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  1. Because my dumb ass quoted your quote instead of the actual quote. Please disregard.
  2. The only way for the script to be 1:1 is to keep it in Japanese. That said, localization is...controversial, to say the least, thanks to certain companies trying to scrub their scripts (and other content) clean. In this case, however, you all are giving FE12 all the TLC it needs and trying to deliver something great to the fans. It's actually kind of jarring how different the two translations presented are despite trying to deliver the same message. It really shows how important prose is in English text. The first translation may be easier to read, but it really does lack a lot of the "flavor" the second translation provides.
  3. FE4 Translation Patch (Open Beta v7)

    >Loptous Oh, great. Now bookofholsety has an excuse to delay the next patch update even longer.
  4. Thank you for the lengthy reply. It cleared up all my misunderstandings while also providing some insight into the current standing of the project. I really appreciate the effort you put into your progress reports (I feel like this is something most fan-translation projects severely lack), so keep up the good work and good luck!
  5. Just out of curiosity, are you implying the only changes we should expect out of a Beta 3 release be related the Prologue translation and GUI? It sounds like there have been a plentiful amount of changes that should also be tested by players. I very much appreciate all the endeavors the team has gone through, but you guys shouldn't get too held up combing through everything by yourselves. Typos, grammatical errors, glitches, and overflowing textboxes can sometimes be more easily be found by players than in editing software or a spreadsheet.
  6. My mistake. Edited my post for clarity—although, it doesn't change much due to Warriors. Archanea is found in Shadows of Valentia. Caeda and Navarre are found in Warriors. Miscellaneous changes abound in Heroes. How do the character profiles of Minerva and Michalis refer to Macedon in European Heroes? Any instances of Dolhr? I guess what I'm getting at is…you might as well go all the way and switch everything over to the American localizations. Or create a separate American localization patch like you mentioned earlier but didn't seem too interested in. Whatever floats your boat. I just don't think they should be ignored.
  7. Yes, please use the names for FE3-exclusive characters found in Heroes and the CYL poll. That being said, the superior American localized names are used internationally now through Warriors and Shadows of Valentia, so you should definitely replace the inferior European localized names for broader consistency. There are also other changes from Heroes you might find; you should take a look at the updated FE12 patch and its progress notes or what-have-you for some ideas.
  8. Consider it done. Use the Endgame file. Fire Emblem - New Mystery of the Emblem (Heroes of Light and Shadow).nds.sav
  9. I'm not seeing it on my side. Was this oddity introduced in one of the updated patches? Because it isn't in the base version of the v3.01 patch. While my game was loaded, I also confirmed the Dragonstone with the missing period at the end of its description is the Magestone. I'll update my previous post.
  10. Do you mind posting a screenshot of this oddity? I don't ever remember encountering this, but my latest playthrough was on real hardware through a flashcart. Part of me says your concern might be an emulation error and not an actual problem with the patch.
  11. I recently played through the original "final" patch, so I figured I'd point out some oddities I ran across in my playthrough. The Magestone is missing a period at the end of its item description. Throughout the Archanean Chronicles script, characters always use the phrase "millennial capital" instead of Millennium Palace. Merric's recruitment conversation with Elice in Endgame uses the phrase *ahem* instead of just "Ahem!" Mind you, this isn't really a typo as much as it is an inconsistency. Nowhere else in my playthrough had I come across an *action* in the script. Stuff like Tiki's "Munch!" and instances of "Sigh..." were always written out and not put in asterisks. Those are the only things I really remember off the top of my head. I believe I remember seeing some typos throughout Anri's Way, but unfortunately I never documented them. Maybe a starting point when combing through the script for things to fix? It may sound like I'm being nitpicky, but I figured since we're updating the patch, we might as well make it as perfect as possible.
  12. New Logbook Exploit

    Okay, so I took the time to grind out three additional Revelation files (supports, statues, etc.) for the extra stat point from boon/bane statues. Here are some of my results: The Logbook trick definitely works, and the additional boon/bane statues transfer over. It's a shame I can't give Logbook units Dragon Blood to fully max them out because damn these guys are ridiculous. Ike in particular was already the best amiibo unit, but this is just a whole new level of crazy.
  13. New Logbook Exploit

    Ah, I hadn't realized you were talking about Logbook versions of the characters, so thanks for clearing that up. I had no idea Einherjar units couldn't use Prf weapons either since I've only used amiibo and Prison units. Einherjars can't get Support bonuses either, correct? I haven't really touched PvP at all because of how broken it seems, so I'm unaware if Support bonuses even exist there. Then again, I suppose that doesn't really even matter since using Pair Up sounds like it is completely inferior to Tag Team in PvP which Logbook units can take a better advantage of with their inflated stats.
  14. New Logbook Exploit

    In what universe does Kana end up better than a maxed-out Corrin? Sure, you might be able to min-max Kana more efficiently, but the Omega Yato alone is a free 16 stat points Kana can never have. Are you implying there's more to statue abuse outside of the Logbook?
  15. New Logbook Exploit

    True enough. And I suppose the time investment isn't too much of a concern since you could do your extra boon/bane files on Normal-Phoenix to brute force your way to unlocking everyone relevant with minimal effort. I stand corrected. Go nuts and get those extra stat points on your Logbook units. This also works.