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  1. You haven't provided anyone with any details to grab their attention and get them on board. Right now it looks like you want someone to do the heavy lifting for you while you contribute here and there. Make a demo chapter or two, provide screenshots, read some tutorials and try to figure things out on your own because right now I can almost guarantee that nobody is going to be willing to help you work on this based on what you've given us in the OP.
  2. None exist as far as I know
  3. In theory yes, unless we do any massive changes, saves with the new version should work with future ones.
  4. Are you referring to the routes in act 2? Because neither of them are even close to almost done. And even when they are done, they're both coming out at the same time, one route won't be release before the other. Right now we're planning on fixing some dialogue stuff to make it better, rebalancing the early game around skills, and putting a new release out soonish. Note that this release will only be Act 1 still, but it will have skills and you will have to restart your saves. Old saves will not work with the next release.
  5. Personal skills for all the Act 1 playable units are done, still need to finish up a couple boss personals. Then maybe work on act 2 can progress more.
  6. They're going to be about the same difficulty.
  7. I wouldn't even worry about art until you actually have something concrete to show people. Ideas are a dime a dozen and people want to see something before they commit to working on it.
  8. Eventing is easier than art. You're better off learning how to do it, because most of the people who can event already have their own project.
  9. There will be all kinds of skills for classes as well as personal skills.
  10. I'll just leave these here
  11. ^That None of your old saves are going to work with the next version, you're going to have to start over anyway.
  12. in 1-1 if both the green knights at the bottom live you get a dark tome for owen and an anima tome for Sawyer, I'm pretty sure they don't go down easily so in theory it should be easy to get that.