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  1. I can't get passed chapter 5 because the game crashes and it happened right when I ended on turn 10 with merlinus so thats what happened with me.
  2. I'm down beta test to see if its balanced or any glitches.
  3. I don't know if anyone watches Bones but I immediate realized that Agali and Dr.Hodgins look exactly alike and they're both researchers/scientists and sorry if this post is irrelevant
  4. Hey Alfred, will there be any promotion items in the 1.5 patch?
  5. My units at end of chapter 10 and by the way I think vidar should be promoted into great knight instead of a paladin with stats like this.
  6. Hey has this happened to anyone yet cause this horseslayer is somehow doing effective damage to heath even though he is a wyvern knight
  7. Hey how can I recruit the brigand named baryl in chapter 10 and can you also post up a list of character recruitment.
  8. Hey I just finished the game and I gotta say that it was pretty good and the boss that I found interesting was Manfred the berserker on chapter 23 mainly cause of how mysterious he was but I also want to know a little bit more about him. Also I think Manfred would be a bit more scarier to fight if his defense was buffed anyways great romhack
  9. Hey i'm not sure if im asking a dumb question but how can i pass chapter 7
  10. Well hey everyone and sorry for asking but is anyone kind enough to send me a patch or the hacked fe7 mageknight 404 rom hack please cause i've never played it before
  11. I would like to see how Menmus would look like as a wyvern lord and when Djambo promotes to Berserker which type of berserker animation will he have.
  12. What is the recruitment theme in this game from cause i know i heard it before but don't know where
  13. i don't know if im breaking the rules by asking this but is there any final patch release of this game cause I can't find it anywhere?