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    My 3 favorite video games are: Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES), Romancing SaGa 2 (SNES), and Ys I and II (Turbografx16). I also like anything mecha. My favorites are Gundam, Fafner, and RahXephon. I prefer older games to newer ones and emulate them frequently, but don't tell the FBI. Huge fan of Godzilla and Gamera as well. Love those guys to death.
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  1. General US Politics

    This whole hearing is a shitshow Why did Dianne Feinstein sit on the letter for so long? It seems like perfect ammunition for the Republicans to use against Democrats in the future
  2. Opinions on Lyn

    She's alright as a character I can never rely on dodgetanks, though
  3. Shiny Pokémon

    Only Shiny pokemon I caught on a legit cartridge was a shiny Drowzee in my first playthrough of LeafGreen. I thought it was a glitch or something so I caught it and put it in my PC with my like 15 other Drowzees lol THen my little brother deleted my save :((((((((( I hope Shiny Drowzee comes back one day
  4. Which Starters did you Choose?

    Only the games I legally own and have completed bar Yellow/White 2 (I started a new game on it)/Sun, which I have not completed: Red: Bulbasaur Yellow: Pikachu of course Leafgreen: It was Charmander and it was a level 76ish Charizard before my little brother deleted my save so I went with Blastoise the 2nd time Pearl: Turtwig Platinum: Piplup Heartgold: Poor chikorita gets screwed by Johto but I love her anyway Black: Snivy White 2: Oshawott Y: Froakie Sun: Rowlet As you can see I generally don't consider the fire types
  5. Do you have a preference in the type of pokemon you choose

    When I pick starters I always optimize their stats so I'll definitely reset until I get the perfect nature (this bit me in the ass when I was started playing Sun a couple days ago holy cow). Throughout the years, I've pretty much picked the grass type for a lot of the games. I usually forget about the fire type starters though I use them whenever replaying old games on like an emulator or something. When it comes to picking pokemon for my teams I choose them based on their designs, what types they cover, and whether or not I've used certain pokemon on a team in the past. I love Skarmory and Heracross but sometimes I'll drop them for Xatu and Pinsir because I want to try something fresh. I will rarely use the super popular pokemon like Lucario and Charizard and the eeveelutions too. And I always keep my starters on my team because they are very unique pokemon. Also, I don't like having more than 3-4 new pokemon on my team: I want oldies to get the spotlight as well. For example, in my Sun playthrough, the Alolan pokemon I will absolutely have on my team are Decidueye (because starter), Golisopod (amazing design), and Salazzle (typing is cool also design), but I will not go over that in terms of Alolan pokemon (I'll just fill in the other spots). I don't know why, it just makes me nervous whenever there are more than 3 of one gen's pokemon on my team. I like diversity, y'know?
  6. Golden Age of Games

    I played PS1 games like Bob the Builder on my PS2 I was still wearing diapers when I was first introduced to vidya games now that I remember, hahaha GameBoy Advance came after
  7. I've never really liked them They cost too much and the content is just more shit to lose or forget about (like pins lmao or a cd that doesn't matter since you can just listen to the music on youtube)
  8. Thoughts on Map Design and Quality Across Games

    I always find it interesting that Phantom Ship is considered a hard chapter. I only deploy Duessel, Seth, and Ephraim and they seem to get the job done reasonably well thanks to their high stats. Anyways, I was going to do a very big effort post but I realized I haven't played a Fire Emblem game since forever. As such, I'll try to rate them based on what I remember: 3/12>6>CQ>1/11>7>8>13>BR>Rev=2/15 I've never completed 4 and 5. I've never played 9 or 10. 3 is my personal favorite. I appreciate side objectives such as obtaining all the star shards, for example. Also I really dig the 90s aesthetic.
  9. It's possible, but what's the point
  10. Small Things That Have Gotten on Your Nerves

    When kids in the school decide to pull the fire alarm because HAHAHAHHA GET IT IT'S SO FUNNY
  11. How do you all deal with character hate?

    Woah, I'm surprised to see another Zaric Zhakaron fan 'round these parts, haha But anyways uhhhh, I get very salty lol. However, I usually just accept what's being said and move on, even if what's being said infuriates me. We all have opinions, y'know? Everybody is entitled to one (or many!).
  12. Favorite anime OPs/EDs?

    All Legend of the Galactic Heroes openings Most Gundam openings All Fafner openings Both openings of Fist of the North Star (SIlent Survivor and You Wa Shock) Opening of Sorcerer Hunters All JoJo openings Tenjou Tenge's opening And everything listed in this video.
  13. Who is godzilla's best villian

    I can still post in this topic, right Because if so, yeah it's King Ghidorah hands down. Probably Godzilla's most memorable enemy, and looks cool to boot. He's very menacing in all his incarnations, and is in the best Showa film in my opinion (Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster, go figure) I like Mechagodzilla too (all incarnations) but he isn't a 3-headed dragon so he loses by default. Destoroyah sucks. I don't even like the movie he's in King Kong is a meme. Orga's pretty boring he gets bodied by Godzilla at the very end and is overall uninteresting. He's on the screen for like 2 minutes and the fight is laaaamme Everyone else is either underwhelming (aliens) or not Ghidorah (Gigan, Megalon, fucking BARAGON LMAO, etc.)
  14. I like Gaiden more Much simpler story, nice retro aesthetic, some things weren't nerfed (Warp), no shoehorned mechanics (arts?), etc.
  15. The dumbest thing that you said about Fire Emblem

    How Anyways, 1. Jagens are stupid, BENCH BENCH BENCH 2. "Est might turn out worthwhile!" 3. I will need to use these Legendary Weapons in very special situations! Let me just put them in my storage...