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  1. Growing collection, but unfortunately I haven't gotten Lukas or Azura yet. Hoping one day that will change! I also pulled a second Hinoka and promoted Gordin into 5 star, but both of them were fed to other units for their skills/weapons. All are F2P! Pulled Promoted
  2. I wasn't sure which banner I should've chosen, but after this pull, I'm VERY happy with my choice! +HP/-Def Gray. I would've preferred for him to be -Res, but as long as his attack or speed isn't hindered, I'm happy! +Spd/-HP Delthea. PERRRRFECT for me. My Nino is also this nature, and she does wonders!
  3. She doesn't have an ideal nature, but I really wanted to use her! I plan to get to Fury 3 and Renewal 3, as well as Breath of Life 3. It's a long way from now, but maybe someday! Oh, and also Glacies.
  4. I didn't say it was a bad system???? I said I didn't like it because I could never understand it.
  5. I know we've been getting a LOT of Echoes content, and I too think it would be nice to get different stuff like Magvel or Tellius, but it does make sense that they would be pushing Echoes so much. After all, it is the newest game, and they want it to be successful. So wouldn't it make sense for them to "advertise" it in another game that they have? It's like when an artist releases a new single, they are going to promote that and ONLY that, to ensure it's success. That being said, I still don't want another Echoes Tempest Trials. Don't know what they have planned, but I'll be okay with it as long as I get my orbs!
  6. I know people like celebrities or follow them on social media or whatever, but I've never heard of anyone "worshiping" a celebrity. I know that not everyone cares about every little detail of the life of a celebrity, but there are some people who do care about that, for whatever reason, and would like to know the little details about celebrities. If you personally don't care, that's great. Just don't pay attention or click on the links leading to celebrity news. And another thing, I've never heard of fame ruining a child's life. I've heard of childhood stars growing up to be not well, but I've never of a child suffering for simply being the child of somebody famous.
  7. Spring: Faye. She likes flowers! And... that's my only reason for choosing her, aside from my favoritism. I would also pick either Elise or Sakura. Bride: Eirika. She was beautiful as a bridge in Awakening. Honestly, I was a bit disappointed she wasn't one in Heroes, but I like Charlotte too. Summer: Vaike. He doesn't wear a shirt anyways, so I feel like the beach would be a good place for him.
  8. I hate when people say "it's okay!" to me, when I'm clearly upset or something has gone wrong. No, it's not okay, and you can shut up please. Other pet peeves: People who think it's okay to waste food Being told what to do I have a friend who does all three of these things, and it pisses me off to no end. ugh same. But I find it funny sometimes when i explain it and the person gets confused lol
  9. I would really love an Animal Crossing x FE crossover where all of the villagers are Fire Emblem characters. That would be so cute! It would be random, but so adorable. Especially after seeing this: I know I'd love to see other Fire Emblem characters like Faye or Cordelia in this form!
  10. Didn't get Gray or Delthea, but I'm pleased with this! I was planning to upgrade my 4 star Tharja to 5 star, but this was a great feather saver! And thankfully, she's +Spd/-Res. My 4 star was +Spd/-Atk. And Merric, who is unfortunately -Atk, but +Spd. Still, he'll be good for getting rid of flying units along with my Nino, so I'm not complaining. Any five star is good for me.
  11. I have a +Def/-HP Corrin (F). I don't have any good defensive units, and Corrin would really fill the role well for me. Would a different nature suit Corrin better or would the Corrin I have now (who is currently 3 star) be good to work with and upgrade to 5 star?
  12. Favorites: Faye - In other threads, I've already explained why I like Faye. Now that another topic like this has come up, I'm really not in the mood to type it up again. I know a lot of people dislike Faye, and I could see why. But I find her very cute and endearing, and I don't find her crush on Alm creepy, for the most part. One thing that does bother me though is when people call her a thot. This mostly happens on YouTube, so I know that I shouldn't expect much from reading the comments, but I still find it very silly. She has absolutely zero qualities that would make her one; all she is is a girl with a crush on her childhood savior. Lukas - I like Lukas a lot; he's very caring and kind, and also cares a lot about his job with the Deliverance. He has a great design and a beautiful voice. What I don't exactly like about him is the lack of emotion he displays. I've never really been able to connect with any Fire Emblem character emotionally, but man Lukas takes the cake for least-relatable for me. Other favorites are Gray and Mae. I'm just too lazy to describe why. I like both of their designs and they are great units for me. Least Favorites: Berkut - I think Berkut is a very well written character, so that's not why I dislike him. He just seems really crazy for power, and honestly I thought his relationship with Rinea was cute, until Fernand - I don't like how quickly he writes off Alm and the others simply for not being a noble. Everyone else is fine. I don't feel super excited or annoyed when I see other characters.
  13. I hate seeing any dancers, Hector, and Peri. I used to have trouble with Takumi, but now my Reinhardt eats him up (and all bow-users in general). I also used to have trouble with Ryoma, Xander, and other sword-units, but my Cordelia is now specifically set up to destroy them.
  14. I didn't use dancers much in the older games because I didn't like that they couldn't fight. Olivia I used sometimes, and Azura I brought in every single map. I use Olivia in Heroes all the time.