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  1. Staff of Ages (Version 2.0 is here!)

    As always, when it's ready. The next update is almost entirely just fixes and adjustments for what was found in 2.0, there won't be a significant content update for a good while.
  2. Staff of Ages (Version 2.0 is here!)

    You'll have to wait for the next update, it seems like if anyone is dead or not recruited the game freezes before the map starts. Not sure if the save will work or not after the update though.
  3. Staff of Ages (Version 2.0 is here!)

    A lot. It'll all be listed in the changelog that comes with the release.
  4. Staff of Ages (Version 2.0 is here!)

    Updated minimug box thanks to the modular minimug box! Hit/Avo was considered but ultimately not shown because you really don't care about it until weapon triangle is added, which changes per weapon in the first place.
  5. Staff of Ages (Version 2.0 is here!)

    1.0 saves are incredibly outdated and not compatible in any way.
  6. Staff of Ages (Version 2.0 is here!)

    That's real unlikely given how long this will take to fully complete.
  7. Staff of Ages (Version 2.0 is here!)

    Noted and fixed
  8. Staff of Ages (Version 2.0 is here!)

    Yeah something is wrong with the Female Warrior axe animation so Deborah's broke in this release, having her animations be off and turning off dancer/healer animations is the only workaround for that right now. Well 2-3X is almost the end of the current release, but there isn't really a fix available for it right now, it should be fixed for the next release.
  9. Staff of Ages (Version 2.0 is here!)

    These have been noted and fixed
  10. Staff of Ages (Version 2.0 is here!)

    Good to know, we'll fix that
  11. Staff of Ages (Version 2.0 is here!)

    I don't know what they are in the current build off hand, but in the next update they're as follows, luck and hp aren't included because they're the same for everyone. Landsnkecht: 28 28 25 26 24 Arbalist: 25 27 27 22 26 Silver Knight: 26 28 28 22 22
  12. Staff of Ages (Version 2.0 is here!)

    Unfortunately yes. We're working on an overhaul of several skills which will also make saves from old files misbehave. We're working on providing a save that starts at the split with units who have their average stats at some level.
  13. Staff of Ages (Version 2.0 is here!)

    We don't have a solid date, it'll be out when it's done. The scope of the next patch has increased greatly and requires far more work to finish than we initially thought it would.