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  1. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Tbh that sounds horrible to me... I'd rather they just not give out a free Marth because he won through a technicality. Just let him win CYL3 and give him a proper alt then.
  2. New Heroes Coming: August 10th (Festival in Hoshido)

    Boo, looks like another terrible seasonal banner. Intelligent Systems as incompetent as ever, as far as I'm concerned. I hope Minerva's one of the non-revealled silhouettes, it's the only thing that could potentially save another Ryoma and Xander banner.
  3. From which games would you like to have new heroes?

    Echoes could get a pretty solid banner in Conrad, Silque, Kliff and an extra (preferably Valbar, but in terms of likelihood... probably not). It's pretty much a toss up between Rinea, Python, Luthier or Tatiana if I had to venture a guess. After that, I really question if they have any "hard hitters" in Valentia left. Possessed Berkut and Rinea seem likely in a sequel banner for Fallen Heroes, if we ever get one.
  4. August Legendary Banner Expectations

    I'm sure they'd choose Alfonse over Shareena due to Green being desirable thanks to Distant Counter alone. A lot of people assumed Lilina would join Lissa and Lyn (both desirable/popular), so I think it's pretty likely they'd "save" Shareena for a time where the other greens aren't too stacked.
  5. July Legendary Banner Expectations

    Maribelle so soon? Whilst I see her being a mainstay with Genny and Brave Lyn, August seems a bit soon.
  6. Legendary Archer: Lucina

    No offence, but you kind of have to get over it. People are complaining, for at least in their opinion, justified reasons. They're not complaining for fun, they're complaining because they're unhappy with designs made by IS. Obviously, when people aren't happy, they're going to complain. And evidently, a lot of people are unhappy with certain aspects of Lucina's release considering she has the worst like-dislike ratio since the games inception. Heck, it's not even limited to Lucina's release, even the FEH channel had a significant dislike ratio due to the (IMO) frustrating arena changes.
  7. Legendary Archer: Lucina

    Don't put words in my mouth. I didn't say Lyn deserves a fifth alt, in fact I explicitly said Lyn has too many alts as well. I was simply highlighting how ridiculous it is to think Lucina "deserves" to have as much alts as Lyn, it's a very warped line of thought. How about... neither "deserve" to have five alts as of this moment because it's too many? And I don't know why you're distinguishing yourself away from the toxic "Us VS. Them" mentality hoard when your first post was literally "IN YOUR FACE 3DS HATERS". That attitude is just as problematic as the series "elitists" or "Awakebabies".
  8. Legendary Archer: Lucina

    You don't need to be a "3DS hater" to dislike the new legendary. And really, posts like this are part of the problem in why the Fire Emblem community is so toxic and divisive.
  9. Legendary Archer: Lucina

    The problem, like with Lyn, is not the timeframe. It's the number. Alm has been waiting longer than months.
  10. Legendary Archer: Lucina

    As it should be? Lyn beat Lucina for a reason, makes sense that she should have more alts. With that said, they both have way too many alts. The fact that it's not Alm is absolutely garbage and both Lyn and Lucina should be ashamed.
  11. What you're saying is correct, but you're purposely missing the issue people are actually complaining about. The problem isn't that "Awakening is getting too many new additions", the problem is "Awakening is getting preferential treatment". From a purely new character perspective, Awakening hasn't had it well. But that's not what people are complaining about. People are complaining that Awakening is getting too many banners in such a "short" time, which is absolutely true. They "just" had a banner featuring the two Morgan's and a Chrom alt. Yes, that banner didn't introduce many new Awakening characters... But that is entirely IS's faults for essentially wasting "Awakening's banner" on the two Morgan's (of which, only the female was actually wanted) and another Chrom alt. It's absolutely tiresome to get another Awakening banner a few months down the line and when other games are still waiting. Thracia is experiencing the exact same issue: It took a year for the game to finally get a dedicated banner, only for two of the units to be alts. The game has only gotten "two" new characters since Reinhardt and Olwen's inclusion and yet how many months are Thracia fans going to have to wait before getting some actual new characters? The Awakening preference is ridiculous. For the record, I'm quoting "short" because 4.5 months isn't really a short time, but in the context of Fire Emblem: Heroes (very poor) schedule of releasing new content, it is much shorter than the average it takes for games to get a repeat banner featuring non-alt units from that game again.
  12. How so? When seasonals make up two whole weeks worth of content for the game, it seems disingenuous to exclude seasonals given how they've essentially a core aspect of this game. The Awakening/Fates "dick sucking" is obviously an issue that encompasses seasonals and regular releases. Even if you exclude seasonals, the examples you provided... have been biased as of recently. Having to wait 4.5 months before having a second banner is extremely little considering Blazing Shadows fans had to wait more than a year before getting a second Blazing Shadows banner. Similarly, Path of Radiance fans have been waiting since the Dauntless Crimeans banner which was what? 10 months ago?
  13. New Heroes (Ylissean Travelers)

    I pretty much agree with what you're saying here. However, you're misunderstanding the reason I brought up Nephenee in the first place. I was just highlighting her as an example of a fan favourite character that completely lacks any defining features that make her a complex or remarkable character. I was not making an encompassing statement that described all Fire Emblem characters. In relation to the topic at hand, I simply find it silly people are jumping at me for labeling Maribelle as a "literal who" when she offers little to distinguish herself from others in a cast that consists of hundreds of character. As far as I'm concerned, it's completely within reason to categorize Maribelle in the same way one would as Karla, although Karla's case is obviously "worse" due to the significant difference in their respective fanbases. I'd say the same if this was Priscilla, Clarine or Jeanne powercreeping Elise as the best trobadour, but it's not like it really matters. I guess Nanna deserved better, all things considered.
  14. New Heroes (Ylissean Travelers)

    Not sure what point you're trying to make with the Camilla and Tharja comment. In the context of the Fire Emblem franchise, Tharja is actually a very unique character with little overlap with characters from previous games. Tharja's character has issues... but being an unoriginal character isn't one of them. She's more unique than Maribelle.
  15. New Heroes (Ylissean Travelers)

    Is this not the case? Most of Fire Emblem characters are relatively (if not, completely) unremarkable. There's a reason Nephenee is one of the Tellius fan favourites and it's definitely not for being an interesting or complex character.