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  1. Hi! Im new

    Welcome XD
  2. Headcanons?

    Really?! Cool! It takes so much time for me to write since english is not my language. But i'll try.
  3. Headcanons?

    Sometimes I think Faye would be more obsessed with Celica than Alm. They would be a cute couple.
  4. Yaaah! I dont mind sharing, thou~ I think Alm/Celica is really well written in the game. Hope im not going too far for linking Luthier/Clair
  5. Exactly my thoughts. And I love all the characters dialogues too. This game is kinda hard for me to play, but the story is worth the trouble.
  6. Where can I get information about the "canon classes"?
  7. I played a few hours, did some battles. So far I'm doing good, but im struggling to figure what are the best class for each character. Im playing on hard/classic so I don’t know if I will have more difficulty playing without optimal classes.
  8. The Lunatic Club [Fates]

    What a good talent if I go Calm and Dull?
  9. The Lunatic Club [Fates]

    I know this, but all this master and servant thing is *blushes* Anyhow, I just got by chapter 2 , its fairly easy comparing to Awakening first lunatic chapters
  10. The Lunatic Club [Fates]

    So, Im playing with my friend, shes on phoenix mode and I really liked conquest story, so im going to start from conquest lunatic. I heard it is like some old fire emblem and dont have much to grind, so I have some questions to start with: 1 - What Boon and Bane should I pick for a optimal run? I plan to make a Corrin and a physical class, like Norh Noble, maybe? 2 - I really don't like the children, I mean, I play so much with the parents that I get attached to them, so, is it mandatory to play with the children to beat lunatic? 3 - I love Felicia and I plan to pair her with my male Corrin, is she a good pairing for him? 4 - There is some thread or something about the characters? some tier list or something? 5 - Should I worry about pairing in this game? Unlike Awekening I saw that pairing system is not the same, so I can relly that much on pairing. 6 - Is it possible to grind with dlc? For now is just it. Thank you <3
  11. The Lunatic Club

    I'm thinking in making Chrom a nice Bow Knight to provide some support when needed again flying units. Somehow Sully died on chapter 13 and I'm thinking of replacing her for Lucina+Morgan.