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  1. This thread is making me hot and sweaty
  2. I like his totally edgy design and that unique sprite he gets on promotion
  3. This is Gaiden, they all suck at hitting
  4. I'm sorta half and half I do think that they changed the designs too much, but for the most part the new designs look great so I can't really complain The only one that doesn't really sit well with me is Rudolf (assuming the guy with the sword is Rudolf), but that's because he doesn't seem to have his sexy brown mustache
  5. I don't like him/her as an Avatar, but I like his/her design
  6. Nope I'll drop by every now and then to see peoples' impressions, opinions etc.
  7. I thought Cliff was seen as the "best"
  8. Yeah mine crashed too, except on mine it crashed on turn 22 :( (So close to the end!) @AsukaDrag: Honestly I want to continue playing to complete the hack (because it looks promising), but... seeing the game crash after 22 grueling turns just kills you inside, ya know EDIT: Just tried it out again. It didn't freeze up this time. Wonderful.
  9. I'm looking forward to Matilda's new design the most.
  10. Yeah. My English teacher let the class read All Quiet on the Western Front before the bell rang, and I fell asleep a couple pages in I don't think it was the book that made me sleep though; I think I just went to bed too late the night before...
  11. Though I'm usually not a fan of radical redesigns for characters, I'm really digging this art right now I am not disappointed with what's been revealed so far EDIT: I wonder what Matilda will look like, though Hopefully she'll look more like her OG design, but I'm not getting my hopes up
  12. Because she's hot, duh
  13. videogamedunkey and ProJared are among my favorites
  14. Jagen: Useful early game promoted unit with bad growths. (i.e. Jagen himself, FE6!Marcus) Oifaye: Early game promoted unit with good growths (ie FE7!Marcus, Oifaye himself, God Seth) Gotoh: Usually joins last chapter, meant to help if player is underleveled/final chapter is too hard (Athos) Camus: Good guy on the wrong side (i.e. Eldigan, Selena) cavaliers: Strengths lie in different stats, and are usually early game units. Most of the time one knight has red armor, the other has green armor. (i.e. Sain and Kent, Forde and Kyle) Tiki: mid-late game units that turn into dragons. Weak stats but amazing growths but weapons are limited in use (i.e. Fae, Myrrh) Pegasus Trio: Trio of pegasi in games. Can usually perform triangle attack, and are most of the time related (i.e. Farina, Flora, Florina, or Katria, Est, Palla) Hardin: ANy person of a high class (usually an emperor or king), that, due to some tragic circumstance, is now a villain (i.e. Arvis, Zephiel) Est: Any unit that has low bases/levels and usually joins endgame but has good-great growths (i.e. Nino, Amelia) ^Those are the only ones I acknowedge.
  15. Just got back from Kong: Skull Island The first 1/3 of the movie is choppily edited, but it gets better as the movie goes on. Overall, it was a really fun and entertaining monster movie, and the monster fights were cool too. Everyone on Youtube is saying the characters were bad, though. Really? I thought they were pretty good, better than most monster movie characters, at least. Definitely better than 2014 Godzilla's cast, that's for sure.