and I definitely wouldn't mind seeing them have an ending together. Not romantically, of course (though I wouldn't mind that either), but like as friends, or roommates or whatever. Honestly I don't really ship Alm x Celica and Mae x Boey all that much. They're ehh pairings for me. The other pairings that are actually in the game (Tatiana x Zeke, Clive x Mathilda) are nice, but not super exciting for me. And lastly... Lukas x Forsyth or Lukas x Python or Forsyth x Python or Saber x Jesse - Now, uh, I... it's probably just my inner-Nina creeping in...
  5. Mae: "I'm at the top of my game!" (Selection) That has to be my favorite quote in the entire game. Also: Gray: "Who doesn't love a strong man?" (Level up) Faye: "You make it look easy, Alm" (Summary screen) Celica: "This is a fight I cannot lose!" (Final blow) Mae: "Sure, I'm still hyper. Let's go!" (Selection, half-health) Mae: "Woo! That was amazing!" (Summary screen) Boey: "Whew, you're a lifesaver!" (Being healed) Most of Mae's quote are just pure awesomeness. Mae's voice actress did an amazing job; I love listening to Mae speak. Lukas' voice is also one of my favorites, but none of his quotes really stood out to me. And there are some other quotes I like, but they are just supports, so maybe I'll add them at another time.
  6. I also think it's Lyn and Eirika in the silhouette, though I'm not entirely sure. Part of me is really hoping the right one will be Cordelia, but I'll be fine with whoever!! Eirika is cool too, but I'm not too excited about Lyn being a possibility. I don't dislike her, I just don't care about her that much because I wasn't too interested in the Blazing Blade. Sacred Stones, on the other hand, was my first Fire Emblem game, so Eirika was very memorable, and I also liked her as the bride DLC in Awakening.
  7. I do not like fatigue in Echoes. It's a pretty small pet peeve, and I've only ever had one or two of my units become completely tired, but I still don't like it. And as for pairings... I do not like that Scarlet and Ryoma cannot support, Jakob and Flora cannot support, Sumia and Stahl cannot support, and Cordelia and Chrom can't support. Oh and also it bothers me that there is no male character in Awakening that has the same hair color as Cordelia, and Severa can't get Cordelia's hair color. The same goes for the other children that cannot have the same hair color as his/her mother. In Sacred Stones, I dislike that you have to complete both routes at least once before getting access to the super trainee classes.
  8. In the Seabound Shrine dungeon, what exactly does the fountain of experience give? I know the other stat-boosting fountains give +1 to whatever stat they say it will give. But will the fountain of experience give my units 99 exp or something else??
  9. I like branching promotions; having just one specific class for a promotion is really boring for me. Even if one class is better for a unit, I like simply having the option to try something different. Having choices is important for me, and I like having the variety. Though one thing I find odd in some games is when a mounted unit loses their mount or changes to a different one. For example, in Awakening, Cherche has her wyvern Minerva. And then she promotes to a Griffon Rider. ??? Where did Minerva go???
  10. I really love Faye; she's probably my favorite character in all of Echoes. I'll admit, I did feel really weird about her C-Support with Silque. I didn't like it that much. And I haven't gotten very far into the game, so I haven't read any of her other supports aside from her Alm C-Support, but people say she apologizes and redeems herself, so that sounds great! I get that people find Faye creepy, but I think the amount of hate she gets is a bit much. I agree with everything the OP posted, and I think people should give Faye a chance. But if they still don't like her, that's fine too.
  11. I've seen a lot of people saying that they don't like Delthea because she's a brat, which is understandable. That really doesn't sound like a character I would like either. But still, I find it a little odd that people keep shitting on a 13 year old. Like dude, she's 13. Give her time. I can definitely say that the people I knew around 3 years ago were like that too. And I can also say that they are much more mature now than they were. Still, I haven't met her yet in my file, so I can't really say much about her personality from my own perspective. But it just bothered me that a 13 year old was apparently causing so much trouble and receiving so much hatred. (Also I peaked into her supports just a little bit and I don't see all the fuss??? Maybe her introduction in the plot will give me more) Maybe when I get to her I won't like her that much either, but I won't be hating on her for acting the way a 13 year old does.
  12. dude i love Leon I think his character was handled very well, and in that spoiler that the OP provided was really cute and romantic. I'm really all for that mushy stuff; I think it's really adorable. His love for Valbar is really really cute, I love it. I personally haven't gotten to recruit Leon yet, but I want to use him as a regular on my team when I do!
  13. Favorites: Lukas: He's caring and sweet, and passionate about the Deliverance, which I think is great. Lukas is a total sweetheart, and I love him. I love everything about him: his design, his personality, and his voice (which is so beautiful). And, he works extremely well as a unit on my team! Faye: I thought long and hard about Faye because her personality really made me rethink my opinion about her. When it comes to characters, design is a super important factor in whether or not I like a character, and when I first saw Faye, I adored her. But I felt weird reading her supports with Silque. I dislike the fact that her entire personality is built around loving Alm. I just wish she had more to her. In @Dandy Druid's post above, I looked at Faye's personality in another light, and now that I think about it, I'm quite passive-aggressive too at times, like Faye. Not in the way that I would outright tell someone I don't want to be friends with them, but in the way that I sometimes I can be a bit sassy without being a bitch. Mae: A fantastic girl. She's always energetic and bubbly without being annoying, which is amazing because I've met a lot of people who are VERY annoying because of their bubbly personality. Her voice actor did an incredible job in voicing Mae. She gives tons of emotion with every single line and it's very amusing to listen to. Her relationship with Boey is also extremely well done; the two are very cute together! Boey: I think Boey is a very good counterpart to Mae. He seems to be more serious, from what I've seen so far. I like his design too! Palla: Her design in Echoes is one of my favorites in the entire game. I haven't reached her in my file yet, which is why I can't really say anything about her personality. But still, her amazing design alone is enough for me to put her on my favorites list, and I will definitely be using her when I can. Least Favorites: Fernand: I dislike the way he treated Alm and the others when they first met. He's very rude and it bothers me a lot. Kliff: Seems boring to me. I don't like his design either, I've always found that Marth/Leo haircut to be ugly.
  14. In addition to my main post (above), I wanted to point out that this is the first Fire Emblem game I played where I actually liked most of the male characters. In most Fire Emblem games, I never find their designs interesting, which stops me from caring about them because I think they seem uninteresting. And actually, I pretty much like 90% of the Echoes cast. I've come to the conclusion that it's because everyone in Echoes is hot, everyone is good looking. I adore the art style in Echoes; I think it's phenomenal.
  15. Long time no see. How've you been?

    1. Carter


      I'm well, the school year is almost ending, and it's been a pretty good year. I got Echoes on Friday, and that's been a lot of fun so far! How are you?

    2. Randoman


      I've been average, I guess. Things could definitely stand to improve, but it's not like I'm particularly swamped with work or anything like that. So who are your favourite Echoes characters? I haven't played Echoes, but I did play and defeat Fire Emblem Gaiden.