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  1. Phal-shee-on (Phal like in "phallic") That's how I say it, at least. English is stupid
  2. Not sure if this is an unpopular opinion, but I find that FE7's soundtrack is the worst in the series. It's pretty bland and there aren't many standout pieces. I actually really like Alm's character in SoV but I think he's in the wrong story. I wish he was a bit more aggressive to fit the themes of the story better. Conquest had the best story of the Fates trilogy but that's because it was more enjoyable than the other two. FE8 is a really weak entry in the series. What were they smoking when they made the last two chapters? What were they smoking when they added Seth? Where the hell is the balance? Don't get me wrong I like steamrolling chapters with my overpowered units every now and then but that doesn't excuse the flaws the game has.
  3. You're just experiencing bad luck. IIRC, the catch rates for the legendary birds are in the single digit percentages Also if your game's glitchy I think the last thing that'll be affected are the catch rates of Pokemon :/
  4. I was bored one day and saw a TAS of Megami Tensei for the famicom, so I went out and got a translation Really fun game, though I never finished it. Has anyone here played Kyuuyaku Megami Tensei? It remakes Megami Tensei I and II for the SNES and it's pretty damn fun.
  5. Thread title. I saw an interesting conversation over at the "Ike's Dissonance" thread regarding Alm and his personality/character. In an attempt to not derail that thread any further, I've started this one. As for my thoughts: I think his VA's great, I like the little quips and jokes he makes whenever you examine something, and I think his personality is pretty chill. Overall, I believe him to be an entertainingly written character. However... I believe he's in the completely wrong game. In the original Gaiden, the thing that made Alm and Celica interesting was that they represented two ideals; Celica represented peace and kindness (Mila), whereas Alm represented power and aggression (Duma). I can't quite put my finger on it, but Alm in this game feels... off, somehow. It didn't feel like he was representing that sort of extreme ideal that Duma embodied. As such, this theme of balancing out two extreme ideologies fell flat, IMO. I don't know. I'm tired. What are your thoughts? Do you like/dislike him? Why?
  6. That's pretty great Time to save up my money kek
  7. Cold Steel's coming to Steam? Hm... I might pick it up when it comes out
  8. My laptop stinks so I'm shooting for: -Sonic Adventure 2 -Sonic CD I don't even like Sonic but whatever, I have money to spend and nothing else looks interesting EDIT: Also might nab Wasteland
  9. I go on GameFAQs every now and then
  10. 1 Either gender Sword
  11. I just hit and run with the falcoknight sisters and used Genny's physic I needed to reset once or twice, but it worked out well overall.
  12. I actually went back on Newgrounds a month or two ago to replay one of those "Sonic RPG" flash games. The one that crossed over with Nights or whatever Kek. Nostalgia's great.