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  1. Hello, Hi, Hey: I'm $$$ richh

    hello BOYO

    Hello, Hi, Hey is that other thread

    It happens in any thread with a shit load of pages. Started happening after the site update, I think? Double posts can be avoided by refreshing or going to a different page immediately after clicking "submit reply". It works for me, at least

    Free pull was NY!Azura. Not what I wanted, but a flying dancer is nice.

    It was aimed at both of you.
  6. Danganronpa V3 Mafia - Day 3

    ##Vote: Shinori

    Fleecey! You didn't join my VC yesterday. :(
  8. Danganronpa V3 Mafia - Day 3

    If you're asking how many times I can use it, it's unlimited.
  9. Danganronpa V3 Mafia - Day 3

    Sorry? I don't understand what you're asking.
  10. Danganronpa V3 Mafia - Day 3

    Neighbouriser. There are of course people who can back me up on this claim.
  11. FE4 THREAD

    You. I like you
  12. FE4 THREAD

    I miss TE Also hi, new blood. Tea is good, but my Britishness might be clouding my judgement
  13. FE4 THREAD

    why not? you bully me so this is fair imo woohoo
  14. Danganronpa V3 Mafia - Day 3

    I should be around for deadline. I'm definitely around for the next few hours.
  15. FE4 THREAD

    I will eat you, Fleecey Hopefully tomorrow
  16. FE4 THREAD

    hey you when are we vcing next HUH
  17. Danganronpa V3 Mafia - Day 3

    It is. I'm scumreading her because I wasn't a fan of her engagement with Duskfall during D1, and the fact her vote didn't budge from him. I can see the possibility of her tunnelling being towny for her, but I'm not inclined to believe it personally. I also don't feel like she's contributed much for town D2 so far.You said yourself that scum probably tried pushing a Duskfall lynch out of the three options Shinori listed. Do you think scum!Claire could have tried to start that?
  18. Danganronpa V3 Mafia - Day 3

    pff My brain's mush after reading all this, so just to summarise: I agree with the opinion that Duskfall vs Weiner D1 felt like tvt as it progressed. Gun to my head, I guess I'd vote Weiner. But he's not my first pick to lynch today, even if I did think his first post D2 was mediocre at best. I also don't think bussing was involved with regards to Fenrir. I'm not too sure how to feel about Shinori. Just really inactive, and I don't have the player knowledge nor the experience to comment too much on it. I wouldn't mind a Shinori lynch if it came to that, though, and I can definitely see a world where Shinori would vote Fenrir to get town cred. Aside from Claire, I'm either null or townleaning everyone else. ##Unvote ##Vote: Mitsuru Kirijo
  19. Danganronpa V3 Mafia - Day 3

    whuddup Gimme a bit to catch up on the game. Hopefully I shouldn't be too long.
  20. FE4 THREAD

    I will eat you
  21. FE4 THREAD

    i think i'm the only perosn who didn't find it insufferable sup bitches
  22. This is Red Randomizer Nuzlocke. What's interesting about this particular one is that it includes all the Pokémon up to and including the sixth generation [spoiler=PICK MY GOON] Furret is the stuff of nightmares LET'S GO Nuzlocke demands a set battle style ahh that nice familiar face [: Why would my name be anything else? He looks like a bully and an asshole Perfect MUH POTION All non-key items are randomized! Or they should be, anyway I have a terrible foreboding feeling all of a sudden... And girls don't? Televisions are sexist I... need an adult? yo YO YO Pick for me, fellow denizens of the forest! Pokémon Silver Randomizer Nuzlocke starts here QUOTES:
  23. How'd you guys come up with your usernames?

    "Dodge" came from my second username when I first made an Xbox Live account. xXx_D0DGE_xXx is pretty embarrasing, but that's what 13-year-olds do when they want to fit in with their friends. It was named after my favourite car manufacturer at the time, Dodge. My first username was "Duskman307", since Dusknoir was my favourite Pokémon at the time I made it. When I got my PS3 and went to make an account name, I asked one of my clan mates for name suggestions, since I didn't want to use my D0DGE name there. He suggested mixing "Duskman307" (which I was still using in our clan's chat) and "xXx_D0DGE_xXX". "Dodged_Dusk" is my current PSN name, but over time I shortened it to make it roll of the tongue easier.
  24. Hello, Hi, Hey: I'm $$$ richh

    It's basically a better Skype. I don't see why not. If you use Discord on your browser, then you can have it on one tab and SF on the other. If you download Discord on your phone or computer, it's just an app/program you can run.
  25. Hello, Hi, Hey: I'm $$$ richh

    I guess the best way to think about Discord is a texting app that allows you to text people globally for free. You can download it on your phone for free, get notifications when someone PMs you or if you get notified in a server (which can be muted if you decide to join any), and do voice/video calls. If you want to, that is. Another good thing is it uses very little data if you're not connected to Wi-Fi, even if you stay logged in. On the computer, you can opt to have it boot up and log in automatically, so whenever you start up your computer, it comes on automatically.