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  1. Lunatic+ 69 turns LTC

    I like how half the playthrough was done in one day because of how stupid midgame is lol Grats on finishing
  2. Is Marcus a good unit in FE7?

    RE: Supports argument from earlier I mean this is FE7, you have tons of end turn time in defence maps or various turn floors thanks to dumb recruitments. I think it is pretty reasonable to assume a bunch of C and B supports for chars in play as long as those characters have reason to be near each other and have high base/grow fast. It's like staff rank, it's not very hard to raise if you put your mind to it, even at efficiency pace.
  3. Congratulations and thanks are in order, so GZ and TY for your continued efforts to complete this.
  4. Is Marcus a good unit in FE7?

    I wouldn't say he's seen as unremarkable, since he's pretty important in the first few chapters due to lack of promoted units, so he's still really clutch. And even past that, being promoted means he's one of the better units you can deploy until like, 10x TBH, which is like half the game. So he's still totally better than most of the rest of the cast, and a unit you'd see in basically any playthrough for a significant period of time. Being promoted is really good.
  5. Fox, I think you're being excessively uncharitable here. Like, you're being so uncharitable it borders on intentional misrepresentation of Mekkah's core points. Pitfalls is a series about misconceptions people have regarding things in FE. It's not a pitfall to train a full team, and that's not what he said or implied, merely that it's a pitfall to think that you SHOULD do that. It's not a pitfall to play on casual mode, it's a pitfall to think that classic mode with resets and casual mode are basically the same thing, etc. I think that you may have subconciously mistaken the silly dumbdumb151 joke at the start to be indicative of an elitist casual bashing mentality, and then that coloured your perception of the video as a whole to the point that this mentality permeates everything. But it's really more at the expense of dondon himself rather than an anti casual thing.
  6. I can't really be arsed to read the whole topic (bite me) but I'm just gonna chip in and say that even the most busted units in this game have meaningful weaknesses, which is a better metric to consider game "balance" by rather than comparing the cast members relatively, because all units can be boiled down to being tools in a toolbox you have, and the combined functionality of your options against what the game is trying to confront you with is ultimately what the game is about, and thus where the real strategy lies.
  7. Fighter!MU without unlocked Class Sets is awful because you can't go Dracoknight.
  8. Take advantage of the system and go beyond portraits exchanging dialogue to enable a character who is mute to communicate through body language. But if they won't do that I'd settle for any kind of disability (eyepatches that are there for cool-factor don't count).
  9. C14 - 5/110 Turns Took an extra turn for the Swordslayer (pretty useful in C16 and 20), Tiki's Divinestone (Money) and EXP. Promoted Cord since I needed an extra unit to help kill stuff on Turn 2 and I need him promoted next map anyway. Gave Palla a Speedwing so she could double thieves with the Scorpio shard (and because she'll never get to 25 AS otherwise, which matters in 20x and Final) If Barst isn't able to finish off an Ice Dragon on Turn 3 for whatever reason the contingency strat is for him to just stay out of range of both Dragons on Turn 3, then ORKO one on Turn 4, then get Physic'd to ORKO the other on Turn 5. Average Paladin!Cain at this level with the Devil Sword and an Energy Drop + Str Shards still does the OHKO, but I could have circumvented it entirely if I just deployed Swordmaster!Cain instead so he could double them. That would result in a bunch of "wasted" Sword WEXP though since I do want him to hit B Swords as a Paladin eventually so he can use the Brave Sword lategame. UNIT CLASS LEVEL HP STR MAG SKL SPD LCK DEF RES WEXP BOOSTERS Marth Lord 21.88 41 19 00 22 25 23 15 00 B Swd Growth Drop, 1 Wing MyUnit Bishop 15/09.80 47 10 19 23 24 21 05 16 A Tme C Stf Palla D.Knight 12/14.43 54 26 01 26 23 13 24 03 A Lnc D Axe 2 Robes, 2 Shields, 1 Wing Ryan Horseman 14/12.61 42 22 00 28 24 16 16 03 A Bow C Swd 1 Scroll Barst D.Knight 12/10.40 38 24 00 22 23 14 18 03 D Lnc A Axe 1 Scroll, 1 Drop Cain Paladin 15/10.60 45 22 00 25 23 17 20 06 C Swd C Lnc Cecille F.Knight 18/10.54 43 19 07 26 26 20 16 12 C Swd B Lnc Malicia Sage 11/04.56 30 03 15 05 15 17 07 07 D Tme A Stf Etzel Sorcerer ??/08.57 32 02 13 16 14 08 11 13 B Tme D Stf Cord Sorcerer 15/01.85 29 05 10 11 16 11 06 10 D Tme B Stf
  10. C13x - 2/105 Turns Palla didn't get deployed because Ryan's cool enough to be able to tank Kleine and the Bandit. If Marth doesn't dodge T1 then MU Physics him. Marth hit B Swords, Barst hit A Axes. I am happy. UNIT CLASS LEVEL HP STR MAG SKL SPD LCK DEF RES WEXP BOOSTERS Marth Lord 19.51 39 18 00 20 24 21 14 00 B Swd Growth Drop, 1 Wing MyUnit Bishop 15/08.55 46 10 18 22 23 20 04 16 A Tme C Stf Palla D.Knight 12/12.85 52 24 01 24 23 13 24 03 A Lnc D Axe 2 Robes, 2 Shields Ryan Horseman 14/09.98 40 22 00 26 23 14 14 03 A Bow C Swd 1 Scroll Barst D.Knight 12/08.83 37 23 00 21 22 13 17 03 D Lnc A Axe 1 Scroll, 1 Drop Cain Paladin 15/07.44 43 21 00 22 21 14 18 06 C Swd C Lnc Cecille F.Knight 18/07.81 41 18 06 26 26 19 15 12 C Swd B Lnc Arran D.Knight ??/05.85 26 12 01 12 11 04 14 03 B Lnc E Axe Malicia Sage 11/02.96 29 03 13 05 13 17 07 07 D Tme A Stf Etzel Sorcerer ??/08.57 32 02 13 16 14 08 11 13 B Tme D Stf Cord Curate 15.42 23 03 07 10 16 11 05 10 B Stf
  11. UK General Election 2017

