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  1. Ugh I like almost all the characters so I'll just post those I like the most from a gameplay/personality perspective: Tobin: What an absolute bro. I can totally relate to him and he has solid interactions with other characters. Gave him the Lightning Sword and he destroys everything with it. Forsyth: Honestly the only reason I trained this guy up was because I felt bad for benching him and his voice sounded cool. I'm glad I trained him in the longrun though - he's a powerhouse. As for his personality, @Tolvir pretty much covered all of it. Leon: Really cool gay guy. Great voice and really helpful in fighting off those DAMN ARCANISTS Mae: I like her personality; she's all bubbly and it really warms my heart and makes me laugh. Plus, she's a good unit. Palla: She's my waifu, straight up. Mathilda: HOT. Also, I love her interactions with Clive. Gameplay wise she's a beast and beats her husband out in like what... everything? Luthier: Honestly I only like this guy because whenever I pick him he says "EASY PICKINGS" which gets me everytime. I like his voice too, and his convo about cats is pretty amusing. Saber: Is anybody else reminded of Matthew McConaughey whenever he speaks? He sounds really badass. Crap I better stop before I just straight up list everybody
  2. Yeah I swear too often, fuck I'm trying to migitate it though.
  3. Ah, okay. Then I'll go ahead and recommend Romancing SaGa 2 for the Android and iPhone, which is a port of the SNES game released back in 1993 in Japan. Despite being a whopping $17.99, considering the length of the game (40-50 hours) and the replay value, I say it's well worth the price Here's a gameplay video of it: The game is unique in that the it runs off a generation system; after you complete a certain amount of scenarios in one generation, the game skips forward in time (up to 250 years IIRC), and you get to choose a new emperor and a new party. The gameplay is also intersting in a number of ways; you can put your party in different formations which give certain bonuses to certain positions, and the game is mostly non-linear, just to name a few Of course, sometimes it's rather obtuse and wierd in its mechanics and doesn't really explain itself properly (for example, it never tells you that a formation break occurs when running, despite putting you on AUTORUN), but a quick trip to either the SaGa Wiki or the Romancing SaGa 2 GameFAQs page can help migitate those problems. The guys over at the GameFAQs page in particular are really knowledgeable in regards to the mechanics of the game. Also, if you do decide to pick it up, don't be ashamed to look up strats against the 7 Heroes (the main bosses of the game). They'll give you one hell of a time if you don't prepare beforehand.
  4. Hm... what's your opinion on turn-based battle systems?
  5. Just of interest, how experienced are you in the realm of RPGs? Like, can you stomach a challenge, for example? Do you prefer complexity or simplicity? Stuff like that.
  6. 1. Romancing SaGa 2 2. Pokemon HeartGold 3. Idk, Dragon Quest 4 and 5 are pretty fun
  7. Not really, it's just the easy way out.
  8. Probably none of it because I'm not gonna fork over the cash kek
  9. inb4 that story turns out to be FE: Switch
  10. RIP That's true, kek
  11. What the fuck are you talking about, is this a joke? "Not made with love?" Can you expound upon this thought?
  12. Xander is sexier and cooler so I voted for him
  13. You're probably referring to J2E's patch, which yeah, definitely sucks Try Artemis251's patch of Gaiden: it's complete and you should be able to play it from beginning to end with no problems