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  1. Had to drop a great unit for one who's bad. Sorry, Brave Lyndis. Team (only posting required skills): 5* Xander. Skill A was Triangle Adept 2, B was Vantage 3, C was Hone Cavalry. Weapon was Siegfriend, proc was Bonfire. 5* + Speed, - Res Reinhardt. Skill A was Death Blow 3, C was Goad Cavalry. Weapon was Dire Thunder. 5* + Speed, - Attack Cecilia. Skill A was Fury 2, C was Fortify Cavalry. Weapon was Gronnblade +, proc was Luna. 5* Clive. Skill C was Hone Cavalry. Weapon was Silver Lance +. The strategy: Position: Xander top right, Reinhardt bottom left, Cecilia bottom right, Clive top left. Turn 1: Move Xander to the range of the Green Mage, Cecilia up a tile, Reinhardt to her left, and Clive below her. On the EP, the Green Mage will attack Xander, get danced by Ninian, and then get killed by Xander via Vantage + Bonfire. The Lance Cavalier moves to Xander, whilst the two Swords and Hawkeye advanced towards the other three. Turn 2: Reinhardt injures the Red Cavalier, Xander moves to Reinhardt's old spot, Clive kills the Sword Cavalier, Cecilia kills the Lance Cavalier. On the EP, Clive tanks a hit from Hawkeye, the Sword Infanty moves in range of Reinhardt, and Ninian attacks Cecilia. Turn 3: Reinhardt kills the Sword Infantry, Cecilia attacks Ninian, Clive moves to Xander's right, and Xander kills Hawkeye. On the EP, Ninian attacks Cecilia. Turn 4: Cecilia kills Ninian thanks to a Luna proc.
  2. Interviews

    Congratulations, you've just ended the video game medium in Japan. But they are both good, yes. 2. Prefer this track or this track?
  3. Interviews

    1. Do you prefer this track or this track? The fate of Japanese gaming resides on your answer. Can't comment on the original (though it's meant to be bad), but the abridged version is absolutely hilarious and meant to be so much better than the original, whilst staying faithful to it. Watch that instead.
  4. Conflicting Passions too good. Wozzy, stop being gay to everyone.
  5. Finished both routes a few hours ago. Very pleased with the demo--thought it conveyed what Square Enix are going for very well. Big fan of both characters, though I think I prefer Olberic right now. In a haste to comlete the survey,I completely forgot to mention an option to skip dialogue. Too busy wanting character portraits, haha. To my understanding, UK's stock for the Switch greatly improved when Splatoon 2 got released. I've heard or seen no complaints regarding stock issues over here, anyway, and getting mine was super easy. Importing from the UK is an option for people, though it's admittedly a more costly one.
  6. hhh

    I've always said the Welsh language is the English language with the random y randomly thrown in now and then.
  7. hhh

    5* Narcian get. Now what to do with him is the question... Patch in the runesword, IS.
  8. hhh

    not putting any money in until i have xenoblade 2 in my hands
  9. Is defective.
  10. hhh

    xenoblade 2 december 1st £50 ;_;
  11. Did Infernal with my ponies. Team (only posting the necessary skills and weapons): 5* Xander. Skill A was Triangle Adept 2, B was Vantage 3, C was Ward Cavalry, Seal was Quickened Pulse. Weapon was Siegfried, and proc was Bonfire. 5* Reinhardt, + Speed, - Res. Skill A was Death Blow 3, C was Goad Cavalry. Weapon was Dire Thunder. 5* Cecilia, + Speed, - Attack. Skill A was Fury 3, B was Escape Route 3, Seal was Atk Plot 1 (not sure if this is necessary). Weapon was Gronnblade +, assist was Draw Back, and proc was Luna. 4* Gunter, + Attack, - Speed. Skill B was Lancebreaker 1, C was Hone Cavalry. Weapon was Silver Axe. Strategy: Turn 1: Position Xander just outside the danger zone, Cecilia behind him, Reinhardt above Cecilia, and Gunter below Cecilia. Turn 2: Kill the upmost Infantry Axe with Cecilia (31 x 2), and move Gunter to her old spot. On the EP, the Blue Mage attacks Cecilia first and is left with 4HP, then the Red Mage attacks and gets killed by Cecilia (thanks to both Goad and Ward Cavalry). Cecilia lives with 2HP. The surviving Axe Infantry moves to two spaces below Cecilia, the Lance Infantry next to the Axe, and Tobin Robin below the Lance. Turn 3: Xander kills the Blue Mage, Reinhardt attacks the Axe Infantry behind the wall, Cecilia uses Draw Back on Reinhardt, and Gunter moves one square up. On the EP, the axe attacks Xander and dies due to Bonfire, the Lance moves right and up, and Robin attacks Xander. Turn 4: Move Xander as far left as possible. On the EP, Robin dies to Xander thanks to Vantage. Lance Infantry closes in. Turn 5: Move Xander out of safety. Move Gunter just outside of the Lance Infantry's range, and move Reinhardt above Gunter. On the EP, the Lance unit moves in. Turn 6: Attack with Gunter and either Reinhardt or Cecilia.
  12. Interviews

    1. Do you prefer this track or this track? This is the most important question you'll be asked, by the way.