    Brexit can be stopped (final deal being voted on in some manner or other) or negociations can occur in ways that enable caveats for Scotland. For example, the border in Ireland cannot go back to a hard border, and nobody wants to see that. I believe things like this can be worked on. As for another indyref, at the time I was pretty frustrated and hadn't really considered the alternatives. If there was one today, I'd vote no. If the brexit deal is a total disaster and no further options were on the table I'd probably abstain or consider yes in an indyref. I have never heard an argument for this that didn't ultimately boil down to emotional appeals to Scotland being distinct enough from the r.UK to warrant it's own status as an independant state or mistrust of how the federal government would function. Depends a lot on how much credability the SNP manage to assert during this Parliament, whether Indyref2 looks feasible anytime soon and whether they continue to dissapoint in Holyrood. relevant.
  12. UK General Election 2017

    The % matters in terms of it becoming an issue because people do not think about these things for no reason. The opposition to immigration in parts of England is not directly connected to the % of ethnic minorities, but I believe it is significantly influenced by it, as a narrative about how immigrants are the problem can only carry weight where there are enough immigrants for people to actually believe it. We are all prejudiced, but our environment influences how that prejudice manifests. Furthermore, the current dynamic of nationalism in Scotland is different because the focus can be put onto Westminister, the Tories, and more broadly the English as the "problem". Whilst more immigration may change the tone of the argument, I'm also considering a post-independant Scottish scenario where the more undesirable belly of nationalism may very well begin to start targeting other minorities with its ire. Depends what you mean by "defend". As it is commonly stated, there is a difference between attacking Islam and attacking Muslims. But I acknowledge the line is difficult to pin exactly and many people can and do feel threatened on a personal level by such criticisms, and being careful about how you phrase yourself and where you do it is important. I think one can say that if you're outright defending authoritarian customs being a good thing then that is just overcompensating for the whole heteronormativewhitemalepatriarchal view of society that western culture is rooted in. This is not neccessarily exclusive to an independant Scotland. To the last point, they did get increased powers. To the previous points, that is not an argument for independance so much as a recognition that federalism has failed to catch on as an idea. I challenge you to think about why that is and why nationalism caught on. FYI I am pro federal UK too. I disagree. The West Lothian Question ( ) has a lot of popular sympathy in England, and in the conservative aprty. It is merely the framing of it that is important. I mean the fact we got a bunch of Tories in north of the border has basically saved May. Labour knocked out a lot of Tories in England, but we provided the extra seats they needed to be able to reach a majority with the DUP. You cannot really argue that Scotland doesn't have "much of a say" here since if the SNP had hung onto a mere 6 or so seats then there would be a truly hung parliament unless the Liberals decided to help the Tories, which is definitely not happening in the current political climate. Yes, but we would have a say in that, just not an exclusive say in it. Again, sure, it's not popular, but think about why Federalism is not popular and Nationalism is.
  13. UK General Election 2017

