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  1. hhh

    + Speed, - Res 4* Reinhardt. First one, too. This is most welcome indeed.
  2. hhh

    Trade secrets. hwat @ everything
  3. hhh

    Of you, maybe. I bet you will. Don't flatter yourself.
  4. hhh

    Because I wanted to call you inconsiderate instead. Don't think about me too much now.
  5. hhh

    It. Is. Not. Adorable. And what are you thinking about?
  6. hhh

    So inconsiderate. Hmm-hmm-hmm.
  7. hhh

    I don't like it, you bully. That's not a laugh I should like, I think.
  8. hhh

    Stop it. That's a good way to take it.
  9. hhh

    That's quite the question you're asking.
  10. hhh

    I- Hmm. Yes, I guess you could be. Would you be shocked if I said yes?
  11. hhh

    You? Spare time? Pff, yeah right. There's better games you could be playing! You cruel, cruel soul.
  12. hhh

    It's not bad. Paid £25 for it, and I think it's worth it for that price. Now respond to my PM. ]:
  13. hhh

    why It ain't an easy game, I don't think. disk huh
  14. hhh

    I'd rather Duskman than this... I'm doing just fine. Bottle of water next to me, constantly dying in Super Mystery Dungeon. All is good!
  15. hhh

    Because bad memes are bad.