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  1. New Voting Gauntlet!

    Rare? Even Sigurd put up a decent fight against her, who'd have no chance against the likes of Lyn, Ike or so on. Honestly, I'd be surprised if Tharja has more support than Ninian this time around.
  2. Special heroes of the 21st May

    I like Ninian but that art is really bland. At least it's not bland and bad (like Sanaki's) but yeah... might skip and wait till she's on a Legendary Hero banner. As for Tharja, no more for the love of god let this be her last alt. Her design is atrocious (again), but the art is good. None of the skills seem all that impressive, but I'll take that as a positive.
  3. Rate the Unit, Day 24: Felicia & Jakob

    Serra: Serra has very... middle-ground stats. She was arguably the best infantry healer at launch... Sadly, that was still very unimpressive. Regardless, for a healer she has a competent attack and speed stat which is more than most of the other healers. But hey, at least she requires almost no investment. She starts with one of the best staffs (competing with Psychic). She's most comparable to Lucius, so I'm going to give her a final rating of... Rating: 4.5/10 Lissa: Unfortunately with Rehabilitate being usurped by essentially every other staff in the game, Lissa's support ability has dropped off dramatically. This could be mitigated by skill inheritance, but in the end... she's just not worth it. She has decent mixed bulk (good even, for a healer), but with her astronomically low speed stat, she's going to get doubled by everything in the game making her bulk essentially useless. I've seen some close counter-esque builds with her which may be promising but as of right now are nothing more than a gimmick. Rating: 1/10
  4. Special heroes of the 21st May

    It looks like Ninian and Tharja. I can't really see the short-hair most people are claiming for the second silhouette, but I'd welcome it if they did have short hair. Seems like two long-haired ladies. I'd be pretty annoyed if it was another Tharja alt, though. She had the biggest drop in popularity out of the popular characters and already got an absolutely busted Christmas alt. At least Camilla and Azura remained popular, even though they are getting too many alts as well. And yea, I'm aware 10th position is still impressive. But a Celica or Eirika seasonal or a Nino, Micaiah or even Loki alt would be preferable.
  5. I seriously hope some of the dud 5★ are next, especially if they're not going to demote them. Gray and Saber can get some of Echoes many unused weapons (Shadow Sword, Zweihander, Astra, Ilwoon). Ninian isn't a dud 5★, but could use a utility-based stone akin to Urõr. Young Tiki. Adult Tiki will probably get the same stone, but it should be preferred by Young Tiki (maybe res-based version of Myrrh). Mist, make her test the waters with legendary staffs. Katarina, maybe another 'Chill' like Soren/Lilina.
  6. Isn't the meta entirely dragons and Vengeful/Bold Fighter armours? All of these use speed as their dump stat unless you're one of the dragons never used (Kana, Corrin, F!Grima) or speed-based Nowi (the easiest to deal with).
  7. Right now I have a 4★ Clair with +atk/-res. I really like Clair as a character, but I'm not sure whether the bane is worth the upgrade. I've been saying feathers, so I'd prefer to not upgrade if it is that big of a detriment. I imagine it is since she surely would run Iceberg, no?
  8. Whilst I prefer generation 1 units of Genealogy, I really want Lene. Too bad I've sworn off 3% banners permanently. Hopefully she comes around in the free summon! They all look great though, I'm glad Jugdral's getting the love. I thought it'd be Roy for this upcoming Legendary Hero banner, but wouldn't be surprised to see Seliph. Still expectin Roy, though.
  9. Well I typically use adblock, so I can only assume from the ads I did see which were the ones integrated on the Nintendo livestream. Not going to say for sure whether it was a direct or not, but I think it was? Not the most recent one, the one prior. I don't want to take away from the game or roster choice by offering alternative explanations to the games success, I am glad the game done well. I just dislike that people are using the games sales to push certain... agendas.
  10. There's absolutely merit to your deduction, but it's still a hard bargain since we can only make educated guesses. A lot of "hardcore" Fire Emblem fans... are still fans of Awakening and Fates. I feel it's disingenuous to couple "veterans" and "veterans who dislike Awakening/Fates", when the latter is most definitely a vocal minority. What I think is the most believable reason for good sales is a combination of viral marketing, the booming success of the Switch & Fire Emblem: Heroes and Fire Emblem Warriors being a solid Warriors experience. Heroes has already pushed the franchise into mainstream media. And, if that games anything to go off of, Lyn looks like to be the most profitable character of the franchise considering the egregious number of alts.
  11. New Legendary Hero: Lyn, Lady of the Wind

    I don't agree with this summation at all. I understand the semantics behind saying the Robin genders are two different characters, but ultimately they are still the exact same person. If you feel that Robin's gender impacting how she interacts with other characters is justification for considering them different characters, that's absolutely fine. You do you. But there's definitely no definitive answer to the topic and is entirely dependent on viewer interpretation. Just as I would never consider a female Ike or male Lyn to be a "different character", or Celica possessed by Duma (I know it's not the same case as Grima, I'm only bringing it up for comparisons sake), they're all alternate versions of pre-existing characters. To say Robin has 6 versions... isn't wrong. You may not agree with it and feel that them being possessed or being different genders are justification for their alts, but I don't and probably will never see these reasons as justification for the egregious amount of alternate Robin's.
  12. But why? Also, focusing on Fates/Awakening/SD and being successful are not correlated.
  13. He really does need to be injected in the 3-4* pool. Frankly, not having a Killer Dagger in the normal summon pool genuinely annoys me.
  14. New Legendary Hero: Lyn, Lady of the Wind

    I really have a difficult time seeing how people find Sachiko's rendition of Lyn's eyes "creepy" or even weird. I mean, even comparing this to her CYL art... just Wada blows Yamada out of the water in almost every regard, but especially her attention to detail.
  15. Saias was not a banner unit. I understand why you're coupling the free units with the summonable units since they're all new units, but the issue of alts and "taking" roster slots from pre-existing characters is only in relation to summonable units. I feel that distinction is important. The Children of Fates banner was very odd in general, I very much doubt we're going to get a banner like that unless they start reassessing how they release new units. I agree that within the 100-200 range, a character has the possibility to be chosen as the "dud" unit (for example, L'Arachel) and whilst Reina falls within that category, the character selection has such a huge variation that it's almost impossible to predict. In Hoshido alone, Reina's competing with quite a few other "dud" units (Orochi, Rinkah, Hayato) and if I had to guess... I really don't see them choosing Reina over Rinkah, at the very least. I think it's fair that Reina and Knoll fans feel cheated. I'm not really a fan of either (although I don't dislike either and the recent attention ironically made me like them more), but I feel a Hinoka alt is pretty unnecessary (not nearly as much as Reinhardt/Olwen, however). She's most definitely more marketable than Reina, but it's not like Hinoka is a "seller" either...