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  1. Staff of Ages (Version 1.7.2 is here!)

    All hasn't gone to plan and we're still waiting on some people to do their part for blitz stuff. The next release (half of act 2) has been pushed back and the current release date is "When it's done."
  2. Staff of Ages (Version 1.7.2 is here!)

    Thanks for the feedback! We're addressing this by changing the reward for keeping the greens alive in 1-1 to a stat booster and having enemies drop a magic tome for Sawyer and Owen. I think her AI is the same as Ross'? Go for lord/attack enemy. Unsure if this will change or not. I think Charles is in a pretty good spot, Kate has been adjusted, unsure if Harold has been looked at. There will be a promotion item in 1-F in the next release. As well as a few in act 2. It seems like every time we've buffed Eagle he got too powerful lol.
  3. Staff of Ages (Version 1.7.2 is here!)

    That's a bug and it'll be corrected in the next version.
  4. Staff of Ages (Version 1.7.2 is here!)

    Most likely they'll be around in some form for the release of all of Act 2. I'm unsure if we'll have them ready for this release, depends on what I get done lol.
  5. Staff of Ages (Version 1.7.2 is here!)

    Assuming all goes to plan there should be some sort of release by the holidays. Currently blitzing the chapters we need which should speed things along greatly.
  6. Better get to fixing it yourself then, since Alfred isn't working on this anymore.
  7. I mean I have something mostly ready, need to get some art assets and music in though
  8. Staff of Ages (Version 1.7.2 is here!)

    Haven't been able to replicate the issue but other people have reported this as well
  9. Staff of Ages (Version 1.7.2 is here!)

    Just so nobody gets hyped up for an FEE3 release, at this current point in time I honestly don't believe we'll have something for the public by FEE3. A myriad of personal issues culminating in me ignoring of my own mental well being has left me without any motivation for just about everything that I like doing (including hacking). So, unless some sort of miracle happens, the next release date will be "whenever it gets done." There will be something to show for the event, so at least there's that to look forward to.
  10. Staff of Ages (Version 1.7.2 is here!)

    Known bug, not super high on our list of priorities at the moment
  11. Staff of Ages (Version 1.7.2 is here!)

    I'll take a look at that Moonbow isn't actually supposed to be in the game, I believe it's removed in 1.7.2, so it's not supposed to do anything. Code of honor affects Seneca and enemies who could be considered pirates or brigands, so it's not doing a whole lot in the one chapter he's usable for. That's the idea Game's not designed with farming anything in mind, if people want to waste all that time trying to grind on a boss that can still hurt them they can go right ahead. yes