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    My 3 favorite video games are: Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES), Romancing SaGa 2 (SNES), and Ys I and II (Turbografx16). I also like anything mecha. My favorites are Gundam, Fafner, and RahXephon. I prefer older games to newer ones and emulate them frequently, but don't tell the FBI. Huge fan of Godzilla and Gamera as well. Love those guys to death.
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  1. Golden Age of Games

    I played PS1 games like Bob the Builder on my PS2 I was still wearing diapers when I was first introduced to vidya games now that I remember, hahaha GameBoy Advance came after
  2. I've never really liked them They cost too much and the content is just more shit to lose or forget about (like pins lmao or a cd that doesn't matter since you can just listen to the music on youtube)
  3. Thoughts on Map Design and Quality Across Games

    I always find it interesting that Phantom Ship is considered a hard chapter. I only deploy Duessel, Seth, and Ephraim and they seem to get the job done reasonably well thanks to their high stats. Anyways, I was going to do a very big effort post but I realized I haven't played a Fire Emblem game since forever. As such, I'll try to rate them based on what I remember: 3/12>6>CQ>1/11>7>8>13>BR>Rev=2/15 I've never completed 4 and 5. I've never played 9 or 10. 3 is my personal favorite. I appreciate side objectives such as obtaining all the star shards, for example. Also I really dig the 90s aesthetic.
  4. It's possible, but what's the point
  5. Small Things That Have Gotten on Your Nerves

    When kids in the school decide to pull the fire alarm because HAHAHAHHA GET IT IT'S SO FUNNY
  6. How do you all deal with character hate?

    Woah, I'm surprised to see another Zaric Zhakaron fan 'round these parts, haha But anyways uhhhh, I get very salty lol. However, I usually just accept what's being said and move on, even if what's being said infuriates me. We all have opinions, y'know? Everybody is entitled to one (or many!).
  7. Favorite anime OPs/EDs?

    All Legend of the Galactic Heroes openings Most Gundam openings All Fafner openings Both openings of Fist of the North Star (SIlent Survivor and You Wa Shock) Opening of Sorcerer Hunters All JoJo openings Tenjou Tenge's opening And everything listed in this video.
  8. Who is godzilla's best villian

    I can still post in this topic, right Because if so, yeah it's King Ghidorah hands down. Probably Godzilla's most memorable enemy, and looks cool to boot. He's very menacing in all his incarnations, and is in the best Showa film in my opinion (Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster, go figure) I like Mechagodzilla too (all incarnations) but he isn't a 3-headed dragon so he loses by default. Destoroyah sucks. I don't even like the movie he's in King Kong is a meme. Orga's pretty boring he gets bodied by Godzilla at the very end and is overall uninteresting. He's on the screen for like 2 minutes and the fight is laaaamme Everyone else is either underwhelming (aliens) or not Ghidorah (Gigan, Megalon, fucking BARAGON LMAO, etc.)
  9. I like Gaiden more Much simpler story, nice retro aesthetic, some things weren't nerfed (Warp), no shoehorned mechanics (arts?), etc.
  10. The dumbest thing that you said about Fire Emblem

    How Anyways, 1. Jagens are stupid, BENCH BENCH BENCH 2. "Est might turn out worthwhile!" 3. I will need to use these Legendary Weapons in very special situations! Let me just put them in my storage...
  11. Could the story of Fates be an analogy to the fanbase?

    woah this is all too d e e p for me
  12. Mystery of the Emblem Two games in one, expansive and deep worldbuilding, unit customization in the form of the Starsphere Shards, Marth, simple and digestible stories, a great soundtrack, memorable characters, and some pretty alright and oftentimes creative map design, all wrapped in that glorious 90s Retro Charm. It's a little rough around the edges, I won't lie. Book 1's story is rather barebones, unit balance is wacky, and some maps just aren't good. But damn if the game isn't a fun, engaging, and memorable experience.
  13. Daggerfall remake let's goooooooo Bonus points if they keep the map size the same
  14. So, uh... what's anime?

    The Records of Lodoss War OVA series is a quick and digestible fantasy anime. It's only 13 episodes. If you like medieval fantasy anything, it might be up your alley Also if you like the concept of giant robots fighting each other/aliens you would do well to watch a couple Gundam shows, though they tend to be long (most of them have 50 episodes).
  15. Gray: He's a total dude-bro. For some people that's a turn-off, but I don't really care. I find it... odd to think he exists in the same universe as Marth and gang, though. Sonya: Interesting and has a nice voice, but I like her original design more. Duma: I liked him more when he was just a weird swampy god thing. I don't like that he's a divine dragon now. I like how his armor is a callback to the boxart of the original Gaiden.