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  1. I'll take a look at that Moonbow isn't actually supposed to be in the game, I believe it's removed in 1.7.2, so it's not supposed to do anything. Code of honor affects Seneca and enemies who could be considered pirates or brigands, so it's not doing a whole lot in the one chapter he's usable for. That's the idea Game's not designed with farming anything in mind, if people want to waste all that time trying to grind on a boss that can still hurt them they can go right ahead. yes
  2. That's a bug. It'll be fixed in future versions.
  3. Marques' (and this guy's) mug are from the Nickt collection of free to use portraits. We don't own that mug.
  4. It's not really a political map though, it's just a map of the continent
  5. Seneca sends Dahl out after he kills her, don't remember what he was told to do but Dahl goes and spills the beans to Kelan, next version will show Dahl leaving the room after Seneca tells him to go. This is not a feature I'm aware of, are you sure it's not just luck? Seneca comes and lets Mustang out of prison Mustang: Why are you letting me out? Seneca: Oh, uh, queen's ill and I'm in charge now, I need you to go get Belle for me since she ran away Mustang: Why is she on the run? Seneca: Oh, uh, uh, uh, uh, shit maybe I should tell him since his task force is going after Belle and it puts me in a REALLY bad light if I say "lel idk dood xd" Seneca: Yeah, look, I did a power grab and I sorta killed the queen and Belle is probably going to raise a rebellion and I need that to not happen. I'm trusting you because we came to an agreement back when you did a mutiny, we both did a bad now let's do a good Mustang: Sounds good accidentally is a cocky motherfucker and lets the information slip and fucking dies too for good measure Because Mustang needs to know or there's no Owen/Sawyer plot, that's why. I've seen it work in 1.7.2 so I have no idea what's causing it to not fire off. God dammit
  6. Wut no I didn't, they're still in the map.
  7. (redownload if you want the rest of the text fixes we could catch and some skill related bug fixes)
  8. Looks like there's one or two text errors that slipped through the cracks but don't expect an update unless there's a critical bug with one of the chapters, need to focus on cranking out act 2 stuff.
  9. Okay I'm pretty sure we've fixed all the issues we were made aware of/found, so let's try this again. Download 1.7.2 here!
  10. There won't be any new chapters in 1.7.1 but you will need to restart, old saves will not work with this version. We've pulled the download link until we fix all the text errors/bugs we came across. It'll be back when 1.7.1 is done. Also, check out this Nero commission that cryopon did!
  11. I'm gonna pull the link to DL this version because it looks like we missed a lot of text formatting errors when we did our edits, sorry for the inconvenience, expect 1.7.1 shortly.
  12. Yup, sorry about that, we're working on fixing those asap, feel free to join the discord server if you're not in it already and post screenshots of where they are so we know what to fix.
  13. Hoo boy do I have a thing for you: Pick up the patch as soon as 1.7.1 is done "Hello, everyone! This is Galastan, editor for Staff of Ages! We’re very excited to bring you a lot of great content for Fire Emblem E3 this fall. First, however, we’ve prepared a primer for you all to whet your appetites before taking on the first half of Owen and Sawyer’s separate adventures in the second arc of the game. Below is a brief outline of what you can expect from this round of changes. Skills The flagship feature in the Pre-FEE3 Staff of Ages update is one that I’m sure all of you have heard about at this point in time: the skills system! Much like modern Fire Emblem games, we’ve adopted a skill system to add a dynamic layer to combat in Staff of Ages. However, we are very aware of how bloated the skills systems are in some of the more recent games, including Fire Emblem: Awakening and Fire Emblem: Fates. We’ve taken steps to reduce the impact of combat bloat, while also making every round of combat interesting. Each character is capable of having three skills at maximum, not including class skills like Canto, Steal, Silencer, Locktouch, Dance, Crit +15, and Summon. Every character has a personal skill that interacts with their personality, class identity, or a combination of both. Additionally, every class unlocks a skill at level 10. In short, a character will have a personal skill, base class skill, promoted class skill, and any baseline class skills that I’ve mentioned above. I won’t elaborate on what classes get which skills, but you’ll certainly notice them as you play through a fresh Staff of Ages run. And be sure to watch out for powerful skills on certain boss units, and even regular skills on generic enemies! You’ll certainly have to be careful and see what the enemies you’re up against are capable of. Buildfile Staff of Ages has completely moved over to the buildfile system of compiling data. As a writer, I don’t know too much about this, but I do know that your old saves will not interact with the new buildfile version of the game. You’ll unfortunately have to start over, but it puts you in a prime position to experience Fire Emblem E3 content, which will interact with your buildfile saves. Balance Changes Alongside a round of character balancing—of which I don’t have the specifics—many maps have been altered to better mesh with the new skills system. Some enemies have been moved around, others added, and some removed entirely. You’ll have to see for yourself on your next playthrough of the game. Some maps that have had very significant changes are 1-8, 1-9, and 1-F. These maps have undergone development before the skills system, so they may not play out exactly the way you remember. Story Changes As a writer, this is the section of the patch notes that I can inform you the best about. I won’t reveal anything wholesale here, but I will provide you an outline of what’s different from before. The biggest, most important change was that of Federica’s (NOT Frederica) character. We as a team weren’t satisfied with how she was portrayed in the 1.6.1 1-F postchapter, so she’s undergone some restructuring to better fit with our idea of her character. The early stages of the first arc of the game have also been edited to better include Sawyer and Owen in the premise of the story. Additionally, we’ve expanded the characters of several units you’re familiar with, including Seneca and his cronies Dahl and Matteo. Kalvesta, and even the likes of Aurora, are two other characters who received several changes to make their characters more dynamic. Overall, the story still plays out the same. Seneca kills Kalvesta, Belle flees her homeland, and forms a motley crew to retake it from the clutches of its usurper. The changes we’ve made, in our opinion, make the story a more fun and interesting thing to see play out. And we have much more to share with you in the coming months... Art A few portraits have been edited. Keep an eye out for them! Music Songs have been tweaked/improved, instruments have been changed so songs from the vanilla game and our custom songs will sound different. The Future What can you expect in the near future? Our FEE3 lineup includes the beginning of Owen and Sawyer’s respective solo adventures in our second arc route split. Team up with Owen as he travels to the icy reaches of Toska in the north, in a risky gambit to cut off a major supply line to Arynden, or follow Sawyer as he ekes out his own path in defiance of the woman who seized control of Fortuita following Belle’s near-mortal injuries. However, while these stories play out, who’s to say that Fortuita, and her new queen, won’t be revisited? Power up your units with the introduction of promotion items! Every class (excluding thief and lords) has three classes to choose from upon promotion. Some will be new, others old favorites from the GBA line of Fire Emblem titles. Meet new units! Some exclusive to the route you choose, others shared between the two! Travel with both Owen and Sawyer on separate save files to meet every possible Staff of Ages character! Take care in building your army, trusting nobody, as we gear up for the third and final arc in the future. Thank you for supporting Staff of Ages! This project is a labor of love from many talented Fire Emblem fans, artists, writers, and game developers. We hope you’re enjoying the game, and we can’t wait to deliver more exciting content in the future!
  14. I guess I should actually get work done now. Project: Staff of Ages Platform: FE8 Showing: Patch and/or interview if you feel like it.