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  1. If we're only including characters that were introduced in SC, then Bleublanc. If not, then Joshua Bright.
  2. it appears we're at a stalemate, then
  3. ELLIOT THO This is his game, I can feel it in my musically-oriented bones.
  4. you'll never take me alive
  5. vegeta's still the best
  6. hhh

    i didn't think i was gonna like futaba, but she really grew on me. very good character
  7. even i did that
  8. In casual conversation, yeah.
  9. Y O U R A I D, P L E A S E Olivier Lenheim was my favourite when I finsihed FC the first time. Nowadays, it's Joshua Bright.
  10. Felt like I had to, since I got two selfless souls killed.
  11. nah man, that 3rd guardian was an unexpecting but welcome challenge honestly, i couldn't tell you which sky game i prefer; fc accomplies more with less, sc has a more grandiose story with the highest highs in the trilogy, and 3rd does character interaction/lore the best with the most fun combat. all three are fantastic
  12. 3rd is finished final boss was a snore fest
  13. rean schwarzer here i come
  14. between Saturday and Sunday, I think I had a grand total of about 6 hours. i really needed a good sleep last night