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  1. sask and his waifu
  2. sf stop
  3. i got a new pc like almost a year ago
  4. i'd play these shittty touhou fangames if they were on pc /salt
  5. clearly that means that only 2 people played it there
  6. tbf i don't think those fangames are selling much they're doing very little in japan and at least xseed said the one they did (scarlet curiosity) kinda bombed no idea how the nisa locs are doing
  7. hhh

    but that's why it's bad
  8. difficulty 2.4? not real 2hu
  9. yeah maybe it'll sell 1k more copies -- just realized neither the famicom mini nor the super famicom mini have a dragon quest game wut
  10. >super famicon mini doesn't have fe4 i have a feeling zwei is gonna bomb like xanadu next
  11. I got too many posts on this page
  12. a bunch from that naruto pig with the same name and some other random stuff?
  13. I think -Sign- had 15 characters at launch I'm expecting more from this but not by much, maybe something like 20 characters all those except maybe Ginyu seem very likely imo hopefully we get the full universe 7 team