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  1. in 1-1 if both the green knights at the bottom live you get a dark tome for owen and an anima tome for Sawyer, I'm pretty sure they don't go down easily so in theory it should be easy to get that.
  2. There's no ballista in 1-11 in the next version, so problem solved there. I think those two are the only ones that change if Marcius is still alive.
  3. Act 1 writing is already undergoing revision, but I don't promise anything. Yeah the RNG will do whatever it wants, Sometimes you get good units and other times the same units end up trash. Gyazo or ShareX You're probably not going to be able to solo later chapters with her. And Seneca's sword is just the sword of Fortuitan rulers so...
  4. It's not ready yet
  5. Not even shilling my incomplete FE8 eventing resource smh Cam
  6. When it's done. Same answer as above.
  7. help

    SoA is the exception not the rule, most people do the majority of the work on their own.
  8. I am saddened. In other news, O2-1 is finally done, and S2/O2-2 will start getting worked on shortly. 16(+2) chapters to go...
  9. FEditor should just work if you have the java stuff installed, that's weird.
  10. Dumb question: are you on Windows?
  11. Not outside of unit placement, no. Doing it normally, I have an (incomplete) eventing resource for FE8 in my signature, and is also linked in the resource thread.
  12. I guess I'm not good enough for a tag
  13. how many were hiding in the lower treasure room tho