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  1. FE11 H5 0% growths warpless LTC

    binged the endgame I think my fav part of this run was how much use you got out of Merric. I get that it was necessary for the support but hey, it's still Merric use! Big congrats on finishing, was very fun to follow in the midgame and early lategame.
  2. FE11 H5 0% growths warpless LTC

    Roger and Bord going the distance! This playthrough is legendary It's like you took the one dumb dream scenario I had of Wendy x Lilina actually helping to save a turn in FE6 and turned it into reality in FE11 auuu
  3. FE11 H5 0% growths warpless LTC

    This was a really impressive and fun chapter to watch! So many small things going on constantly, with the distraction tactics, exact KOs, trading important weapons, blocking enemies in on feels like you pulled out all the stops. Really masterful.
  4. FE11 H5 0% growths warpless LTC

    Skipping Jeorge and Merric not having the oomph to OHKO the boss with a crit for that juicy EXP Feels Bad Man
  5. FE11 H5 0% growths warpless LTC

    I like how everyone makes these tiny little combat contributions and all Wolf does is meatshield for a turn or two despite the fact he was deployed as a Hero instead of a General.
  6. Opinions on Finn

    RE: Previous point about Nanna/Diarmuid Why does nobody assume Lachesis wasn't just fooling around with both Beowulf and Finn at the same time and trying to keep it on the down low? When Beowulf says he knows "her true feelings" that to me always just meant he knew what was going on. And considering Fergus exists he probably didn't care that much anyway either.
  7. FE11 H5 0% growths warpless LTC

    Excited to see more of this, and you already saved a turn too! Really curious as to what you'll be doing for Endgame, I theoried some of it for fun once without Warp on 0%, but obv I didn't have to think about expenses over a whole playthrough.
  8. C15 - 7/117 Turns Getting the Dracoshield (Prepare for Def capped Palla) instead of the Energy Drop costs an extra turn due to Marth not being able to feasibly visit on T2. It also costs a Rescue use which could have feasibly been used for a 5 turn without the statbooster instead I think...but 1 Rescue or 1 Again to save 1 turn is pretty I just took it slower. Not like I'm winning this draft anyway. Enjoy the fearsome Dracoknight Cord. Originally was going to use Berserker Cord to ORKO one of the Bishops but him doing it as Draco frees up Barst to not be in a speed capped class whilst taking a bosskill. Originally originally was going to have Belf or Etzel handle one of these dudes but hey, whatever works. Cecille lost a Paladin kill on T6 since Marth crit but he needs the EXP more anyway. MU and Etzel hit internal C Staves, so they can stay as Sage from now on. Also I'm pretty sure undrafted are allowed to reinforcement block...but if they aren't my strat doesn't change much at all since Ryan, Cord and Cain can all block instead on the last EP. I probably should have killed Abel... UNIT CLASS LEVEL HP STR MAG SKL SPD LCK DEF RES WEXP BOOSTERS Marth Lord 22.53 42 19 00 23 25 24 15 00 B Swd Growth Drop, 1 Wing MyUnit Sage 15/12.03 50 13 22 26 24 22 05 12 A Tme C Stf Palla D.Knight 12/15.53 54 26 01 26 23 13 24 03 A Lnc D Axe 2 Robes, 2 Shields, 1 Wing Ryan Horseman 14/12.95 42 22 00 28 24 16 16 03 A Bow C Swd 1 Scroll Barst Berserker 12/11.60 43 26 00 20 26 14 14 03 A Axe 1 Scroll, 1 Drop Cain Paladin 15/10.89 45 22 00 25 23 17 20 06 C Swd C Lnc Cecille F.Knight 18/11.07 44 19 07 26 26 20 16 12 C Swd B Lnc Malicia Sage 11/04.91 30 03 15 05 15 17 07 07 D Tme A Stf Etzel Sage ??/09.35 33 03 14 16 14 09 11 12 B Tme C Stf Cord Sorcerer 15/02.82 30 06 10 12 17 12 06 10 D Tme B Stf
  9. Did you enjoy Awakening?

    it took like 4 or 5 restarts to figure out a proper amount of exp distribution early on in lunatic in order to facilitate full deployment for the whole game (also didn't second seal any gen 1 characters), but eventually, yeah. kind of a problem where in order to get an experience remotely resembling a normal FE game you basically have to craft it yourself though.
  10. Lunatic+ 69 turns LTC

    I like how half the playthrough was done in one day because of how stupid midgame is lol Grats on finishing
  11. Is Marcus a good unit in FE7?

    RE: Supports argument from earlier I mean this is FE7, you have tons of end turn time in defence maps or various turn floors thanks to dumb recruitments. I think it is pretty reasonable to assume a bunch of C and B supports for chars in play as long as those characters have reason to be near each other and have high base/grow fast. It's like staff rank, it's not very hard to raise if you put your mind to it, even at efficiency pace.
  12. Congratulations and thanks are in order, so GZ and TY for your continued efforts to complete this.
  13. Is Marcus a good unit in FE7?

    I wouldn't say he's seen as unremarkable, since he's pretty important in the first few chapters due to lack of promoted units, so he's still really clutch. And even past that, being promoted means he's one of the better units you can deploy until like, 10x TBH, which is like half the game. So he's still totally better than most of the rest of the cast, and a unit you'd see in basically any playthrough for a significant period of time. Being promoted is really good.
  14. Fox, I think you're being excessively uncharitable here. Like, you're being so uncharitable it borders on intentional misrepresentation of Mekkah's core points. Pitfalls is a series about misconceptions people have regarding things in FE. It's not a pitfall to train a full team, and that's not what he said or implied, merely that it's a pitfall to think that you SHOULD do that. It's not a pitfall to play on casual mode, it's a pitfall to think that classic mode with resets and casual mode are basically the same thing, etc. I think that you may have subconciously mistaken the silly dumbdumb151 joke at the start to be indicative of an elitist casual bashing mentality, and then that coloured your perception of the video as a whole to the point that this mentality permeates everything. But it's really more at the expense of dondon himself rather than an anti casual thing.
  15. I can't really be arsed to read the whole topic (bite me) but I'm just gonna chip in and say that even the most busted units in this game have meaningful weaknesses, which is a better metric to consider game "balance" by rather than comparing the cast members relatively, because all units can be boiled down to being tools in a toolbox you have, and the combined functionality of your options against what the game is trying to confront you with is ultimately what the game is about, and thus where the real strategy lies.