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  1. I mean I have something mostly ready, need to get some art assets and music in though
  2. Haven't been able to replicate the issue but other people have reported this as well
  3. In other news
  4. Just so nobody gets hyped up for an FEE3 release, at this current point in time I honestly don't believe we'll have something for the public by FEE3. A myriad of personal issues culminating in me ignoring of my own mental well being has left me without any motivation for just about everything that I like doing (including hacking). So, unless some sort of miracle happens, the next release date will be "whenever it gets done." There will be something to show for the event, so at least there's that to look forward to.
  5. Known bug, not super high on our list of priorities at the moment
  6. I'll take a look at that Moonbow isn't actually supposed to be in the game, I believe it's removed in 1.7.2, so it's not supposed to do anything. Code of honor affects Seneca and enemies who could be considered pirates or brigands, so it's not doing a whole lot in the one chapter he's usable for. That's the idea Game's not designed with farming anything in mind, if people want to waste all that time trying to grind on a boss that can still hurt them they can go right ahead. yes
  7. That's a bug. It'll be fixed in future versions.
  8. Marques' (and this guy's) mug are from the Nickt collection of free to use portraits. We don't own that mug.
  9. It's not really a political map though, it's just a map of the continent
  10. Seneca sends Dahl out after he kills her, don't remember what he was told to do but Dahl goes and spills the beans to Kelan, next version will show Dahl leaving the room after Seneca tells him to go. This is not a feature I'm aware of, are you sure it's not just luck? Seneca comes and lets Mustang out of prison Mustang: Why are you letting me out? Seneca: Oh, uh, queen's ill and I'm in charge now, I need you to go get Belle for me since she ran away Mustang: Why is she on the run? Seneca: Oh, uh, uh, uh, uh, shit maybe I should tell him since his task force is going after Belle and it puts me in a REALLY bad light if I say "lel idk dood xd" Seneca: Yeah, look, I did a power grab and I sorta killed the queen and Belle is probably going to raise a rebellion and I need that to not happen. I'm trusting you because we came to an agreement back when you did a mutiny, we both did a bad now let's do a good Mustang: Sounds good accidentally is a cocky motherfucker and lets the information slip and fucking dies too for good measure Because Mustang needs to know or there's no Owen/Sawyer plot, that's why. I've seen it work in 1.7.2 so I have no idea what's causing it to not fire off. God dammit
  11. Wut no I didn't, they're still in the map.
  12. (redownload if you want the rest of the text fixes we could catch and some skill related bug fixes)
  13. Looks like there's one or two text errors that slipped through the cracks but don't expect an update unless there's a critical bug with one of the chapters, need to focus on cranking out act 2 stuff.