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  1. btw i feel he is more likely to be the itp than mafia since i feel like coasting is what an itp wants to do at this point but i guess it is possible for him to be mafia scum.
  2. ##vote Bartizio so basically I feel like bart is trying to coast through the game, His reasoning for not wanting to claim to elie is because elie won't full claim to him but elie has far more credibility as far demanding a claim goes whereas bart doesn't have much going for him so why should he receive elie's full claim? While it is possible that elie is the third party he never actually mentions that as a possibility in his reasoning and even says that he still thinks elie is most likely town. (IMO elie isn't mafia scum for sure since if he was he dayvigged his own scumbuddy meaning two mafia scum could die today instead of just one if we had just lynched ice). He says he wants a gp or jb lynch but his jb lynch just feels thrown out there, "waiting things out" is really vague imo. Basically I feel like his refusal to fullclaim to elie despite thinking elie is likely to be town (and in his eyes should be confirmed since he never brought up the third party possibility?) makes it harder to figure out his alignment and thus draws attention away from him while his jb lynch just feels thrown out there to make him look better.
  3. welp, I trust refa, ## vote green poet, I'm guessing two of those kills were itp and mafia but the last one I am seriously confused about, in the context of my role it seems ridiculous
  4. I thought her case on jb was good at first, so I was suspicious but the Gp's reasons for not voting as well as the whole leaving out key parts (SB already explained why it was key) made me put him back on null.
  5. ##vote green poet while I actually think her case is okay, the way she's going about it is weird, prims bought up the fact that she didn't actually vote jb despite having a case on him for a while and when I asked her about it this was her response, "hmm, I was planning on talking it over with greencaps again before voting. he's also on board with a JB lynch but we're asking around to collect accounts on who's allegedly talked with JB first, and what JB's told them" I feel like this is basically an excuse to make sure people think the Lynch is good so she is safe, she had a pretty substantive *(well for d1 IMO) case already, not sure why she couldn't just vote then, also she asks here "would you be on board with a JB lynch? and/or who else do you think is scum?" Which again feels like trying to see if she can get a jb Lynch to be safe, feel like town would have just asked for my thoughts on jb, not immediately ask if I want to Lynch them
  6. not yet, was planning to two weeks ago but had to drive and obviously i didn't do it. Should be able to do it winter break maybe when I can get visit friends for a longer period of time?
  7. It's cool, probably couldn't say much myself since I was scum anyway lol