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  1. FEBinary programs and hacks in here:

    Thank you very much, I was really after this patch, I'm gonna start playing right away :D
  2. FEBinary programs and hacks in here:

    Alusq, would you mind leaving a link to Sword of heaven and earth too? It seems the patch isn't in the uploader anymore, I just can't find it
  3. Fire Emblem: Requiem - V1.4 is up

    Nala is a goddess, used her for recruitment all the way to the end, since i'm just a swordmaster fanatic :D
  4. ROM Hack and Fan Game Directory

    I remember playing sun god's challenge a long time ago before it was taken down, does someone know if it's still alive or not? Just wanted to know, seemed promising
  5. FE8 Hack: The Sun God's Wrath (V3.4 release 12/12/2018)

    So glad to see this is still in progress, I played an earlier version many, many moons ago, and really loved it, the story is really promising, and I think it may be the best FE8 hack to be made, so i'll be really looking up for further progress :D
  6. Fire Emblem: Requiem - V1.4 is up

    I'll be totally checking this "secret" out too, and since I have a kind of an obvious fixation for sword fighters, and swords in general, skye got really underused for me, but i'll try to check him more closelly, I just kind of used Nala, Laraya, Alicia, Ash, Val and Linda to mow down all the enemies, without even using ordanze (for unit limit reasons, but i'm not complaning). Now i'll try to make the next playthrough more balanced in character use
  7. Fire Emblem - Crossover Hack 2.0

    Played to chapter 9 so far, this looks very promissing, loved the custom animation for Ike and the animation for Celice too, i think you wanted it to resemble his original animation in FE4 right? if so, then good job, also, I'm from latin america too, though i don't speak spanish, but aniways i'm hoping for the future versions
  8. Fire Emblem: Requiem - V1.4 is up

    Finished the hack too, and found it amazing. And while I think the game had almost a freefall in dificulty after chapter 7, it was kind of a breather for me :D too few promotion items though, i think i went as far as chapter 19 without any promoted unit, since i'm not a fan of using pre-promotes. But seriously, amazing job, awesome game, awesome story :)
  9. Happy Birthday!!! (sorry for a couple days late)

  10. Hi!

    Welcome to the forest, and I think almost everyone here will be a fan of Genealogy at some point hehehe anyway enjoy your stay
  11. Best FE7 Crit Animation?

    Swordmasters, then assassins, All animations for blade lord Lyn and great lord Hector, and General sword animation (I know it's in FE8, but I just like it that much
  12. Which unit would you choose to promote early?

    Actually i remembered something just now: I really dont't promote anyone early except one single unit: Wallace I mean, does he count? 'Cause the game forces you to do it in the tutorial, but I find me promoting him early even in LHM
  13. What are your Best characters and favorite characters in FE7?

    Maybe he was tired of being always benched in some point of the game and decided to have some decent growths
  14. What are your Best characters and favorite characters in FE7?

    Of course he is, to makeup for the low caps in spd and skl, the hackers gave him a 23 cap in strength and defense, talk about thwomp and thinking about Ross... yeah, he is indeed that much better as a berserker