    I still think its inevitable. I didn't say they could run wild, merely that they would be able to use the Brexit result as a mandate for attempting another indyref, which they did, but I did not forsee Westminister blocking it. I put links in my post shortly after if you didn't catch them. As for neoliberalism, yes, but that's the basic position of the UK conservative party too, and UKIP for that matter. They are not in favor of progressive taxation. I'm not saying they're the same as the Tory party, I'm just trying to point out examples of how they're not really a left leaning party in terms of actual policy or management of public services (pay freeze, etc). They like to blame everything on Westminister or not having enough power yet don't actively use the powers they get given in order to make the changes they claim to support. It depends on how well off the elderly person is, but yes to the first. They used to be strong in rural areas in Scotland but the Liberals ended up mostly scooping up their votes when the Conservative brand became toxic, and the Liberals got those votes instead of Labour because these areas don't have the kind of demographics where class warfare esque mantra carries much weight. I'm not saying this is an argument for it not being a viable option, it's merely just building off the point about how the false narrative of Scotland as a far more left leaning party of the country was perpetuated. Well I have plenty of personal experience dealing with SNP supporters from political activism and canvassing I take part in, especially during these past two elections. But the part you quoted is really supposed to be connected to the next line, which is the main crux of the argument; that if it was about accountability, Federalism should have been the popular idea, not independance. Why would we need to be independant of the UK if we could all manage everything within our nations except for things like defence and foreign relations? The point is it's about Scottish or British identity. I'm not insinuating that no criticism should be leveraged at Westminsister. Again some of this is out of context due to the separation of the lines. The argument is that if Scottish nationalism was truly civic, there would be no need for the nationalism, because Liberal Federalism already enables the civic portions of it. What caught on was Independance and what the SNP have historically succeeded in is tribalistic opposition to Westminister and the English state. Its like 80%, so more than that. And it would not be "immediate", and it's not as if England hates foreigners either. I'm simply saying that it is common for bad things to be blamed on outsiders unreasonably so, but in a scenario where they make up a tiny % of the population it is not going to be as prevelant as where they make up nearly a quarter. Thus I believe that if we had a higher immigration rate, we would see similar unease and tension about the subject of immigration as England sees. First point; most of them do, but I believe that liberalism does not, beyond the problems to do with the historic facets of a patriarchal, white male european centric view of everything, but these are not inherant to liberalism so much as to the places it is prominent in, and liberals have acknowledged this and attempt to compensate. And I think you're misrepresenting me because whilst there are certainly more blatant fascist tendancies present in UKIP or Trump my point is that the concept of nationalism that powers them all is rooted in the same thing. As for the last question, you'd have to explain why you think an independant Scotland is neccessary as opposed to a Federal UK before I could actually answer that. FWIW I don't believe the Green Party is nationalist, but I also believe them to primarily be opportunistic in their modern day leveraging of social issues to try to get more attention so they can attempt to use that to focus on things they're ultimately more concerned about (that goes for most Green Parties worldwide for that matter). But since they're concerned about the climate primarily that's not really quite as bad. Similarly their support of independance seems more about the their perception of practical realities of managing particular problems rather than tribalism, but I suppose it depends on which Green Party supporter you talk to, as some are more marxist than others.
  14. UK General Election 2017

    Yes, but the SNP had and currently have the largest voteshare in the country, and are also the incumbent party, so 30% of theirs is worth more than everyone else's put together. And because of how FPTP works, it's more than enough to swing things over. First point; whilst that is true, the point is more to do with the fact that there are plenty of SNP voters who have sympathies with conservative principles, both socially and economically, but dislike the English centric nature of the UK conservative party, espceially in the post Thatcher era. I mean really, even when you look at how the SNP has governed, they have not nearly been as progressive as they like to claim they are. Scotland was given new tax powers and they rolled out Tory tier excuses as to why they couldn't be raised (it would drive business away), and when their leader gets put on the defensive by a Nurse on TV, their candidates and supporters look to smear her as not being of the "deserving" poor (on National fucking TV mind), which is again typical right wing mantra. The writing is on the wall dude. Second point, uh, really, no. Unless by most you accept over 51%, but the reality is in terms of attitudes we're not really that different from the rest of the UK. I've said this to many people before, maybe they'll believe me now, but the SNP is a coalition party in itself of people across the spectrum who want an independant Scotland, and will do whatever they can to achieve it. If part of that involves having to parade around as being a left leaning party to scoop up disgrunted Liberal and Labour voters, so be it. The SNP as a party will not remain glued together in an independant scotland, and you would certainly see the formation of a new centre right party in Scotland following it. They're superficially different, but they come from the same root belief of inherant superiority and dislike of outsiders. Scottish independance is rooted in division, not in desire for accountability. If it was about power, Liberals have supported a federalised vision of the UK for a very long time, and yet this idea never gained traction because it's not racical enough for nationalists who see Westminister as some foreign evil. One may say "but Scotland doesn't hate immigrants", but I would counter that by saying our rate of immigration is dramatically lower and we're nearly 97% white compared to England which has far more ethnic minorities. If we had a more significant immigrant population you'd see the same kind of "unease" in our political discourse. The facade of "civic" nationalism that the SNP present has always been a lie and a trap. Nationalism is not a political force that can be wielded purely for good, there is always an ugly underside.
  15. UK General Election 2017

    TBFH, the Scottish swing to Tory has more to do with the fact that a significant portion of the SNP's voterbase supports Brexit, which is hardly surprising when you realise that "Civic Nationalism" is at best only part of what defines Scottish Nationalism, and that Nationalism always harbors these "less than desirable" aspects. Not really that different from UKIP in many ways tbfh. The SNP as a political movement has never really been left wing till recent history, there's a reason they used to be called the Tartan Tories. The mantra of "get a Tory government you didn't vote for" is really dead in the water now though, but FSR nobody seemed to remember until now that prior to the Poll Tax, Scotland had plenty of Tory voters and they were even important in helping Thatcher in her early terms.